Greg Copeland - Empire State


Greg Copeland's 1982 debut, "Revenge Will Come", was produced by Jackson Browne. His 2nd album, "Diana And James", appeared in 2008 and triggered a collection of songs that began with his 3rd album, "The Tango Bar" in 2020, and now culminates in "Empire State", produced by Tyler Chester and featuring Greg Leisz.

Morgan Storm & Kivas - Nästan Där


Hösten 2022 släpptes uppskattade första albumet "Vind För Våg" med Morgan Storm & Kivas. 12:e september är det dags för release-party på Medley i Malmö för nya skivan, "Nästan Där", som föregåtts av ett pärlband av digitala singlar som "Något Hänger Kvar", "En Annan Sort" och "När Kärleken Dör", som är en duett med partnern Nina Storm.

Ashley E Norton - Call Of The Void


"Call Of The Void” is a 12 song solo album by Ashley E Norton, recorded in Nashville by producer Johnny Garcia. It's true americana. Ashley has pulled influences from county, rock, folk and blues. She wrote or co-wrote all of the songs but one, which is a beautiful Led Zeppelin cover of "Going To California".

Al Rose - Again The Beginner


Al Rose’s 8th album is an urgent set of 13 powerful and true songs which feature the loveliest melodies, catchiest hooks and nerviest set of lyrics he’s yet composed. It’s a heartening and bracing experience, one man’s attempt to come to terms with modern times, and that broken feeling everybody’s got in the pit of their stomach.

Lazy Afternoon - Stay Alive (Pär Wiksten Mix)


"Stay Alive" is a classic song from Lazy Afternoon, with Cristina as lead vocalist and a catchy chorus. Mats Dernand as guest on harmonica. This is one of many singles where the band have invited different producers to mix the songs. What we have right here is Pär Wiksten from The Wannadies.

Harold Payne - Quiet Heroes


Renowned multi platinum songwriter and performer Harold Payne, celebrated for his soulful, positive compositions, touches audiences with his latest release, "Quiet Heroes”. The heartfelt song, which sings the praises of the often overlooked Japanese American Soldiers of World War II, will be released on June 28th, 2024.

Lolly Lee - Lolly Lee


This debut album undeniably puts Lolly Lee into the driver's seat of unknown legends and Anthony Crawford riding shotgun as producer to watch. Recorded at renowned Admiral Bean Studio, she has attracted the admiration of many, with her producer's old bandmate, Ralph Molina of Neil Young's Crazy Horse band calling her “An underestimated underdog real deal rock and roll artist coming out of nowhere from the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama”.

Allan Thomas - Sunny


"I am super excited to announce the release of 'Sunny', the 2nd song from my upcoming 8th album. A tale of obsessive love, not unlike Catherine Deneuve and Jean Paul Belmondo in 'Mississippi Mermaid'. You want it, but will it be good for you? Probably not, but W.T.F..... Featuring Grammy award winning guitarist Jim Kimo West, who wrote the music and plays acoustic guitar, and long time recording band mate Michael Ruff on all keyboards and bass." ~ Allan Thomas

Greg Copeland - We The Gathered


“'We The Gathered'", Copeland says, “is a song about our long journey to heaven and the closest thing I’ve ever written to a hymn”. One could say, a revolutionary hymn, with its foreboding quality and the lyrics, “nation in pieces, people in pain, systematic bullshit, thick as sugarcane, you're going to want that machete, put down your heavy load, long way, short road”.

Rooftop Musicals - Sånger Ur Silverhjärtats Hemlighet


Musikalen ”Silverhjärtats Hemlighet” är en nyskriven svensk musikal av Jenny och Martin Schaub som till vardags är det kreativa navet i bandet West Of Eden. I kollektivet Rooftop Musicals komponerar paret dessutom musikal. Tidigare verk av Rooftop Musicals inkluderar bland annat ”Närmare Kanten” 2019, samt ”Dead Or Alive : Balladen Om Kate Warne”, den senare uppsatt på Malmö Opera 2022.

Surrender Hill - River Of Tears


Surrender Hill has explored many sonic nooks and crannies across their 6 albums. With their 7th album, "River Of Tears", the americana duo has produced its grittiest album thus far. They have leaned into rock and soul influences, delved into classic country and western sounds, taken listeners dancing into roadside honky tonks, and devastated them with heartfelt ballads and love songs.

Brock Davis - Everyday Miracle


Writing and recording "Everyday Miracle" has been artistically and personally inspirational for Brock Davis. “Many artists and writers buy into the idea that the best songs come from a broken heart”, Brock says. “While pain can certainly produce a beautiful creation, so can love. You can create from a place of hope, wonder, and love, and it seems to me that creation is a true everyday miracle”.

Morgan Storm & Kivas - När Kärleken Dör


Nu släpps den 4:e singeln från Morgan Storm & KIVAS kommande album "Nästan Där. Låten skrevs 2023 av Morgan och Esbjörn i bandet. Den handlar om när kärleken tas för given och man slutar lyssna på varandra, för man hör ingenting, istället för att ta hand om det viktigaste i livet, kärleken.....

Love On Drugs - Overdrive


Love On Drugs, or Thomas Pontén and band, curiously and passionately blend americana and indie pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail. The brand new single is the perfect soundtrack to a long hot summer with an Aperol spritz in a rooftop bar.

Michael Menager - Line In The Water


Singles from "Line In The Water" Michael Menager’s 3rd and new album, produced by Heath Cullen, have streamed worldwide and featured on the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project’s Regional Chart and on blues, roots and country playlists across Australia.

Brock Davis - Everyday Miracle


"Everyday Miracle" is a modern country folk track, filled with hushed awe at the mystery of artistic creation and the beauty of everyday life. It’s the 2nd single and title track from the forthcoming new album from singer songwriter Brock Davis.

Rooftop Musicals - Nånting Stort


”Nånting Stort” med norska Karoline Dons är andra singeln från albumet ”Sånger ur Silverhjärtats Hemlighet” som släpps den 14:e juni, 2024. Karoline Dons är trots sina unga år en erfaren musikalartist som redan gjort stora roller både i Norge och Sverige. Hon hade den kvinnliga huvudrollen i Nordland Teaters uppsättning av ”Såsom I Himmelen” och sjöng mot bland andra Anders Ekborg och Gunilla Backman i ”Chess På Svenska” 2022.

Erik Löfmarck - Alla Dina Vänner


Erik Löfmarck är en skicklig berättare och närmast hjärtat ligger pop på svenska. På den klassiska frågan om musiken eller texten kommer först svarar han alltid texten. Nya albumet "Alla Dina Vänner" handlar om livet och kärleken strax före femtio, om det som blev och det som inte blev av, om att förlora sina föräldrar och om.....

Morgan Storm & Kivas - En Annan Sort


Efter 2022 års hyllade debutalbum av Morgan Storm & KIVAS, och 2 singlar under 2023, släpper bandet single nummer 3, från det kommande andra albumet, "Nästan Där". Den här låten och texten kom till Morgan i en märklig tid av förändringar i liv, död och kärlek. Det handlar om det oändliga sökandet efter något som är bra och på riktigt.

Jeff Larson - Adobe Home


Jeff Larson wrote 8 of the 13 songs on "Adobe Home", 2 with legendary songwriter Jack Tempchin (of Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" fame), 1 with Beckley, and 1 with Robert Lamm of Chicago, and 1 is an original song by Gerry Beckley. It's an album with subject matter that touches on people, places, and things with styles ranging from americana, folk rock, power pop, and some jazz elements.

Harold Payne - Out Of Many, One People


Veteran Los Angeles based Harold Payne is a multi platinum songwriter, whose soulful acoustic based music transcends genres. His new single release, “Out Of Many, One People”, shines a light on Jamaican culture and music.

Birdfeeder - Woodstock


To the 7 songs that Birdfeeder completed comfortably in Woodstock, they tagged on 1 of the original demos, both because it was hard to replicate in the moment and to show the contrast, present with past. So, 8 songs, just shy of 30 minutes. Is "Woodstock" an album, an LP, an EP? “Categorizing things by length is for some other segment of this business, but it's a record”.

Brock Davis - Keep On


"Keep On" is an uplifting song of hope and encouragement and the 1st single from the upcoming new album, "Everyday Miracle". The track is a worn denim blend of folk and country that starts with a simple acoustic guitar and builds to a tumultuous climax with full band and gospel choir. It was recorded and mixed in Nashville by Grammy award winning engineer, Zach Allen.

Kate McDonnell - Ballad Of A Bad Girl


"Ballad Of A Girl" was recorded at Dreamland Studios in Hurley, New York. Having recorded in the past with esteemed drummer Jerry Marotta, Kate enlisted him and Tony Levin to play electric and electric standup bass. She was lucky enough to find these music giants, formerly of Peter Gabriel’s band, grounded at home due to Covid 19.

Faraways SWE - Stagelights


Faraways SWE's "Stagelights" is an old re-recorded song with a quite obvious late 60's, psych vibe that deals with some of our fears. Fear of ageing, fear of being in a dysfunctional relationship and stagefright. "Stagelights" is the 2nd single from Faraways SWE's upcoming album "Utopia Zoo" scheduled for release later in 2024.

Lazy Afternoon - The Blind One : Dread Lucky Dub Remix


When everybody goes country Lazy Afternoon decided to go dub. Dread Lucky works in the dub field. Reggae and ska is his home. And why not, there is still a lot of country and old time, but with a twist from Jamaica. Lazy Afternoon delivers catchy americana and folk, a pot of influences from country, cajun, tex mex, and rock'n'roll. A live experience that offers great musical craftsmanship, as well as joyful playing.

Parallels - Exodus


Parallels is a Swedish progressive rock band that consists of Ulrik Arturén, lead vocals and bass, Anders Börjesson, guitars and vocals, and Torbjörn Carlsson, keyboards and programming. Their musical influences range from the early productions by Genesis and Yes to prog metal orientated bands such as Dream Theater.

Kimmie Rhodes - Hypnotized


"Hypnotized", Kimmie Rhodes’ 19th solo album, continues an unbroken chain of diverse and creative work from the legendary West Texas artist. Her new self penned tunes weave a tapestry of styles and sounds that are rooted in all of Americana’s best rock, pop, and folk influences.

West Of Eden - The Ten Bells


3rd and final single from West Of Eden's critically acclaimed concept album, "Whitechapel", is the evocative and Knopfler-esque guitar-driven "The Ten Bells". So “say a prayer for Polly Nichols, let’s hope she will be alright, there are shadows, there is evil lurking out there in the night”.....

Son Of The Velvet Rat - Ghost Ranch


Son Of The Velvet Rats' new album "Ghost Ranch" was recorded at Red Barn Recorders in Morongo Valley, CA, and co-produced by Gar Robertson with Jay Bellerose on drums and Jennifer Condos on bass. It features Jolie Holland on backing vocals and violin. Marc Ribot guests on electric guitar.

Cary Hudson - Ole Blue


Reflecting on "Ole Blue", Cary Hudson says the recording was inspired by the vibe of the soul and r'n'b music and the sweet vintage gear that Malaco Records is known for. That makes sense. Cary Hudson has always dug deep into the roots of his home state, Mississippi. And as usual, he’s pulled out another winner.

West Of Eden - Whitechapel


West Of Eden's 13th album, "Whiechapel", was mixed in Edinburgh by Cameron Malcolm and mastered by Calum Malcolm, a legend known for his work on classic albums with artists such as The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout, and Mark Knopfler.

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus - Big Red Gibson


Patton & Brokus' "Big Red Gibson" represents a return to the rock side of their folk rock origins for the 1st time since 2005, when they put their band Edge City on hiatus. The band on "Big Red Gibson" plays with a Tom Petty and Byrds influence, led by Cordy Lavery's electric 12 string guitar.

Faraways SWE - Ashes Falling


This is the 1st single from the upcoming album, “Utopia Zoo”, scheduled for release in 2024. It came into being one late summer evening while jamming. The lyrics are loosely based on a dream dreamt by Erik, about a post apocalyptic world where AI and it’s drones have taken over the world, and mankind is all but eradicated, apart from the few wealthy enough to pay for their freedom and continued existence.

Thomas Blomgren - Drömmen om livet


Thomas Blomgren's debut album, "Drömmen om livet", will be released on CD and digitally by Paraply Records & Tapes, with distribution by Border Music and Red Eye Worldwide, but you can already listen to the 2 singles, "En liten bit av vår tid" and "Motor på vägen", on the streaming service of your choice.

Dr Rock & The Famous Merengo - Willow Creek


Dr Rock & The Famous Merengo is a band that looks back to the Anglo-Saxon rock culture based on vocal harmonies and ethereal melodies. The influence of American bands such as Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers is mixed here with the percussive vocals of the British scene like Beatles, Zombies, Easybeats and Hollies.

West Of Eden - Catch Me When You Can, Mr Lusk


“Catch Me When You Can, Mr Lusk” is the 2nd single released from West Of Eden’s upcoming theme album “Whitechapel”. The songs and stories are set in the dark and dirty London of the 1880’s and focus mostly on the 5 women who later would become victims of the infamous Jack The Ripper.

Mike Granditsky - Strange Allure


This new musical journey by Mike Granditsky, more personal and introspective than ever before, unfolds as a melodic odyssey through the chapters of Mike's life, blending influences from Roxy Music, Yves Tumor, Scott Walker, N.I.N., and a symphony of soul, synth, and post-punk.

Safari Season - Darkness Queen (single version)


"Darkness Queen" is a great new single version of one of the most admired songs from Safari Season's critically acclaimed album "Forevermoor". More glam, more guitars, brighter harmony vocals, underpinning the sublime lyrics about this mystic queen of darkness.

Doug Schmude - Cavalry


“The songs on 'Cavalry' reflect the perspective I’ve gotten from living in 8 different states and the lessons that lifestyle imparted upon a me”, Doug Schmude says. “These characters are from all walks of life, with stories from ever changing viewpoints”.

Borta På Vinden - På Restaurang Ågården


I år är det 45 år sen Borta På Vinden bildades av fem musik-tokiga ungdomar i Arboga, Västmanland. På vilket sätt firar man då det? Jo man släpper ett par låtar från fjolårets konsert på Restaurang Ågården. Dels bandets största "hit", "Mina Nya Discojeans", i en starkt omarbetad version från, både den gamla singeln som kom 1981, och Svenska Disco Kyrkans remix som släpptes 2020, och var startskottet för Borta På Vinden 2.0.

Skinny Dyck - Can’t Change The Colour Of Your Eyes


Skinny Dyck is releasing the new single via Victory Pool Records, a mid tempo twang pulsator with muted shades of psychedelia. Mixed by Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Bonnie Prince Billy), it seems representative of a small retreat from country music, an extended stay at the outdated lake cabin that leaves you wondering if you ever want to come back home.

Jeff Talmadge - Sparrow


Mostly acoustic, with Jeff Talmadge’s guitar as the main instrument, the 10 songs on "Sparrow" are supported by economical and eclectic arrangements and instrumentation. Fans of Jeff’s music will welcome the new songs, and those new to his work will be introduced to the storytelling and fingerpicking style that he is known for.

Allan Thomas - Mojo


"‘Mojo’ is the 1st single release from my upcoming 8th album. Featuring my usual band of amazing and stellar players. Bryan Kessler, Michael Ruff, Jimmy Johnson, Keith Carlock and Amanda Frazier." ~ Allan Thomas

Thomas Blomgren - Motor på vägen


"Motor på vägen" är andra singeln från Thomas Blomgrens kommande album, "Drömmen om livet", som släpps den 8:e mars 2024. Både här på singeln och på albumet får medproducenten och strängbändaren Olivier Durand (gitarrist i Elliott Murphys band) stort utrymme.

Gibrish - Mykorrhiza


Gibrish från Sundsvall har sina rötter i de mörka skogarna i Medelpad med sina musikaliska fötter i blues, jazz, rock och improvisations-musik. Bandet har släppt 5 stycken album sedan 2012 och deras 6:e, "Mykorrhiza", kommer att släppas den 26:e januari 2024.

Little Green - The Bluegrass EP


These new, but old, songs were recorded traditionally with one microphone 'bluegrass style' back in 2007 and range from earthy traditional bluegrass to some songs that are more 'newgrass'. This was in the transition between Little Green the acoustic singer songwriter duo and the electric country and americana powerhouse they later became.

West Of Eden - Mudlarking


"Mudlarking" is the 1st single from West Of Eden's upcoming historical concept album, "Whitechapel". The song is a mandolin- and guitar-driven folk rock gem that transports us back to what is often described as 'hell on earth'. London in the 1880's!

Annie Gallup - Small Fortune


“Annie Gallup continues her journey of immediate and intimate songwriting delivered gently in deceptively simple compositions with superb production in her new studio album 'Small Fortune'. Her poetic lyrics are always rich and carved deeply and carry more weight than seems possible.” ~ Dan Domench

Parker Gray - My Fearless Career


Parker Gray is a collaboration between singer, songwriter and producer Peter Gallway, and keyboardist, composer and producer Harvey Jones, featuring songs, spoken word poems and memoirs, and atmospheric landscapes that take us from the asylum in Birmingham, England, to Greenwich Village in the 60’s, and rural backroads over black ice.

Mike Granditsky - A Desire For Violence


In the realm of sonic exploration, Mike Granditsky emerges once again, ready to captivate hearts and minds with his highly anticipated follow-up album to the epic "PostEuropeanMusic" album. First single from the new album, "Strange Allure" will take you on a musical journey, more personal and introspective than ever before.

Son Of The Velvet Rat - Rosary


2nd single from Son Of The Velvet Rat's forthcoming album, "Ghost Ranch". "A boy is playing with daddy’s gun while his mom’s attending the catholic mass. He’s thinking about the bullies in school and what the gun could do for him. Just another lonely kid in a strange world."

Calle Karlsson - Hög Tid


Låtskrivaren och musikern Calle Karlsson är aktuell med sin nya singel "Hög Tid". Låten är i många avseenden en hyllning till livet, samtidigt som den är en filosofisk betraktelse av detsamma och berör det som vi alla måste hantera; tiden som går och dess ofrånkomliga slut. Låten har producerats av David Arvidsson, från Kruxet, som bidragit med ett, för Karlssons del, okonventionellt sound.

Rachael Sage - The Other Side


Produced by Rachael Sage with Mikhail Pivovarov and Andy Zulla, the 13 tracks comprising "The Other Side" recall the classic, retro warmth of 70's and 80's touchstones like early Elton John (“No Regrets”), Paul McCartney (“Flowers For Free”), "Nebraska"-era Bruce Springsteen (“Whistle Blow”), John Prine (“Butterflies At Night”), and Elvis Costello (“I Made A Case”, featuring UK pop icon Howard Jones).

Gibrish - Drömmarens Dröm


Den 12:e januari 2024 släpper Gibrish sin 2:a single från det kommande albumet "Mykorrhiza". "Drömmarens Dröm" är en avslappnad, rökig jazzballad som för tankarna till den amerikanska sångboken från 1950- och 1960-talen. I låten går sångaren omkring i en skog som en gång funnits.

Drunken Hearts - Reckless Ways Of Living


“If ‘Reckless Ways of Living’ is about redemption, then Andrew McConathy should consider himself duly redeemed. Not that what he did previously wasn’t good, it certainly was, but this broader americana canvass gives his undoubted qualities far greater scope.” ~ Lyndon Bolton, Americana Music Show

Meadow Creek - Unconditional Love


Meadow Creek, the americana scented duo from Sweden, is back with a new release. "Blood is thicker than water they say, but love is above everything anyway". To reinforce the meaning of the lyrics , Meadow Creek invited Peter Dahl's daughter Hanna, who sings with a voice of an angel.

Carl Solomon - The Whisper


Carl Solomon has 3 self produced albums of original music. All selected for Pandora radio. He will soon release his 4th album "The Whisper”. People are saying it might be his best work. Carl still has stories to be told and songs to be sung.

Safari Season - Forevermoor (Single Edit)


"Forevermoor" is the title track from the new album by Safari Season, in an edited single version. The song is a positive uptempo celebration of a brighter future for all. Together people can do magic!

