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Parallels is a Swedish progressive rock band that consists of Ulrik Arturén, lead vocals and bass,
Anders Börjesson, guitars and vocals, and Torbjörn Carlsson, keyboards and programming. Their
musical influences range from the early productions by Genesis and Yes to prog metal orientated bands such as Dream Theater. Early 2024 they released their debut album, “Exodus”, on all download and streaming outlets. Available on CD from March 2024.

In a classic concept album format, "Exodus" tells the tale of a young couple facing war, “If you don’t submit, they offer you the sword”. They decide that he will leave the country first, as she’s expecting their first born any day now. It’s a treacherous journey with crossfire, snipers, and potential betrayal. He must make his way across the sea. But will he? What about her? Will they be reunited?