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Erik Sitbon

After sharing the stage with Carl Perkins, the Stamps Quartet and also Terry Mike Jeffrey, Erik Sitbon releases in 2004 his first folk-rock album with country sounds, ”Tame The Ghosts”. In 2007, he releases a DVD of his concert at "l’Européen Paris". In 2010, Erik Sitbon writes in collaboration with American author Christopher T George, a 2nd album, ”Rusty”. This album is loaded with more rock influences. The following year, Erik is surrounded by a new team and forms the Ghost Band to release a pure country-americana album, ”Lost & Found”. In 2012, the group returns to the studio to record a double album, simply titled ”Acoustic Sessions - Electric Sessions”. The same year, an album featuring 12 standards of rock’n'roll, ”Back To The Roots – A Great Sun Session”, is recorded in the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. The double album recieves 2 CMA Awards France in 2014 for ’Best Male Artist’ and ’Best French Country Music album’.

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