Son Of The Velvet Rat - Beautiful Day


"Beautiful Day" is from Son Of The Velvet Rats' forthcoming album "Ghost Ranch", recorded at Red Barn Recorders in Morongo Valley, CA, and co-produced by Gar Robertson with Jay Bellerose on drums and Jennifer Condos on bass. It features Jolie Holland on backing vocals and violin. Marc Ribot guests on electric guitar.

Rasmus Blomqvist - Winter Glory


"After 2 years of silence since the album 'Columbia Road', it is now time to release the 1st in a series of singles. 'Winter Glory' is my slightly alternative interpretation of what a Christmas song is, based on the album 'Cool Christmas' (Warner 1993) and artists such as Tori Amos, Tom Waits and Otis Redding. Perhaps it is more of a winter song, which means that no one will be too upset if it is played some time after the Christmas and New Year holidays."

Su Andersson - Be By My Own


“I wanted to express a feeling of joy, the one when you have experienced and shared something intimate and close and warm and you want to keep that feeling but you still want to be completely by your own.” ~ Su Andersson

Winston Montgomery - Breakfast In Texas


Winston Montgomery’s new album, “Breakfast In Texas”, which contains 12 songs, was recorded at Moonflower Sounds in Taos, New Mexico, where he now lives, apparently following the American counterculture to the bitter end. It was produced by Winston and musician and studio owner, Peter Oviatt, backed up by a talented posse of local players.

Thomas Blomgren - En Liten Bit Av Vår Tid


"'En Liten Bit Av Vår Tid' är den första singeln från mitt kommande album med egna låtar på svenska, ute den 17:e november, 2023. Med Olivier Durand (Elliott Murphys briljante gitarrist), som också var med och producerade låten." ~ Thomas Blomgren

Wendy Webb - Silver Lining


Wendy Webb began recordings for "Silver Lining" at a studio close to her island home with accomplished musicians and producers Danny Morgan and John McLane. Before the album could be completed, a catastrophic hurricane hit Sanibel Island leaving her, and so many others, homeless. Fortunately, the studio was spared. Wendy says, “It has taken us extra effort, time and love to finish this album and 'Silver Lining' feels like real celebration”.

Krilja - Sosnitsa


Krilja releases their 2nd album, “Sosnitsa : Roma Music From Russia & Eastern Europe”. With this album, Krilja highlights an aspect of the musical treasure of the Roma people which is less known than the Balkan and South East European tradition which is represented by performers such as Taraf de Haïdouks and Goran Bregovic, and they do it in their own way.

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen - Nobody Knows This Little Rose


"Nobody Knows This Little Rose". Emily Dickinson's immortal poems in bittersweet musical form. 8 songs dealing with faith and doubt, transience and eternal hope, loneliness and longing. After the critically acclaimed Swedish album "Tid" (Time), Nina Åkerblom Nielsen returns to poetry set to music.

Salamander - Jojnes Trojm


World music trio Salamander from Gotheburg, Sweden, releases its 3rd album with music from various Jewish traditions, from passionate Sephardic folk songs and somber Hasidic spirituals to joyous klezmer tunes.

Gibrish - Det Vi Lämnar Kvar


Nu släpper Gibrish singeln ”Det Vi Lämnar Kvar” från kommande albumet "Mykorrhiza". En suggestiv låt om bristande ansvar och arvet till kommande generationer. Gibrish rör sig i ett alternativt blues, jazz och rocklandskap, och på nya singeln fortsätter bandet resan över dom musikaliska gränserna.

Edward Abbiati - To The Light


Mark your calendars for October 7th, 2023, as Edward Abbiati, ex-frontman of Lowlands (“one of Europe’s hardest working bands” – Rock’N’Reel R2 Magazine, UK), returns with his 2nd solo album, "To The Light". It is a colourful blend of rock, folk, and punk, that takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride, delivering both raucous energy and quieter introspection.

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen - We Grow Accustomed To The Dark


On her forthcoming album's 2nd single, Nina Åkerblom Nielsen is joined by singer Sofie Livebrant. Emily Dickinson's beautiful poem "We Grow Accustomed To The Dark" describes how we humans adapt to difficult situations. At first we fumble a little in the dark. Then our eyes get used to it and we walk straight ahead.

Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth - Four Research Porpoises Only


4 female patients in the 1950's are admitted into a psychiatry hospital after their husbands leave them for various reasons under a study "for research purposes only", in order to discover "why he's gone". Garf Lunkel MD is here to officially diagnose and treat their disorders.

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen - Better Than Music


"Better Than Music" is the 1st single from Nina Åkerblom Nielsen's upcoming album "Nobody Knows This Little Rose". The poet Emily Dickinson spent a large part of her time making music, before she devoted herself wholeheartedly to her writing. In this poem, it is clear how extremely grateful she is for her poetic gift. A transcendental moment is described here, something that was better than music.

Morgan Storm & Kivas - Något Hänger Kvar


Efter att ha tolkat Magnus Lindbergs "I Väntan På Vadå" är det dags för nästa single från Morgan Storm & Kivas. "En egen komposition som handlar om ett strövtåg tillbaka i tiden, och ett eko av ett minne från ett soligt 70 tal. Halmstad, min gamla hemstad", säger Morgan.

Tzeitel - Drömfärden


"Drömfärden" is Tzeitels 4th album. It includes both traditional and newly composed music in equal measure, all arranged by the group itself. The new material is based on the tonality and feel of klezmer, though often inspired by other influences.

Erik Dahl Ensemble - Everyone’s Too Sad For Everything


Erik Dahl Ensemble extracts a light darkness on their new album. The music comes from deep inside. In March 2020 the group released it’s 1st album. The possibility of touring immediately dissappeared. Numerous emotions were evoked by the lack of concerts and social life.....

Safari Season - Forevermoor


"Forevermoor" is the 3rd full length album from Swedish duo Safari Season, this time exploring inner thoughts, as well as contemporary subjects, dressed in vibrant, excellent arranged and produced, eclectic popmusic. Vibemusic for now people!

C Daniel Boling - New Old Friends


Albuquerque, New Mexico based balladeer and songwriter Daniel Boling releases "New Old Friends", his 9th full length CD, on September 1st, 2023. The album is Boling’s 1st collaboration with folk icon and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Tom Paxton, and both say it won’t be their last.....

Borta På Vinden - Tonkraft, Sveriges Radio P3, 1982


Efter fina recensioner i både Aftonbladet och Expressen tidigt 1982 tog radioproducenten Anders Klintevall Sveriges Radios mobila enhet till bandets hemstad Arboga den 23:e februari samma år och spelade in Borta På Vinden i Medborgarhuset till ett fullsatt salong, som sändes live i P3 samma kväll. Efter mer än 40 år kan vi nu höra denna klassiska konsert igen.

Hank Woji - Highways, Gamblers, Devils & Dreams


“Hank Woji's 'Highways, Gamblers, Devils & Dreams' is a sprawling meditation on mythic American themes. Hank is a troubadour of the old school, warm hearted and precise.” ~ Anaïs Mitchell

Erik Dahl Ensemble - The Fragile Ones


Erik Dahl Ensemble’s new single, "The Fragile Ones" is a tribute to vulnerability. "'The Fragile Ones' refers to a group of artists I worked with, on the surface a flimsy bunch, but with real creative superpowers when given the opportunity", says Erik.

Safari Season - Running Free


"Running Free" is the 1st single from the 3rd full length album from brilliant Swedish duo Safari Season. This time they are exploring inner thoughts, as well as contemporary subjects, dressed in vibrant, excellent arranged and produced, eclectic popmusic.

Morgan Storm & Kivas - I Väntan På Vadå?


Morgan Storm & KIVAS tolkar Magnus Lindberg. Efter förra årets hyllade debutalbum med Morgan Storm & KIVAS är det dags för en helt ny single, en tolkning av Magnus Lindbergs ”I Väntan På Vadå”. Släpps av Paraply Records & Tapes, med distribution av Border Musio och Red Eye, den 25:e augusti.

Steve Yanek - September


The album "September" is a collection of 10 songs written by Steve Yanek over an 18 month period during the pandemic. With lockdown in full swing new songs began flowing, while inspired by both major upgrades to his home studio and encouraged by Jeff Pevar, Steve Yanek began the task of recording these new songs by playing all of the instruments himself.

Erik Dahl Ensemble - Unfolding


The new single starts with a swirling mass. A tranquil melody is met by electronic soundscapes that is shifting in layer upon layer. The 1st part is a searching intro. Then all of a sudden it opens up and finds an anchorpoint in a riff played by double bass and bass clarinet. From then on the fragments can evolve into a melody. The piano enters with the softest possible sound and elaborates gently. But the serenity doesn’t last and the noisy synthesizers return. The melody reenters and is combined with a countermelody and swelling synths.

Nolan McKelvey - Forward


We hope you enjoy Nolan McKelvey’s new release. Emerging from the shadow of covid 19, the tragic loss of a dear family friend who died by suicide, the death of McKelvey’s father, and within also 6 months his mother, Nolan McKelvey steps into the light with his release, "Forward".

Silverstring Farm - You Tore A Hole


2 brand new songs from Silverstring Farm will soon see the light of day, they are the follow up to the acclaimed single "I Heard Them Songs/On A Winter's Night Like This" that was released in January of this year. Look for the sophomore album later this year or early next year.

Rodney Rice - Rodney Rice


On his self titled 3rd album, Rodney Rice travels over a wide terrain of emotion, from the death of beloved grandparents and the loss of a cherished pet to the grueling monotony of the road and the joyful celebration of marriage. He’s joined on the album by a host of stellar musicians. Dave Racine, Dennis Crouch, Jack Lawrence, Jeff Taylor, Micah Hulscher, Steve Daly, Sean Thompson, Kirk Donovan, Sam Hoffman, Maureen Murphy, Kyshona Armstrong, and Nickie Conley.

Råttorna - Hjärtats Lag


Råttornas nya single (eller EP'n kanske, det är ju 3 låtar?) "Hjärtats Lag" kom till efter ett nära samarbete med det allsvenska fotbollslaget IF Elfsborg, och släpps av det lokala skivbolaget Paraply Records i Borås.

James J Turner - Future Meets The Past


James J Turner’s Arts Council England funded album "Future Meets The Past" was developed around the theme of the Bardic Druid who reconnects people both to the natural world and the cultural and historical roots of our past.

Peter Gallway - Grace Street


"In February, 2023, I traveled to Japan for a series of shows, played solo with just my guitar. The quiet intensity in those rooms, focused on the songs as if having a conversation, that was the inspiration for me to reimagine and re-record the songs in this collection, solo, live in studio, here in my home on the central coast of Maine." ~ Peter Gallway

Bonefish - Where Do We Belong


On their 3rd full length album, “Where Do We Belong”, Bonefish takes their americana and britpop mix a step further into perfection. The album is produced by Max Lorentz, who also produced the critically acclaimed previous album, “Atoms”.

Todd Partridge - Autumn Never Knows


Since picking up the guitar at age 18, Todd Partridge has spent most of his adult life making his own music. 1st with the band Black Light Syndrome then Salamagundi, and 5 albums and over 500 live shows with critically acclaimed King Of The Tramps. His new solo album “Autumn Never Knows” showcases more reflective and lyric forward songs. His solo tour features interpretations of material from his various bands, new solo songs and some select covers.

Brian Kalinec - The Beauty Of It All


Brian Kalinec has been called "a combination of Woody Guthrie, John Steinbeck, James Taylor, and Rodney Crowell in the stories he tells" in a review by Staffan Solding at Rootsy. He has also been described by Robert Bartosh of Roots Music Report as “one of the most creative songwriters from the Texas music scene".

Erik Dahl Ensemble - Too Sad


"Too Sad" is a piano ballad, simple and straight forward. There is a longing in the music. The piano so lonely. The ensemble playing together brings comfort. The arrangements are sparse and emotions restrained. Then the saxophone is allowed to cry, more hopeful than miserable.

Steve Yanek - Catch My Fall


"Catch My Fall" is the 6th single to be released from Steve Yanek's forthcoming album, "September", which is slated for a street date of August 25th, 2023. This is a catchy, upbeat, song filled with optimism and fueled by the reality of long lasting love. With hints of 70's southern California country rock abound blending with a more modern production approach, the song climaxes with a lyrical and melodic hook that leaves the listener wanting more.

Borta På Vinden - Ego Boys Sessions 1982


Nu släpps en fyra spårs EP vid namn "Ego Boys Sessions 1982". Tidigt det året drog 4 av Borta På Vindens medlemmar upp till Montezuma Recording Studio i Stockholm för att prova lite nya grepp. Till sin hjälp hade man producenten och teknikern Kaj Erixon (Di Leva, CajsaStina, Mauro Scocco). Fyra nya låtar sattes på tape under en aktiv och hektisk helg, och resultatet får vi äntligen höra nu, dryga 41 år senare.

Mönster - Skogens Män


Perhaps the most standout track from Mönster’s critically acclaimed debut album, the Swedish sung and organ driven "Skogens Män", with an infectious melody and sweeping guitars, that reflects the classic rock heydays of the late 60's, early 70's. A greener shade of pale? And don’t miss out on the single’s b-side! "Darkness" is a previously unreleased melancholic, yet driving, nugget in it's own right.

Faraways SWE - Decades of Dormancy


The members of Faraways SWE are joined by a mutual love of 60’s and 70’s rock, fusion jazz, electronic music, folk, goth psychedelia and americana and country music. Their journey continues here.....

Mannish Boy - Down until Dawn


Mannish Boy play classic, melodic rock with their souls in the 70's and further on. A perfect mix of classic influences in a 21st century package with 2 unique singers fighting for the lead! Mannish Boy loves Gibson and Fender guitars, Marshall amps and the timeless sound that comes with that.

Dan Tuffy - Country Star


Recorded in Studio 150, Bethlehemkerk in Amsterdam, Dan Tuffy's "Country Star" is dense with live energy and layered harmony. At a stretch, it’s modern day roots music, but it’s also a sound that defies straight jacketing. Even the title is deceiving. It is anything but country.

Fredy Clue - Vill Du Leka?


"Vill Du Leka?" är en genomärlig debutresa i hur det är att våga lyssna inåt. Nyckelharpan, beats och sång leder lyssnaren på ett queer äventyr i hur det är att trassla sig ur känslosnåren och blomma ut på andra sidan i en enda stor ickebinär frihet.

Love On Drugs - Fluke


Love on Drugs, or Thomas Pontén and band, curiously and passionately blend americana and power pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail. German Folkworld describe the music as, ”This is on the rockier side of folk rock. They definitely establish a nice groove, which gives this the edge over many other bands you hear playing in club land”.

Lazy Afternoon - The Blind One


Monday, May 29th, 2023, it’s time for Lazy Afternoon’s brand new single. "The Blind One". The song was written by the amazing Elvira Hall who sings and plays violin on the song. She is backed up by the brilliant Cristina Säfsten. This is a flirtation with the bluegrass, oldtime and americana genre. And bring Lazy Afternoon back into the country groove.

Jaime Michaels - How To Shine


Jaime Michaels is a Santa Fe, New Mexico, based contemporary folk and americana singer songwriter. He has recorded and released 12 solo albums to date, 3 of which have been named 'Album Of The Year' in the New Mexico Music Awards.Accompanying himself on his wonderfully worn Taylor guitar, Michaels performs his own songs and choice covers around the US and in Europe, playing house concerts, festivals, and venues large and small.

Steve Mednick - 1952


I have lived a life with the people and at the places I will reminisce about in the words that follow from “Version Of The Truth”. "I look back and dug deep, just to find the dark waters of dead secrets, which threw me for a while in the winter of my discontent, you never know which way it goes, you never really know until you lose it, was I ever really here, who knows? Is there an afterlife".

Livet Nord - Paperbird


Violinisten Livet Nord har turnerat jorden runt med New Tide Orquesta och Kaja, varit verksam i en mängd grupper, dans- och teaterföreställningar. Hon medverkar på minst 60 album och har utsetts till 'Årets Artist' på Folk- och Världsmusikgalan. Nu släpper Livet sitt 1:a soloalbum, laddat med ett brett spektrum av känslouttryck, en kreativ mix av olika influenser och 19 prominenta gästmusiker.

Gregory Page - Modern Man


Gregory Page's new album "Modern Man" represents an unexpected sharp left turn from an already musically diverse and prolific artist, who now presents us with a texturally rich, sonically curious, and at times darkly humorous transmission of audio possibilities.

Erik Dahl Ensemble - The Woods Within


"The Woods Within" is music evoking an inner landscape. This is a place with both light and darkness, mostly hidden even from ourselves. Although it’s not a physical place you can think of it as a forest. To get there you must dare to travel alone into the unknown. Music is the vessel that moves us.

Fredy Clue - Inser


"Efter 26 år hörde jag ropet, det ickebinära inom mig knackade på. Min kropp könas av samhället, men min själ rör sig bortom denna konstruktion. Jag hoppade ut i mörkret i tårar. Det modigaste och läskigaste jag någonsin gjort. Detta är mitt anthem om hur det gick till." ~ Fredy Clue

Niclas Abrahamsson - Låtar I Livets Närhet


Kakafon Records släpper Niclas Abrahamssons debutalbum ”Låtar I Livets Närhet” den 12:e maj. Niclas Abrahamsson har varit verksam som visartist sedan slutet av 1980-talet och har tidigare gett ut en singel 2015, ”Majornahymnen”, på egen etikett, och en EP 2017, ”Fyra Sånger”, på Butterfly Road Records.

Su Andersson - Shadows


"Sometimes you find yourself in a ditch, or someone else finds you there, guess you then want to catch the helping hand, just to get back on your feet, to the ground. To walk alone, not stand too close, doesn’t mean you always want to be in the front, to be the leader, no, you want to walk beside, together, and you would never let anyone be your shadow.” ~ Su Andersson

Livet Nord - Solace (Tröstpolska)


"Solace", eller "Tröstpolska", handlar om tröst, om att omfamna sorgen men också att kunna gå vidare. Om hur förlösande det kan vara att ödmjukt tillåta alla sina känslor få finnas där och om hur nära de egentligen ligger varandra. Om att kunna och våga vara både stark och sårbar. Det är 4:e singeln från Livet Nords kommande album, "Paperbird", som Kakafon Records släpper den 19:e maj 2023.

Billy Jones - Roy On The Hill


"Roy On The Hill" is the latest record release by singer songwriter, guitarist Billy Jones (and Slàinte), and was recorded at Nobel Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden, engineered and produced by Dan Johansson and released by Billy’s and Slàinte’s own label Beejayzus Music. It will be on sale at all music outlets, including digital, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Niclas Abrahamsson - Plåstra Dina Sår


Kakafon Records släpper ”Plåstra Dina Sår” digitalt den 25:e april. Det är Niclas Abrahamssons andra single från kommande albumet ”Låtar I Livets Närhet” med release den 12:e maj. Niclas har varit verksam som visartist sedan slutet av 1980-talet och har tidigare gett ut en single, ”Majornahymnen”, på egen etikett 2015, och en EP, ”Fyra Sånger”, på Butterfly Road Records 2017.

Alice Howe - Circumstance


On "Circumstance" this Los Angeles based singer songwriter guitarist displays her vocal prowess and introspective writing in abundance, mining both her heart and her musical tastes for a deep, personal journey across an americana soundscape dotted with blues, folk, country, soul and rock. Produced and arranged by her creative partner, Freebo, a veteran bass player and former Bonnie Raitt band member, "Circumstance" presents a powerful, poetic collection of heartfelt expression, Alice Howe’s answer to the call that keeps whispering in her ear.

GRÅ - Snett Ljus


Snett ljus genom fönstret. Vad faller ljuset på? Kanske är det på någonting vackert, kanske är det på någonting fult och trasigt, eller så kilar sig strålarna in i sprickorna mellan det vackra och fula. Den 21:a april, 2023. släpper duon GRÅ debutalbumet "Snett Ljus" med poetisk vardag som skir akustisk visa, för den som stannar upp och lyssnar.

