A La Sala


Published 2024-02-04 06:00

Khruangbin has just announced its first new studio album in 4 years. Dubbed "A La Sala, or “to the room” in Spanish, the impending project is due on April 5th, 2024, via Dead Oceans in partnership with Night Time Stories Ltd.

"A La Sala" disregards pop assumptions in place of self driven inspiration. The set’s visions inspire listeners to focus on the notion of self in the outside world and how humanity models experience across 12 tracks. “Three From Two” and “May Ninth” are included and represent mid tempo numbers with guitar melodies, cultivating a down home, nostalgic feel.

Other songs increasingly see the band enter an ambient space, with beatless “Farolim De Felgueiras” and “Caja De La Sala”, featuring Marko’s guitar duet with Laura Lee’s Moog. Closing out the forthcoming album is “Les Petits Gris”, which includes piano, a simple single note bass pattern, and a plaintive spare guitar meant to mimic a music box.

The project will be offered in 7 different covers that will adorn various vinyl editions of "A La Sala". The covers were inspired by Marko’s travelog photos, inspired by the surrealism of Belgian artist René Magritte, in order to capture the intention of the LP: Looking out and looking back in order to better look ahead.