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Nilsen's Southern Harmony

From the coast of northern Norway, to the Gulf Coast, and back. 9 years after the 1st album by Nilsen’s Southern Harmony, here’s the 2nd. Since that 1st album, Bjoern Nilsen as a writer, has had more than 50 songs recorded by other artists, including 3 European top 5 hits, on HotDisc Top 40, and 3 Norwegian #1’s in 2018. The instrumental “Twangin'” is the theme song of the Oslo Americana Sessions Radio Show, and he has cowrites with aces such as Joe Sun, Claudia Scott, Tony Brook, Amanda Pruitt, and Byron Hill to his name. The bands songs have been featured in the Netflix series 'DAG', and several other TV series and movies. "Coastology" was written and recorded with a dynamic line up of mighty fine American and Norwegian writers, singers, and musicians. Nilsen will be touring the UK in March and April of 2020.

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