Published 2022-10-01 06:00

Björn Hamrin, you know. Björn, who? Björn Hamrin, who played with Grizzly, Tempelman Brothers Band and Peder af Ugglas. Among others. Born and raised in Bromma, Sweden. Got hooked on music in an early age. After school, Björn started working in the Swedish record industry and stayed there for 30 years. In both retail, distribution and marketing.

In 1970, the band that became Grizzly debuted. At the same time, Björn also appeared as a harmonica player with, among others, Rolf Wikström, Björn Skifs, Dead Scouts and Eric Bibb, with whom he played continuously throughout the 1970’s. Björn also produced Peder af Ugglas' first two records, "Autumn Shuffle" and "Beyond", both released on Opus 3.

The new album, "Coda", is a tribute to everyone that Björn has played with for over 50 years. The bulk of the new material was recorded during a period of great uncertainty following a major surgery.

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