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Mark Rogers

Of the many roads one takes in life, being a songwriter isn’t the easiest. Mark Rogers started his musical career in Los Angeles in the fall of 1982. While his Paisley Underground contemporaries were fusing punk with pop, Mark and his band delivered their rawness with a cosmic american twist. It was good. They should have stayed with it. But the incessant synth pop of KROQ eventually did him in and Mark retreated back to Virginia. Songwriting would take a backseat for many years.

Mark’s musical rebirth happened sometime around 2015. The pop melodies he had immersed himself in as a child simply wouldn’t wait any longer. The harmonies that had intentionally been suppressed all those years ago, reemerged. But this time words that reflected some serious real-life experiences. Deeper. Resonating. Hopeful. Here comes Mark’s 2nd album, “Rhythm Of The Roads”. A folk rock infused commentary on a life lived. A reconciliation. Trials and Errors. Love lost and regained and learning to live with the two. Mark Rogers hasn’t taken the easy road. His songs wouldn’t be this good if he had.

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