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Steven Graves

One of the most powerful and influential qualities of popular music is its capacity to reach deep into the human heart and consciousness, reflecting upon, responding to, and lighting the way for society, especially in these turbulent times. Steven Graves' 9th CD “All Alone” has that quality. Steven sings passionately about life in these challenging times and grapples with universal issues of love, identity and the seeking of truth and meaning. In the tradition of Dylan, Springsteen, Lennon and others, he has something relevant and powerful to say and lucky for music fans he has channeled this sincere and compelling presentation into the 13 finely crafted original songs of “All Alone”.

Since his 1st release “Make A New World” in 2010, Steven has worked tirelessly honing his craft not only in the studio, but also on the road with his band, the Steven Graves Band, regularly playing festivals, street fairs and large and small venues throughout the western US. Steven sees his music as a gift that has helped him find compassion and meaning in his life and he takes great joy seeing how his music and band helps others do the same. These inspiring songs are the antidote to the fear, and despair that many are feeling these days.

There is an authenticity, organic and real quality to his voice, his band, his songs and message that is both compelling and refreshing. One only has to listen to “Sitting Bull” to remember the sincerity of Johnny Cash as he presented “Bitter Tears”, or gain a reminiscent feeling of Bob Dylan’s songwriting abilities on “I Can Be Free”. Throughout the CD, Steven weaves a camaraderie between the soul and the human spirit, with a willingness to express a gamut of emotions from longing, despair, to a visionary’s optimism, all the while keeping it fun and instrumentally engaging.

With Steven’s powerful voice out front, his harmony singers, super tight horn section and host of highly skilled musical veterans, have succeeded in creating a wonderful musical journey and experience encapsulated in the “All Alone” CD. We invite you to come along on this journey and see what it has to offer. “All Alone” couldn’t have come at a better time, world get ready, this music will help lead the way to a better tomorrow!

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