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Mannish Boy

After a silent year with very few gigs and less songwriting, Mannish Boy decided to end this pandemic year with a Christmas single that will keep us going again!

“Today I heard some laughs and joy, It was something in the air that made me smile.”

And to get a chance to see the one you love and care for :

“Flights are grounded, but tomorrow they take off, like a snowflake I'll come falling back to you.”

It all turned out to be Mannish Boy's 1st Christmas single “Falling Back To You (Lika A Snowflake)” with the classic Mannish Boy rock sound.

And of course they give ju an extra b side, which is a remastered version of ”Beat Of The Drum” from last year's ”Last Ticket To Rock'N'Roll Land - Redux”.

“New times will come, old times will pass, a new beginning, watch the stars.”

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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