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Ajay Mathur

Mart Kawaii of ’Flowers In A Gun’ introduces the Grammy nominated singer songwriter Ajay Mathur as 'a true citizen of the world, born in India, living in Switzerland and creating his own version of americana with Zeppelin-esque guitars, exotic instruments, catchy songwriting and lyrics that speak to the heart'. The best way to describe the thread that runs through the genre bending songs on Ajay Mathur’s newest album ”Little Boat” is ‘resilience’. The songs are inspired by Ajay’s own life experiences and are about growing stronger in the face of adversity, bouncing back after going through tough situations and coming out the other side, stronger and better. ”Little Boat” follows on Ajay’s previous releases of ”A Matter Of Time” in 2011, ”Come See Conquer” in 2013 and the highly successful ”9 To 3” in 2015, that earned him a Grammy nomination in 2017. All of his albums have enjoyed excellent reviews, rankings on the charts and positive acknowledgement in the international media. ”Little Boat” is an emotional roller coaster ride, from the 1st song of this 12 track album right to the very last, and highlights Mathur’s one of a kind approach to songwriting and recording, while promising a unique musical adventure to mature and curious music lovers.

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