Alone Together 2


Published 2020-11-18 06:00

"'Alone Together' was my 1st solo album. Like all 1sts, they are special. The original tapes that burned in the 2008 Universal fires was heartbreaking. But it occurs to me, the music never dies. I’ve played these songs for the better part of 50 years because I love them. I re-recorded the whole album because I still feel inspired by the music. This makes 'Alone Together Again' a true labor of love. Some things I know for sure; music is relationship and love is best when shared. That is the whole conceptual play of 'Alone Together'. We allowed ourselves to have some fun with the presentation of this CD, which is marbled and multicolored, just like the original vinyl. And true to the original album, it’s a 3 part fold out. We tried to find the exact spot in Joshua Tree to reshoot the photo, but, well, it has been over 50 years ago and we couldn’t be sure. But we think we recaptured the spirit, nonetheless. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to 'Alone Together Again' as much as I had in making it. And I hope you’ll feel the love when you have it in your hands, and when the music hits your heart." ~ Dave Mason