Edie Carey - The Veil


Edie Carey is known for her unmistakable, soulful voice, her intelligent, heart grabbing songs, but perhaps most especially for her warm, engaging presence on, and off, stage. She has been singing at festivals, colleges, and listening rooms across the US, Canada and Europe since 1999, performing alongside Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, and Shawn Colvin.

Bobbo Byrnes - October


While on tour in Europe in autumn of 2022, Bobbo Byrnes booked a recording session at Hansa in Germany and Windmill Lane in Ireland and recorded his new album in just those 2 days. Using what he had on him, acoustic guitar, mandolin, delay pedal and e-bow, he crafted some new songs on the road, channeled Bowie in Berlin and some trad in Dublin and the new album “October” is already drawing comparisons to Glen Hansard, The Waterboys and Ed Sheeran.

Fredy Clue - Jag Vill Veta Nåt Om Vägen


Du ser det havet framför dig, men vågar inte dyka i. Ditt inre skriker ”fuck yes”, samtidigt som du inte har den blekaste vad detta dopp kommer innebära. Du känner vägen inom dig, och litar blint på att allt kommer lösa sig. Det här är den andra singeln från Fredy Clues debut-EP, "Vill Du Leka?", som släpps den 2:a juni 2023.

Hillsborough - Comin' Back For You


Hillsborough’s nostalgic cowboy songs feature stripped back guitar wrangling, vintage keys and classic harmonies. Hillsborough released their debut single and video in February 2022 through Sydney label Heartsville Records, with the full album following on digital platforms, CD and vinyl in late 2022. Now it's Europe's turn.

Apple & Setser - Apple & Setser


Apple & Setser's self titled debut album, "Apple & Setser", is a collection of new originals, classic favorites and lesser known traditional songs that take us on a nostalgic visit to that past when songs told stories that touched our hearts and memories. The album takes us on a journey back in time with foot-stomping songs, and fond thoughts of family and friends, but also digs deeper into our souls with a few songs about lost love.

Mike Spine - Guided By Love


"Guided By Love" is the 11th full length studio album by Seattle, Washington, born and eclectic international touring musician, Mike Spine. The album title and songs were largely written to counter an era of hate, corruption, discrimination, and narcissism at the highest levels of US power structures. Amidst all the ugliness, "Guided By Love" paints pictures of empathy, solidarity, and love for those struggling to survive and thrive in these times.

Exit Stage Left - Appleberry Trees


Exit Stage Left, who took their band name from the legendary live album by Rush, consists of 4 young guys with influences from bands such as Rush, Yes, Deep Purple, Genesis, Pink Floyd and more. "Appleberry Trees", to be released March 31st, 2023, is their debut album, and what a debut it is.....

Loveflowers - Golden Leaves


Swedish americana band Loveflowers' new CD is a mini album consisting of half a dozen songs previously only available on streaming sites. "The songs are written by the core trio, the other musicians help us arrange and embellish the songs", says Michael Greiffe. He and Leif Thörner compose most of the music, while Yvonne Greiffe writes most of the lyrics.

Mönster - Bridges Of Glass b/w Gun


Mönsters "Bridges Of Glass" is a stark, epic, indie folk song with haunting melody and apocalyptic lyrics. Genre: Alternative, folk rock, art rock, americana. And every proper single has its b-side. Right? In this case a previously unreleased demo-gem. "Gun". Psychedelic love song? Well, yes. Genre: Alternative, psychedelic.

Mönster - Life Science (LP)


At long last! Mönsters long awaited vinyl LP, "Life Science", is finally here! On Paraply Records & Tapes, with distribution by Border Music and Red Eye. On the same day Mönster releases their new single "Bridges Of Glass" b/w "Gun" on all download and streaming sites. Time for celebration!

Jono Manson - Stars Enough To Guide Me


A profoundly gifted writer, producer, and performer, Jono Manson weaves the threads of his remarkable life and career into a captivating, cohesive whole on his dazzling new album, "Stars Enough To Guide Me", out March 31st, 2023, on Blue Rose Music.

Jaime Michaels - The Fisherman


In addition to Michaels on lead vocals and guitar, “The Fisherman” features Jon Graboff on pedal steel, Ronnie Johnson on bass, Paul Pearcy on drums, Jono Manson on vocals and electric guitar, and Mark Clark on percussion, along with special guest vocals by Claudia Buzzetti & Andrea Parodi Zabala from Italy and Ukrainian friends Ksenia Vasylenko and Vladi Vasylenko.

Michael Johnathon - Garden Of Silence


Michael Johnathon's new album, "Garden Of Silence", starts with a song about the day Van Gogh passed away and concludes with a tribute to folksingers everywhere. Johnanthon composed 10 of the 11 songs and produced it all with his Martin guitar and long neck banjo, textured with string quartets, Gazebo horn sections, piano and more.

Alice Howe - Love Has No Rules (7")


"This is an anthemic tribute to self empowerment in which I make a clear decision to follow my own truth, vowing to set aside others’ expectations and judgments. I found a new level of power in my singing with this vocal. The infectious groove and instrumentation is reminiscent of 80's Police, and my vocal performance is supported by the soulful additions of Muscle Shoals background singers Marie Lewey and Cindy Walden."

Meadow Creek - Let It Be Me


"Last year we had the honor of performing this song at 2 wedding ceremonies, and it was very emotional. That´s when we rediscovered this wonderful love song and decided to record it." ~ Linda & Peter Dahl, Medow Creek

Niclas Abrahamsson - En Del Av Dej


Broderns röst, en bilfärd, systerns förklaring, en glänta. ”En Del Av Dej” är en popdoftande låt om att dela sin pappas sista dagar med sina syskon. Johan Ludvig Rasks arr pulserar och skimrar i ljusa färger till Niclas Abrahamssons nakna, nära röst. Det är den första singeln från det kommande albumet ”Låtar I Livets Närhet” som släpps den 12:e maj.

Jeff Larson - It'll Never Happen Again : A Tim Hardin Tribute


"It'll Never Happen Again" was produced, arranged and mixed by Gerry Beckley from the group America and features 1st single “Reason To Believe”, 2nd single “If I Were A Carpenter”, the title track "It'll Never Happen Again”, "Don't Make Promises”, “Misty Roses” and "How Can We Hang On To A Dream”.

Steve Yanek - Begin Again


The opening track of Steve Yanek's forthcoming album "September", "Begin Again", is a song about life and all the hardships everybody endures. With Atlantic City as a cold and gritty backdrop, the lyrics paint a picture about the struggle that exists in so many people’s lives as we all live through these crazy times. But there is also the touch of optimism when life knocks you down, to get back up and begin again.

Steve Yanek - Carousel


"Carousel", another song from Steve Yanek's forthcoming "September" album, continues the theme of summertime which began in 2021 with the 1st release from this ongoing digital album project, "Summer Days". It's a simple love song, an acoustic lament, using a ride on a carousel as the metaphor for, hopefully, getting to spend another year with the one you love.

Exit Stage Left - Piece Of Gold


Exit Stage Left, who took their band name from the legendary live album by Rush, consists of 4 young guys with influences from bands such as Rush, Yes, Deep Purple, Genesis, Pink Floyd and more. "Appleberry Trees", to be released March 31st, 2023, is their debut album, and what a debut it is.....

Gregory Page - The World's Gone Mad


Gregory Page is an international performing songwriter whose music time travels from the distant past into the imagined future. His forthcoming album, "Modern Man" was co-produced by Jason Mraz, with the 1st single "The World's Gone Mad" set to be released on March 17th, 2023.

Laurie Jones - Dark Horse


"Dark Horse" is a 9 tracker showcasing Laurie Jones’ impressive storytelling. “It’s my version of a concept record twisting personal subjects, such as faith, self acceptance, battling addictions and mental health into the message. Life can get messy, so it’s ultimately about making peace with all that messiness and landing on forgiveness”, states Jones, “being able to forgive not only others, but most importantly, yourself”.

Tankeläsaren - Labyrintens Öga


Tankeläsaren är den utlämnande och kreativa sidan från Christian Haglund. Tung och mörk rock på svenska där varje ord som sjungs antingen är självupplevt eller menas fullt ut. Genomgående tema är psykisk ohälsa, isolering och det komplexa i att vara människa i en snabbt växlande tillvaro.

Jeff Larson - If I Were A Carpenter (7")


"It'll Never Happen Again" was produced, arranged and mixed by Gerry Beckley from the group America and features 1st single “Reason To Believe”, 2nd single “If I Were A Carpenter”, the title track It'll Never Happen Again”, Don't Make Promises”, “Misty Roses” and How Can We Hang On To A Dream”.

Livet Nord - Nu Slår En Blomma Ut


"Nu Slår En Blomma Ut" är 3:e singeln från Livet Nords kommande album "Paperbird" (release i maj) där låten blir ett bonusspår. Albumet består i övrigt av nyskriven musik till föreställningen "Ska Det Vara Så Här?!". En föreställning om sorg, om en flicka som sörjer en död liten fågel.

Love On Drugs - You Got Away With Words


Love On Drugs curiously and passionately blend americana and indie pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail. “You Got Away With Words”, is the 4th single from an upcoming album due for release later this year. This time Love On Drugs is going deep into americana with superb pedal steel guitar from Berra Karlsson.

Jono Manson - The Further Adventures Of Goat Boy And The Clown


"The Further Adventures Of Goat Boy And The Clown" chronicles the real life adventures of 2 musicians on tour in Italy (in this case Jono and Jason Crosby) cloaked in a rambling, Dylanesque lyric, tucked in a musical bed reminiscent of an outtake from 'Exile On Main Street'.

Matthew Check - Without A Trone


Matthew Check’s attraction to the rootsy, honest pop, folk, introspective rock of the mid to late 70's has taken hold in the songs of "Without A Throne". The resulting hybrid of the sound, with his authentic vocals, somewhere between Jakob Dylan and the Waterboys’ Mike Scott, dominates and energizes his new work.

Drew Young - Bourbon & Bad Decisions


During the lockdown of 2020 Drew Young realized that alcohol was no longer serving his life and Drew joined the many 'friends of Bill'. Hence, the name of the new album, “Bourbon & Bad Decisions”. This decision has proven to be a huge creative win and the joys of sobriety continue to grow daily.

Jaime Michaels - Angelus


Jaime Michaels believes it’s best to face adversity with kindness, both to yourself and others. That’s his message in “Angelus.” Inspired by both the old proverb 'Man plans, God laughs', and John Lennon’s lyric “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”, the song is 1 of the 11 tracks on the Santa Fe, New Mexico, based contemporary folk americana singer songwriter’s forthcoming 12th studio album, "How To Shine", which is slated for worldwide release in late April 2023.

Fredy Clue - Kärleksvisa


"This healing debut was created on a soft Thursday evening at the dinner table in October. A calm orange glow embraced the room. From the wine glass came a drone that me and my dear friend Mårten Hillbom improvised sounds to.The notes flowed easily around the drone. The glow we created together translated into music. The next day we entered Roasting House's legendary studio in Malmö and pressed record. The chords and the massive timbre we created had grown in us during the night. And this song came out in what felt like one big one take. A love song dedicated to our inner self." ~ Fredy Clue

Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson - Sånger Från Drömmens Reservoar


Med albumet "Sånger Från Drömmens Reservoar" presenterar Gotlandsbördiga Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson personliga texter och lyriska, melankoliska tonsättningar i konst- och folkmusikalisk skrud. Existentiella teman uttryckt med vardaglighet i språket, där dialekten lyser igenom. Autenticitet, närhet och enkelhet.

Alice Howe - Somebody's New Lover Now (7")


"'Somebody's New Lover Now' came out of a phone call with my ex. It was months after I made the difficult decision to move on from the relationship, and the lyrics explore my conflicting feelings of jealousy, disbelief, sadness, and relief that he had finally done the same. But the uptempo musical arrangement, with its ringing electric guitars and Hammond B3 hooks, transformed this painful experience into an empowering, uplifting one. I feel that every time I listen to the recording and each time I sing it." ~ Alice Howe

Crosby Tyler - Don't Call The Law On Me


Tapping into his humanity after 3 decades and a world of travel have only made veteran americana crooner Crosby Tyler edgier and more relatable as he crafted the tracks for his latest album, "Don't Call The Law On Me".

Jono Manson - No New Kind Of Blue


"'No New Kind Of Blue' is a duet with my old friend John Popper of Blues Traveler", says singer, songwriter, musician and producer Jono Manson of his 2nd single from his forthcoming album, "Stars Enough To Guide Me". which drops March 31st, 2023, on Blue Rose Music.

Doug Collins & The Receptionists - Too Late At Night


Minnesota’s most delightful americana band return with their 1st new album in 4 years, this new collection is decidedly more country that the last and is destined to become a modern classic. Evoking equal parts Bob Wills, Hank Williams and Merle Haggard, the band delivers original country tunes with wry humor and a rare accessibility that has helped them win over fans across the midwest.

Magnus Marcinkowski Pettersson - Något Litet Har Jag Sparat


Hjärtat som alltid vill lite till, lite för länge. Tiden går, dagarna blir år. "Något Litet Har Jag Sparat" är ett andetag i en tillvaro där kärleken så lätt kvävs i vardagens grunda vatten. Vi har sett det komma och är inte förvånade. De flesta skilsmässor går mer eller mindre obemärkt förbi. Men också kärlek som långsamt tynat bort kan förtjäna att besjungas.

LISAS - Etiam


LISAS' "Etiam", is an album that was made despite the pandemic and biblical floods in the studio that almost destroyed all the recordings. It's an album that has all the potential to also reach new listeners both in Sweden and abroad, where LISAS has already received a very good response for previous album releases and live performances in the US and Europe.

Tankeläsaren - Osynlig


”Osynlig” tar upp smärtan att vistas bland människor som bara pratar om sig själva, att aldrig få komma till tals och känslan av att inte höra hemma någonstans. Rent musikaliskt låter det eget och unikt, det går höra influenser från andra band och artister, men helheten har ett eget uttryck. Kommande fullängdaren, ”Labyrintens Öga”, innehåller 12 spår som visar på en musikalisk bredd och variation.

Livet Nord - The Angry Girl


"The Angry Girl" is powerful music, a New Year's song about anger, sadness and hope. A call to stand up for what matters and know when enough is enough. "The Angry Girl" is also about being able to move on after losing someone, being able to see the anger and sadness go hand in hand, and disappear beyond the mountains, to start over. "The Angry Girl" is the 2nd single from Livet Nord's debut album, "Paperbird", which will be released this spring.

Camilla Åström & Petra Haraldson - Unarmed : Songs From The Poetry Of Karin Boye


Meet celebrated Swedish poet Karin Boye in new translations in English of the album "Vapenlös". Poems written nearly a century ago but strikingly relevant to our lives today. Intimate songs, composed by Camilla Åström and Petra Haraldson, performed in perfect tune with the content of each poem. Now in English.

Mannish Boy - All Of Those Lies


Watch out for new material from Mannish Boy in 2023. First a 2 track single in January, and a brand new EP later in the spring. The a side, "All Of Those Lies", is a song with a subtle verse and a powerful chorus about the twisted impressions you encounter in social media of today. Do not believe what you see and maybe hear. The b side, "Darkest Water", is a remastred version of the dark love song from the band's 1st full length album, "Last Ticket To Rock'N'Roll Land".

Alice Howe - What About You (7")


On "Circumstance", Alice Howe's 2nd and forthcoming album, the Los Angeles based singer songwriter guitarist displays her vocal prowess and introspective writing in abundance, mining both her heart and her musical tastes for a deep, personal journey across an americana soundscape dotted with blues, folk, country, soul and rock. The full album will be released on April 21st, 2023.

Jono Manson - Before We Get Stupid


"My new record is full of deeply personal and introspective songs, but 'Before We Get Stupid' is not one of them", says musician and producer Jono Manson about the 1st single from his forthcoming album "Stars Enough To Guide Me", which drops March 31st, 2023, on Blue Rose Music.

Silverstring Farm - I Heard Them Songs


Silverstring Farm's music is inspired by americana, roots rock, alt country, with a touch of Swedish traditional music. A brand new record is planned for 2023, but before that, they will release a 2 track single on January 20th, 2023, featuring the titles "I`ve Heard Them Songs" and "On A Winters Night Like This".

LISAS - Sarafour


LISAS släpper nytt album, "Etiam" den 3:e februari 2023. Första single blir "Sarafour", med tillhörande animerad video i regi av regissören, animatören David Giese, som bl.a. gjort alla illustrationer och animationer till Jason ”Timbuktu” Diakités föreställning ”En Droppe Midnatt”.

Bill Price - Kicking Angels


"Kicking Angels", a 4 song EP of all original material, is Bill Price's new release. Bill's releases have been met with positive reviews, especially in Europe. His music has also received airplay in Europe in addition to US college and independent radio.

Su Andersson - Berlin


"Homage to a city that takes the shape of a person. A relation built up during a very long time, the 1st time along the wall, then we’ve met without borders, getting closer. I’ve met you alone and in companion of family and friends, those nearest and strangers. It’s been warmth and cold, light and darkness. Grey skies and nights of stars. A lot of laughs and joy. We know how to play together, and we’re always happy to see each other. I’m coming back, I’m coming back, I’m coming back. We have getting to know each other really well, me and you, Berlin."

David Crosby - Live At The Capitol Theatre


2 time Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Famer, and co-founder of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, David Crosby, for the 1st time ever will release a solo live CD plus DVD package, as well as digital. Continuing to forge new paths in his 8th decade, Crosby again joins forces with Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis and Michael League, the 3 musicians known as The Lighthouse Band, who he’s been working with since 2016’s "Lighthouse" album.

Matt O'Ree Band - Hand In Glove


The Matt O'Ree Band is currently touring to promote their new album, "Hand in Glove". This latest album shows the influence of each of the band members, featuring more songs written by the band as a whole and including more songs where Eryn sings lead vocals, as evidenced by the first 2 singles, "Whole Lotta Nothin'" and "Better As I Go".

Tip Jar - Songs About Love And Life On The Hippie Side Of Country


This is Tip Jar’s album number 6, recorded in Austin Texas (US) and Eindhoven (NL), with Tip Jar’s wonderful musician friends from around the globe. The album title is a description of their very own and unique style.

West Of Eden - Next Stop Christmas


This year, West Of Eden celebrates 25 years as a band. Cheers! But instead of a gold watch, it had to be a Christmas album. After many years of touring both in Sweden and abroad with their successful 'Celtic Christmas' concerts, they finally found a gap in their tight schedule, allowing them to record some of the many songs their loyal fans demanded.

Love On Drugs - Never Walk Away


Love On Drugs, or Thomas Pontén and band, curiously and passionately blend americana and indie pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail. The brand new single “Never Walk Away”, out November, 2022, is pure 80's indie pop in the style of New Order and The Cure. “Never Walk Away” is the 3rd single from Love On Drugs next album due for release early next year.

Bianca De Leon - Stalker Santa


"I've never been a fan of Christmas. I was thinking about it one day and realized how creepy it is to send your kids off to sit on some strange old man's lap. Some people get arrested for that. Then, to add insult to injury, he steals all your whiskey and cookies! Merry Christmas all!" ~ Bianca De Leon

West Of Eden - Next Stop Christmas (Mind The Gap)


”'If you lose a dream, can you have it back…?'. En sorglig liten sång som jag skrev i Malmö i vintras när februari var som allra tråkigast. Jag hade covid, längtade hem och var dessutom fast i en jobbsituation där jag kände mig kass. Nu handlar inte alls låten om det, men nog smög sig lite av februari-bluesen in." ~ Martin Schaub, West Of Eden

Don Antonio & The Graces - Colorama


"Colorama" is the 3rd record from the world travelling, Italian guitar maverick, former Sacri Cuori, Don Antonio. "Colorama takes it all back to instrumental music, spacey twang, between italian soundtrack, American and African deserts, borderlines, and Emilia Romagna weird folklore. Even before the release, the music was picked up by Netflix to be the sound of their " Wanna, Fortune Seller : A TV Scam" show.

