Stones On Air.....

The Rolling Stones will collect 18 recordings the band performed on the BBC from 1963 to 1965 for the upcoming compilation "On Air". The collection, due out December 1st, 2017, culls the Rolling Stones' performances from BBC shows like Saturday Club, The Joe Loss Pop Show, Blues In Rhythm, Top Gear and Yeah Yeah. 8 of the performances found "On Air" features songs the Rolling Stones have never recorded or released commercially. All the appearances took place in a 2 year span from October 1963, where the group performed their debut single "Come On", to September 1965. "On Air" features Stones originals like "Satisfaction", "The Last Time" and "The Spider & The Fly", alongside covers of songs popularized by Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and more. "On Air" is available to preorder now in a variety of formats, including a deluxe edition that houses additional 14 recordings the Rolling Stones made for the BBC. The Stones are also offering a bundle that packages the album with the recently published coffee table book "The Rolling Stones – On Air". For "On Air", the original tapes from the BBC have undergone a process called audio source separation, which involved de-mixing the transcripts and allowing engineers at Abbey Road access to the original instrumentation and voices within each track, so that they could be rebuilt, rebalanced and remixed to achieve a fuller, more substantial sound, the band's rep says. The release of "On Air" follows the Rolling Stones' covers LP "Blue & Lonesome", a similarly blues heavy affair.




Hayward Williams.....

"Often dark, always honest and in the groove, Hayward Williams continues to break new ground in new traditional folk rock. There’s a ghostly spirit that floats through the songs on ’Pretenders’. Williams is a wary caretaker of those spirits. His songs brim with the smoke and mirror lyricism of Leonard Cohen, with the rocker’s heart of Neil Young."

Hayward Williams is a veteran singer songwriter from Milwaukee, WI. With 6 full length records under his belt, Williams is set to release his latest effort, ”Pretenders”. This record is yet another swan dive into the deep end of the americana and soul world that Hayward tends to reside in.

Growing up in Wisconsin in the 80's and 90's convinced Hayward Williams to search for something more out there in the world. Foregoing higher education, he joined a band and learned much about what to do and what not to do in the Midwest music scene.

Playing in pubs for many years , getting thick skin and finding a notably sharp tongue, avenues opened up to Williams. Headlining European tours, major US festivals and a few trips to Australia later, Hayward has carved out an impressive niche in the folk music business.

Williams' previous release, ”The Reef”, was produced by venerated songwriter, friend and collaborator Jeffrey Foucault. Utilizing an impressive rhythm section of Billy Conway (Morphine) on drums and Jeremy Moses Curtis (Booker T, Levon Helm) on bass, ”The Reef” is an unequaled americana record with soaring vocals and hooks that dig in deep.

The new album ”Pretenders” was recorded in October of 2016 at Midwest Sound in Rockford, IL, under a full moon and the care of Dan McMahon and Jeremy Koester. Hayward and J Hardin would co-produced the album. Charles Koltak, who played drums on Williams' ”Haymaker ” album in 2012 teamed up with Jeremy Moses Curtis in the rhythm section. Corey Matthew Hart of Madison, WI, would lend his talented voice and guitar work to the project during one late night session. Finally, Brooks Milgate would send his B3 performances in remotely from the east coast adding a layer to the project that would fit in with any Al Green classic.





Atomic Rooster.....

The Esoteric Recordings label is proud to announce the release of the very 1st 4 CD collection of every album and single track recorded by the legendary Atomic Rooster between 1970 and 1974. "Sleeping For Years" is a clamshell boxed set anthologising all the recordings made by the band on the classic albums "Atomic Rooster", "Death Walks Behind You", "In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster", "Made In England" and "Nice'N'Greasy", and on such hit singles as "Tomorrow Night" and "Devil’s Answer". December 1st, 2017.







Hotel California.....

Late November, Warner Music will issue a 40th anniversary super deluxe edition of the Eagles‘ 5th studio album, "Hotel California". The package will be a 3 disc set consisting of a remastered version of the original album, a live disc with 10 previously unreleased live tracks from the October 20th - 22nd, 1976, gigs at the Los Angeles Forum, and a BluRay audio with hi-res stereo and 5.1 mixes of the album. The box set is not dissimilar to the Led Zeppelin super deluxe editions, although no vinyl, and comes in a Solander box. As well as the audio and video content described, it will include a 44 page hardcover book, a 24 page replica tour book and 3 posters, Norman Seef photograph, Pete Frame's Family Tree and a tour poster. A 2 CD deluxe edition pairs the remastered album with the live CD and, for what it’s worth, there’s also a 1 CD remaster. "Hotel California" 40th anniversary reissues will be released on November 24th, 2017.





Daisy Chapman.....

Good Luck Songs” is Daisy Chapman's 3rd full length studio album, all of which were recorded in Bristol by Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, John Parish, GruffRhys). Drawing comparisons from Nick Cave and Regina Spektor, Daisy's unique voice soars high over dramatic string arrangements and her own beautifully delivered 'Nymanesque' piano.

Still taking her dark lyrical cues from the likes of Leonard Cohen, this album offers a brighter tone than her previous releases, only hinting at the melancholy, but maintaining its soul and warmth, noticeably the song 'Generation Next' is inspired by the younger artists moving up through the musicalranks in Bristol, a journey Daisy took herself when she moved to the city 19 years ago.

Daisy continues to draw on both experience and history to form her stories, from the tragedy of Idilia Dubb (a girl who met her fate trapped up a tower in 1851), to the poignant reminiscence of old England in ”I Used To Own An Empire”.

The new album took longer than usual to record, mostly due to the fact she gave birth to a daughter in May 2016, but this didn't stop her working hard. She toured round Europe for a month with progrockers Crippled Black Phoenix, and another month with her European quartet The Songbirds Collective, all whilst heavily pregnant.

And later this year, Daisy will be travelling with them to Taiwan, taking her music further afield than ever before. Expect beautiful music and harmony from its purest form, to its most voluminous as Daisy certainly knows how to craft a song and arrange the instrumentation, so that the listener is constantly engaged.




The Moody Blues.....

