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Tom Shed

Tom Shed, songwriter and performer brings history, humor and the human condition to audiences in an exciting and entertaining concert. Performing on guitar and banjo throughout the USA, Europe, the UK, Canada, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia for many years, Tom shares his perspective of life, love and the world around us.

Tom Shed sings about real events. The deadly hurricane of 1928. A great fire of consumes a city. A politicians demise in pre civil rights America in 1953. Lost in a swamp and the unforgiving nature of the wild humor

Tom Shed brings to his concert songs about alien abduction, experiencing unique southern hospitality, motorhome mayhem on our highways and learning to appreciate your grandmother.

Tom Shed helps us look at life, a celebration of single mothers, the many faces of fear, dreaming of lost opportunities, love at first sight, a questionnaire for marriage, and PTSD.

Tom Shed also writes and performs soundtracks for films and television.

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