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Johanna Lillvik

From the deep a monster emerges. It's heads thinks and speaks on their own, but they all share the same body. Sometimes the creature is in conflict with itself. That's when it can't move in any direction. Duality in emotions is expressed in the single "Hydra", written and produced by Johanna Lillvik. A teaser from her 1st full length album, a coming release in March 2022.

Johanna Lillvik is the capricious artist and singer songwriter form Borås, Sweden, that sings her heart out, and plays the piano with great skill. She has studied nordic folkmusic, worked for Cirque du Soleil, released the self titled EP "Johanna Lillvik" in 2017 and interpretated early blues on "Blues Escape Featuring Johanna Lillvik" in 2020. A versatile singer who isn't afraid of challenging and surprising her followers.

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