Published 2021-10-22 06:00

Live music is back in the city and country singer songwriter, Brandi Vezina, will soon add her own show to the line up with the release her debut album, "#dontsettle".

The album release party, in late September at The Royal Albert Arms Hotel, was the 1st chance that many fans heard the album, something Vezina said definitely gave them a deeper understanding of who she is.

“These are pages from my journal, it’s personal and parts of my story; I hope they feel my sincerity and vulnerability”, Vezina said. “My music is an authentic piece of me. I create from a place deep within my spirit and allow what’s inside of me out. I hope my fans can feel that”.

Following the show, Vezina embarked on the Indigenous Celebration Tour through the Manitoba Arts Network with 10 tour dates set throughout Indigenous communities in the province.

With these exciting events, Vezina is certainly no stranger to the Canadian music scene. A natural born performer coming from a musical Metis family, she was recently recognized as the 2021 Manitoba winner in the Jim Beam National Virtual Search.

She has been added to multiple Apple Music playlists, nominated for a Summer Solstice Indiegnous Music Award, featured on CTV’s Metis Jig & Jam Variety Show and in the Sakihiwe Festival and Recovery Day, as well as showcased in the virtual Diamonds in the Rough Stage during the 2020 Canadian Country Music week.

“I feel so grateful for this amazing time in my life. I have found my purpose and passion”, Vezina explained. “I love making music and this is the best time in my life yet”.

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