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Colin Gilmore

Colin Gilmore is about to release his 3rd full-length album, “The Wild & Hollow”. Recorded and produced in Chicago and Austin by Tim Bennett and Rob Seidenberg respectively, Gilmore’s new release brings to life the inspiration the two cities gave him. Merging an ethereal folk rock sound with traditional roots, blues and country, “The Wild & Hollow” is a worthy follow-up to his previous album, the critically acclaimed “Goodnight Lane (4 stars in Mojo and Uncut!).

On this new release, Gilmore's collaboration with his band mates and producers created a truly memorable album which allows influences like Roy Orbison and Tom Petty to shine through.

Gilmore grew up in Lubbock TX, witnessing songwriters like Joe Ely, Terry Allen and his own father, Jimmie Dale Gilmore bring the stage to life. Touring and recording under his own name for the past several years, Gilmore has consistently incorporated the spirit of West Texas into his work. His live shows have earned him an enthusiastic fan base all over the world and his songs have garnered spins on radio stations across the US.

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