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The bridge between Gothenburg and Nashville is called Mejram. American roots music and swedish folk merge when this group now releases their debut album, a carefully wrapped folk pop package filled with personal stories dressed in strings, bows, clavier, percussion och rich harmony singing. After 3 years in the shadows the band now emerges into the sun with what makes Mejram Mejram, 4 skilled young musicians, 2 languages, an infinite amount of feelings and great creativity.

During many hours in moderately rickety rooms, with yellow curtains and terrible ventilation, 10 songs have slowly and carefully been created, to later be recorded by Henrik Cederblom in Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden. The orchestration is wide and consists of many kinds of stringed and bowed instruments, piano, drums, percussion and not least steady singing harmonies. With personal stories filled with anger, happiness, sorrow, hope and relief, Mejram leads the listener through life's peaks and valleys in a compact crawl-up-in-a-comfortable-armchair-format of 41 minutes.

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