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Brooke Benson

Los Angeles singer, songwriter and spoken word artist Brooke Benson just released her debut EP, "I Am The Sun". Her roots began in theatre and later progressed into activism when she began writing her own form of social justice commentary, and matters of the heart, in the form of spoken word poetry. Her musical collaboration formed organically by playing live with violinist, composer Chris Murphy and an ingenious troupe of captivating usicians. Her inspiring lyrics weave a tapestry of human emotion through rhythmic song, lyrical wordplay and vivid imagery.

Brooke's EP, "I Am The Sun", features her poetic style lyrics blended with world class musicians orchestrating a unique storytelling experience. Combining jazz, hip hop style beats, blended with bluegrass elements, Brooke's cross genre sound has been described as, “a riveting gem that features life lessons, wise words, fearless singing, a kick ass instrumental full of electrifying violin and guitar play, and most importantly, tons of grit”, by Ratings Game Music.

This eclectic musical collaboration also features, Michael Jerome on drums, Andreas Geck on bass, guitarist Eric Mcfadden, and drummer DJ Bonebrake. Nate Lapointe on guitar and Chris Murphy on violin and mandolin, Jacque Briggs on harmony vocals and Marla Leigh on frame drum.

Brooke has also been described as, “a brilliantly unique artist on a really well captured album. Absolutely worth discovering”, by Stereo Stickman.

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