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Lazy Afternoon

”Engaging stuff and the musicians are all exceptional” ~ John Apice, No Depression

”A piece of americana that immediately brings you into a great mood” ~ Patrick van de Wiele, Keys and Chords

”Music for dancing, listening and crying in your beer over and over again, Lazy Afternoon is one of the best and most interesting bands of the genre to come out of Sweden” ~ Jonas Öhman, Om Country

Lazy Afternoon releases their 3rd studio album in May 2022. The band from Gotland, Sweden, who play an exciting mix of americana, country, folk, rock and tex mex has finally got their new album ready for the world. Lazy Afternoon is a 7 piece band with a hot rhythmic accordion, delicious country licks on the Telecaster, and alternately sweet, alternately lively, violin playing. 3 lead singers and great choruses. The new album spreads the music a bit in all directions, but at the same time it is typically Lazy Afternoon. The sound is tighter, more modern and a bit tougher.

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