50th anniversary deluxe edition of the Moody Blues’ "Days Of Future Passed". This 2CD, 1DVD, deluxe set includes the full original 1967 stereo mix, which is being released on CD here for the 1st time. Due to a damaged master tape of the original mix, the album had been remixed in stereo in 1972 and since then it is this later mix, which has been used on all CD reissues. Now that technology allows for the original master to be repaired, the album can be fully represented on CD #1 of the set for the 1st time. This new set also includes a 5.1 surround sound mix derived from the original 1972 quad mix. Additionally the DVD comprises previously unreleased video footage of the band performing 3 key tracks from the album at Midem on January 24th, 1968, 8 weeks after its release. The 2CD, 1DVD, set also includes a poster designed by Ray Thomas.





Saturday Night Fever.....

Get ready to strut into record stores, "Saturday Night Fever", the immortal soundtrack, is being reissued as a super deluxe set alongside the film itself.

A soundtrack like this is bound to go large for its 40th anniversary, and "Saturday Night Fever" is indeed lavish. In this box set, you’ll find the original remastered album on CD and double LP, as well as the film on BluRay, presented here in a recently restored 40th anniversary cut, overseen by director John Badham and packed with extras from previous DVD releases, including director’s commentary and deleted scenes.

Audio extras are minimal, an extra CD EP includes new remixes of the 4 original Bee Gees tunes by noted mixer Serban Ghenea. Rather than update the tracks for a modern dance approach, Ghenea has taken the original multitracks and brought out new details buried from within the master tapes. His mix of “Stayin’ Alive” was briefly issued digitally earlier this year, not long after the Bee Gees catalogue moved to Universal Music. The super deluxe box is rounded out with the usual swag, in this case, a deluxe 24 page book with new liner notes by Barry Gibb, director Badham and soundtrack producer Bill Oakes, a turntable slipmat, five art prints and a reproduction of the film’s iconic original poster.

The set is available November 17th, 2017.




Backtrack Blues Band.....

The Backtrack Blues Band is one of Florida's longest running and most accomplished blues bands. Founded in 1980, the group has performed continuously for way over 30 years. Backtrack's high energy Chicago style blues with exceptional guitar, harp, and vocals, has made the band a constant on the Florida blues concert, club, and festival scene for soon 4 decades.

The quintet consists of Sonny Charles on harmonica and vocals, Kid Royal on lead guitar and vocals, Little Johnny Walter on rhythm guitar and vocals, Stick Davis on bass, and Joe Bencomo on drums. Backtrack has appeared as an opening act in concert with many legendary blues artists including BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Gregg Allman, Robert Cray, Johnny Winter, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and many others. The group has also been recognized by the Tampa Bay community as a leader in the blues music arena by garnering 3 Tampa Bay Music Awards as the area's ’Best Blues Band’.

Together, these guys comprise one of Florida's best and most accomplished blues bands, and their live show is an original and exciting display of electric blues at its very best. The band's leader has significant experience in producing top quality blues music shows, having founded and managed the award winning Tampa Bay Blues Festival for over 20 years.

New CD/DVD set, ”Make My Home In Florida”, to be released real soon.




Morrissey's Low.....

"Low In High School" is Morrissey’s 1st studio album since 2014, and was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The album is produced by Joe Chiccarelli, who has worked with Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few. Morrissey’s talent for combining political statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on "Low In High School", capturing the zeitgeist of an ever changing world.







Elton's Diamonds.....

Elton John announces the release of "Diamonds", the ultimate greatest hits collection to be released today, November 10th, 2017. Kicking off with the ever stunning ‘Your Song’, this definitive collection brings together all the landmark hits of one of the greatest song books of all time, including ‘Tiny Dancer’, ‘Rocket Man’, ‘Candle In The Wind’, ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ and much more. Making its 1st appearance on an Elton hits collection, "Diamonds" also features Elton’s duet with George Michael on the classic ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’.

"Diamonds" coincides with the 50th anniversary of Elton’s phenomenal songwriting partnership with Bernie Taupin. Meeting in 1967 through a music magazine advert seeking songwriters, Elton and Bernie went on to become one of the most enduring songwriting duos of all time, achieving a sustained level of success that puts them head and shoulders above the competition. Catapulted into the limelight as a songwriting force in 1971 with ‘Your Song’, the duo never stood still creatively, defining an era with their run of back to back classic 1970’s albums. While ‘Candle In The Wind’ topped the charts in 3 different decades and 2013’s critically acclaimed "The Diving Board" was a top 3 hit in the UK, their legacy is one that is unrivalled in terms of longevity, creativity and commercial success.

3 CD limited edition boxset version of "Diamonds" also contains a 72 page hardback book containing annotations for the stories behind each track plus a set of 5 postcards of illustrations of Elton. As well as a collection of some of the best loved songs of all time, all illustrations in these 3 formats are by contemporary artist Richard Kilroy.




Mojo Monkeys.....

Labels don’t stick easily to the Mojo Monkeys, a groove greasing Los Angeles trio of veteran musicians who filter swampy New Orleans grooves, Bakersfield honky tonk and Texas swing through distinctly Angeleno sensibilities. Their 3rd album, ”Swerve On”, testifies to the improvisational verve that makes their shows such infectious, dance floor packing fun.

Band leader and drummer Dave Raven, bassist Taras Prodaniuk and guitarist Billy Watts 1st discovered their kinetic musical chemistry while backing Tower Of Power vocalist Hubert Tubbs in a funk band 20 years ago. Since then, between them, they’ve accompanied a who’s who list of americana and rock artists, including Eric Burdon, Merle Haggard, Teresa James, Kris Kristofferson, Shelby Lynne, Mike Ness, Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson, John Trudell, Dwight Yoakam and Lucinda Williams. That depth of rootsy musicality infuses ”Swerve On”, which displays more stylistic diversity than 1999’s ”Hang” or 2010’s ”Blessings & Curses”.

“Some of the ideas have been around since the closing days of the last record”, notes Raven, while wisecracking about their ’amazing breakneck pace’ of production. With one or all of them on tour at any given juncture, scheduling face time can be maddeningly complicated. When they do manage to meet at Raven’s home, he says, “I press record and we just start jamming. Sometimes things come out in one piece. We usually stop and go, ‘hey, what if we went to the 4 chord here? What should we do for the bridge?’ I usually write lyrics and melodies later”.

“Song For The Muse”, a cool, funky track that sat around for years, recounts what happens when the lyric writing muse stands him up. Pedal steel maestro Marty Rifkin joins the Monkeys for bar room 2 stepper “Tuscaloosa Maybe”, and the old school jazzy swing of “Two Shots”, you can almost hear martini glasses clinking behind co-writer Phil Parlapiano’s suave piano fills. The irresistibly danceable “Beat Bus Driver” boogies into funk city with “Little Javelina”. The soulful camaraderie between Prodaniuk, Raven and Watts pulses through their joyous version of Allen Toussaint’s “Ride Your Pony”, which rolls with the muscularity of the Lee Dorsey hit.

