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Mike Granditsky

Get ready to embark on a harmonious adventure as Mike Granditsky welcomes you home through the harmonies of his latest masterpiece, "Strange Allure".

In the realm of sonic exploration, Mike Granditsky emerges once again, ready to captivate hearts and minds with his highly anticipated follow-up album to the epic "PostEuropeanMusic" album. This musical journey, more personal and introspective than ever before, unfolds as a melodic odyssey through the chapters of Mike's life, blending influences from Roxy Music, Yves Tumor, Scott Walker, N.I.N., and a symphony of soul, synth, and post-punk.

From Cannes Triumph to Intimate Revelation :

Already celebrated for the inclusion of 3 tracks from his previous album in the Cannes International Series Festival winning TV series "Partisan", Mike Granditsky solidified his place in the global music landscape. Not just a maestro behind the scenes, Mike made a memorable on-screen appearance, marking a dynamic intersection of his musical genius and cinematic storytelling.

PostEuropeanMusic's Echo : A Prelude to the Present :

As the echoes of "PostEuropeanMusic" linger in the air, Mike's musical evolution continues. This forthcoming album, titled "Strange Allure", a testament to his perpetual creativity, navigates the intimate landscapes of his early days, guiding listeners through the intricate tapestry of his experiences.

Influential Roots and Global Reach :

Rooted in the rich musical soil of Sweden, Mike Granditsky's influence has expanded far beyond national borders. Explore the Swedish music scene, and you'll uncover the origins of an artist whose work resonates globally. His ability to bridge cultures and traverse musical boundaries has made him a luminary figure in the international music scene.

A Palette of Emotion : Crafting the Sound of a Generation :

Once again, Mike stands alongside his songwriting, producing, and guitar-playing partner, David Lindh, who lent his creative brilliance to the acclaimed "PostEuropeanMusic" album and returns once more for the masterpiece that is "Strange Allure". It's a sonic collaboration that weaves the magic of music and friendship.

European Darkness Illuminated : A Unique Mashup Unveiled :

As "Strange Allure" takes shape, powerful drum beats, suggestive guitars, and Mike's distinctive vocals converge to illuminate the shadows of the European experience. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum as diverse as LCD Soundsystem, David Bowie, Roxy Music, and Scott Walker, Mike Granditsky forges a unique sonic identity that mirrors the complexity of our contemporary world.

Embrace the Journey : A New Chapter Unfolds :

With the world eagerly anticipating the release of Mike Granditsky's "Strange Allure", he stands at the threshold of a new chapter in his musical odyssey. Each note, each lyric, invites the audience to join him on a journey, a journey that is not only a testament to his personal growth but a shared exploration of the universal emotions that bind us all.

First single, "A Desire For Violence", out January 19th, 2024.

Full album, "Strange Allure", out February 29th, 2024.

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