The Yes Album Box


Published 2023-10-12 06:00

Rhino Records takes a deep dive into Yes’ 3rd studio album with an upcoming boxed set that presents a newly remastered version of "The Yes Album" expanded with rarities, 2 previously unreleased concerts, and fresh mixes by Steven Wilson, including an immersive Dolby Atmos Mix.

"The Yes Album : Super Deluxe Edition" contains 4 CD's, a BluRay disc, and an LP, arriving on November 24th, 2023.

The box set includes Steven Wilson’s newly remastered version of the original album on both CD and LP. 2 previously unreleased concerts from 1971 will debut in the set as well. The 1st was recorded just a few weeks before "The Yes Album" was released, while the 2nd was recorded 6 months later during the band’s US tour. These remarkable performances include live versions of songs from the album, such as “Yours Is No Disgrace” and “Perpetual Change”, as well as “Astral Traveller” and “Everydays” from the previous album, "Time And A Word".

"'The Yes Album' represents to me the invention of 70's Yes.This was aided by leaving outside material off the record and heavily investing in the influences we brought together, particularly the arrangement skills and utilizing the available best technology. Our adventurism shows in the originality of the music and lyrics, as none of us had done anything quite like this before." ~ Steve Howe