It’s easy to get caught up in the Mojo Monkeys’ rubbery grooves and just dance away cares. But their lyrics serve up food for thought too. The Raymond Chandler-esque “Argyle & Selma” is a partly spoken tale about the struggles of everyday Hollywood characters Raven knows, while the country rocking title track contemplates life’s precious mysteries. Most poignantly, “If I Were Gone” recounts his recent dance with mortality, “if I were gone, gone, gone, and you were all alone, would you miss me much, would you crave my touch?”.

“We had the music for a while, and then I got really sick last fall into the winter”, he recalls. “I really started thinking about death and honestly, being OK with it. My wife and my kids weren’t OK with it, but for me, and I felt, ‘well, if it’s my time, I had a great time’. But I came through it”.

The LA music community is damn happy he lived. Now the Mojo Monkeys are striving to get the hip swiveling, spirit buoying ”Swerve On” in front of eyes and ears, and the band on the road.

“Our show is entertaining”, Raven says. “It’s not like we’re just standing up there looking at our shoes. There’s so much joy. We just love playing together, and I think that translates”.




Mike Love.....

Michael Edward Love, grew up under the Southern California sun where he soaked up a life of music, surf, sand and sport. Beginning his singing career as a teenager, Mike along with his cousin, Brian Wilson, frequently sang at family get togethers and holiday gatherings. These early influences served as the inspiration to form the legendary group, The Beach Boys, which originally consisted of Mike and his cousins, Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, along with neighbor David Marks and high school friend Alan Jardine.

Throughout his career, Mike has co-authored more than a dozen top 10 singles, cementing The Beach Boys legacy, alongside The Beatles and Michael Jackson, as the only artists to have produced 12 top 10 singles, within 5 years. The Beach Boys are currently on the "Wild Honey World Tour" across the US and Europe.

The tour began on May 18th, 2017, at the Royal Albert Hall in London and will wind through the UK and Europé, before heading to the US. The band is set to perform several US dates into the fall of 2017 and feature the band’s beloved summer sound, as they perform a mix of their greatest hits and fan favorites. The Beach Boys are led by Mike Love (lead vocals) and Bruce Johnston (keyboards and vocals), who along with musical director Scott Totten (lead guitar, vocals) Jeffrey Foskett (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brian Eichenburger (bass, vocals), Tim Bonhomme (keyboards), and John Cowsill (drums), continue the legacy of this iconic american band. Mike Love's new solo album "Unleash The Love" will be released on November 17th, 2017




Mavis Staples.....

Soul legend Mavis Staples has announced a new album titled "If All I Was Was Black", which is produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. Mavis Staples is in her 8th decade of singing. She began performing spiritual music as a child in the 1940's and then traveled across the country with her family on the gospel circuit as part of The Staple Singers. Along the way she saw the ugly side of racist America. Now Mavis Staples has new music with her longtime friend, collaborator and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy that takes on the current state of the country and ongoing racial conflicts that she says feel all too familiar. "If All I Was Was Black", consists of 11 songs written by Jeff Tweedy with 3 co-written with Mavis Staples, including the title track. Anti- Records, November 17th, 2017.





Not Home 4 Xmas.....

This is a Christmas album! Yes, I know. It's a statement that will cause some of you to leave the room. We've all had our share of those ’contractual obligation fillers’ that some of our best known artists have thrown at us over the years. Haven't we?

To those of you who still prefer to stick around, here's an explanation.

The music on this album is entirely new. That's right. No covers. Every second of it is dedicated to music written especially for the occasion. With a seriousness and dedication that only Santa's employees can work up, just weeks before December 25th, inspired tunesmiths like Bob Cheevers, Fayssoux, Annie Gallup, Jude Johnstone, Janni Littlepage, Keith Miles, Elliott Murphy, Barry Ollman, Jack Tempchin, Wendy Waldman and Kenny White have provided 18 potential future Christmas classics.

In many cases, Christmas is an underlying yet noticeable theme, but the songs themselves can be played and enjoyed anytime, even by those of you who mingle somewhere outside ’The Christmas Freak Zone’.

So, to you who've long since become fed up with the sometimes artificial coziness of the season, "Won't Be Home For Christmas" is made especially for you!


~ Charles O’Twiggins




Jeff Lynne's ELO.....

Having released an acclaimed new album ”Alone In The Universe” in 2015, sold out multiple arena tours, and had an induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Jeff Lynne’s ELO will release a live CD/DVD of their legendary concert at Wembley Stadium in June. Titled ”Wembley Or Bust” and directed by Paul Dugdale, it is out on multiple formats November 17th, 2017, on Sony Music.

In ”Wembley Or Bust”, we see Jeff and his remarkable musical ensemble filling Wembley Stadium with one of the greatest rock’n’roll spectacles of all time, complete with bells, whistles and spaceships in front of a 60 000 capacity crowd. As Jeff says himself ’it’s the best time I ever had in music, it is beyond anything I could have imagined’.

Most importantly the film includes performances of many of the most beloved songs of our lifetime, from vintage ELO classics like "Mr. Blue Sky", "Livin' Thing" and "Evil Woman" to "Do Ya" from his days with The Move, "Handle With Care", which he recorded with the Traveling Wilburys, right through "When I Was A Boy", from his latest ELO masterpiece, ”Alone In The Universe”.




Jules Shear.....

Jules Shear didn’t have to wander far from his longtime Woodstock home to invite local artists, Pepe, piano, touring partner Molly Farley, vocals and the legendary John Sebastian, harp, to join him at his friend’s nearby home studio and lay down some tracks. The outcome of those sessions, a new studio album, "One More Crooked Dance" to be released by Funzalo Records on November 17th, 2017.

Shear has lasted in this business for over 4 decades and admits "One More Crooked Dance" is not a young man’s album, “I just write ‘em. And let them speak for themselves. And people will think what they wanna think”, he explains.

With just piano, vocals and the occasional harmonica interspersed, the 13 personal songs on "One More Crooked Dance" are beautifully emotional. The spare instrumentation, the effortless harmonies and Shear’s World weary vocals give the record a gravitas deserving of his 40 plus years in the music business. In his long and varied career, Shear has never put out an album without guitar, bass and drums, so this is certainly a first, but when he’s asked about his method, he shrugs, “It was something we tried, and it seemed to be working out good”, he said about the stark, minimalist approach. “So, we just kept going”.