Bianca De Leon - Turducken


"While eating thanksgiving dinner one year, I thought about the tradition of turducken and how repulsive it seems to many people. Then I realized there was a song there. Turd Ucken. I was half finished with it when I realized there were probably hundreds of songs with that sentiment. I googled it but much to my amazement, I guess I'm the only one that twisted. Lucky me." ~ Bianca De Leon

David Crosby - Guinnevere


"'David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band (Michael League, Becca Stevens, Michelles Willis) Live At The Capitol Theatre' CD/DVD release date has been moved to December 9th, 2022, due to supply chain issues. Because of the delay, we’ll now be giving you 'Guinnevere (Live)'.” ~ David Crosby

Suzie Vinnick - Fall Back Home


"Fall Back Home" reaffirms Suzie Vinnick’s mastery of a wide range of musical styles. The gospel tinged positive anthem "Lift You Up" fits seamlessly alongside the rockin’ blues of "Salt & Pepper" and the gentle folk roots ballads "City & Skies" and "Talk To Me", and the album is given consistentcy via the emotional eloquence of Suzie’s songwriting and her strong, warm vocals.

West Of Eden - Next Stop Christmas 7"


This year, West Of Eden celebrates 25 years as a band. Cheers! But instead of a gold watch, it had to be a Christmas album. The 1st single will be released on November 4th, 2022 and offers a guest appearance by Stefan Andersson, think Sweden’s Bruce Springsteen, at the vocal microphone. The song tells of 3 persons that all make their own journeys, stuck in the same train carriage on Christmas Eve.

Fou Parle - Sentimentalsjukhuset


Sometimes Fou Parle is compered to Swedish singer and songwriter Lars Winnerbäck. That is an accusation he happily takes, "Being compared to him isn't the worst thing, even though I sounded like Winnerbäck long before he sounded like Ulf Lundell". "Sentmentalsjukhuset" is Fou Parle's solo debut.

New Tide Orquesta - Mönster Outside


New Tide Orqeusta has, with Per Störby Jutbring as creative leader and composer, developed a unique style, a willful mix of modern chamber music, nuevo tango, minimalism and free improvisation. They play concert houses, tango clubs and jazz clubs, always the outsider, and loving it. New album, "Mönster Outside", from New Tide Orquesta is out on October 28th, 2022.

Michael Ward with Dogs & Fishes - Bad Guy Bullets


Michael Ward is a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer and owner of renowned Hyde Street Studios in San Fransisco, formerly Wally Heider Studios. Living and playing in the Bay Area since 1967, Michael has fronted many bands, all of which have been built around his unique compositions. His current group, Michael Ward with Dogs & Fishes, blends elements of r'n'b, jazz, country, folk, world beat and americana.

David Massey - Darkness At Dawn


David Massey’s latest offering, a 7 song EP, "Darkness At Dawn", includes 2 scorching political rockers as well as haunting reflections on climate change and religion and, of all things, a tender and optimistic wedding song. His mix of folk, rock, blues and bluegrass songs have wowed reviewers, as FolkWorld noted in 2019, “this Washington DC artist still hasn’t made his breakthrough, though each of his albums has been critically acclaimed”.

Björn Hamrin - Coda


Björn Hamrin's new album, "Coda", is a tribute to everyone that Björn has played with for over 50 years. Members from Grizzly, Tempelman Brothers Band and Peder af Ugglas. The bulk of the new material was recorded during a period of great uncertainty following a major surgery.

Livet Nord - Suddenly She Passed By


"Suddenly She Passed By" is the opening of a beautiful wordless poetical circus performance for all ages, about sorrow and solace, that premiered in Stockholm in February 2022. The music is composed by the well established, awarded and world touring musician Livet Nord. In March 2023 she will release her solo debut album, "Paperbird", with all the music from the play, on her own label Kakafon Records.

Courtney Hale Revia - Growing Pains


Courtney Hale Revia is a Southeast Texas born and raised artist who finds balance between work and play. The new album is a true representation of her growth as a songwriter and woman, containing songs that touch on topics ranging from suicide and grief, to rainbows and hope.

Paul Gurney - Blue Horizon


This New Zealand singer songwriter launches his new album. The album features 11 songs, written and performed by Gurney, who is influenced by americana and roots music and has performed for many years as part of The DeSotos. "Blue Horizon" is the musician’s 2nd solo album, and it explores personal themes, developed in Gurney’s writing over the past few years.

Chamber Music - If Not Now?


It all started one afternoon by a brick wall outside Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg, Sweden. "Shouldn't we record some instrumental songs?", Martin Schaub put the question to Henning Sernhede, who said yes, and so it had to be! All in all, 9 instrumental songs were written and recorded, and decorated with musical contributions from friends. In addition, 2 songs to which Christian Kjellvander and Sara Isaksson lent their voices.

Morgan Storm & Kivas - Vind För Våg


Gillar du magiska melodier och tankeväckande texter på svenska? Gillar du skickliga musiker som spelar med känsla och hjärta? Gillar du driv, pop och rock? Då kommer du att älska Kivas med låtskrivaren, gitarristen och sångaren Morgan Storm i frontlinjen.

David Crosby - 1974


“I found his demo and I listened to it. I fell in love with this and I thought, you know, Crosby should finish this and he said, ‘Man, it's been sitting on my computer for 40 years, so you know, whatever, sure’, so I sent it to Becca Stevens and she was like, ‘give me a crack at it’, so she came in a couple of days later with 4 part harmonies for the entire song, lyrics for the entire song, and we sat down that day and kind of fine tuned things, and so 44 years after it's kind of conception a song was born." ~ Michael League

Steve McNaughton - Journeyman


Steve McNaughton's new album, "Journeyman", is more eclectic in nature, but is still predominantly in the crossover country and soft rock genre. A constant theme, threading its way through many of the album songs, is travel, memories and life experiences, which should be highly relatable to most listeners.

Johanna Lillvik - The Love Hate Syndrome


Johanna Lillvik is the peculiar artist and singer songwriter from the city of Borås in Sweden. She sings and plays her heart out. A powerful female composer who has studied nordic folkmusik, worked as an artist for Cirque du Soleil and released 2 previous records. The 1st was her debut EP released in 2017, and on the 2nd she is feature on the much appreciated Blues Escape in 2020.

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen - Tid


With the album "Tid" ("Time"), Swedish singer, pianist and composer Nina Åkerblom Nielsen wants to touch the listener with songs from all walks of life. At the same time, the album forms an annual cycle where all seasons are represented and starts on a sunny windy September day when everything feels possible. We get to partake of thoughtfully heartfelt lyrics and timeless melodic music.

Mönster - Life Science


"Life Science" is the debut album by Mönster, underground act from Uppsala, Sweden (historical residence of malicious Vikings, Nobel prize winners, numerous kings and Watain). Led by enigmatic front man Olov Lundberg, the band presents a singular blend of dreamy rock, folk tone poetry, echoes of classic British invasion orchestras and moody space psychedelia.

Dan Navarro - Horizon Line


"Dan Navarro’s album title 'Horizon Line' is apt, if a horizon line is far away, you can see for miles, but if one is close, you have no idea what is coming next. Yet in comparison, Dan Navarro’s music, from the burdened 'Walking On A Wire' to his cathartic title track 'Horizon Line', somehow fuses in the arc of an extraordinary music career. ~ Mary Sue Twohy, SiriusXM

Chamber Music - Fernweh


It all started one afternoon by a brick wall outside Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg, Sweden. "Shouldn't we record some instrumental songs?", Martin Schaub put the question to Henning Sernhede, who said yes, and so it had to be! All in all, 9 instrumental songs were written and recorded, and decorated with musical contributions from friends. In addition, 2 songs to which Christian Kjellvander and Sara Isaksson lent their voices.

The Miners - Megunticook


The Miners releases their 1st full length album, "Megunticook", in Europe. The 10 original Keith Marlowe penned tunes were recorded at MilkBoy Studio in Philadelphia, PA, and Marlowe’s Matchup Zone Studio and mixed at MilkBoy. The album was mastered by Joe Lambert and was self released through Marlowe’s own Matchup Zone Music.

Diane Patterson - Satchel Of Songs


On Diane Patterson’s 6th solo recording, "Satchel Of Songs", Patterson’s trademark mystic acoustic americana music as activism, and love as revolution are ever present, buoyed and inspired by years of touring in the US, Europe, and her beloved Scandinavia, where she has spent extensive heartfelt time.

Mönster - On My Way/Save Me


Det var längs den vilda ångermanländska kusten de hade bestämt att slå följe söderut. I ränslarna fanns knippen med progressiv och sinnesutvidgande rock, ekon från brittiska invasionsorkestrar, drömsk vispoesi och malande surkålsrytmer. Paket med blänkande riff. Portionspåsar med folktoner, punksvett, moogigt rymdflum.....

Those Barren Leaves - W.I.A.B.R.


What do you do when a pandemic brutally puts all your plans and your ideas of making a great rock album on hold? Well, the duo Those Barren Leaves (Marit and Martin Deubler Holmlund) had their answer to that question clear. You deal with it.....

Love On Drugs - Stranger Danger


Love On Drugs, or Thomas Pontén and band, curiously and passionately blend americana and indie pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail. The brand new single is about xenophobia and net trolls. “Stranger Danger” is the 2nd single from an upcoming album due for release early next year.

Dina Grundberg - Jag Ljuger Mest Om Allt


Dina Grundberg’s debut album, “Jag Ljuger Mest Om Allt”, contains Swedish songs that carry both detail and edge, with a strong jazz influence. With a strong voice and whimsical lyrics in Swedish, Dina Grundberg and her musicians find a unique expression that takes us back in time, but at the same time is giving us a taste of tomorrow’s jazz music.

Chamber Music - Bluest Of Blue


It all started one afternoon by a brick wall outside Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg, Sweden. "Shouldn't we record some instrumental songs?", Martin Schaub put the question to Henning Sernhede, who said yes, and so it had to be! All in all, 9 instrumental songs were written and recorded, and decorated with musical contributions from friends. In addition, Christian Kjellvander lent his voice to "Bluest Of Blue".

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen - Septembersång


On a sunny September day, the leaves are swirling around in the wind. They awaken a longing to dance through life in the same carefree way. In this song, autumn may symbolize excitement and new beginnings, a breath of the carefree hopefulness of youth. Nina's new album, "Tid", will be released on September 30th.

Michael Veitch - Wachtraum


“Wachtraum ” is a culmination of Michael Veitch’s skills as a songwriter and is produced so that the songs are truly taking center stage. Recorded over several years and around the globe, this sets a new bar for Veitch with its finely tuned sonics, wide ranging vocals, combined with well chosen lyrics, as if from another time and place. Veitch’s “Wachtraum” may be one of the records that defines 2022.

Chamber Music - Oslo


It all started one afternoon by a brick wall outside Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg, Sweden. "Shouldn't we record some instrumental songs?", Martin Schaub put the question to Henning Sernhede, who said yes, and so it had to be! All in all, 9 instrumental songs were written and recorded, and decorated with musical contributions from friends. In addition, 2 songs to which Christian Kjellvander and Sara Isaksson lent their voices.

The Mystix - TruVine


The Mystix new album, "TruVine", produced by legendary drummer Marco Giovino (Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones), brings a fresh, new sound to their crafted and polished approach, keeping true to the mission of bringing americana, deep soul, country, blues, and originals, as only The Mystix can interpret them.

Dina Grundberg - Synd Om Mig Själv


“Here’s my love ad, I’ll tell you everything I’m good at! But I’m not good at anything, so I lie mostly about everything”. On September 9th, 2022, Dina Grundberg’s debut album will be released, an album that gives us the perfect mix between traditional jazz and Swedish folk tradition.

Those Barren Leaves - Matters Of The Heart


The 3rd single from Those Barren Leaves forthcoming debut album is "Matters Of The Heart". A classic 'should I stay or should I go'-song with the compulsory indie rock heart breaking lead guitar. "Matters Of The Heart" is due for release on all digital platforms August 12th, 2022.

Jay Byrd - At Home Again


True to Jay Byrd's diverse musical background, his new release, "At Home Again", ranges from 60's and 70's influenced rock, think Cat Stevens, Stephen Stills, John Lennon, to folky ballads and even bluegrass inflected.

Steve Yanek - Long Overdue


Steve Yanek wrote the words and music, sang the songs and played acoustic and electric guitars and piano. Jeff Pevar is credited with acoustic, electric, resonator guitar, lap steel, bass, and backing vocals. Legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff played drums on 4 tracks, Little Feat’s Billy Payne played piano on 3, and Rod Morgenstein and T Lavitz are on drums and keyboards, respectively.

Borta På Vinden - Robstock 2022


Borta På Vinden är tillbaka! De senaste åren har de släppt både digitala och fysiska produkter. Nu är det dags att gå upp på scenen igen. I sommar kommer det första liveframträdandet av bandet på över 40 år. Den historiska händelsen kommer att äga rum på den numera ökända festivalen som går under namnet Robstock. En 2-spårs single släpps strax innan.....

Skinny Dyck - Palace Waiting


Skinny Dyck's debut full album "Get To Know Lonesome" in 2020 set the bar for lank, loser country that stays honest to its guts. Skinny has since put on valuable weight and looks to make further strides with his forthcoming EP, "Palace Waiting", out in Europe on July 29th, and in the rest of the world in September 2022.

Su Andersson - Brave


“I found that other artists I reached out to where as keen to connect as I was. Its amazing really”, Su observes, “There are people around the corner if you’re willing to go there, and are brave enough to make that step, and say hello”. As a musical celebration of humanity’s capacity and need for connection, for community, for togetherness, "Brave" does precisely that, whilst celebrating a whole lot more.

Steve Yanek - Like Now (7")


"Like Now" is a heart song from someone who finds what they thought was lost, coming back like a boomerang. “Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, out of nowhere that feeling comes back again”. This song rocks and rolls and has a whole lot of soul. Sometimes love dies and sometimes love lingers on, but then are those rare occasions when out of nowhere love comes back again.

Tip Jar - Plough


"Plough" is a song about having a sweet little garden full of flowers in spite of not knowing much about gardening. A song also about the gift of finding happiness and meaning in surprisingly small things. And last but not least it's a metaphor for writing and performing americana music without being real americans.

Steve Yanek - Long Overdue (7")


From the opening guitar riff and Jeff Pevar’s melodic slide guitar, Steve Yanek’s new single "Long Overdue" immediately puts the listener on familiar ground. Reminiscent of the Lowell George era Little Feat and Jackson Browne’s rockier side, this song has the upbeat hopefulness of love finally coming together after a long pursuit. The title track to Yanek’s upcoming album which is slated for an August 5th, 2022, release, this song also features an amazing piano part by the late T Lavitz, in what could be one of the last studio performances of Dixie Dregs renowned keyboardist.

Kaurna Cronin - Harsh Beauty


“My forthcoming album ‘Harsh Beauty' is a reflection on how our environment shapes our cultures, lives and personalities; as we leave our mark on the world, so too, do the landscapes we traverse cast themselves upon us”, Kaurna Cronin elaborates.

Peter Gallway - It's Deliberate


"The pandemic required me to consider what I hold most important and how to best move forward in this particular complicated world. For my nearly 30th album release, a collection created by and for The Real Band with our sound expanded by special musical guests, I discovered characters finding their way and taking a stand, whether in love, romance and relationship, in choosing how to live, and what it means to be free."

Love On Drugs - Through The Dark


The new single deals with Thomas' feelings about undergoing an assessment for Parkinson´s disease, having had tremor in his left arm and leg for a few years. Being a guitarist, he fears losing his motor skills, but he also acknowledges the irony of working with children with disabilities every day in his job as a music therapist, and now possibly becoming disabled himself. It's the 1st single from an upcoming album due for release next year.

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen - Lätta Steg


"Lätta Steg" wants to convey a feeling of sudden everyday joy. Some days you simply walk with easier steps than others. Maybe because of some kind words. Or when you meet a warm and open eye, who looks at you without reservation and preconceived notions. And sometimes you may not even know why. A song from the bright side of life.

Steven Graves - Don't Ever Stop : The Nashville Sessions


On the heels of Steven's 2021 Release “All Alone” comes a 5 track EP titled “Don’t Ever Stop : The Nashville Sessions”, which was recorded in September of 2021 at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in downtown Nashville. These songs continue to raise the bar of excellence in songwriting and production as Steven’s 10th CD.

Steve Yanek - All The Sorrow (7")


“All The Sorrow” is a poignant and heartfelt apology with the hope that a love can still be saved. Layered with tasteful guitars that draw on 70's Laurel Canyon influences in a modern style. Produced by veteran rock guitarist, Jeff Pevar, and backed by an all star band that includes drummer extraordinaire Kenny Aronoff with legendary Little Feat co-founder Billy Payne on piano.

Erik Dahl - Music For Small Rooms


The impulse to make a piano record came unexpectedly. In 2018 Erik Dahl heard a solo concert with a folk singer at Saltoluokta Mountain Station. She said, "This song has been with me for 15 years". The words had a deep effect and made him wonder. What would it mean to have a solo repertoire? Once the longing was there he started writing songs.

Vanessa Lively - Truth Is


Austin, TX, based songwriter Vanessa Lively is an eclectic singer and writer. Her background of folk, funk, pop, spanish, greek, and world music can be heard in her songwriting. This album goes on a journey through darkness and light, hope, redemption, re-emergence, and true empowerment.

Jan Olsen - Spirit Chant


On "Spirit Chanr", Danish singer songwriterJan Olsen has teamed up with a strong bunch of musicians. The Bottletower Band consists of Peter Sund, guitar, vocal, Trine Lunau, vocal, percussion, Palle Hjorth, keyboards, Morten Jørgensen, bass, and Peter Dombernowsky, drums.

Johanna Lillvik - Wolves


"Wolves" is the 3rd single from the upcoming album "The Love Hate Syndrome" by Swedish and versatile singer songwriter Johanna Lillvik. In this song she deals with the subject of transformation and how the familiar mythical full moon affects the unconscious. Creeks turns into rivers and humans turns into wolves. "Wolves" as an embodiment of your true feelings.

Barry Oreck - Leap Year


Singer songwriter Barry Oreck releases his 4th album, "Leap Year", in spring, early summer, of 2022. "Leap Year" includes 8 new original songs, and one updated, written during the pandemic, featuring a range of musical styles, with songs about families and forgiveness, truth and belief, fantasies of home, living in the moment, and appreciating the small things.

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus - Going The Distance


Berkalin Records is pleased to announce the summer 2022 release of "Going The Distance" from Austin's folk rock duo Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus. "Going The Distance" utilizes the same core band as their previous albums: Rich Brotherton, Warren Hood, John Bush, and producer Flynt, and adds Bill Kirchen's Telecaster and BettySoo's joyous harmonies to the mix.

Tip Jar - Creaking Of The Stairs


"Creaking Of The Stairs" is the 3rd single of the upcoming 6th Tip Jar album, that doesn’t have a proper title yet. It will follow up the pandemic record "One Lifetime". The many lockdowns, with no concerts, gave a lot of room for writing and recording new song material. That’s how Eric van de Lest’s recording studio in Eindhoven came to be a second living room for the band and their guests and a fertile soil for abundant bursts of creativity.

Skinny Dyck - In On The Upswing


Twang savant Skinny Dyck has put on weight since his debut album "Get To Know Lonesome" in 2020, a delight to fans of traditional country music, but in equal measure with an alternative leaning audience. On 1st listen, the Lethbridge, Alberta based singer songwriter Skinny may sound like a throwback to classic country artists of the 1960's, but get to know him a little better and it’s clear that he’s firmly part of the new generation of artists, pushing country forward into the 21st century.

