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Annie Gallup

“Annie Gallup continues her journey of immediate and intimate songwriting delivered gently in deceptively simple compositions with superb production in her new studio album 'Small Fortune'. Her poetic lyrics are always rich and carved deeply and carry more weight than seems possible.” ~ Dan Domench

Annie Gallup was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and came of age during the town’s turbulent and radical 60's and 70's, immersed in the avant-garde art scene and dynamic counterculture. Growing up, she studied art and dance, but writing songs was her secret obsession. Songs she never intended for anyone to hear. Self imposed isolation gave her freedom to rethink 'song' on her own terms. So, by the time she began recording and performing in the early 90's, after attending the University Of Michigan School Of Art and then chasing her incurable wanderlust west to Seattle, she had internalized an unusual songwriting style that evolved from her fascination with country blues, love of words, dancer’s sense of rhythm, and the sort of inventiveness that comes from doing something purely for its own reward.

The "Small Fortune" long form video was selected as a semi finalist at the New York International Women Festival. Other awards and recognition include an ArtServe Michigan/MCACA grant, and top honors in songwriting competitions at Kerrville New Folk and Napa Valley Music Festivals. Annie has 14 CD's on various indie labels and has performed at concert venues and festivals across the US. She records solo, as part of the duo Hat Check Girl, and currently makes her home on the coast of Maine.

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