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Dave Rosewood

Dave Rosewood is a native of the Ozark Mountians, but now makes his home in the heartland of Sweden. His debut album "Gravel & Gold" was called ”100% pure damn country in the spirit of Cash, Merle, Waylon and even the Allman Brothers" by The Rockin Magpie in the UK. His single "20 Years" was recognized by Sonic Magazine and New Nordic Indie, and included on their respective Spotify playlists.

Dave Rosewood's sophmore album "No Rodeo In Rome" is a concept album that tells the story of 'The Cowboy'. Every track is a window into his life. He experiences the exilaration and frustration of love. This includes losing himself in a life style he can't tolerate, and the fight to reclaim his true character. Come and follow the journey of 'The Cowboy'.

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