Jackson Browne - Minutes To Downtown


“The song is about wanting to be somewhere else, but for whatever reasons, you’re tied to the place where you live and the things you do”, Browne says of the ”Downhill From Everywhere" track. “So I wanted it to be me driving around. To me, the video has a distinctive feature, which is that nothing happens. You don’t arrive anywhere, right?” ~ Jackson Browne

Eileen Kozloff - No More War Anymore


“If only a song could stop war”, desperately wishes American singer songwriter, Eileen Kozloff. That is her fervent mantra and the driving force behind her decision to release her song, “No More War Anymore”, as a stand alone single.

Michael Johnathon - Afterburn : Folk At Arena Level


Michael Johnathon is not exactly a normal folksinger. "Afterburn" is the word used when something truly rattles the cages and leaves people with a startled, surprised reaction. It‘s the accelerated power of a rocket as it’s taking off. "Afterburn" grapples with the subjects of power and peace, war and love, all in the context of the global front porch, launching folk from the coffeehouse and into arena level.

The Odd Birds - Tremolo Heart


"While so many youngsters buy a buckskin jacket, Gibson Jumbo and wear their fringe like Roger McGuinn they forget they have to have lived their life to the max, before their songs become authentic, and that’s where The Odd Birds really come alive. These songs sound believable, and have the capacity to live with the listener for a long, long time, if not forever." ~ Alan Harrison, The Rocking Magpie, UK

Trio Rop - Mellan Oss


Trio Rop is a Swedish vocal trio, performing traditional Swedish folk music and original songs inspired by the vocal folk tradition. The trio has been working together since 2016, and after releasing multiple singles, as well as the EP "Hon Kisar Mot Mig", they recorded their debut full length album, "Mellan Oss", in the fall of 2021.

Murre Eriksson - Tänk Om...


The obstinate and willful singer songwriter and folk rock artist Murre Eriksson from the deep spruce forests in Småland, Sweden, brings the listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. Her lyrics are artful and her melodies adapt to happiness and grief, big life changes and the tiny every day moments.

Magnus Lindberg - Dom Som Aldrig Ger Upp : En Hyllning


Dagen innan Magnus Lindberg skulle ha fyllt 70 år släpps äntligen "Dom Som Aldrig Ger Upp : En Hyllning Till Magnus Lindberg", där hans rika låtskatt tolkas av bland andra Lars Winnerbäck, Peter LeMarc, Sophie Zelmani, Mauro Scocco, Dan Hylander, Louise Hoffsten, Plura, Staffan Hellstrand, Anna Stadling, Eric Palmqwist och Basse Wickman.

Those Barren Leaves - W.I.A.B.R.


The 2nd single from Those Barren Leaves forthcoming album contains 2 songs. "W.I.A.B.R." is a 90’s grunge influenced song telling you to be careful what you wish for, whoever you are. "Read Between The Lines" is more of an epic indie pop song asking you to, well, you guessed it.

Dan Hylander + Raj Montana Band - Ville Bara Säga Dig...


Första singeln från Dan Hylander + Raj Montana Bands avskedsalbum "Katharsis" är en överraskande positiv sång i en dyster samtid. Inte utan svärta, det var omöjligt, men ändå. En jublande kärlekssång mot en en mörk fond. Den visar att Raj Montana Band inte bara var Sveriges E Street Band, som de kallades när de vann Rockbjörnar 1983 och 1984, utan också ett lysande popband.

Lazy Afternoon - Just As Poor As Before


Lazy Afternoon releases their 3rd studio album in May 2022. The band from Gotland, Sweden, who play an exciting mix of americana, country, folk, rock and tex mex has finally got their new album ready for the world. The new album spreads the music a bit in all directions, but at the same time it is typically Lazy Afternoon. The sound is tighter, more modern and a bit tougher.

Reggae Jack - Always Magic


Reggae Jack is Jack Tempchin's brand new creative project, where he hired session musicians (Marc Orrell and Jeff Roffredo) to record reggae inspired songs of his material, old and new. The new album, "Always Magic", featuring 8 (?) co-writes by Jack, his wife Sheryl, Keith Harkin and Gary Nicholson.

Tip Jar - Love & Understanding


"Love & Understanding" is the 2nd single from the upcoming 6th Tip Jar album, that doesn’t have a proper title yet. It will follow up the ‘pandemic’ record "One Lifetime". The many lockdowns, with no concerts, gave a lot of room for writing and recording new song material. That’s how Eric van de Lest’s recording studio in Eindhoven came to be a 2nd living room for the band and their guests and a fertile soil for abundant bursts of creativity.

Murre Eriksson - Fågel, Fisk, Mitt Emellan


"'Fågel, Fisk, Mitt Emellan' är en låt om vemodigheten som infinner sig i en sommarstad när sommaren snart är slut. En betraktelse av kvällsvimlet i en hamnstad där skrålande kroggäster, kärlekskranka par och trötta hundägare tillbringar kvällen. Just där, mittemellan fåglarnas kvittrande och fiskarna som slår i havet, där pågår livet i sig." ~ Murre Eriksson

Kaurna Cronin - Never Said


Multi award winning folk rock artist Kaurna Cronin has announced his moody new single and video "Never Said", a song which reflects on artistic struggles and the challenges creatives face in a capital system which benefits capitalism and corporatism, rather than culture.

Su Andersson - Turquoise & Rust


Swedish singer songwriter Su Andersson has selected "Turquoise & Rust" as the 3rd single and next showcase of her forthcoming sophomore album "Brave". A slice of melancholic, yet powerful folk, the single was released on May 6th, 2022, with the album to follow on July 22nd, 2022.

The North Star Band - Then & Now


When they broke up in 1982, The North Star Band was playing more than 300 shows a year. The country group is back with a new release, featuring both old and new material, but everything unreleased.....

Sister Speak - Love For All


Canadian artist Sister Speak returns to the stage this spring and summer with new album, "Love For All", out April 29th, 2022. Sister Speak has connected with a loyal fanbase throughout the globe through several years of national and international touring. Born and raised in British Columbia Canada, Taylor guitars sponsored Sherri Anne is at the core of Sister Speak.

Lunau & Sund - Tiden


"It's been a strange time. All the plans and dreams we had were put on pause. A time filled with unrest and anxiety, frustrations and boredom, longing and loneliness. Countless emotional slides. In Lunau & Sund we have spent some of the time putting all the turbulent events in to music." ~ Lunau & Sund

Meadow Creek - Moving On


Meadow Creek will release a new single, "Moving On", Friday, April 29th, 2022, on all digital platforms. Apart from Linda and Peter Dahl, the new single features contributions from Jimmy Glavå, electric guitar, Jonas Holmqvist, drums, Erik Ingelström, mandolin, and Berra Karlsson, dobro and pedal steel.

Trio Rop - Kasta


"När hjärtesorgen väller över en känns allt som en hopplös fråga. Tvivlet, desperationen, det ofattbara som var det enda som inte fick hända. När kärleken inte är nog för att få ha kvar det en allra mest vill ha. När ett beslut tagits utan ens medgivande. Maktlösheten. Då vill jag blunda. Blunda och låta det skölja över mig, sträcka ut händerna och känna er tryggt bredvid mig. För där finns ni, i sorgen och stödet och sången." ~ Petrix, Trio Rop

Borta På Vinden - Högt Upp I Molnet


Idag, fredagen den 22:a april, 2022, släpper Borta På Vinden sitt första nya material på ganska exakt 40 år. Release av Paraply Records/Rundare Rekkords, med distribution av Border Music/Red Eye Distribution

Those Barren Leaves - Feel


"Feel" is the 1st single from the upcoming album "W.I.A.B.R." by Those Barren Leaves. It is a song about going your own way, making your own choices, and following your inner voice and vision, rather than the expectations and conventions of the world around you.

Berra Karlsson - Good Talk


Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, is releasing his 6th single as an artist in his own right, featuring help from Stig Lindell, Stefan Jonsson, Magnus Fritz and Mattias Uhrbom. "Good Talk" is just a teaser of more tracks to be released in 2022. Stay tuned.....

Greaves & Cheevers - The Tendency To Exist


Dave Greaves is from Hull, UK. Bob Cheevers is from Memphis, TN. They are old friends, but it took them 20 years to write songs together. They met and started playing together on one of the 1st of Bob’s 20 years of European and UK tours. After 20 years of friendship, Dave Greaves and Bob Cheevers have a created a writing partnership the legacy of which is in the songs on “The Tendency To Exist”. These are 12 songs written in 1 year,

Fascination Curve - Dip Them In Gold


Extraordinary times sometimes leads to the creation of extraordinary art and music. The new single “Dip Them In Gold” is a tribute to the doctors and nurses who for 2 years have sacrificed their nervous systems fighting the pandemic and who now sacrifice their lives fighting for democracy in Ukraine.

Surrender Hill - Just Another Honky Tonk In A Quiet Western Town


Don't let the band's name fool you. Surrender Hill is still fighting the good fight, responding to the challenges of contemporary life with music that's ambitious, hook filled, topical, and artistically diverse. "Just Another Honky Tonk In A Quiet Western Town" is an album that creates its own geography, setting up camp at the crossroads of americana, outlaw country, and western music.

Johanna Lillvik - Mothers Blues


Johanna Lillvik is the peculiar artist and singer songwriter from the city of Borås in Sweden. She sings and plays her heart out. This is the 2nd single from her upcoming album "The Love Hate Syndrome". The sequel to "Hydra", where she took the form of an appaling beast.

Su Andersson - Southern Belle


Following on from the recent single "Echoes", Swedish singer songwriter Su Andersson releases brand new single "Southern Belle" on April 8th, 2022, and announces her sophomore album "Brave", which will be released on June 10th, 2022, both on Firma Su Records.

Victoria Vox - Nirvana In REM


Victoria Vox’s new album, "Nirvana In REM", is an audio visual experience of 10 original songs inspired by 20 works of art by Fred Stonehouse. “These new songs have an atmospheric quality that is deeply emotional and psychological, as well as hauntingly poetic”, says Stonehouse about Vox’s music. Together, they explore the connection between reality and the nonsensical world of dream logic.

Trio Rop - Släpp Ut Mig


"Jag skrev den här låten i en av livets dalar. Det är svårt att sätta ord på stunder som ter sig magiska, men att få spela in den tillsammans med åtta andra sångare är något av det starkaste jag varit med om. Fredag den 1/4 kommer 'Släpp Ut Mig'. Jag vill uppmana till ett kollektivt vårskrik. Jag har lärt mig att det gör gott för själen." ~ Elin, Trio Rop

Les Fradkin - The Cross In The Sky


Les Fradkin is a producer and composer, virtuoso bassplayer, midi guitarist and multi instrumentalist. Les employs futuristic playing techniques realizing modern rock from the pioneer of midi guitar. His latest single, “Under The Covers”, from his new album, “The Cross In The Sky”, reached the #1 spot on independent radio in the UK in January 2022.

Tobias Bäckstrand - Heal


Tobias Bäckstrand, who previously played with both Mikael Persson from Borås, Sweden, and folk music ensemble Rotation from Öland, Sweden, will release his 1st record under his own name this spring. "Heal", as the debut is called, contains only material by Tobias himself, and participates include the previously mentioned Mikael Persson and his band, musicians from Rotation, and Berra Karlsson on pedal steel.

Henrik Af Ugglas - Another Language


Henrik af Ugglas, who's played with everyone from Maryland Cookies to Thåström, as well as Weeping Willows and his brother Peder af Ugglas, among many others, will release his very own debut album, "Another Language", this spring. 14 years after legendary music writer Lennart Persson wrote that "the debut album by Henrik af Ugglas is the album I look forward to the very most this year", it is high time to introduce to the rest of the world what he was so excited about.

Kaurna Cronin - Our Way


Possessing a voice as warm as a rugged embrace, the colourful spirit of a natural born storyteller and a heart that beats steady with a folk rock rhythm, multi award winning singer songwriter Kaurna Cronin is unveiling his 1st release for the year, new single "Our Way" out March 18th, 2022.

Steve Yanek - Count Every Moment


"This is the 4th song to be released from the upcoming album, 'September'. Inspired by a dream I had of the late Dan Fogelberg, who, in my dream was sitting at a piano in a studio type setting, and as he turned towards me, I asked if he had any new songs that he was working on, and he turned back to the piano and said, 'This one', then proceeded to play the 1st verse. I asked what the title was, to which he replied with funny sarcasm, 'uh, count every moment?'. He then said that I'd have to finish it. Needless to say I accepted the challenge and completed this song in one sitting." ~ Steve Yanek

Michael Ward with Dogs & Fishes - Highway 61


"This tune has been a staple of our live shows for quite a while for just this reason. It was recorded almost as a goof at the end of sessions for our last full album, and in the depths of lockdown isolation, I drug it out and began the long distance production, me in Wyoming and Will in San Francisco. A thoroughly modern endeavor." ~ Michael Ward

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung


Brock Davis is healing before our ears. His latest solo album, "A Song Waiting To Be Sung", is a cathartic collection of americana and indie country. Here, the singer songwriter confronts childhood trauma, the demise of an unsustainable marriage, and years going 100 miles an hour running a Silicon Valley startup. Ultimately, though, the 13 song album is a triumphant statement of 2nd chances, love, oneness and forgiveness.

Johnny Beauford - Just A Little Pick Me Up


Johnny Beauford loves to write and he is back with a new full length record, this time under his own name. Johnny has been around as a music maker for more than a decade and has been part of half a dozen successful studio albums with previous projects. The founder of americana project Jack Kerowax (2013-2018), and long time Dallas rock band Bravo, Max! (2008-2020).

Stephen Doster - Over The Red Sea


“For me the record is kind of a travelogue starting with that boat on the cover by the Horn of Africa to London, from Dublin to Belfast, Virginia to Mississippi, and back home to the Texas Hill Country before the world stopped”, says Doster. “It’s my most acoustic record and was recorded in its entirety on 2” analog tape, like my favorite records growing up”.

Peter Rogan - Broken Down Love


"Broken Down Love", the follow up to Peter Rogan's critically acclaimed debut, "Still Tryin To Believe", features 10 originals and 2 cover songs blending modern americana, folk, vintage rock and blues. The tracks were recorded during the 1st week of May 2021, in Nashville, at The Cowboy Arms studio with multiple Grammy winner, Sean Sullivan, engineering and mixing.

Alias Wayne - Band Of Randys


Singer songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick vamps back to the ever free Alias Wayne side of life for his spring break 2022 “Band Of Randys” by Alias Wayne. Featuring 2 jam songs and a fun single in the 3:33 “Chaperon”. A song Kendrick recorded with new friends in Costa Rica, where he and his love Mia moved to 3 years ago to make their new home.

Hans Annellsson - Detta Året, Ett Liv


I en from förhoppning om att pandemin snart ebbar ut släpper Hans Annellsson ett eget pandemialbum med titeln “Detta Året, Ett Liv”. 19 låtar med rockmusik i mycket vid bemärkelse. På albumet medverkar också bland andra musikanterna Tina Ahlin, Sven Bornemark, Johan Pihleke, Eddie Nyström, Mats Öberg, Pelle Jernryd, Vincent Nilsson and Jimmy Ågren.

Judy Nazemetz - Meat Bird In Beigeville


“Meat Bird In Beigeville” is Judy Nazemetz’ full length followup to her recent EP release “Christmas Cheer” and it continues her love of cross pollinating genres like blues, country, folk, southern rock, hard rock, bossa, tango, sea shanty and Sondheim.

Su Andersson - Echoes


Following on from the success of her debut album "Train Stories", Swedish singer songwriter Su Andersson release a brand new single, "Echoes". Of course for many a singer songwriter, it is impossible to separate the extraordinary experience of recent times from their artistic output, Su Andersson is no different. "Echoes" is a heartfelt yearning for a return to her second home of New York, at a time when pandemic regulations make doing so complicated, but also wracked with ethical deliberation.

Jordi Baizan - The Love In You


"This new record is made up of songs written in the last 3 years or so. My aim was to create a record that inspires people to connect with their best self, the spirit of love and creativity that I sense is inside all of us. Some people call it the flow state. For the purposes of this record, I call it 'The Love In You'." ~ Jordi Baizan

The Celtic Duo - Keltiska Duon


The Celtic Duo release their self titled debut album in February 2022. After many years of performing celtic music in a wide variety of bands, Jonas Liljeström and Emil Pernblad are now due to release their 1st album as a duo. Jonas and Emil started playing music together in the early 1990's, and have since then been very active on the music scene, both in their native Sweden and abroad.

Tip Jar - White Sands


For the new single by Tip Jar, Bart de Win and Arianne Knegt were inspired by the lush folkrock ballads they grew up with. Looking for the same romantic, melancholy mood and the rich harmonies we know from the likes of Jackson Browne, Poco, Eagles or Fleetwood Mac. Bittersweet memories, the struggle called love, and the big challenges humanity has to face, melt together in this song.

Steve Yanek - I Could Use A Little Rain


From the opening guitar lick you can hear the influence of artists like Eagles and Jackson Browne in an updated sound. Heartfelt passion drips from the lyrics and pulls you into the story. You’ll want to roll your windows down and blast it at full volume, as if you’re driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a sunny summer day, but wishing it would rain.

Steve Yanek - You Know It's Right


Inspired by artists like Emitt Rhodes and Paul McCartney, “You Know It’s Right” has a classic arrangement that calls back to the influence’s sound, while adding a modern production element and maintaining a baroque pop sound. Including a romantic hook with vulnerable lyrics, anyone who’s been lucky enough to have found the 'one' in their life will be able to relate to.

Dave Desmelik - Clues Of My Existence


A journeyman musician with a troubadour’s soul, Dave Desmelik is a veteran singer songwriter and instrumentalist based in Brevard, North Carolina, USA. A native of the american south, Desmelik is a natural born storyteller with an ear to the heartbeat of the everyday world and its flawed people. "Clues Of My Existence" is his 16th independent release of all original material.

Michael Johnathon - Cosmic Banjo


Michael Johnathon takes his banjo seriously. The unexpected follow up to "The Painter" comes this celebration of the long neck banjo and Michael’s unusual picking style, “picking and frailing at the same time”.

Gibrish - Vi Gick Fel Nånstans


Gibrish nya single, "Vi Gick Fel Nånstans", är en betraktelse över klimatförändringarna och en vilsen mänsklighet. Singeln kommer från bandets 5:e album, "Ådalsbanan", som släpptes september 2021. Ett album som hyllats i många medier, både i Sverige och utomlands.

Krilja - Krilja


The world music trio Krilja will shortly be releasing a remixed and remastered version of their original, self titled debut album. The group plays beautiful and passionate romani, aka gypsy music, folk music from Russia and Eastern Europe in their own arrangements, firmly rooted in the omani music tradition but with influences from other musical genres such as flamenco and jazz.

Marty Winkler - Songs I Never Sang For My Father


Marty Winkler is a jazz, pop and folk singer, a songwriter and an actress, who has performed at venues ranging from The Bitter End and CBGB’s in New York to 1st Avenue and Paisley Park in Minneapolis to the stages of Lilith Fair. She has sung on stage with Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks and Sarah McLachlan, and she’s been the opening act for artists as diverse as Loudon Wainwright III, The Wailers, Garrison Keillor, Jonathan Richman and Tuck & Patti.

John Aulabaugh - Sweet As You


You will experience all of John Aulabaugh's life on "Sweet As You". Life in all its harsh glories, wrapped in a sound that mixes rhythm and lyrics, acoustic and electric, light and shade. You get a glimpse of John’s energy, heart and soul, poured out on vinyl, compact disc and digital. Whatever your preferred format, what you get is music, pure and simple. What you get, is "Sweet As You.....

Richie Mayer - The Inn Of Temporary Happiness


In the shadow of a pandemic, social upheaval and political unrest, former Loose Lips member Richie Mayer retreated into his home studio to write what would unknowingly become this, his 1st solo album, “The Inn Of Temporary Happiness”.

Kaja & Tetra - Midvintervaka : Vintra Solstico


For a decade, the show “Midvintervaka” has warmed light thirsty, frozen winter souls, from the north to the south. The ensembles Kaja and Tetra now celebrate its 10 year anniversary with the jubilee album “Vintra Solstico”. Welcome into the warmth, to a bountiful Christmas table laden with scents, tastes and sounds from the North, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Johanna Lillvik - Hydra


From the deep a monster emerges. It's heads thinks and speaks on their own, but they all share the same body. Sometimes the creature is in conflict with itself. That's when it can't move in any direction. Duality in emotions is expressed in this single. A teaser from Johanna Lillvik's 1st full length album, a coming release in March 2022.

