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Published 2023-09-19 06:00

"Todd Partridge låter sina 8 spår bli subtila örhängen med saktmodiga ballader som är just som fina verser som likt Bruce Springsteen på hans album 'The River' och 'Nebraska' får oss levande bilder från livet. Ett album som just nu i dagsläget får min värld att bli större."

- Micheles Kindh / Blaskan -

"Det här är ett bra album. De historier som berättas och framförandet håller bra klass, spana till exempel in 'Postcards From The Sea', 'Sioux Falls' och 'Lucy Brown'. I americana-mixen väger det över en smula åt country, men då mer åt outlaw än åt Nashville-formulan. Sympatiskt och eget!"

- Bo Majling / Jefferson -

"Jag tycker att albumet börjar lite trevande, men sen! Todd Partridge får mej att tänka på allas vår Steve Earle, både röstmässigt och i uttrycket. Detta är ju Todds solodebut och jag kan väl sammanfattningsvis säga att det är ett bra album som ger mersmak."

- Börje Holmén / Musikbloggen 67 -

"I thought mr Partridge was going to be your dependable, standard, right off the menu artist, but he’s not, instead, he shapes a good signature sound for himself that conjures lots of images in a listener’s mind. Descriptive words, creative with every note and not afraid of colorful language, a 'symphony of chainsaws', he sings. Indeed!"

- John Apice / Americana Highways -

"Todd Partridge is a musician out of Iowa who also serves as frontman for local legends King Of The Tramps, with whom he's recorded 5 albums, this finds him stepping into the solo spotlight for a debut collection of largely laid back folksy americana, unlike the bands rockier Stones and Crowes sound, over which the spirit of John Prine frequently hovers. I confess to never having heard King Of The Tramps, but this new album is definitely on the short list for my year's Top 10."

- Mike Davies / Fatea Magazine -

"Todd Partridge's 'Autumn Never Knows' is avery impressive album, and one that delivers plenty of memorable moments."

- Paul McGee / Lonesome Highway -

"Todd Partridge has some strong melodies throughout the 8 included songs on his new album 'Autumn Never Knows'. He have just released a highly recommended classic folk and singer songwriter album."

- Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutterzine -

"Quite different from the work with his rootsrock band King Of The Tramps, their lead singer and songwriter Todd Partridge is going very personal and emotional on the 8 songs that he wrote for and performs on his solo debut 'Autumn Never Knows'. Subtle musical influences from folk and country style make this a very enjoyable album."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'Autumn Never Knows' is Todd Partridge's solo debut, where we can face 8 songs, made through a personal approach. Most of the songs are slower ones, or done in slower mid to mid up tempo, where clear vocalization and the soothing playing matrix, clearly process the themes that Todd deals with.
We can’t find anything particularly new on Todd’s album, but conceptually and creatively, he clearly defined his goals as an author and performer."

- Branimir Lokner / Time Machine Music -

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