Published 2022-06-11 06:00

"Wolves" is the 3rd single from the upcoming album "The Love Hate Syndrome" by Swedish and versatile singer songwriter Johanna Lillvik. In this song she deals with the subject of transformation and how the familiar mythical full moon affects the unconscious. Creeks turns into rivers and humans turns into wolves. "Wolves" as an embodiment of your true feelings. So when the pack comes crashing into your solitary glade you´ll be swept away and posessed by your instincts. You need to keep up otherwise your heart might burst or your loved ones will be left behind. ”For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” ~ Rudyard Kipling.

Johanna Lillvik is a singer, a dancer, an actor, a pianist and a composer from Sweden. To watch her perform is to be thrown into a different universe. The music she writes is a blend of many genres that might as well make her the inventor of one. "Wolves" is yet another rare gem and the anticipation for the release of her album in 2022 is growing to outrageous proportions.

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