Mannish Boy - Falling Back To You (Like A Snowflake)


After a silent year with very few gigs and less songwriting, Mannish Boy decided to end this pandemic year with a Christmas single that will keep us going again! And of course they give ju an extra b side, which is a remastered version of ”Beat Of The Drum” from last year's ”Last Ticket To Rock'N'Roll Land- Redux”. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Anastasia Lynne - Girl With The Hour Glass Eyes


Esoteric singer songwriter Anastasia Lynne is influenced by the classic artists before her. She makes music that’s genuine and always creative. Have you heard her single "Bothered" yet? It’s definitely something memorable. Stunning vocals swirling around solid guitar work, making the song intriguing to listen to.

Nils Pilerot - Blått


Har du någon gång haft ett förtroligt samtal med en nära vän? I sådant fall vet du exakt hur den Göteborgsbaserade musikern Nils Pilerots fullängdsdebut "Blått" låter.

Kaja & Tetra - Midvintervaka : Vintra Solstico


Sedan ett decennium har "Midvintervaka" värmt ljustörstande frusna vintersjälar, från norr till söder, och nu firar Kaja & Tetra 10 år med jubileumsalbumet "Vintra Solstico". Albumet släpps den 26:e november, 2021, men redan den 12:e november släpps det första musikaliska smakprovet i form av en aptitretande single.

Mala Oreen - Awake


The songs of Mala Oreen's upcoming album originated in a longer visit to the US, where she met like minded artists. Some left their stamp subtly and some are actual collaborators in songs appearing on the album. The themes of the album cover a lot of ground from enjoying the creative impulses life affords us all to its limitations, prison bars that it’s up to each of us to break. It’s about the healing and wild powers of nature and also about sorrow and loss.

Brandi Vezina - #dontsettle


“These are pages from my journal, it’s personal and parts of my story. I hope they feel my sincerity and vulnerability. My music is an authentic piece of me. I create from a place deep within my spirit and allow what’s inside of me out. I hope my fans can feel that”. I feel so grateful for this amazing time in my life. I have found my purpose and passion”, Vezina explained. “I love making music and this is the best time in my life yet”.

Cina Samuelson - Please Love Me Forever


Cina Samuelson is back to greet us with a wonderful version of the song "Please Love Me Forever", written by Johnny Malone and Ollie Blanchard, and 1st released in 1958. Once again she has teamed up with Berra Karlsson and Stig Lindell as producers.

George Ensle - Be A Better Me


"Be A Better Me" is a warm and heartfelt album of 11 songs presenting the very best of Texan George Ensle’s songwriting, singing and playing. Ensle delivers his story songs with intricate fingerpicking style on six string, resonator or 12 string guitars, and recently added piano to the mix.

Fascination Curve - Corona Time In Amerika


Fascination Curve's "Corona Time In Amerika" is a brave and emotional statement concerning racism, political extremism and societal confusion as seen through the lens of the Corona pandemic. Featuring a group of world class musicians and friends, the record is muscular yet lyrical, a delicately layered yet powerful soundscape.

Lazy Afternoon - My Harbor Home


This is the 3rd release from Lazy Afternoon's upcoming album. ”My Harbor Home” is a rocking 'home song'. A story about the longing for home after work in another place, home to love and friends in one’s own city.

Rambling Nicholas Heron - Before & After Space


Rambling Nicholas Herons ”Before & After Space : Samot Nosslin” innehåller 13 spår med improvisationsstycken på elektrifierad gitarr inspelade i en tagning på analog kassettporta. De 13 st tolkade konstverken finns att beskåda i Göteborg på Galleri Majnabbe den 23:e oktober till och med den 7:e november, 2021, där också Niklas spelar på vernissagen.

Tom Rodwell - Wood & Waste


Novelists famously use their day jobs for material, guitarist Tom Rodwell mines his crossover blues career with a writerly taste for the surreal on "Wood & Waste", a decadent and charmingly outré collection, released on October 22nd, 2021.

Marco R Wagner - Back To The Plow


Marco R Wagner's “Back To The Plow” is an album made with the love of someone who minds to detail his condition as a rooted artist, where he tracked all instruments and vocals in his home studio during the pandemic. Edited and mastered by Grammy Award winner Michael Saint-Leon in Switchyard Studios, Nashville and released by Several Records.

Borta På Vinden - CD EP


OK, ABBA släppte senast nånting nytt 1982 och släpper nya plattan den 5:e november. Borta På Vinden vill ju inte vara sämre. De släppte senast nånting nytt 1981 och och släpper sin nya EP den 15:e oktober. Borta På Vinden vann alltså med 1 år respektive 3 veckor.

Jackson Browne - Until Justice Is Real


The 1st teaser for the upcoming Thomas Keith directed film "How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?", starring Danny Glover, Henry Rollins, and the late Edward Asner, features Jackson Browne’s “Until Justice Is Real”, and is available to watch now. “What is the future I’m trying to see?”, Browne asks himself. “What does that future need from me?”. Aligned in their messages, “Until Justice Is Real” will be featured in the end credits of the film.

Mark Rogers - Rhythm Of The Roads


Here comes Mark Rogers’ 2nd LP, “Rhythm Of The Roads”. A folk rock infused commentary on a life lived. A reconciliation. Trials and Errors. Love lost and regained and learning to live with the two. Mark Rogers hasn’t taken the easy road. His songs wouldn’t be this good if he had.

Catherine Britt - Home Thruths


Catherine Britt has a voice that instantly gets your attention, but unlike others, it is the craftsmanship of this singer songwriter who unashamedly boasts a worthy story to tell that truly keeps her audience enthralled. Taken from her recent album, "Home Truths", the title track is available to stream and download now.

The Vegetarians - Bill Haley


The Vegetarians new album, “Bill Haley”, is a mixture of prog, alternative and classic rock, and consists of 14 original songs, mostly written by Hans Annellsson and John Tabacco. There are plenty of musicians on the album, most notably Morgan Ågren (Devin Townsend, Mats & Morgan, Zappa’s Universe) on drums, Mats Öberg (Mats & Morgan, Zappa’s Universe) on keyboards and harmonica and Dan Bornemark on keyboards.

Tip Jar - All That You Wanted


"We have made a new single. It was released last Friday, October 1st, 2021. You might be curious to hear it! We recorded it with 2 bands. Tip Jar and The Bayou Brothers, so it's a collaboration. It might be a little bit rockier than our usual Tip Jar sound. Hope you like it!" ~ Arianne & Bart, Tip Jar

Gibrish - Ådalsbanan


Gibrish ger ut sitt 5:e album, fyllt med bandets, ofta hyllade, egna material. Temat på bandets nya album är människors utflyttning från landsbygd till stad, men också om militärens dödsskjutningar av demonstranter i Lunde år 1931.

Mark Rogers - Just So You Know


The 2nd single, "Just So You Know", from Mark Rogers new album, "Rhythm Of The Roads", was the 1st song written for the record. It was March 2020, just as the pandemic was gaining steam and we were all learning to live in place. The weight of our new reality seemed surreal yet very temporary at the time. “Just So You Know” is a wishful view into a post pandemic world where people are gathering again to celebrate with newfound optimism.

Carus Thompson - London Coffee


For 2 decades globetrotting Aussie troubadour Carus Thompson has toured the world alongside The John Butler Trio, The Waifs, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson and Pete Murray. He’s sold over 30 000 albums along the way and been called 'a treasure in the Australian musical landscape'. Carus Thompson now releases his new single “London Coffee”, the 1st taste from his forthcoming 8th studio album.

The Beautiful Art Of Decay - Sounds Of A Promising Future


In May The Beautiful Art Of Decay released the single ”Americans”, produced by Aksel Odenbalk. It was their 1st release for Paraply Records. The 2nd single, ”Happiness Ever After”, saw the light of day in August, and now, on September 17th, it's time for the brand new EP ”Sounds Of A Promising Future” to be crashing the airwaves.

Cina Samuelson - Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground


”This summer I had the honor of both choosing and performing songs at a beautiful funeral ceremony. One of the songs I chose to sing was Willie Nelson’s lovely ‘Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground’. There and then the song became so powerful to me and really stuck in my heart. The feeling wouldn’t go away and on my way home I decided I just had to record it”.

Helena Davidsson - Aldrig lika konstig och ensam igen


Helena Davidsson har tidigare gett ut albumet "men det finns kor", även den inspelad och producerad av Henrik Cederblom på Studio Epidemin. "Aldrig lika konstig och ensam igen" släpps både som vinyl och CD den 10:e september, 2021.

Mala Oreen - Treshold


3rd single, "Treshold", to be released on September 10th, 2021. The door is closed, the door opens, but what now? “I walk through the opened door”, sings Mala Oreen and knows how challenging life’s decisions can be at times.

Meadow Creek - Davy's On The Road Again


Meadow Creek releases their 2nd single this year. This is their own interpretation of "Davy's On The Road Again" which became a hit in 1978 with Manfred Mann's Earthband. The song is written by John Simon and Robbie Robertson.

Allan Thomas - The Journey


Longtime singer songwriter Allan Thomas releases his 7th album, "The Journey", featuring members from Steely Dan, Yellowjackets, Sting and James Taylor. Allan has performed and recorded with Cannonball Adderley, Donald Fagen, David Crosby and Graham Nash to name a few.

Echo Bloom - Wake


Echo Bloom's "Wake" was produced by Kevin Salem (Rachel Yamagata, Yo La Tengo) and Kyle Evans, and was recorded between Woodstock, NY, and Brooklyn, NY. It features Kyle Evans, Aviva Jaye, Cody Rahn, and Alex Minier.

Mark Rogers - Every Once In A While


“Every Once In A While” is the 1st single from Mark Rogers' new album, "Rhythm Of The Roads", which will drop this fall. "Rhythm Of The Roads" is an exploration of a life lived. It’s a reconciliation. Trials and errors. Love lost and regained, and learning how to live with the two. Mark Rogers hasn’t taken the easy road. His songs wouldn’t be this good if he had.

The Beautiful Art Of Decay - Happiness Ever After


In May The Beautiful Art Of Decay released the single ”Americans”, produced by Aksel Odenbalk. It was their 1st release for Paraply Records. The 2nd single, ”Happiness Ever After”, will see light of day on August 27th, and a month later the EP ”Sounds Of A Promising Future” will be crashing the airwaves.

West Of Eden - Taube


“We had a plan to record a couple of EP's in 2020 where we could temporarily wander off into new terrains (the 2020 EP “Cabin Songs” being the 1st release). One of those ideas that quickly developed into a whole album was to interpret the Swedish songwriter legend Evert Taube”, says West Of Eden's founding member Martin Schaub.

Paul Kaplan - We Shall Stay Here


"We Shall Stay Here", Paul Kaplan’s 5th album, contains 12 songs that reflect the way he sees the world. Some may leave you in stitches; some may leave you in tears; some may leave you in your car in the driveway unable to stop listening. The album consists of 3 distinct chapters, each with its own focus.

Steve Yanek - Summer Days


"'Summer Days' is an end of summer song. It's the measuring of a life by looking back at all of the past summers like a timeline filled with benchmarks and memories. This song is the 1st single from the upcoming album, 'September', which is a collection of songs written over the course of the pandemic" ~ Steve Yanek

Echo Bloom - 3 Little Birds


In "3 Little Birds", Echo Bloom's Kyle Evans illustrates the aftermath of destruction with stark imagery: “No more bark on the suicide trees, just gold and pearls, dinosaur bones, colors all washed to monochrome”.....

Steven Graves - All Alone


One of the most powerful and influential qualities of popular music is its capacity to reach deep into the human heart and consciousness, reflecting upon, responding to, and lighting the way for society, especially in these turbulent times. Steven Graves' 9th CD “All Alone” has that quality.

Bard Edrington V - Two Days In Terlingua


Bard Edrington V has just finished his 7th album and 2nd solo album, "Two Days In Terlingua". It was recorded in a 100 year old church in Terlingua, TX in March of 2020.

Annie Gallup - Oh Everything


"This past year, the year of the pandemic, was everything and its opposite. Immersed in the world, and at the same time, isolated from the world, so much happening, so little going on. Oh, everything." ~ Annie Gallup

Kalinec & KJ - Let's Get Away


Kalinec & KJ's debut, full length, studio album features a mix of 9 original folk, americana and roots country songs, along with a choice cover of Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz’s “When You Say Nothing At All“, that was previously a hit for both Alison Krauss and Keith Whitley.

West Of Eden - Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet


West Of Eden's new album, "Taube", will be released on August 27th, 2021, but on August 5th you can listen to the 2nd single from the album on all of your favorite digital platforms.

Paul Benoit - Beautiful Lies


"Beautiful Lies" is Paul Benoit' ’s latest collection of moody rockers, americana ballads, and sweet duets featuring Amilia K Spicer, Michelle McAfee, and Sean Divine. Paul is joined by a stellar band of musicians with Rebecca Young on bass, Ron Weinstein on Hammond B3 and piano, and Will Dowd on drums.

Eiwor Kjellberg - Stand Out


Eiwor Kjellberg är riksspelman från Järvsö och hennes 3:e album "Stand Out" är musik ur Hälsinglands blåaste skogar och djupa tjärnar, tätt mastigt samspel så in i bomben svängigt, dansant svettigt och med en nerv av fin skörhet så nackhåren sakta reser sig.

David Crosby - For Free


On his new album "For Free" David Crosby shares the latest offering from a life devoted to the pure and powerful alchemy of music. Arriving just a month before his 80th birthday, "For Free" finds the folk rock legend continuing to tap into the tremendous surge of creativity he’s experienced since 2014, this time collaborating with the likes of Michael McDonald, Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, and multi Grammy award winning artist Sarah Jarosz.

Jackson Browne - Downhill From Everywhere


“Songwriting is a mysterious thing”, says Jackson Browne. “Sometimes it feels a bit like consulting the oracle”.Take a listen to "Downhill From Everywhere", Browne’s 1st new album in 6 years, and you might begin to suspect that he’s speaking quite literally.

Rivers Of England - Eight In The Evening In Spring EP


"Come with me to the riverbank at eight in the evening in spring and let the songs mean whatever you want them to." ~ Robin Spalding, Rivers Of England

Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth - EP


Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth is the combined americana forces of Ashley E Norton, lead singer of Whitherward, Stephanie Groot, violinist of Whitherward, and Laura Hall, music director of hit TV show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”.

Mala Oreen - Ragged Queen


2nd single from Mala Oreen's forthcoming album, "Awake", is released on all digital platforms July 9th, 2021.

Tashaki Miyaki - Castaway


“'Castaway' was a record born out of frustration”. Tashaki Miyaki’s Paige Stark says matter of factly. “I felt stuck in every single aspect of life, and writing was my way of venting”. The record opens with the title track, an unhurried melodic pop song about the challenges of depression and long term relationships. “Give me a reason to cry, it’s been so long since I had feeling, I don’t remember why I do anything, what am I doing here?”, Stark asks as she coos along to an infectious melody.

Esquela - A Sign From God


Esquela announces the release of their 5th studio album, "A Sign From God". The 10 track album, produced by Eric 'Roscoe' Ambel and recorded entirely remotely over the course of several months during the spring and summer of 2020, addresses several issues that were at the forefront of our cultural conversations during the pandemic, racism, sexual assault, and the climate crisis.

Dennis Roger Reed - Down At The Washington Hotel


"Down At The Washington Hotel" is Dennis Roger Reed’s 5th album. This project was recorded and mixed at the historic Plastic Meltdown Recording Studios in San Clemente, CA, and Sequim, WA, it touches on some blues, some bluegrass, a little country rock, folk, rock'n'roll, a taste of British invasion pop, plus even a few minutes of psychedelica.

Tip Jar - One Lifetime


And here it is, "One Lifetime", Tip Jar’s 5th album. Written and recorded in tough times, when the future for many people feels more uncertain than ever. Tip Jar’s music is not easy to classify. When you listen to the new album you’ll hear a lot of genres, bluegrass, country, soul, folk, roots and even a hint of jazz make "One Lifetime" into a diverse listening trip, exploring and stretching the borders of americana all the time.

Mitchell Manburg - Laplace Resonance


After having spent the last 8 years between Los Angeles and the Bay Area fronting bands, Mitchell Manburg has landed back in Oakland during quarantine, reflecting, writing, and refining his sound as a solo artist. Alas, his debut solo EP, "Laplace Resonance" is ready for release on all platforms in the summer of 2021, inspired by artists such as Steve Gunn, Mary Lattimore, Guy Blakeslee, and William Tyler.

Meadow Creek - When The Sirens Call


Meadow Creek releases their new single ”When The Sirens call”. The song is written as a reflection of the past year. Feelings and thoughts that have arisen in the progress of the current pandemic,and the changes that are taking place in this world we no longer recognize.

Nolan McKelvey - Into The Silence


Nolan McKelvey's "Into The Silence" was recorded live at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, AZ, with no audience, on July 18th, 2020. This recording includes several previously unreleased tracks.

Nolan McKelvey - Songs Of Hope


The "Songs Of Hope" project is a collaborative musical effort from Nolan McKelvey and Ron James, of Muskellunge, and a group of talented musicians who lent their time and efforts to develop the songs on this EP.

The Beautiful Art Of Decay - Americans


The Beautiful Art Decay are releasing the single ”Americans”, produced by Aksel Odenbalk. It’s their 1st release for Paraply Records. The 2nd single, ”Happiness Ever After”, will see light of day in August, and a month later the EP ”Sounds Of A Promising Future” will be crashing the airwaves.

Annie Keating - Bristol County Tides


"Bristol County Tides", Annie Keating’s 8th full length album, is her most accomplished, inspired, and ambitious to date. A pandemic album of awakenings and inspirations that feels both universal and deeply personal, "Bristol County Tides" tells an evocative story of love, loss, and finding what matters most in uncertain times.

Fia Ekberg - Bangatan


Fia Ekberg är musikalartisten som blev låtskrivare och vispoet, och "Bangatan" är hennes hem. Med påtaglig närvaro och nakna texter berättar hon sin historia utan skyddsnät och fallskärmar. Det är vardagsrealism och storslagen längtan som får falla fritt tillsammans.

My Sweetest Punch - My Sweetest Punch 2


Gothenburg based My Sweetest Punch are the pickup needle that scrapes around among the best and worst in life. Heart, pain and that time just disappears no matter what you do. The turntable and the hub are singer songwriter Rickard Linde's obvious songs.

Catherine Britt & Amber Lawrence - I Am Woman


Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt's stellar version of Helen Reddy's “I Am Woman” is released through ABC and Universal on Friday, May 28th, 2021, on all digital platforms.

Tashaki Miyaki - Wasting Time


“This song is kind of it’s own thing. It was one of the last songs I wrote for the new album 'Castaway', and I wasn’t sure it fit the vibe, but in the end we decided it was nice to have variety and different colors and feels on the record." ~ Paige Stark

West Of Eden - Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå


West Of Eden's new album, "Taube", will be released on August 27th, 2021, but on May 27th you can listen to the 1st single, "Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå" on all of your favorite digital platforms.

Mala Oreen - Offspring


Mala Oreen dedicates new single "Offspring" to her intensive work process and her artistic creations. Behind her whole album "Awake" there’s hard labor and a profound exchange with herself. But what demands a lot can be infinitely rewarding. It’s clear for Mala, as soon as a new song, a new line, a new work goes out into the wide world alone, there is a mirror world developing from these volatile thoughts, which challenges the artist anew.

Jackson Browne - My Cleveland Heart


The new single from Jackson Browne’s 1st album in 6 years, "Downhill From Everywhere", will be released on May 21st, 2021. Co-written with guitarist Val McCallum, the playful track imagines the liberation that would come from replacing our fallible, human hearts with unbreakable, artificial ones, “they’re made to take a bashin’, and never lose their passion”.