The plainspoken approach takes on the challenge of maintaining passion in the songs and it pays off, Shear examines relationships in “Rules Of The Game,” hits hard about the things we do to self medicate ourselves in “Painkiller”, examines the war of the sexes in “The Hunter & The Hunted”, brings a 1, 2 punch of the exquisite harmonies in “When It’s Right”, and interweaves harp and piano throughout “Wrong Again”, to name only a few.

Shear started out his career with the Funky Kings, moved on to Jules & The Polar Bears and then an impressive solo career, he’s penned hits like Cyndi Lauper’s “All Through The Night”, The Bangles “If She Knew What She Wants”, and his own “Steady”, a co-write with Lauper. Not to mention catalog mainstays such as Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers’ “If We Never Meet Again”, Til Tuesday’s “(I Believed You Were] Lucky” and Alison Moyer’s “Whispering Your Name”. He was also the host and co-creator of the influential 'MTV Unplugged' series.

“When people hear these songs, they’re not looking for answers to their problems, but listening to someone else who is dealing with it, too”, says Shear.




Ground Level Falcons.....

Hailing from the blue collar, hockey town of Edmonton, Canada, the recently 3 piece Ground Level Falcons have seen their fair share of changes in the last year. One of the founding members, lead guitarist Adrian Armitage, left the group for family reasons this past July. Adrian’s replacement, Brent Whitford, tragically passed away a month later, he was only 33 years old. The album release was in tribute to Brent. He was a type 2 diabetic, the cause of his passing. On a side note, the band will be donating any online LP sales to the Canadian Diabetes Foundation moving forward.

Another founding member, bassist Greg Kolodychuk, took a leave of absence from the group after the release of the latest album “The New Wilderness”. Greg is getting married in mid October, him and his bride to be are expecting their first born in early November.

Despite all of the real life, behind the scenes changes, the band has managed to release their 3rd full length album since 2012, an album the band firmly believes is it’s best release to date. ”The New Wilderness” is an 11 song album that deals with 11 common fears that everyone feels at certain points in their life. It is an album about confronting these fears and working past them to get to a better place.

Each album has seen Ground Level Falcons add and remove certain aspects or instrumentation, this album got back to a more traditional rock line up of 2 guitars, bass and drums, however Adrian stepped up and added backing vocals in all of the songs.

This album also saw the debut of Adrian and Greg as songwriters with “I Meant To” and “Miles Away” respectively. “Memory Man” is the first track and it really sets the table for the listener with a simple, but hypnotic chord progression. Track 5, “Bring It Up During The Nighttime”, is a track that the band is well known for in the live setting. It will take the listener on a colourful journey, it makes the perfect over the hump midway point in the new album.

Ground Level Falcons have become known for their moody, downbeat, minor keyed alternative rock that pulls from Queens Of The Stone Age, Neil Young, R.E.M., Pearl Jam and Nirvana. ”The New Wilderness” is definitely a tremendous culmination of all of these influences coupled with the fact the band has been playing together for over 5 years now.

The album plays wonderfully cover to cover and is meant to be listened to as such. Great care was taken in the sequencing of the songs in order to tell the story in the most engaging way. Now that the newest release is available in Canada, Ground Level Falcons plan on releasing ”The New Wilderness” throughout Europe, Japan, Mexico and Australia in the final months of 2017 and in to the spring of 2018.

Enjoy ”The New Wilderness”!




Dan Fogelberg.....

"George Harrison was one of Dan Fogelberg’s musical heroes, he wept when he learned of George’s death due to cancer. Then in 2003 the tribute 'Concert For George' was released. Dan watched the film and listened to the album many times, but after he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer the following year, I could see it held new significance for him. Now that he was facing his own battle with cancer it was only natural that he would wonder if his friends and peers would care enough to pay tribute to him in a similar manner when he was gone. 'Love In Time' was Dan’s gift to his fans, he mixed it at the ranch and put it in the can to be released after he was gone, 'Live At Carnegie Hall' was my gift to the fans, for years they had been asking for a live solo concert recording. But 'A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg' is, and always was, a gift for Dan." ~ Jean Fogelberg





America's Heritage.....

In 1967, Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek met in high school. Sons of US servicemen stationed in England, the 3 teenagers ultimately formed a band that was inspired by 'The British Invasion'. Soon they began writing their own material, their songs a rich mix of pop, folk and rock, done in the burgeoning acoustic style that would soon achieve popularity worldwide. The group signed to Warner Bros Records London in 1971 and needed a name, and they chose America.

Omnivore Recordings, in association with the group’s living founding members Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, is proud to announce the release of "Heritage : Home Recordings & Demos 1970-1973". This release is the most comprehensive collection of known demo recordings and unreleased songs from the band’s early formative years.

With 10 tracks making their appearance for the very 1st time, "Heritage" showcases the hugely successful trio in its most embryonic and intimate form. You will hear early demos recorded before America’s multi platinum eponymously titled debut album from Chalk Hill Farm Studios outside of London, home recordings and previously unissued songs from Gerry Beckley’s Buzz Studios, his home in West Hollywood during the early ’70s, and an early take of one of the band’s signature songs, “Ventura Highway”, from Record Plant West in Los Angeles.

And if you listen closely, you might find a hidden bonus track of the band’s first #1 single from 1972, a cappella. Follow the muse, as the band demos previously unissued songs, “Sea Of Destiny”, “Man Of Pride”, and early versions of America deep Cuts, “Riverside” and “Here”. "Heritage : Home Recordings & Demos 1970-1973" offers an up close and personal portrait of a band primed for stardom, creating classic songs that would still resonate almost 50 years later.

Omnivore Recordings, November 17th, 2017.




Calle Karlsson.....

Calle Karlsson beskriver sin barndom som en idyll. Trots att det på den tiden inte var så välbeställt i Träslövsläge, så hade läjsingarna varandra. Hemma spelade pappa Janne dragspel och mamma Ella piano och det var mycket musik. Calle och hans två bröder bidrog med sång. Föräldrarna var kyrkliga, liksam de flesta då i Träslövsläge, och varje söndag var det inte tal om annat än att sitta i kyrkbänken. Det blev psalmsång för full hals och det var i kyrkan Calle fick sin första scenvana.

