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Annie Keating

Lucinda Williams. John Prine. Bob Dylan. Allison Krauss. Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash. Bonnie Raitt. Emmylou Harris. Patty Griffin. This is a short list of the musicians Annie Keating has been compared to over the last 15 years. Keating writes and sings like a woman who knows deep down that heartache is the price of hope, and she can make us believe, in that way that only the best artists can, that all of it is worth the cost. Talent spotted by BBC's Bob Harris, Keating has performed at leading festivals, Take Root (NL), Glasgow Americana, Maverick (UK), Buscadero (IT), and NXNE and The Brooklyn Americana Fest in the US. She's shared the bill with the likes of John Hiatt and Bon Iver, toured internationally many times in a dozen countries and now launches this 15 song tour de force, an epic pandemic story of awakening and inspiration that shows this veteran artist at the peak of her powers. On her 8th full length album, Keating delivers songwriting in its most honest, vulnerable, beautiful form. With "Bristol County Tides", Keating releases her finest album to date.

"Bristol County Tides", Annie Keating’s 8th full length album, is her most accomplished, inspired, and ambitious to date. A pandemic album of awakenings and inspirations that feels both universal and deeply personal, "Bristol County Tides" tells an evocative story of love, loss, and finding what matters most in uncertain times. The album cover offers a painting of the road the artist and her family retreated to during the early months of the pandemic (in Bristol County, MA). The inspiration for all songs was born there, amidst the rising and falling tides in an idyllic farm to coast New England town, where deep connections were forged amidst times of isolation. Taking us on a journey from Brooklyn to the coast, the river to the sea, an artist awakened delivers 15 beautiful, tender songs that capture a heart slowly lit up on the inside, and feel as true as the tides themselves.

Keating is a gifted storyteller, one who can evoke a joyful summer afternoon one moment, and break your heart open the next. The "Bristol County Tides" album offers up authentic, soulful, intimate, bittersweet and expansive songs that take the listener on an emotional journey, full of joy and heartache. These songs have a wide open feeling and an honestly that demand attention. The upbeat tunes like "Marigold", "Hank’s Saloon", "3rd Street" and "Lucky 13" offer swagger, grit, good time feelings and seductive soul while ballads like "Half Mast", "Kindness" and "Goodbye" strike directly to the heart with poetic lyrics and warmth. "Kindred Spirit" may be one of Keating’s strongest songs ever, with a sound both soulful and arresting. The album feels like a warm summer night with the tide coming in, waves lapping on the dock, cold beer in hand.

The band :

Teddy Kumpel, producer and player of most stringed things, is a New York based guitar player, singer, songwriter, composer, producer and engineer. He's Joe Jackson’s guitar player. Teddy has also played with Rickie Lee Jones, Feist, Nine Inch Nails, and many feature film scores including 'Temple Grandin', 'Anchorman', 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind' and 'Talladega Nights'. Teddy also played on the 2016 Grammy award winning children's album "Home" by Tim Kubart.

Richard Hammond is a NY bassist, originally from New Zealand. He is the original bassist for 'Hamilton', an american musical, has played with the likes of Joan Osborne, Patti Austin, Nena, Erasure, Angelique Kidjo, Jonatha Brooke, David Johansen, Raul Midon, Lizz Wright, Tired Pony, Desmond Child, Marshall Crenshaw and many more. His favorite track on the album is "Marigold".

Drummer Steve Williams lays down the most simple, but luscious soulful grooves, having worked The Digable Planets, Sade, David Byrne, and others. His favorite track on the album is "Kindred Spirit".

Todd Caldwell plays the organ, piano and melodica like no other human, with the most soulful and emotionally resonant touch. When not recording with Annie Keating he plays and tours with musical giants like Crosby, Stills & Nash. Todd's favorite track on the album is either "Bittersweet" or "Half Mast", he likes the slow, mournful tunes.

Additional musicians :

Richard Hammond, electric bass, acoustic bass, background vocals
Charlie Giordano, accordion
Gerald Menke, pedal steel
Chris Tarrow, pedal steel, baritone guitar
Adam Podd, piano

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