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Mannish Boy

Mannish Boy (MB) is a classic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden, with background and roots from Öland, Småland and Gotland, that has been around for many years. We were raised in the 70's with Sweet, Alice, Bowie, Mott, Purple, Lizzy, Beatles, Stones, and Pugh, John Holm, Nationalteatern from the Swedish stage.

We love Gibson and Fender guitars, Marshall amps and the sound that comes with that. We are a mix of all these influences in a 21st century package, with a classic line up, two guitars, bass, drums and two powerful unique leadsingers fighting for the front position.

During the last two years MB have been writing their own material such as "Rock'N'Roll Land", "One Of These Days", "Berlin Nights", "Darkest Water" and "Who Are They Fighting For. So enjoy, share and follow us. And remember, we´re always on your side!

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