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Gregory Page

"The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition and progress, history and fantasy. I am the songbird and the worm." ~ Gregory Page

"'Modern Man' is a magnificent record. Page's songwriting has changed focus but still so refined and deep. I love the dark humor that fits our confounding times." ~ John Doe (co-founder of LA band X)

Singer songwriter Gregory Page spent the majority of his adult life as a working musician, writing, performing and traveling the world with his catalog of songs that highlight his unique perspective on life. Page's music has been featured on BBC, NPR, and film and television soundtracks.

Gregory Page has also worked with a long list of amazing artists, most recently writing and touring regularly with his friend Jason Mraz, but also sharing the stage with some absolute legends, including John Prine, Bob Dylan, John Doe, Jewel and John C Reilly.

Gregory Page's new album "Modern Man" represents an unexpected sharp left turn from an already musically diverse and prolific artist, who now presents us with a texturally rich, sonically curious, and at times darkly humorous transmission of audio possibilities.

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