"Jag sjöng i kör och medverkade på skolavslutningar. Mitt sjungande har varit med hela vägen. Redan som barn tyckte jag om att roa och underhålla och stå på scen.” Calles första musikminnen är ett foto där han i femårsåldern med några kusiner har bildat ett band och spelar med hemmagjorda gitarrer.

”Det är nog på ett släktkalas. Det var först när jag började på Kulturskolan i Varberg jag lärde mig spela gitarr på riktigt, sådan undervisning fanns inte på Läjet. Mitt första soloframträdande var på Rosenfredsskolans scen. Jag glömmer det aldrig. Jag var fruktansvärt nervös tills jag började spela. Då släppte det och jag har aldrig varit nervös av att stå på scen sen dess.”

När Calle slutade realen var han rejält skoltrött. Hans far, fiskare sedan generationer, som hade insett att fiskaryrket gick mot en hård tid till mötes försökte inte övertala Calle att ta vid. Calle började i stället på Dagåhs Foto i Varberg. Samtidigt växte intresset för bilar, motorcyklar och musiken. Calle blev raggare med egen Ford Thunderbird, var med om att bilda Varbergs Automobilklubb och MC klubben, och spelade dessutom rock med brorsan Håkan och några kompisar i bandet Victoria.

Musiken tog alltmer tid. Efter 15 år på Dagåhs Foto sa han upp sig. Då var Calle en av frontfigurerna i bandet Blue Light, de fick spela in en LP 1985, men trots att de turnerade runt i Sverige och andra länder lossnade det aldrig riktigt. Sedan började Calle turnera som ensam trubadur på pubar. Musiken ville han inte släppa, och han blev uppskattad. ”Jag satt där och spelade och undrade ibland vad jag gjorde där, så jag började prata med publiken och berätta historier.”

Plötsligt fick han förfrågningar om att uppträda på företagsfester, bröllop, födelsedagar och föreningsmöten. Verksamheten tog en ny inriktning som Calle utvecklat alltmer. Genom åren har han blivit en uppskattad underhållare, men hela tiden har musiken varit grunden. 5 CD har han hittills gett ut. De består av blandat material, en del har han skrivit själv, och en del har varit på läjesmål, ett språk hans hjärta klappar extra varmt för. Sommaren 2013 tog han klivet fullt ut och gav ut CD’n ”Läjet, Läjet” helt på läjesmål.

”När jag var barn pratade vi läjesmål hemma. När jag började första klass fick jag lära mig svenska. I dag är läjesboa, som dialekten heter, kult, men då var det inget positivt utan en föraktad bonnadialekt. Jag skulle tro att det är ungefär 200 som kan prata läjesboa i dag. Därför har vi även översatt låtarna på den CD’n till svenska."

Den 3:e november 2017 släpper Calle sin 6:e CD, ”Pappa b/w Ett Stilla Regn”, en 2-spårs single som Calle spelat in med kamrater, släkt och vänner från både Halland och Borås.



Black Sabbath.....

This limited collector's edition of "Black Sabbath, The End, Birmingham, February 4th, 2017" comes in a 2 part rigid mirror board box set with a 32 page, bound fan booklet, and contains the double CD, DVD and BluRay edition of the live spectacular, as well as the bonus CD "The Angelic Sessions", exclusive studio recordings of selected songs that Black Sabbath did not perform on the tour, recorded after the last show in Birmingham, as well as a winged demon patch, a copy of the "The End" tour pass, plus 3 guitar picks.

The last Black Sabbath concert on February 4th in the band's home city Birmingham is now also available to watch at home. The band give their all one final time, displaying boundless energy at the culmination of the "The End" tour, making this an unforgettable experience.

November 17th, 2017.




R.E.M. Box Set.....

Rock icons R.E.M are reissuing their landmark album "Automatic For The People" to commemorate its 25th anniversary. Widely regarded as one of the best rock albums of all time, the new reissue is due for release on November 10th, 2017, via Craft Recordings and will be available in a variety of formats, including the deluxe anniversary edition, mixed in dolby atmos. The 4 disc deluxe edition will offer a wealth of previously unreleased material, including 20 never before heard band selected demos from the recording sessions and a full live set, "Live At The 40 Watt Club 11/19/92".





Anders Bodin, alias Bodinrocker, has been there before. At a tivoli in Towyn. By boat passing Isle of Man. With a packed lunch at the archery club in Ampthill. On the last bus in the middle of the week to the campsite in Shankill. In the sun on a sandy beach of Harwich or Rosslaire. Or just at any forgotten celtic ruin during a typical green rainfall.

The new single ”Roller Coaster Ride” will be released November 3rd, 2017. And it proves it all. One more trip with Bodinrocker to the boogie sound of the British islands. Classic riffs and catchy melodies. This time in company with Klas Anderhell, drums, Stefan Deland, bass, and Lars Ekberg,  keyboards. The lyrics are written by Jan Leentjes on yellow post-it notes in Sommelsdijk. Along with ”Vacation” this is another teaser from the album ”Eye To Eye” that will be released in early 2018.




Lee Hazlewood.....

Fear not, the next 3 installments of Lee Hazlewood's wild ride are here.

”The Cowboy & The Lady”, 1969, Hazlewood's truest country album, was recorded over a weekend in Nashville with the help of Charlie McCoy and features vocals by Ann Margret.

”Forty”, 1969, is a different kind of Hazlewood album, one in which Lee just focused on being a performer, while Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Chad & Jeremy, Bert Jansch) selected songs and produced at famed British recording studio IBC.

”Requiem For An Almost Lady”, 1971, was Lee Hazlewood Industries' final release. A personal statement and one of the heaviest break up albums of all time, ”Requiem” is Lee at his most vulnerable.

All 3 albums are remastered from pristine LHI master tapes and expanded to include outtakes, demos, and unreleased tracks. Available from Light In The Attic, November 3rd, 2017.




Kris Kristofferson.....

"The Life & Songs Of Kris Kristofferson" features a collection of legendary singers, songwriters, and rising superstars who came together for a once in a lifetime concert event taping in Nashville, TN, at the Bridgestone Arena to celebrate the songs of music icon Kris Kristofferson.

Presented by Blackbird Presents, "The Life & Songs Of Kris Kristofferson" includes 2 CD's, including 21 songs, plus a DVD of the whole concert film captured in stunning HD quality and true Dolby 5.1 surround stereo.

