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Published 2020-05-25 06:00

"Most of Dave Greaves’ songs are from personal experiences telling poignant stories in his own very special language of the heart. Perfectly thought out guitar parts along with a smoldering, and as he puts it, gin soaked voice, set Dave Greaves apart from other world class musician and songwriters from both back in the day and today. He’s as real as it gets and utterly convincing."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -

"That British singer songwriter Dave Greaves deserves to be regarded as a professional folktroubadour can easily be concluded by listening to the 22 songs from his rich discography. These storytelling tracks originate from his 4 decade lasting career and have now been collected on 2 CD’s for the must have album ‘Still Life – The Legacy Collection’.“

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

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