Big Red Gibson


Published 2024-02-09 06:00

Berkalin Records is pleased to announce the March 8th, 2024, European release of "Big Red Gibson", the new album from Austin's folk rock duo Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, their 7th release on the Houston label in 14 years.

"Big Red Gibson" represents a return to the rock side of Patton & Brokus' folk rock origins for the 1st time since 2005, when they put their band Edge City on hiatus. The band on "Big Red Gibson" plays with a Tom Petty and Byrds influence, led by Cordy Lavery's electric 12 string guitar.

Patton brought a batch of 20 songs to longtime producer Ron Flynt that called for a harder edge than the mostly acoustic sounds of "Going The Distance," their 2022 CD that spent 20 weeks on the Americana Chart. The characters in Patton's new songs feel an urgency: toward getting away from their city, their past, a way of life, that Patton and producer Flynt felt needed to be represented in the music.

Flynt has played bass and keyboards, sung harmonies, and produced Patton & Brokus since 2008. Drummer Steve McCarthy and Patton bonded over their love of old Kinks records. Longtime friend BettySoo again fills in on the high parts that used to be Brokus', while Brokus concentrates on her lower range.

Brokus' voice, ravaged in 2019 by allergies, is on the road to recovery. She has no damage to her vocal cords, but it may take another year and a half for her to sing fully again. She has already cut a lead vocal for the next album, which they've already started to record.

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