Mackan'N'Matthew - Till Något Ljust Igen


Mackan'N'Matthew's nya EP "Till Något Ljust Igen" ger på alla sätt ett givet avtryck på den svenska musikscenen 2021, med 5 låtar vilka står sig mycket starka även som singlar.

David Crosby - River Rise


“‘River Rise’, featuring Michael McDonald, came from wanting to write something very evocative of California, but almost with a country song perspective, something that speaks to the empowerment of the everyman or everywoman”, says co-writer and producer James Raymond.

Crystal Gale & Sulo Karlsson - Lonely Street Choir


The new single “Lonely Street Choir” is the 1st taste from Crystal Gayle and Sulo Karlsson’s forthcoming duet album.

Nikki O'Neill - World Is Waiting


Nikki O'Neill’s 2nd solo album, “World is Waiting”, is out soon on the Blackbird Record Label. American Songwriter gives it 4 out of 5 stars in their review, “a solid mix of blues, soul, spunk and sass, new album shines with bone virtuosity and variety”.

Gibrish - Trumpetaren


Gibrish nya single berättar om musikens kraft som förändrade Sverige. "Trumpetaren" berättas inifrån demonstrationståget i Ådalen, den 14:e maj år 1931. Med en Nick Cave-dramatisk ljudbild berättas om mannen, som med sin trumpet, stoppade militärens dödliga kulor. När de fem offren föll lyfte orkesterledaren Tore Andersson Alespong sin trumpet till luften och blåste eld upphör

Little Green - Demos 2005-2012


This new posthumous EP with 5 self penned songs and a cover of Carly Simon's “Coming Around Again” is a homage to Little Green's late singer and founder Andreas Johannesson due for release close to his birthday.

Echo Bloom - Don't You Want To Be Loved


In the searing "Don’t You Want to Be Loved", Echo Bloom's Kyle Evans lingers on the collapse of a much smaller world. Tracing the morning of an unnamed narrator as they wander through their own home, Evans paints a desperate portrait of an individual who has come face to face with the American Dream, and doesn’t know how they got there.

Helena Davidsson - Välkommen Blad


Kakafon Records proudly presents "Välkommen Blad" by Helena Davidsson. To celebrate spring is more important than ever. Gentle skies bring warmth, light, joy and hope. Swedish artist and songwriter Helena Davidsson embraces springtime with a lively song duet together with multi musician Olle Linder.

My Sweetest Punch - All I Need Is Love


"All I Need Is Love" is the 2nd single from My Sweetest Punch's sophomore album, "2", to be released by Paraply Records, with distribution by Border Music, in late spring, early summer.

Ruby Lovett - Bright Side Of Morning


"This song is a dream. My dream for this world we're living in. It is my hope that the seeds from this song fall on fertile ground." ~ Ruby Lovett

Annamay - When This Is Over


We are proud to announce new music from the songstress Annamay. 2021 is the year she's working on her 2nd album with her new band, The Blind Dates. "When This Is Over" is the 2nd single from the upcoming album. A song about the hope of a possible life after the struggles the artist had to endure during and after her Covid19 infection.

Brandi Vezina - Walk Away


Brandi Vezina’s forthcoming single, “Walk Away”, is the 3rd European release in advance of her "#dontsettle" EP, to be released in the summer of 2021.

David Massey - Watch Your Back In Hell


David Massey’s brand new americana single is a scathing indictment of Donald Trump and his congressional cronies penned just after the January 6th assault on the Capitol, driven by a Ron Stewart violin tour de force reminiscent of Scarlet Rivera’s mid 70's work with Bob Dylan.

Tashaki Miyaki - I Feel Fine


During the last stages of recording the forthcoming album "Castaway", as the global pandemic descended, Tashaki Miyaki felt they needed one final track to really tie the record together. “I wrote 'I Feel Fine' at the beginning of Covid-19 unfolding and it felt like it belonged to the record. I said lot of the things my friends were saying to me about their lives, so it felt right to add it”, singer Paige Stark says.

Lazy Afternoon - Trapped


Lazy Afternoon releases the 2nd out of several forthcoming singles. From the midst of the Baltic Sea, Gotland, comes Lazy Afternoon with their new single "Trapped". Lazy Afternoon plays sparkling americana spiced with country, tex mex and folk. New single "Trapped" fumes of modern country.

Michael Johnathon - The Painter


The venues for all art forms have been darkened during this pandemic with the closures of live music venues, outdoor concerts and festivals. Folksinger, poet and author Michael Johnathon has turned to oil painting during this time of isolation, inspiring a brand new song cycle and album, "The Painter".

Nilsen's Southern Harmony - Pray Like You Mean It


Nilsen's Southern Harmony's new single "Pray Like You Mean It" was written with Austin Church (Jimmy Buffett, Lyle Lovett), and can be seen as a commentary on 2020 and 2021. A music video for this song is just around the corner.

Judith Owen - (What If God Was) One Of Us


Pianist, singer songwriter, entertainer Judith Owen is famous for her diverse and genre bending covers over the years. This time around, and seemingly poignantly timely. Joan Osborne’s Grammy nominated record and song of the year 90's hit single “(What If God Was) One Of Us”, written by Eric Bazilian of the Hooters.

Love On Drugs - MeLODies


On their 3rd album, ”meLODies”, Love On Drugs presents a 50/50 mix of americana and power pop. The 10 songs on the album range from the progressive country ballad ”Green”, the XTC-inspired ”Let The Banner Wave”, the southern vibe on ”The Well”, to the classic jangly pop on ”There Goes My Heart”.

Heath Cullen - Springtime In The Heart


Heath Cullen returns with his 1st new album in 5 years, "Springtime In The Heart". The album was recorded in Los Angeles with 3 time Grammy winning producer Joe Henry and is the long awaited follow up to Cullen’s 2015 collaboration with Elvis Costello’s Imposters, the critically acclaimed "Outsiders".

Su Andersson - L-Train


"There are greetings to Bowie in the lyrics, can’t help it, with “…station to station”, and then of course with recording it in Hansa Studio in Berlin which still breathes Bowie. One of the reasons I wanted to re-record the song in Berlin 2020 after the recording in NYC 2016, was obviously Leonard Cohens 'First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin'."

Son Of The Velvet Rat - Solitary Company


Son Of The Velvet Rat celebrates the release of their new album "Solitary Company". The album will debut internationally on March 19h, 2021, released by Fluff & Gravy.

The Odd Birds - Better Days


The Odd Birds are a vocal duo playing a blend of folk, rock, and country, with a focus on tight harmonies. After 10 years together playing venues throughout Northern and Southern California, their mix of musical influences comes together to create an interesting and original blend of eras and sounds and it’s revealed in their songwriting.

Roger Johnson - Mod Americana


Listening to "Mod Americana", it’s easy to see why Roger Johnson is a 4 time winner of ASCAP’s Plus Award and has more than 50 songs registered with that PRO. The album contains a generous helping of 16 Johnson originals and represents the much anticipated follow-up album to "Stag Cotillion : Volume 1 & 2".

Doug Schmude - Mileposts


Doug Schmude's new album, "Mileposts", is released independently on his own label, Lost Hubcap, and is self produced. The songs mix bits of country, folk, rock and blues, and the result is a modern roots americana sound that would appeal to fans of Jason Isbell, Ryan Bingham, John Mellencamp and Steve Earle.

Eddie Seville - High & Lonesome


"High & Lonesome", Eddie Seville's latest release of original music has Eddie playing most of the instruments and sharing arrangement credits with producer Isaac Civitello. The 5 track EP, released in the US late last year, was pressed for live dates in the US and Europe, but unfortunately, the global pandemic quickly shut down all promises and plans.

Jesse Brewster - The Lonely Pines


"The Lonely Pines", Jesse Brewster's 5th album, finds the songwriter focusing on a different sort of transit, the process of moving on, either toward acceptance of past mistakes or in the direction of better opportunities. Occupying the middle ground between folk music and rock'n'roll, it's an album that mixes amplified anthems like "Let's Run Away" with the warm, western wooziness of "Woman In My Mind", the gold rush era barroom bounce of "Bitter Pill", and the celtic folk of "Amber Kinney".

Brandi Vezina - John Dillinger Type


Brandi Vezina’s forthcoming single, “John Dillinger Type”, is the 2nd European release in advance of her "#dontsettle" EP, to be released in May 2021.

Catherine Britt - Home Truths


Catherine Britt will release her anticipated forthcoming album, "Home Truths", and her 1st to be released through her new independent label, Beverley Hillbilly Records, on February 19th, 2021, in Europe and the US.

Mannish Boy - Make Up Your Mind


The forthcoming single from Swedish Mannish Boy is a song about bad habits, lies, loosing yourself, fighting your inner demons and drowning in a sea of alcohol. The answer is simple. You have to "Make Up Your Mind".....

David Massey - Island Creek


David Massey’s latest offering, a 6 song EP called "Island Creek", includes haunting reflections on mortality, climate change, abiding love, religion and that staple of the fragile singer songwriter genre, baseball. More specifically, the Washington Nationals 2019 World Series championship.

Annamay - Rise Up


We are proud to announce new music from songstress Annamay. 2021 is the year she's planning to release her 2nd album with her new band. "Rise Up" is the 1st single from the upcoming album. A story about searching for a new path after a long destructive relationship and at the same time keeping one's sanity.

Borta På Vinden - Kassett EP


Borta På Vindens "Kassett EP", med låtar om bland annat Arboga, Bruce Springsteen, Ronald Reagan och Leonid Brezjnev, som såldes på spelningar under 1981 och 1982, finns ute på alla nedladdnings- och strömningstjänster via Paraply Records, med distribution av Border Music, den 29:e januari, 2021.

Mark Rogers - Blue Sky Falling


Mark Rogers, a Virginia based songwriter, tends to channel the glorious pop sounds of his childhood into a new brand of modern folk rock. “Blue Sky Falling” is the latest single from this late bloomer. Drawing from the tambourine sounds of 1966, Mark blends raga guitar with infectious harmonies to deliver a cautiously sunny day.

Robby Rothschild - Robby Rothschild


"Robby Rothschild is a very rare talent. Music from the heart that rings true on every level." ~ Kip Winger

Love On Drugs - The Well


”The Well” is the 4th single from Love On Drugs upcoming album ”meLODies”. Lyrically it plays with the country genres 'wise stranger gives advice'-songs e.g Kenny Rogers ”The Gambler”, but also Sam Elliott´s character 'The Stranger' in the movie 'The Big Lebowski'. It's also about the importance of being critical of sources. Musically the song is like a mix between Little Feat and Dr John.

Catherine Britt - Me


“'Me' is an honest song that comes from a place of reflection and looking back over a crazy, wild, interesting and intense career that has had it’s highs and lows and created the artist I am today. Someone now willing to compromise on being 100% 'Me'.” ~ Catherine Britt

Mark Viator & Susan Maxey - Where The Road Leads


“Mark Viator and Susan Maxey have put out a string of quality albums over the years. Their latest, 'Where The Road Leads', is full of heartfelt, homespun songs with Texas twang and Cajun spice, inviting and satisfying, like a great meal with friends.” ~ Slaid Cleaves

Deborah Henriksson - So Far


The forthcoming retrospective double album, "So Far", is a collection of the best of Deborah Henriksson’s original and cover recordings so far.

Dave Desmelik - The Calendar Album


A seasoned veteran of recording and performing, Dave Desmelik is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist based in Brevard, North Carolina, USA. "The Calendar Album" is his 15th independent release of all original material.

Steve Mednick - Are We There Yet?


"'Are We There Yet?' is my 17th album and the 5th in the 'Problems In Democracy' series which started with 'Darks Ages Reprise' in 2006. This series of songs explores the world we confront in 2020 where the US looks and act like a pariah nation." ~ Steve Mednick

Steve Yanek - Across The Landscape


Steve Yanek’s story reads like a Hemingway novel full of adventure. Leaving behind a promising career as a singer songwriter in Los Angeles for the quiet life of rural Pennsylvania, he has worked as a carpenter, gandy dancer, transportation engineer, and owner of a construction company. In between jobs in the mid 90's, he started Primitive Records, a small indie label that helped launch the career of ivet and The Jellybricks. Now he's is ready to take the next step in his singer songwriter career by releasing his own full length CD titled, "Across The Landscape

Steve Mednick - River Of Tears


“'River Of Tears' is my 16th release since 2006. The cover was painted by Mike Medicine Horse Zillioux from the Gila River Rez in Lavern, Arizona, who sadly left this earth early this year." ~ Steve Mednick

Brandi Vezina - Waiting On A Ring


Brandi Vezina's new single “Waiting On A Ring” is all about enjoying single life, living carefree and embracing being single. Vezina was inspired to write about the experiences of friends going through messy divorces.

Emma Swift - Blonde On The Tracks


Released exclusively as a physical only product in August, now Emma Swift's "Blonde On The Tracks" goes to streaming services for the 1st time on December 9th, 2020.

Judy Nazemetz - Tabletop Christmas


Have you found yourself overwhelmed and stressed with all that’s going on in the world? Have you had to disinvite Christmas guests when you’ve found out they’ve been exposed? Are you in quarantine? Are you not letting friends into your home? From song humorist Judy Nazemetz, who brought you mrs Claus singing "Santa Can'cha" and the Beach Boys-esque surfing Xmas carol "A Southern California Christmas Carol", comes her new holiday single "Tabletop Christmas".

Brett Perkins & Tamra Rosanes - Corona Christmas


Pandemics are not the usual stuff of catchy Christmas songs, but Grammy nominated songwriter Brett Perkins of Pawnshop Preachers fame is no stranger to using light hearted arrangements to convey a deeper message. Perkins is joined on the recording by Denmark’s Grammy winning, reigning queen of country, Tamra Rosanes, who brings her warm, mature voice and youthful energy to the duet.

Ulrik Arturén - För Mig Eller Emot Mig


Nu är det dags för låt nummer 5 från Ulrik Arturén i år. Och denna gång på svenska. Musikalen "Richard Rocks" var tänkt att sättas upp i Sverige från början, och då finns i dag de flesta låtar med svensk text. Ulrik valde denna variant med tanke på att den kändes bäst när han och Peter Robsahm jobbade fram den för snart 20 år sedan. Handling : Richard III har precis kommit till makten och lägger här fram sina dekret till sina män. Vilka i slutändan får frågan, "Är Ni För Mig...Eller Emot Mig"?

Berra Karlsson - O Holy Night


Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, is already about to release his 5th single as an artist in his own right. This time it's a joint venture with dear friend, keyboard wizard and arranger Stig Lindell, where they tackle the old French Christmas hymn "O Holy Night", written in 1847.

Erik Dahl Ensemble - Gethenian Suite


Erik Dahl Ensemble's "Gethenian Suite" is a musical suite inspired by Ursula Le Guin's science fiction classic "The Left Hand Of Darkness". The album was released in March 2020 just before restrictions forced live music to shut down, and will now be re-released in November 2020.

Kaurna Cronin - Aloft In Blue


Multi award winning folk troubadour Kaurna Cronin has announced his deep and existential album "Aloft In Blue", an album which takes audiences on a conceptual journey as we inevitably ascend from earth to somewhere more inhabitable.

Ulrik Arturén - Run With The Fox


Innan Ulrik Arturén släpper låt nummer 4 i 'serien' om Richard III, så kommer först en liten julbonus. 1981 släppte Chris Squire och Alan White från gruppen Yes låten "Run With The Fox", och Ulriks lilla hyllning till sina hjältar kan inte hållas längre. Så, goda vänner, tomten kommer redan den 23:e november i år.

Tawny Ellis - Love Life


A glance at the song titles on Tawny Ellis’ new album "Love Life" reveals a clear, unifying theme. “Pretend Love”, “Deep End Of Love”, “Spark Of Love”. “This record took about 3 years to finish”, Ellis says. “I can’t tell you why, it was just the natural progression of it. The songs for the most part are very personal stories or perhaps stories I tell about what I have observed in relationships. I built these songs mostly with three different people, Gio Loria, my husband, Jesse Siebenberg and Ted Russell Kamp. I was lucky to have all of their extraordinary talent and input on board”.

Borta På Vinden - Mina Nya Discojeans


Efter att Andres Lokko hyllade Svenska Disco Kyrkans “Borta På Vinden : Svensk Rock, Funk och Ungdomsgårdsdisco 1976 – 1982” i Svenska Dagbladet, släpps nu fyra av gruppens gamla låtar digitalt, som man släppte redan 1980 och 1981, på single och på samlingsplattan “Bara Skräp?”.

Catherine Britt - Fav'rit Song


One of Australia’s best loved country singer songwriters, Catherine Britt, will soon release the 2nd single, "Fav'rit Song", from her anticipated forthcoming album "Home Truths", and her 2nd to be released through her new independent label, Beverley Hillbilly Records. Stay tuned.....

Berra Karlsson - Missing You


Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, has just released his 4th single as an artist in his own right. It is now time for the stunning original composition "Missing You". Just like The Rolling Stones said in the 1960's, if you don't feel something listening to this emotional great track, you must have a "heart of stone".

Kaurna Cronin - Wishing On Forever


Multi award winning folk troubadour Kaurna Cronin has announced his new existential track "Wishing On Forever", which highlights the unknowns of our modern world, the fragility of the human kind and discusses the paradox of wanting both freedom and control. Kaurna is no stranger to the unknown, having toured globally for the past 10 years with over 400 shows across the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, America, Denmark, Russia, India and Sweden.

Lazy Afternoon - Wild


Americana and folk rock band Lazy Afternoon releases the 1st single out of 8. "Wild" bears clear traces of Bertold Brecht and "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön", Yiddish and German 1930's, where Jörgen's melodeon makes the big impression. "Wild" is a wild swinging song written by Bo Ahlbertz and Ken Donner, and takes up the realization that you do not have the strength to party as much when you get older.

The Gothic Cowboy - Bare Bones


“These songs, just vocal and guitar recorded, in 1978, 1979, 1981 and 1984, on a portable cassette, are remnants and revenants from my roaring 20's and dirty 30's, when it finally dawned on me that singin’ in bars would not feed my family and I’d need to hammer nails the rest of my days." ~ Melvin Litton

Råttorna - Utan Titel (vinyl)


Det tog drygt fyrtio år, men nu är den här. Boråspunkbandet Råttornas första fullängdare. ”Vi var helt enkelt inte färdiga med punken”, menar en påtagligt nöjd Fou Parlé, gitarr, sång, låtskrivare, och svarar samtidigt de som anser att en återförening av ett band få kommer ihåg är något patetiskt. ”Det ger vi högaktningsfullt fan i”.

West Of Eden - Cabin Songs


“We decided to embrace this simplicity this time, and we ditched the drums and the electric guitars. Instead we spent a weekend in a cabin on the Swedish Bohuslän coast, courtesy of our guitarist Henning’s grandmother. At a safe distance from each other, with only a few mics in the room, we set out to capture that focused energy that arises from nailing the take live, in one go.” ~ West Of Eden

Love On Drugs - Let The Banner Wave


”Let The Banner Wave” is the 3rd single from Love On Drugs' upcoming album ”meLODies” and deals with ambivalence about the great country in the west. The song is released just days before the historically important election in the US on November 3rd, and the songwriter hopes that America listens and reacts. Jenny Lundin (Surrender Dorothy) sings backing vocals and the band consists of Markus Larsson (Kai Martin & Stick) on keyboards, and a solid rhythm section with Robert Olsson on bass and Martin Lillberg on drums.

Michael Ward with Dogs & Fishes - Blind Spot


Michael Ward has fronted many bands performing and recording his material all over California since 1974 which have included members of many well known bands such as Frank Zappa, Bruce Hornsby, Ambrosia and Rickie Lee Jones. Owner of Hyde Street Studios since 1980. Sound design for live shows and production of studio recordings for 5 seasons with Lines Ballet. Has produced and released 5 albums and several singles of his own material since 1984.