The concert featured captivating performances by Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Ryan Bingham, Rosanne Cash, Eric Church, Emmylou Harris, Jack Ingram, Jamey Johnson, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Jennifer Nettles, Darius Rucker, Hank Williams Jr, Lee Ann Womack, plus Kris Kristofferson himself.

Performances include a range of Kristofferson classics, such as “Me And Bobby McGee”, “Here Comes That Rainbow Again”, “To Beat The Devil”, a very special performance of “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” performed by Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, and an all star grand finale performance of “Why Me”.




Michelle Lewis.....

Michelle Lewis writes joyful songs that make you cry, and sad songs that leave you smiling. Her music is rich with melody, her lyrics find beauty in sadness. As a storyteller, she writes intensely visual songs that explore the defining moments in burgeoning and breaking relationships. More polished than folk and more personal than pop, Michelle's songwriting is uniquely intimate.

Her single, " Run Run Run,” found huge popularity among Boston Marathon runners and was featured on the national cable broadcast of the race. The song’s music video amassed more than 100 000 views in its first month and has more than 300 000 to date. 

Michelle is a graduate of the world renowned Berklee College of Music. She tours frequently across the United States and Europe. Her first release, ”This Time Around”, arrived in 2004. She has been a longtime collaborator with producer Anthony J Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins), spanning their work on her EP’s  ”Broken” (2009) and  ”Paris” (2011), and now her 2nd full length album,  ”The Parts Of Us That Still Remain”.

Michelle Lewis is a Boston singer songwriter living in Los Angeles.



Bob Dylan's Trouble.....

The latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy’s highly acclaimed Bob Dylan Bootleg Series showcases the music Dylan wrote and performed during one of the most surprising, controversial and inspired periods of his career.

As the 1970's ended and the 1980's began, Dylan responded to the changing of the decades with a 3 album trilogy, "Slow Train Coming" (1979), "Saved" (1980) and "Shot Of Love" (1981), of spirit filled songs of praise, worship and devotion. These songs were as deeply personal and packed with poetics as any Dylan had ever written, but the force of conviction and power of faith evident in these performances baffled segments of Dylan’s fanbase, just as Dylan’s 'going electric' had alienated folk purists in 1965.

The live concerts from this crucial epoch in Dylan’s history contain some of the most intensely jubilant and transcendent performances of his career. "Bob Dylan : Trouble No More : The Bootleg Series Vol 13 : 1979-1981" offers fans and music lovers the opportunity to fully experience for the first time this extraordinary chapter in Bob Dylan’s musical journey.

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings, November 3rd, 2017.




Willie Nelson's Teatro.....

Location is everything. When Willie Nelson and album producer Daniel Lanois set out to create a cinematic-sounding album, "Teatro", they took over a disused movie theatre in Oxnard, CA, and pictured its dusty glory on the cover art. Recorded as live in situation amid the red velvet seats, "Teatro" sees Nelson working extensively with his frequent collaborator Emmylou Harris, who joins him for duets and on backing vocals. The other major player is Daniel Lanois, who produces the album, plays guitar and bass, took the cover photo and wrote one of the album’s songs, “The Maker”, a stunning performance with glacier thick vibe.

Reinvention is key on "Teatro", with Nelson revisiting a number of songs he first wrote in the 1960's, including 1968’s “I Just Can’t Let You Say Goodbye” and 1962’s “I’ve Just Destroyed The World” and “Three Days”. Though the songs are familiar, the sounds aren’t, "Teatro" found Nelson experimenting with rhythms and flavors as never before, from the Spanish influenced “Darkness On The Face Of The Earth”, to the double drum kit percussive groove of “My Own Peculiar Way”.

Originally released by Island Record in 1998, "Teatro" is issued here for the first time as a double disc set, including the original album plus 7 unreleased bonus tracks from the sessions. Disc 2 is a complete live performance of the album, directed by Wim Wenders, filmed during the album recording sessions and available here for the 1st time on DVD.

Light In The Attic, October 27th, 2017.



Gregg Stewart.....

Gregg Stewart grew up in the meadowlands of northern New Jersey in a small trailer park, nestled among the factories that bring you Chips Ahoy cookies, Yoohoo chocolate beverages and Matchbox cars.

He received his 1st guitar from a family friend at the age of 14, and after spending a humiliating amount of time trying to teach himself, he was lucky enough to meet and be mentored by the most musically talented high school dropouts in the state.

Gregg says, “I’d meet them every night after school at the local laundromat to learn new songs. We’d drop a couple quarters in the dryer to keep the place warm, unplug a couple washing machines, plug in our practice amps and start playing. To this day, I can trace the majority of my song sense and playing skills back to these guys, and my time in the laundromat”.

At 16, Gregg moved to California to complete high school and pursue a career in art, but instead found himself working the factories of Ontario. During his stint as a forklift driver, Gregg began playing in a local punk band made up of fellow factory workers and all aspirations of an art career were soon abandoned.

At age 22 he signed his first publishing deal with EMI Blackwood Publishing and spent a year writing songs for them and collaborating in the Los Angeles songwriter scene. While writing for other artists around town, he helped form a female fronted rock, pop and soul act that soon signed to Elektra Records. Gregg describes his time in a band on a major label as ’my college education in the music industry’.

After leaving Elektra, Gregg formed his own independent label and released what would become the first Stewboss record, “Wanted A Girl”. Recorded in various apartments, Gregg wrote, sang and played guitar on the whole album, while enlisting the help of his favorite musicians in the local Los Angeles music scene. The album received great critical acclaim, with 5 songs being featured in film and TV, such as “Let’s Go For A Ride” heard in the Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell cult-classic “3 000 Miles To Graceland”. Soon after, the band began receiving airplay on BBC Radio in the UK and a subsequent tour followed.

On the band’s follow up release “Sweet Lullabye”, Gregg’s song “The Midnight Shift” placed as finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and his song “O’ Carry Me” was featured in the stage revival of “Little Women”, which played for over a year in London’s famed West End. Stewboss went on to release 5 full length albums and tour Europe 7 times, sharing the stage with a wide array of artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Marah, The Bottle Rockets, Dolly Varden, Gary Jules, Alexi Murdoch, Slobberbone and the legendary Chip Taylor. Gregg has also toured as a sideman and guitarist both in the US and abroad, and in many cases helped to book the tours himself, due to his many friends and contacts in the UK touring scene.

Between touring and recording, Gregg has composed and created the score for a dozen independent films, documentaries and shorts, including the short-film “Beautiful Dead Things”, which recently won awards at the 50th annual Houston World Fest, Diversity in Cannes, and at the Female Eye film festival in Toronto.

