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The Smoking Flowers

"There are not enough words to describe the intrinsic chemistry Kim and Scott Collins possess. The duo, better known as The Smoking Flowers, have discovered what some duos spend their entire careers trying to find, a fascinating marriage between artistic talent and subtle sensuality that pierces the attention of anyone in the same room as them. The Collins' have devoted their entire lives to music, and the second their wild feet touch the stage they exude just how tenured they truly are." ~ The Repertoire

Musically speaking, Kim dances between drums, accordion, acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, shimmering tambourine and her own sensual, simmering vocals. Scott plays electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica, and delivers his vocals with the voice of a feisty, gin battered, heart on sleeve, hardscrabble troubadour.

They have influences that range from Led Zeppelin to Gillian Welch and The Ramones to Neil Young. Kim was ironically considered by one of those very influences when she was up for the female vocalist spot in Robert Plant's Band Of Joy. Unbeknownst to Kim, mr Plant had been listening to some of her recordings and loved her voice. But as fate would have it her friend Patti Griffin got the role. "The job was clearly destined for Patti. I mean look at her and Robert now! I do believe in a good love story, after all", says a sighing Kim.

The Smoking Flowers 1st album "Sweet As Port" debuted in 2009, initially recorded as a side project of sorts for the couple from their respective rock bands at the time. It is a delicate americana album released well before americana was a popular trend. Their critically praised 2nd full length album "2 Guns" was released in 2013, but was raucously brought into existence in single live recorded takes over about 4 days in 2011. It is a ferocious musical document that eerily proved to be a foreshadowing of a battle the couple was soon to encounter.

Kim was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer just after they recorded and mixed "2 Guns", delaying the album's release by 2 years. Kim's breast cancer is in remission today due to only using holistic and alternative methods and a raw food diet, no chemotherapy, no radiation, no hormones. In the wake of this experience Kim and Scott took life by the reins and hit the road in their vintage Volvo 240 station wagon, touring across America and Canada for 3 years straight promoting "2 Guns". With this life altering experience to draw upon, and 3 years of intense touring under their belt, the couple then tapped even deeper into their raw rock, punk and folk roots in the composition of their newest album "Let's Die Together" just released. The undeniable urgency present in these recordings cannot be faked. "Let's Die Together" is a true story of triumph.

The Collins’s continue to be activists and advocates for holistic and alternative medicine and healing, also founding the charitable organization The Treasure Chest. Their music and life have been an influence on many East Nashville artists, being early pioneers of the now popular underground scene.

The Smoking Flowers live shows exemplify the gritty wanderlust of Kim and Scott, while their songs paint a picture of a couple that lives together, married 19 years, writes together, plays together and simply loves life together. The Smoking Flowers are currently on tour worldwide.

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