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The Pinder Brothers

Sacramento-based duo The Pinder Brothers are renowned for their songwriting and instrumental savvy, and have been compared to the likes of Crosby, Stills & Nash and Simon & Garfunkel. But there’s so much more to their story. These guys are sons of rock legend Mike Pinder, one of the founding members of the Moody Blues.

But brothers Michael and Matt are making their own kind of magic, via recently released album “Melancholy Sea”. The 11-track collection, which offers keen observations on the serenity of our world, provides a showcase of the duo’s sing-along pop melodies, alongside enough pulsating guitars to add the bite of alternative rock to their signature.

From the onset of "Melancholy Sea" listeners embark on a sonic journey with twists and turns as the tracks unfold. The tracks of the album delve into bends in life's journey, exploring universal themes.

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