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Annie Gallup

Award winning songwriter, Annie Gallup, grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She studied dance as a child but music, country blues in particular, was her secret obsession. As she taught herself to play guitar, hiding in her room after school, copping licks from old Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson and Dave Van Ronk albums that she found at the public library,"it never occurred to her not to write songs for herself to play". So by the time she began performing publicly in the early 90's, after attending the University of Michigan School of Art and then moving west to chase her incurable wanderlust, she had internalized a songwriting style that was very distinctively her own, and that had evolved from her fascination with country blues, her love of words, a dancer’s sense of rhythm, and the sort of playful inventiveness that comes from doing something purely for its own reward. Annie has a dozen CD's on various indie labels, including Waterbug and 1-800-PRIMECD, and has performed at concert venues and festivals across the US. Now living in Rockland, Maine, she also records as the duo Hat Check Girl, with Peter Gallway.

Annie says, “My new album ’Bookish’ was written and recorded last winter, my first winter living on the coast of Maine. It was bitterly cold outside and there was ice and blowing snow, and I hibernated upstairs in my writing alcove and downstairs in Peter Gallway’s Gallway Bay Studio to work on this record, solo, live in the studio, unguarded, focused. I’ve been unable to travel for several years because I have chronic Lyme Disease. It has turned my world upside down and made it very small. Touring and performing are out of the question. But I’m writing, constantly, and I’ve recorded these new songs to sound the way I would play them on stage if I were able to bring them to you in person”.

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