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The Celtic Duo

The Celtic Duo release their self titled debut album in February 2022. After many years of performing celtic music in a wide variety of bands, Jonas Liljeström and Emil Pernblad are now due to release their 1st album as a duo. Jonas and Emil started playing music together in the early 1990's, and have since then been very active on the music scene, both in their native Sweden and abroad.

The Celtic Duo's repertoire comes from the rich folk music tradition in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, and consists of fiery jigs and reels, as well as melancholic airs and ballads. Early Scottish and Irish music, mainly from the 17th century and onwards, and performed in a 'folkified' style, also has a natural place in the band's repertoire. Jonas and Emil add their personal flavour to the music, and traces of flamenco, klezmer and wild improvisations come through.