Carus Thompson - Shakespeare Avenue


Australian folk rock songwriter and storyteller Carus Thompson returns to the UK to launch his 7th studio album, "Shakespeare Avenue". Recorded in Dartmoor, in the south west of England with Mercury nominated producer Sean Lakeman, the album takes its name from a street in Bath, Somerset, where Thompson’s late grandfather lived, before he left his home for Australia.

Tony Denikos - Gravity Wins


Tony Deniko's 5th release, "Gravity Wins", is being hailed as his best work to date. 45 years of writing, recording, performing and living are distilled in this seamless and evocative collection of pure americana.

Mikael Ramel - The Bäst Band Lajv 2019


”Därför att jag nått den punkt i livet då min musik spelas av de, för mig, bästa tänkbara musiker, kallar jag bandet The Bäst Band!” ~ MIkael Ramel

"Mikael Ramel Band Till Dej : The Bäst Band Lajv 2019" släpps på CD, LP och digitalt av Hemifrån/Paraply Records med distribution av Border Music den 14:e februari 2020.

Lynne Hanson - Just Words


On February 7th, 2020, Ottawa based songwriter Lynne Hanson will release her 7th studio album, “Just Words” on CD and LP. Too tough for folk and too blues influenced for country, Lynne’s brand of 'porch music with a little red dirt' can turn on a dime from a sunshine, blue sky ballad to a full on thunderstorm of gritty americana swamp from one song to the next.

Ruby Lovett - It's A Hard Life


Ruby Lovett is pure country. She is heir to a tradition of women with drawls and spunk. She is funny, unaffected, and unabashedly traditional in outlook. The combination makes both her singing and her presence extraordinarily appealing. The fact that such appeal is tied to a beautifully one of a kind voice is all the better. Her music is as real as she is, full of honest emotion and real life situations, sung with unaffected grace and power. To hear her sing is to witness the flowering of a life and musical approach that began with a childhood in Laurel, Mississippi.

Tom Mank & Sera Smolen - We Still Know How To Love


Tom Mank & Sera Smolen's recent CD's have been recorded in Woodstock, NY, Ithaca, NY, and Ooigem, BE, with American, Dutch and Belgian musicians and vocalists contributing. Their CD's have received enthusiastic reviews in both the US and Europe.

Ranzel X Kendrick - Snafu By Alias Wayne


Ranzel X Kendrick brings fans his alter ego persona in the early 2020 release “Snafu by Alias Wayne". A 6 song EP embracing his enjoyment of jazzy rock and blues on a broader canvas.

Ranzel X Kendrick - Freestyle : Legacy Collection 1


Next up for Ranzel X Kendrick is the January 2020 release “Freestyle”. The 1st of 3 EP’s from the “Legacy Collection” of formerly unreleased songs from the spirited artist's history as a singer songwriter.

Lynne Hanson - Long Way Home


"Dramatic heartbreak ballad accented by keyboard hooks from Jim Bryson and an aching guitar solo from Kevin Breit. When a long lonely walk home alone is better than having to talk to anyone about how you’re still hurting." ~ Lynne Hanson

Mejram - Mejram


The bridge between Gothenburg and Nashville is called Mejram. American roots music and swedish folk merge when this group now releases their debut album, a carefully wrapped folk pop package filled with personal stories dressed in strings, bows, clavier, percussion och rich harmony singing. After 3 years in the shadows the band now emerges into the sun with what makes Mejram Mejram, 4 skilled young musicians, 2 languages, an infinite amount of feelings and great creativity.

A.K & The Brotherhood - Oh Sedona! Vol 1


A.K & The Brotherhood are back with their 2nd album, "Oh Sedona!". The material will be released in EP format, "Vol 1" through "Vol 3", on Spotify, as well as on all other download and streaming sites, and on vinyl and CD as a complete album.

Jude Johnstone - Living Room


A testament to her talents are the artists who have covered her songs including Mary Black, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt and Trisha Yearwood. With “Living Room”, Jude delivers songs consistent with her reputation of cultivating artistic truth. Uniquely for Jude, several of her songs are from a male perspective with vocals provided by artists Ben Glover, Brandon Jesse, Hunter Nelson and Tim Hockenberry. This collection continues the legacy of Jude Johnstone as being one of her generation’s finest songwriters.

Justine Vandergrift - Stay


Justine Vandergrift is like the old hymns she grew up with, even if you can’t put your finger on what makes them authentic, they are undeniably so. Her 3 studio releases reveal a clear, rich and emotive voice and finely tuned song craft, and her upcoming album ”Stay” represents a deepening of an already impressive artistry.

