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Hole Hearted

"Hole Hearted – A Revival In God’s Country" started as an idea. What would happen if you where to take country music into a church environment? This is nothing new, it has been done, and in many ways, still is done, all around the world. But we wanted to put country music in the context of a church service. Country music is somewhat regarded as being music for everyday people. On the other hand, some people derogatory call it 'horse jazz'. As there are many styles of music, there are many way’s to worship. We decided that a good match would be a service in the form of a tent revival. "Hole Hearted" is a concept album and the thing that connects all the songs is the idea of living water that Jesus says flows from our inner well. Water that fills the nagging hole inside us, and makes us whole.

The result is a 7 piece band and a choir of 30 people. The country sound of dobro, fiddle, mandolin and pedal steel, combined with the power of the choir, creates the country gospel sound that we wanted to achieve, and a profound experience that puts you in contact with your inner self, and with God, fingers crossed.

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