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Published 2024-05-13 06:00

"Somliga instrumentala stycken på Parallels 'Exodus' är rena klassiska orkesterverk. Texterna kretsar mellan hopp och förtvivlan, och musiken följer med tills vi i slutändan har upplevt en dryg timmes konceptalbum och/eller progoperett som inte skäms för sig intill genrens stora namn."

- Daniel Reichberg / Artrock -

"Parallels album 'Exodus' är storslaget och välspelat, och något som verkligen sticker ut. Rekommenderas verkligen!"

- Torbjörn Berlin / Berlin Calling -

"Parallels 'Exodus' är en skimrande rockplatta med starka rocklåtar, som också är berättelser som har episka, science fiction-kvaliteter. En samling låtar som bygger upp just landskap, sound-mässiga, effektfulla klanger med texter som låter temat få färg och nyanser att spelas upp på en filmduk. Här har vi en modern grupp som vet hur man skapar bra musik."

- Micheles Kindh / Blaskan -

"Parallels is a band I’d love to see live, since this trio is so talented in all aspects. Just add a drummer, and possibly one more member to be able to perform all parts, then it will be awesome! Get this one!"

- Ola Gränshagen / Melodic Net -

"Parallels is a Swedish progressive rock band that consists of Ulrik Arturén, lead vocals and bass, Anders Börjesson, guitars and vocals, and Torbjörn Carlsson, keyboards and programming. Their musical influences range from the early productions by Genesis and Yes, to prog metal orientated bands, such as Dream Theater."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -

"For fans of progressive rock, especially those who lean towards the melodic and accessible side of the spectrum, Parallels' 'Exodus' is an essential addition to your playlist. Parallels have not just arrived, they've arrived with a message, wrapped in layers of beautifully composed music. Don't miss it."

- Kevin Carmony / Prog Radio -

"Die beteiligten sind kompetent, doch die unterm strich orthodoxen bis musical-mässigen songs könnenden konzeptrahmen nur bedingt tragen."

- Walter Sehrer / Eclipsed -

"Dieser sound ist letztlich rasch zugänglich und abwechslungsreich, weist ein gutes timing auf und so wirkt die musik letztlich wie aus einem guss."

- Wolfgang Giese / Musik An Sich -

"Swedish progressive trio Parallels debuts with their album 'Exodus', in which they are telling a fictive story about a young couple that is expecting a first child, and is confronted with a war situation. On the 12 tracks we learn about their experiences during their difficult escape from their home country. If you like the progrock sound of bands like Yes or Genesis, then this record is surely of interest for you."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"I have to say, that the band members of Paralles possesses relevant knowledge about progressive music, and they are also technically very good musicians. Their sound is rich, with nice colorful arrangements, melodic passages and interesting vocal solutions."

- Branimir Lokner / Time Machine Music -

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