Dave Rosewood - Long Distance Love


Dave Rosewood's forthcoming single ”Long Distance Love” takes a cue from Sun Records artists like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis that forged rock and country into a new genre, rockabilly. This single looks at the difficulties of long distance relationships with a touch of humor and a honky tonk attitude. ”Long Distance Love” is the second single and provides a taste test of Dave´s sophmore album ”No Rodeo In Rome” which is due for release in March 2020. Supporting the release of ”Long Distance Love”, Dave Rosewood will be embarking on his ’Honky Tonk Troubadour Tour’ with November stops in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

Mudfish - Mudfish


Mudfish started to make music again in 2013 after many silent years. The contributions to the compilations “Home Is Where The Heart Is” in 2014 and “Won’t Be Home For Christmas” in 2017, both Hemifrån/Paraply Records, marked the return of the band. After 2 singles in the of spring 2019, it’s now time to release the very 1st Mudfish album. “It’s about time we release these songs now”, says singer Joakim Lövgren, “It has taken us a while from farm to fork, even though the recording process was a quick one. The album has been with us for some years now and it’s great to finally release these songs”. You will find the album on all digital platforms, as well as on physical CD.

Kaurna Cronin - Glitter Or Dust


”Glitter Or Dust” is the 5th studio album from 27 year old Australian born folk rocker and singer songwriter Kaurna Cronin, hailing from sunny south Australia. His acclaimed live shows and latest works delve well beyond the current singer songwriter trends of cliche heartbreak songs, covering social issues, homelessness and other contemporary issues.

Ranzel X Kendrick - Texas Cactus


Part rambling man, part hill country gypsy, Ranzel X Kendrick sounds like nobody else. Original. Fresh. Passionate. Real, raw and different. Creating his original Kendrick groove, the elusive enigma artist started releasing his music in earnest with "Texas Paintbrush" in 2017. Followed by "Texas Sagebrush" in the fall of 2018, and "Texas Cactus", now in 2019, to close his 3 CD “Texas Trilogy”.

Lynne Hanson - True Blue Moon


"'True Blue Moon', the 1st single from my forthcoming album 'Just Words', was written in response to the Jacques Brel song 'Ne Me Quitte Pas'. I read in an interview that he didn’t consider it to be a love song, but instead an example of how far a man would go because of love. This song was from the point of view of the woman who sees the romantic poet for a temporary lover and not capable of longer lasting love. It’s supposed to be a tongue in cheek song about that out of control feeling that we can sometimes have when we fall head over heels in love, and at the impossibility of that romantic fairy tale feeling actually being something that can be maintained over time." ~ Lynne Hanson

Bobbo Byrnes - The Red Wheelbarrow


”The Red Wheelbarrow” was mostly recorded while touring across the US and I was influenced by modern radio in a counter intuitive way, I didn’t want to sound like modern radio. I wanted to sound like people in a room making music and less like a computer. It’s not discounting what others do, it’s just reacting to it.

Annie Gallup - Bookish


“My new album ’Bookish’ was written and recorded last winter, my first winter living on the coast of Maine. It was bitterly cold outside and there was ice and blowing snow, and I hibernated upstairs in my writing alcove and downstairs in Peter Gallway’s Gallway Bay Studio to work on this record, solo, live in the studio, unguarded, focused. I’ve been unable to travel for several years because I have chronic Lyme Disease. It has turned my world upside down and made it very small. Touring and performing are out of the question. But I’m writing, constantly, and I’ve recorded these new songs to sound the way I would play them on stage if I were able to bring them to you in person”.

Paul Messinger - The Reckoning


Paul Messinger's 2019 release, "The Reckoning", is a song cycle constructed to challenge the growing notion of 'otherness'. Recorded live, in the studio with great players, such as Robert Sledge (Ben Folds Five), with blazing vocals, and trademark original harmonica seamlessly woven within the textures of sound throughout, this is music heard as it was played, with songs written to provoke, as well as to dance, and even rejoice, in our shared humanness.

Emily Davis - You, Me And The Velvet Sea


Emily Davis latest release, ”You, Me & The Velvet Sea”, is a deeply personal album focussed entirely on love, in all of its incarnations. Combining aching fiddle, gritty guitars and sweet 4 part harmonies, the songs are propelled forward. And, front and centre, Davis’ delivers her evocative lyrics with a syrupy voice, resonating with the honesty and warmth of which she is renowned.