Silver Lining


Published 2023-10-15 06:00

Singer songwriter Wendy Webb from Sanibel Island, Florida, releases her 6th album. From the beautiful opening “This Is Love” to the rockin’ celebratory “Silver Lining”, Webb brings to each song a fresh sophistication musically and lyrically, the sensual “Rhythm Of Your Love”, a haunting “Old Blue Panama” and “Jasmine Nights”, “Gonna Treat You Right” is uptown, the rhythmic “I’ve Never Been To Argentina” and an intimate rendition of the classic “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face”.

“My vocals and piano performances are live. John McLane played horns, strings, drums, bass, organ, accordion, electric and nylon string guitars. Danny Morgan played bongos, acoustic guitar and percussion. Cowboy Eddie Long played dobro on 'Blue Skies On The Way'. 'Children On The Blue' is for my father. I experienced the true power of a silver lining after surviving the catastrophic hurricane that hit Sanibel Island and left us, and so many others, homeless. Fortunately, John’s studio was spared. It has taken us extra effort, time and love to finish this album and 'Silver Lining' feels like a real celebration”, says Wendy.

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