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Lady Psychiatrist’s Booth

4 female patients in the 1950's are admitted into a psychiatry hospital after their husbands leave them for various reasons under a study "for research purposes only", in order to discover "why he's gone". Garf Lunkel MD is here to officially diagnose and treat their disorders.

Through song, each patient explains to the doctor their stories. In time, they go on quite a journey, from surprising discoveries to delusionary dolphins to unnecessary medication.

Featuring Heather Rachel Hardasstein (Ashley E. Norton, vocals, acoustic guitar), Linda Michelle
Loveless (Amanda Albini, drums, vocals), Katrina Rosina Killinger (Marcia Claire, bass, vocals) and
Penelope Vanuddler (That Girl, violin, mandolin, vocals) with special guest Joelle (Laura Hall, accordion, piano) and producer at Americana University, Johnny Garcia.

Clearly, they must have done something wrong in order for their husbands to have left them. Or have they? Take a listen and decide for yourselves, "Four Research Porpoises Only", in this unique americana concept album by Lady Psychiatrist's Booth.

To be released on September 29th, 2023.

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