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Anne Kalmering

Anne Kalmering’s voice resembles no other. Her warm, humorous and soulful interpretations of songs in Yiddish and Ladino have made her a central figure of the unique Jewish Swedish cultural heritage. Together with critically acclaimed Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic, she now releases their debut album "Vayter". Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic has its roots in Stahlhammer Klezmer Orchestra, which existed in Krasnik, Poland, from 1920 to 1939, with violinist Semmy Stahlhammers grandfather, uncles and friends. Semmy continues the family tradition with new members.

The album "Vayter" shows the width of the klezmer music, Jewish folk music meets chamber music and cabaret in suggestive and playful arrangements. The music is reminiscent of a culture that was close to being destroyed, but still lives on. "Vayter" means “ahead, forward” in Yiddish, and is a tribute to all those who has walked this path with their songs and music.

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