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The Humble Servants

With two of Norway"s finest singers and a superteam of musicians The Humble Servants is now ready to release their debut album "Down To The Bone".

The background for this project comes from a time when Lars Beckstrøm (De Lillos, Beckstrøm Kvartett), Paal Flaata (Midnight Choir) og Gøran Grini (Haddy N"Jie, Few Good Men, John Peter & His Collaborators) toured together in Germany, and since then the trio wantet to make music together. The result became an album with Lars Beckstrøm"s songs, which for the first time is writing English lyrics.

With beautiful, strong melodies and lyrics, The Humble Servants are serving music that conveys many moods performed by two of Norway"s finest vocalists. The band is inspired by Celtic-British folk and pop, but also by country music and Americana.

The Humble Servants started out as a studio project, in which Lars F. Beckstrøm invited good friends to the studio. The project has evolved to become a band consisting of Paal Flaata and Live Miranda Solberg on vocals, Lars F. Beckstrøm on various string instruments, Marius Kristiansen on guitar, Tov Ramstad on dobble bass, Gøran Grini on piano, Jørn Raknes on pedal steel, Lise Voldsdal on fiddle and Rune Lindstrøm on drums.