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Erik Dahl Ensemble

Erik Dahl Ensemble extracts a light darkness on their new album "Everyone’s Too Sad For Everything" scheduled for release on September 14th, 2023..

The music comes from deep inside. In March 2020 the group released it’s 1st album. The possibility of touring immediately dissappeared. Numerous emotions were evoked by the lack of concerts and social life.

Erik about the process: ”I wanted to transform that specific feeling into music. The loneliness, a soaring melancholy, sadness that comes and goes. While starting to write the music I stumbled on the phrase ’Everyone’s Too Sad For Everything’ in a book. The words are paradoxical, at first it sounds so gloomy. But there is also something else, slightly absurd, almost humoristic. To be sharing your sadness with others is actually kind of hopeful”.

Music transports us to an inner landscape. It hints at a secret world that consciousness cannot reach. This is a place with both light and darkness. To get there you must dare to travel alone into the unknown. Music is the vessel that moves us. We are all too sad. We are the fragile ones. But we are also hardy like mountain birches. We perform a ceremony, a dance to the apocalypse. We can join the dots to form new patterns. The butterfly of the cover represents transformation and hope.

Erik Dahl Ensemble make music in a dreamland between genres. The members of the group are accomplished performers on the Swedish jazz and folk music scene. They enrich the music with their multifaceted personal expressions. The group is based in Gothenburg and led by critically acclaimed composer Erik Dahl, whose compositions balances melodic simplicity with experimental impulses.

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