As a songwriter, Gregg recently co-wrote 3 tracks, including the 1st single “Boundless Fearless Love”, on the upcoming Dead Rock West album, “More Love”, which was produced by John Doe of X. He has also written and produced songs for a number of artists including Michaela Paige, The Mazarines, Brian Seymour, and Alex Davis. His songs and collaborations have received airplay in the US, the UK, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Sweden and France.

His debut self titled solo album, as well as his 2nd album, “TwentySixteen”, are both due to be released in Europe this fall. ”TwentySixteen” ia a collection of cover songs inspired by the iconic artists we lost in 2016.



Zappa's Halloween.....

Halloween was Frank Zappa's favorite holiday and by 1977 his Halloween shows were legendary. Recorded live at The Palladium in New York City, Zappa performed 6 shows, October 28th to October 31st, 1977. 4 shows were filmed and resulted in Zappa's movie "Baby Snakes". The "Halloween 77" box includes all six shows in their entirety, mixed in 2016 from original vault masters, on USB stick in 24-bit WAV audio with a 32-page digital booklet, Zappa Halloween mask and costume. Also available as a 3 CD set. The shows rock hard and feature unreleased performances and arrangements. Released yesterday, October 20th, 2017.








Willie & The Boys.....

Legacy Recordings will release ”Willie Nelson & The Boys”, the eagerly awaited 2nd installment in the acclaimed ”Willie's Stash” archival recordings series, today, October 20th, 2017.

Following in the musical footsteps of 2014's ”December Day”, the 1st volume in the ”Willie's Stash” series, featuring Willie's Sister Bobbie,” Willie Nelson & The Boys” is another family collaboration, this time showcasing Willie and sons, Lukas Nelson and Micah Nelson, performing a selection of well loved American country music standards and classics, including 7 penned by the immortal Hank Williams.

The ”Willie's Stash” series will present a variety of archival releases, each personally curated by Willie Nelson, culled from decades of recording and touring, providing unique perspectives on one of America's most vital musical forces. Consisting mainly of studio recordings laid down during the extraordinary 2011 sessions for ”Heroes”, Willie's Legacy debut, ”Willie Nelson & The Boys : Willie's Stash, Vol 2” is produced by Willie's longtime friend and collaborator Buddy Cannon and recorded by Steve Chadie at Pedernales Recordings Studio in Austin, Texas.

Musicians on the album include Willie Nelson, vocals, trigger, Lukas Nelson, vocals, electric guitar, resonator guitar, Micah Nelson, vocals, Mickey Raphael, harmonica, Kevin Grantt, bass, Bobby Terry, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Jim Brown, piano, b 3 organ, wurlitzer, Mike Johnson, pedal steel, Tony Creasman, drums, Barry Bales, upright bass and Lonnie Wilson, drums, with featured background vocals by the Spur Of The Moment Singers, Buddy Cannon, Mickey Raphael, Kevin  Grantt, Bobby Terry, Jim Brown, Mike Johnson, Tony Creasman, Melonie Cannon and Shannon Finnegan.

According to Willie, the album is "kinda like the country version of 'Stardust.' Where you have all these great songs and standards that the young people have never heard, then all of a sudden you have a whole new audience out there".

"I really love the live element of this record", said producer Buddy Cannon. "There was a fire in the studio during those sessions, especially on these particular tracks. It was as though the band was in a Nashville honky tonk and Willie and Lukas strolled in and jammed with the band for an hour. That's what this record is. It's honest excitement. I've never cut a record before that has this element. It's a great joy to see Willie, Luke and Micah all equally part of a record that I love so much".

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Maui, singer, songwriter, guitarist Lukas Nelson entered the music scene as a youngster and, by the age of 13, had joined his father Willie Nelson's band, touring as rhythm guitarist and honing the stagecraft that lead to his own career. Moving to Los Angeles, he launched in own ensemble, Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real in 2008, served as Neil Young's backup group on ”The Monsanto Years” album and subsequent tour. Lukas and his father worked together on Willie's 2012 Legacy album, ”Heroes”, which featured a number of father and son vocal and guitar duets.

Micah Nelson has performed with a variety of artists at events including Farm id, Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit, Desert Trip festival, Lightning In A Bottle, Coachella, Bonnaroo Festival, as well as on TV shows such as Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and more. Micah has been involved in the ensemble Insects Vs Robots, recorded and toured with Neil Young and made multi instrumental contributions to the 21st century post modern American rock band Promise Of The Real. Micah is currently the singer, songwriter and guitarist in his future folk project Particle Kid.




Brett Perkins.....

Brett Perkins & The Pawnshop Preachers is the band your brother wants to join, your girlfriend doesn’t trust, and your mother warned you about. The sound is pure americana, blending Brett Perkins’ California country style with lyrics culled from his family’s Kentucky hillbilly roots. The Copenhagen based band has entertained festival audiences over the past several years in Denmark, Greenland and Sweden, gaining solid fans, strong reviews and airplay along the way, including a record five songs from the CD currently in Danish National Radio rotation.

The Pawnshop Preachers’ 12 song debut album, "Put A Fork In Me, I'm Done", clocks in at under 30 minutes, inviting listeners on a fun loving, free wheeling musical hayride, with encouragement to embrace their inner hick. Los Angeles born and Copenhagen based Preachers front man Brett Perkins has been a regular fixture on the Danish music scene since 1997, with national airplay on four album releases, as well as numerous co-written releases by established Danish artists.






Ten Years After.....

Ten Years After, "A Sting In The Tale", Marcus Bonfanti, vocals and guitar, Chick Churchill, keyboards, Colin Hodgkinson, bass, Ric Lee, drums, Butler Records, October 20th, 2017.

01. Land Of The Vandals
02. Iron Horse
03. Miss Constable
04. Up In Smoke
05. Retired Hurt
06. Suranne Suranne
07. Stoned Alone
08. Two Lost Souls
09. Diamond Girl
10. Last Night Of The Bottle
11. Guitar Hero
12. Silverspoon Lady






Bob Marley Live.....

A 2 CD edition of Bob Marley & The Wailers‘ 1975 "Live!" album, was released by Universal Music on October 13th, 2017. This double disc set feature the complete sets from both July 1975 shows at the London Lyceum. Both dates, July 17th and 18th, 1975, were recorded by The Rolling Stones mobile studio and the original album, as issued, featured just tracks from the 2nd concert. This 2 CD edition of "Live!" now features 22 tracks, 14 of them previously unreleased. The 1st gig is on the 1st disc and the July 18th performance is featured on the 2nd.




