Life Science


Published 2022-09-23 06:00

Here it is. The single most non awaited debut album ever made by anyone anywhere. A remedy against formulaic autotuned nonsense. Cutting edge? Nope. But a genuine old school 10 track album where every song really counts. No fillers, no fat, no waste.....

"Life Science" is the debut album by Mönster, underground act from Uppsala, Sweden (historical residence of malicious Vikings, Nobel prize winners, numerous kings and Watain). Led by enigmatic front man Olov Lundberg, the band presents a singular blend of dreamy rock, folk tone poetry, echoes of classic British invasion orchestras and moody space psychedelia.

So again, here it is. A striking debut album by a band you’ve never heard of before. Yet an album you may have been waiting for. For a long time.

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