Jim Stanard - Color Outside The Lines


New album "Color Outside The Lines" once again showcases Jim Stanard's distinctive song craft, vivid storytelling and unmistakably authentic voice, the same qualities that made listeners and critics take notice of his acclaimed 2018 debut "Bucket"List.

Calle Karlsson - That Did Matter To Me


“That Did Matter To Me” is a kind of retrospective look back for songwriter Calle Karlsson, in which he describes his parents living. It’s got an irish folk triplet swing to it, and Calle sings us the story about his father being at sea and his always present mother, and how their relationship formed the foundation of where he himself is today.

Ulrik Arturén - Buckingham's Song


Detta är Ulrik Arturéns 3:e single för 2020 och Ulrik berättar, "Henry Stafford (2nd Duke of Buckingham 04.09.1455 - 02.11.1483) inväntar sin egen avrättning för att han med största sannolikhet vänt sig mot Kung Richard. Han anklagades för morden på de två prinsarna i Towern. Men förmodligen är historien en helt annan, d.v.s. att han vägrade utföra detta dåd och blev då anklagad för förräderi. Så hur det än var så blev han avrättad vare sig han utförde dådet eller inte. Ett slags 'moment 22' även på denna tid. Här sjunger Buckingham ut sin förtvivlan på väg till livets slutskede."

Kerry Patrick Clark - What A Show


Kerry Patrick Clark has reached into his childhood memories to find juggling clowns, flying trapeze artists, dazzling plate spinners, death defying tightrope walkers and red coated lion tamers, among them. This larger than life cast of characters winked at him as he sat rapt in the bleachers, their smiles an invitation to run away with them and join the circus. It was such a tempting idea that his first song, "Circus Town", written when he was 11, gave voice to that dream. And now he revisits the fantasy from the distance of decades to release his 9th studio album.

Kelly's Lot - Another Sky


California based band, Kelly’s Lot, releases their new album in October 2020. "Another Sky" is the band’s 15th release and is a mix of contemporary folk, roots rock, with a touch of alt country. It is a journey through americana styles made with guts and heart.

Dave Rosewood - No Rodeo In Rome


Dave Rosewood's sophmore album "No Rodeo In Rome" is a concept album that tells the story of 'The Cowboy'. Every track is a window into his life. He experiences the exilaration and frustration of love. This includes losing himself in a life style he can't tolerate, and the fight to reclaim his true character. Come and follow the journey of 'The Cowboy'.

Mike Granditsky - PostEuropeanMusic


The album title says it all, "PostEuropeanMusic" epitomises the epic songs, lyrics, sound, and ambiance on Mike Granditsky's imminent new album. Following in the footsteps of Lou Reed and Scott Walker, Granditsky takes you by the hand and leads you through the dusty city streets, but this time it's not New York or London, it's Europe.

West Of Eden - Everywhere


West Of Eden's take of the Fleetwod Mac song is a warm, intimate rendition with celtic influences, giving new life to a durable, classic pop song. "Everywhere" is out on all digital platforms October 2nd, 2020, and is taken from the mini album "Cabin Songs" which will released October 25th, 2020.

Berra Karlsson - Remington Ride


Berra Karlsson, brother of Cina Samuelson, and also her famous pedal steel player, has just released his 3rd single as an artist in his own right. This follows an instrumental version of "Let It Be Me" (1st recorded by Gilbert Becaud in 1955, and later a big hit by The Everly Brothers in 1960), and his and producer and dear friend Stig Lindell's composition "The Good Day". The new single is a stunning version of the 1950 Herb Remington and Hank Penny classic, "Remington Ride".

The Furious Seasons - La Fonda


The Furious Seasons are an acoustic trio with stories to tell. Songwriter, singer and guitarist David Steinhart brings a writer's eye to his tales of persons in desperate situations, tales of Los Angeles in the 21st century, stories of unforeseen romance and of individuals who are quietly heroic. New album "La Fonda" crystallizes the sound of 3 musicians who have great chemistry and love playing together.

Rasmus Blomqvist - Columbia Road


Swedish singer songwriter Rasmus Blomqvist released his debut solo album titled "Rami & The Whale" in 2016. The new album, "Columbia Road", is the result of some 3 years of recording where about 20 songs boiled down to 10. "Columbia Road" is to some extent going back to a wider arrangement of instruments and voices, reminiscent of Rasmus’ earlier work with rock band Ginger Trees.

Scott McClatchy - Six Of One


Critically acclaimed americana artist, Scott McClatchy, has returned with his 5th studio album. After an extended hiatus to beat back a brush with cancer, McClatchy has returned with his top flight band, while also adding a full horn section, to help bring the rollicking track list of 6 originals and 6 covers to the party. McClatchy has even brought in a few old friends to help round out the sound; Eric Ambel, guitar, Scott Kempner, guitar and Tommy Womack, vocals and harmonica.

Hat Check Girl - Kiss Me Quick


"The songs on 'Kiss Me Quick' were written as duets. Unison, harmony, trading lines, swapping verses, interplay, interweaving. Over the decade we’ve been recording together as Hat Check Girl our harmonies have grown closer, and our blend more personal, this project explores the intrinsic possibilities in working as a duo, a different way of thinking than in the recordings we each make on our own." ~ Annie Gallup & Peter Gallway

Su Andersson - Train Stories


Inspiring wanderlust and a spirit of adventure regardless of age or circumstance, Su Andersson's "Train Stories" is a music book of stories and Americana nostalgia through the eyes of a lifelong European, yet it is also much more besides, for this album serves notice to everyone to have the courage to embrace lifelong fantasies and embark upon their very own voyage of exploration. The result is sublime.

Judith Owen - September


World class pianist, vocalist, entertainer and comedienne Judith Owen steadfastly continues to release singles featured on the forthcoming album “Both Things Are True”. This time Judith tackles Earth, Wind & Fire’s r'n'b dance floor smash “September”.

Mikael Ramel - Rambalaja


"Detta är en liveinspelning gjord i Örebro 1999 med bandet Rambalaja. Vi kan kalla det för ett hobbyband, några av killarna kom från Hällefors, där jag tidigare bott, och vi kompletterade med Pierre Swärd, organist från Borlänge, och Poa Sörlin, som bodde i Örebro." ~ Mikael Ramel

Ulrik Arturén - Prayer


Ulrik Arturens andra single för 2020 heter "Prayer" och Ulrik berättar, "På kvällen den 21:a augusti 1485 samlar kung Richard III sina män för att be en stilla bön för vad som komma skall. Dagen därpå inleddes slaget vid Bosworth, vilket skulle leda till slutet på Rosornas Krig och Richard III:s död". Ulrik fortsätter att gräva fritt i Peters låtskatt. Och tanken är att med både text och musik förflytta sig tillbaka dryga 500 år och till Bosworth Field. Tillsammans med Ulrik och hans musikanter beger vi oss ut på slagfältet. Och som Richard säger, "This night, is alright for praying".....

The Mystix - Can't Change It


The Mystix forthcoming album, "Can't Change It", produced by legendary drummer Marco Giovino (Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Nora Jones) brings a fresh, new sound to their crafted and polished approach, keeping true to the mission of bringing americana, deep soul, country blues, and originals as only The Mystix can interpret them.

Martin Schaub - Elvis Is Alive


Martin Schaub is the secretive sideman who’s worked for years behind many of Sweden’s biggest artists. As an orchestral arranger, he’s written for Benny Andersson, Laleh, Ane Brun, Weeping Willows, Deportees and Loney Dear just to name a few. But now, better late than never, his solo debut is ready to launch, and it all started as a dare on a party, 12 years ago. “Since you’re able to write songs about anything, can you make one that includes the titles of Elvis’ greatest hits in the lyrics?”.

The Long Ryders - Down To The Well


"As promised, here is the new Long Ryders single! 'Down To The Well' was cut in Richmond, Virginia, near guitarist Stephen McCarthy's bohemian love pad, with a few overdubs added down the phone line later on. It is the a-side and a brand new unreleased track! 'If You Want To See Me Cry' is the b-side and an acoustic version, not the version found on our last album 'Psychedelic Country Soul'." ~ Sid Griffin

Progress Band - A String That Picks Up Everything


Progress Band has been performing since 2009. The dark folk experimental duo is based in Portland, Oregon, where they perform regularly and have gone on several west coast tours. The group consists of Zarko on guitar and vocals, and Scott on bass, with frequent guest appearances from local artists. Sophomore album, "A String That Picks Up Everything", will be released this fall.

TRUCK - En Doft Av År


TRUCK är en svensk trio med tydliga rötter i sent 60-tal och tidigt 70-tal, och musiken är en tung rock- och blues-baserad kompott som stundtals även kan dofta progg. Repertoaren består huvudsakligen av egna alster som live gärna framförs på hög volym med en våldsam elektrisk frenesi.

Catherine Britt - I Am A Country Song


One of Australia’s best loved country singer songwriters, Catherine Britt, will soon release the lead single from her anticipated forthcoming album "Home Truths", and her 1st to be released through her new independent label, Beverley Hillbilly Records.

Michael Veitch - Best Of Many Days


Once in a blue suede moon, a record comes along that does its part to move the dial on folk and roots radio. “Best Of Many Days” is a culmination of Michael Veitch’s skill as a songwriter and is produced so that the songs are truly taking center stage. Recorded over several years and around the globe, this sets a new bar for Veitch with it’s finely tuned sonics and range roving vocals, combined with well chosen lyrics as if from another time and place.

Kaurna Cronin - Glass Road


Australian artist Kaurna Cronin's new single "Glass Road" is sonically delicate and precise, displaying the best, most intimate aspects of the acoustic genre combined with an inventive and experimental modern approach. Cronin's knack for timeless sentiment and rich imagery in his songwriting is palpable in this new deep and existential song. The song is a preamble for his upcoming album "Aloft In Blue" which explores some of the deepest existential concerns of our time, coupled with lush and emotive soundscapes cementing Cronin as an artist for this moment and setting him at the cutting edge of contemporary folk.

Love On Drugs - Cutting Words


”Cutting Words” is Love On Drugs' 2nd single from upcoming album ”meLODies”, and is, as the title suggest, about words that hurt. Jenny Lundin (Surrender Dorothy) sings backing vocals and Andreas Hall (West Coast Big Band, Sharp6) plays the tenor saxophone. The band consists of Markus Larsson (Kai Martin & Stick) on keyboards and a solid rhythm section with Robert Olsson on bass and Martin Lillberg on drums.

The Grand Undoing - In A Vigil State


Swooping in to carry us all away from our pandemic malaise comes "In A Vigil State", the highly anticipated 4th album by Boston based The Grand Undoing. With their previous releases, the band established a signature sound rooted in the 5 P’s, power pop, prog, psychedelia and punk. Now they’re setting it loose with catchy hooks and driving beats, and you most definitely want to go along for the ride.

Ulrik Arturén - Just Go


Under sommar och höst 2020 släpper Ulrik Arturén 4 stycken alster med en månads mellanrum. Först ut är "Just Go". Skriven av Ulriks gode vän Peter Robsahm. Alla 4 låtar är faktiskt skrivna av honom. "Herr Robsahms musik passar mig som handsken och jag har fått fritt spelrum att tolka hans musik på mitt sätt. Vilket känns oerhört tacksamt och inspirerande", säger Ulrik.

Bobbo Byrnes - Sea Green Number 5


Bobbo Byrnes returned home to California after many months on tour across the states and Europe and recorded an intimate, mostly acoustic album about searching for home. His painting “SeaGreenNumber5” lent a visual tone to the sessions as they were recorded in his living room in front of the painting. His songs draw from real life, from being a touring musician on the other side of the world far from loved ones in “10 000 Miles” to the rollicking ode to female musicians in “Queen Of The Party” to the tense, fragile echoes of experiencing an active shooter situation in “Every Sound That Crashes”.

Cina Samuelson - Sing With Your Heart And Soul


Swedish country music artist Cina Samuelson is back with a new album. It's her most personal album up to now, with songs like "Sing With Your Heart And Soul", a song about her sweet grandma, "I’ll Miss You", a tune about her mother’s fight against cancer, "Connie & Loretta", who inspired her to become a country singer herself, and "You And Me", about the boy who helped her to hide from the bullies when she was a little girl.

Deborah Henriksson - Calling


Deborah Henriksson's new single "Calling" includes 3 versions, the original version released in 2014, a new alternate version, and an instrumental version. The original version has a Celtic ambience, whereas the alternate version has a feel which is no less timeless, but which draws the listener in with a more immediate sense of presence.

Judith Owen - The Here & Now


"I am thrilled to announce that ‘The Here & Now’ is available soon as a 'thank you' gift to all my friends and fans who inspired me to write and perform these weekly songs about what we’re seeing and experiencing right now. I also created this 'Where’s Waldo' artwork as a visual puzzle for you. Every song and situation is represented by 6 separate images. I wonder if you can find them all? Enjoy, dear friends." ~ Judith Owen

The Refusers - Freedom Fighter


You can’t say Michael Belkin and his wildly defiant powerhouse band The Refusers didn’t warn us. Maybe our collective complacency allowed us to take those previous messages with a grain of salt the last few years, but in this shitstorm of 2020, that’s no longer an option. Perhaps our fear, anxiety and vulnerability in the wake of COVID-19, and the George Floyd murder protests, will wake us up so we can hear Belkin and the boys as they meet the moment head on with their latest brainwave blast "Freedom Fighter".

Surrender Hill - A Whole Lot Of Freedom


Like its name suggests, "A Whole Lot Of Freedom" breaks down walls for Surrender Hill. This is the soundtrack to taking new chances and meeting challenges head on, set to a backdrop of entwined melodies and rustic orchestration.

Jim Iseman III - Viduity


This year Jim Iseman III releases his debut EP "Viduity" which blends traditional songwriting with modular ambient synthesis. The source material draws heavily from the work of physicists Richard Feynman, Roger Penrose and Douglas Hofstadter.

Love On Drugs - Standing On The Doorstep


”Standing On The Doorstep” is the 1st single from Love On Drugs' upcoming album ”meLODies”, and is a story about life at a Swedish highschool in the 90's. Love On Drugs, or Thomas Pontén and band, curiously and passionately blend americana and indie pop, mixing influences from both sides of the pond into a rare and unique cocktail.

VILMA - Andra Ställen


With a warm acoustic sound, VILMA's forthcoming EP "Andra Ställen" is brought to a new borderland between First Aid Kit and Melissa Horn, and is engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by the eminent Andreas Holmstedt. ”Andra Ställen” will be found on Spotify and all other streaming and download sites, as well as on a beautifully packaged CD.

My Sweetest Punch - They Tell Me


"They Tell Me" is the 1st single from Gothenburg based My Sweetest Punch still untitled sophomore album, to be released by Paraply Records, with distribution by Border Music, sometime early next year.

Jenny Reynolds - Any Kind Of Angel


Produced by Mark Hallman and André Moran at Congress House Studio, Jenny Reynolds's new recording “Any Kind Of Angel” will be released June 19th, 2020. The record features Jaimee Harris, BettySoo, Warren Hood, Oliver Steck, and Scrappy Jud Newcomb. It is her 4th release.

Greg Copeland - The Tango Bar


At the age of 74, Greg Copeland has emerged from the shadow of his long time friend, Jackson Browne. In ”The Tango Bar” and its untitled companion album, out next year, Copeland has found his own style somewhere between Jason Isbell and Joe Henry, and he has earned his own place among America’s contemporary songwriters. Featuring beautiful vocals by Inara George and Caitlin Canty, and brought to life by an extraordinary group of musicians led by Tyler Chester and Greg Leisz, these are the best songs of Copeland’s career.

Dan Tuffy - Letters Of Gold


Dan Tuffy has played in bands, operated as a touring agent, run a niche record label, and had shares in recording and record production companies. He is also a professional storyteller. Yet it wasn’t until 2017 that he released his debut solo album “Songs From Dan”. His debut gathered much critical praise and had him busy touring his homeland Australia and Europe. Leading Dutch music magazine OOR referred to it as a masterpiece. Now, his 2nd solo album "Letters Of Gold" is beginning to gather even more attention.

Meadow Creek - Pieces Of Driftwood


Meadow Creek are back with a strong sequel to their acclaimed debut album from 2017, "'Til Death Do Us Part". Country, americana, or why not 'swedicana', flavoured tones with a touch of nordic melancholy and the whisper of the woods. On the new album, "Pieces Of Driftwood", the duo metaphorically describe their songs as driftwood pieces, washed ashore on the beach of memories, and each has their own unique story to tell.

Annamay - Out Of Reach


We are proud to announce new music from the songstress Annamay. 2020 she transforms from a solo studio act to an artist supported by her brand new band. A full set of muscians from various genres. The mix is right down Annamay's alley. 2 of her new singles comprise of both a new band version as well as an original version.

Annamay - Om Hon Hade Vetat


We are proud to announce new music from the songstress Annamay. 2020 she transforms from a solo studio act to an artist supported by her brand new band. A full set of muscians from various genres. The mix is right down Annamay's alley. 2 of her new singles comprise of both a new band version as well as an original version.

Safari Season - A New Future


"A New Future"" is a new exciting 4 track CDEP by Swedish duo Safari Season. The title track is a thrilling 6 minute epic dealing with the inexorable progress of time, and we all have to remember the past to be able to build a new, and even better, future.

Calle Karlsson - På Kanten


”På Kanten” är en välproducerad, luftig countrydoftande visa, med en begrundande, nästan filosofisk text. Det är också texten som står i centrum i ett annars minimalistiskt, om än smakfullt, arrangemang, och den sparsmakade känslan gifter sig bra med texten som lyckas vara upplyftande och melankolisk samtidigt. ”Jag tänker att på andra sidan molnen finns en sol, som skiner starkt, men som jag inte ser. Mitt i min tvekan finns ju allting som jag gjort, jag tänker kanske blir det inget mer”, skaldar Calle Karlsson.

Deborah Henriksson - Breakers' Roar


The new bundle of Deborah Henriksson's "Breakers' Roar" includes the original version, released in 2017, a new, more acoustic version, and an instrumental version. The acoustic version of the song is stripped down and less dramatic than the original version. Instead it highlights the intimate feel of lyric and melody.

Judith Owen - Hold My Hand


"This is my re-imagining of Jess Glynne’s mega dance hit ‘Hold My Hand’. The sentiment is so fitting for how we’re all feeling right now, needing others, knowing we can’t get through this alone, I’m so proud of how poignant, deeply moving, and totally different it is! Many thanks as always to my incredible collaborators. Leland Sklar, Pedro Segundo, Christian Lohr, John Fischbach, Jesse Snider and Steve Lee. All proceeds will benefit the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic, supporting a community whose 'hand to mouth' existence, with zero social services, has been devastated during Covid-19. Enjoy and many thanks for supporting and caring." ~ Judith Owen

Parker Gray - Luminous Darkness


Parker Gray is the collaboration between singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, engineer and producer Peter Gallway, and keyboardist, synthesist, producer and composer Harvey Jones. It sprang from Gallway’s desire to expand his work into the realm of atmospheric and emotional landscapes and who better to help create this vision than his friend Harvey Jones, who has performed on recordings with Robert Fripp, Sting, Paul Buchanen, Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin and Carla Bley. The spoken element of these recordings derives from the poetry collection, "Big Mercy", by Peter Gallway on Gallway Bay Press.

Coco O'Connor - When I Was Your World


Returning to the studio in early 2019, Coco O'Connor was more determined than ever to return to her musical beginnings. “It has a lot to do with going back to my roots where I grew up”, says Coco. The main catalyst for the development of the album was signing a record deal with Bonfire Music Group. After forming a band for a music festival in 2018, Coco took that inspiration to a whole new peak by bringing the full band in to the studio to record on her latest release, "When I Was Your World".

Michael Johnathon - Legacy


It’s a 9 minute folk rock monster, a journey of the modern age of songwriters in a collapsing record industry. It’s being played on rock stations and bluegrass programs, public radio and commercial radio. It’s being used in college classes and has even become a parlor game as people study and comment on the lyrics. And it hasn’t even been officially released.