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Jordi Baizan

Jordi Baizan is a 1st generation American and native Texan songwriter. He has played hundreds of shows in the US, Canada, and Europe, and will release “The Love In You”, his 3rd solo record, in February of 2022.

His songwriting, which American Songwriter has called 'exquisite', has garnered him recognition from several prestigious songwriting competitions including the Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competition, the Songwriter Serenade Competition, and the South Florida Folk Festival’s Singer Songwriter Competition.

Signed in 2019 by Berkalin Records, label owner Brian J. Kalinec says "Jordi's songs convey authenticity perfectly intertwined with memorable melodies. His unique voice and his stories draw you in from the beginning, and you can't wait to hear the next page”.

Jordi’s 2019 album, "Free & Fine", inspired Lone Star Time in Italy to welcome Jordi “into the great family of true troubadours”. The record debuted as the #20 album on the Folk DJ charts in July of 2019 and charted for 6 months.

Jordi explains :

"This new record is made up of songs written in the last 3 years or so. My aim was to create a record that inspires people to connect with their best self, the spirit of love and creativity that I sense is inside all of us. Some people call it the flow state. For the purposes of this record, I call it 'The Love In You'. Love is like a home base for me, a place I try to return to when I get out of sorts or out of sync. 'The Love In Others' is what I try to connect with when I perform and in ordinary daily life as well. I truly believe that our world would change for the better if we lived in a way that recognizes 'The Love In Me', 'The Love In You', 'The Love In Ourselves' and 'The Love In Others'. My hope is for that aspiration to come across to the listener.

For 'The Love In You', I selected the songs and the sonic territory that I felt people would want to return to time and time again to be inspired. I have always loved the sound of early 70's records like James Taylor’s 'Sweet Baby James' and Carole King’s 'Tapestry'. That style feels like home to me. Jumping Dog Studio in Austin, where we made the record, feels like home to me. The co-producers, Walt Wilkins and Ron Flynt, feel like family along with the group of world class musicians who I know count as friends. My hope is that this record will be a place of refuge and inspiration for you, the listener."

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