Viva DeConcini.....

Guitarist, composer and singer Viva DeConcini is pure rock’n’roll. She plays guitar like a flaming sword, a screaming train, a ringing bell, and a scratching chicken. She sings like if Freddy Mercury had been a woman. Her original songs are an eclectic mix of storytelling, celebration, sorrow and humor. She has performed everywhere from Bonnaroo to Monterey Jazz Fest and has produced sell out music, burlesque and variety shows all over New York and is one of the few females to have been featured in Guitar Player Magazine.

Viva began her career playing with avant-garde Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista and performed with his signature band Beat The Donkey for 10 years. They toured Europe and America several times playing many of the major festivals. In 2006 she began writing her own music and started her own band, which has by now performed over 200 shows, premiered at The Americana Pie Festival, the New York Burlesque Festival, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Daytona Beach's Bike Week, Joe's Pub, South By Southwest, many of N.Y.C.'s finest underground parties and more.

Viva's latest 2 LP’s releases both charted on CMJ. "Rock’N’Roll Lover" was hailed by WECB FM as 1 of the top 10 records of 2010 and 2012's ”Rhinestones & Rust” garnered rave reviews from The Baltimore City Paper, Get It On Vinyl and Vintage Guitar magazine. In 2010, she began performing with New York theater performance artist Taylor Mac and performed for 12 hours in his landmark 24 Decade Concert. She is touring America and Australia with this concert for the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. Her latest original music studio album ”Living Well Is The Best Revenge” comes out this year asking the question, ’what's worse, romantic disillusion or political?’ The answer, 'neither, we must not allow ourselves to become disillusioned’ because rock’n’roll…..




Ten Years After.....

Chrysalis Records are proud to release a limited edition, 50th anniversary, 10 CD box set, celebrating Ten Years After’s 1st 9 albums, plus a CD of previously unreleased material. November 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the eponymous debut album from 1967. To celebrate this special occasion Chrysalis Records will release a brand new box set, gathering for the 1st time, albums from both the Chrysalis and Deram periods from 1967 to 1974.

This set, limited to 1 500 copies worldwide, contains albums which have been remastered from the original 1/4" production master tapes, along with a bonus disc entitled "The Cap Ferrat Sessions", which consists of never heard before recordings from 1972, newly mixed by acclaimed record producer Chris Kimsey.

The package comes in a luxury hardback format with slipcase and an accompanying book, which includes a newly commissioned, in depth 10 000 word sleeve notes written by legendary Melody Maker journalist and early champion of the band, Chris Welch. It charts the band’s progress from their early beginnings in Nottingham, through iconic appearances at the Woodstock and the Isle Of Wight festivals, right up to their eventual split in 1974. There are extensive interviews with the remaining band members plus members of Alvin Lee’s family, and additional recording notes by Chris Kimsey.

Ten Years After stormed the stages of rock, they created a sensation that stunned audiences and quickly won them a coveted place among the pantheon of great British groups. Alvin Lee, one of the most charismatic and admired guitar players to emerge from the British blues boom of the era and deservedly ranked alongside his contemporaries Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, headed a powerful team of talented musicians, Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill and Ric Lee.

During an intense seven-year period, they embarked on marathon tours, conquering America, enjoying success round the world, whilst also unleashing a succession of ground breaking albums. Their 1967 debut was swiftly followed by a pioneering live album, through the critically acclaimed "A Space In Time", featuring one of their finest songs "I’d Love To Change The World", which is very apt in today’s world, ending with 1974’s "Positive Vibrations".

"The Cap Ferrat Sessions" came as a result of a discovery by Alvin Lee’s wife, who found a box of recordings deep in the vaults of the studio in their house they shared in Spain. They originate from the "Rock N Roll Music To The World" album sessions, which were recorded at a seaside villa in Cap Ferrat, south of France and Olympic Studios in London. Chrysalis Records turned to world renowned producer Chris Kimsey, who recorded and engineered the original sessions, to mix these tracks for the 1st time.

Revisiting the tapes, some 45 years later Kimsey added, "Alvin and the band were incredibly creative and abundant during this period. These re-discovered recordings were not rough demos, not rehearsals, but completed masters that did not make the album, due to the time limitations of vinyl at the time. So these gems were left off. Mixing this in 2017 I began to study the parts, the playing, the response of each musician. It was amazing. It is what all great recordings are made of".

For avid collectors and fans of the band, the legendary Cap Ferrat sessions will have a special appeal and will be an essential addition to their collection. This is a big deal for classic rock lovers and aficionados all over the world. This 10 CD box set is a limited edition, and there will only be 1 500 copies worldwide.




Queen Box Set.....

A special box set of Queen's landmark 1977 album "News Of The World" will be released on November 17th, 2017, marking the 40th anniversary of the original release. The new package includes the original album on CD, plus 2 further CD's of recently unearthed outtakes and rarities from the band's archives, one of which is a newly created alternative version of the whole album, "Raw Sessions".

For many Queen devotees, this "Raw Sessions" CD will be the most intriguing component of the new release. Mined deep from long vaulted studio multi track tapes, this extraordinary parallel album brings to light never Before heard alternative versions of each of the album’s 11 tracks. Every lead vocal is different, as are most of the lead guitar parts and a great many other instrumental details.

Here we experience "We Are The Champions" anew, with many unfamiliar vocal and instrumental elements, and for the first time at its full recorded length rather than the edited 1977 album cut. Here also is the chance to discover peak era Freddie Mercury vocals on a track that nobody outside Queen’s inner circle has heard him sing before at all, Brian May’s "All Dead, All Dead". The original album version features May himself on vocals. Roger Taylor’s "Sheer Heart Attack" can be heard with its original long lost guitar intro and uncut ending. Taylor’s other song, "Fight From The Inside", is more remarkable in that we hear his demo vocal worked on in his home studio in preparation for the next sessions.

Another outstanding feature of this weighty 40th anniversary box set is a pure analogue re-cut of the original vinyl LP, direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes. There is also a rich selection of related memorabilia, including 3 posters and a 60 page book of images, mostly previously unseen. The package is completed with a brand new 1 hour DVD documentary, "Queen : The American Dream", created from backstage material filmed during Queen’s 1977 US tour.




Scott Kirby.....

As Scott Kirby prepares to release his 8th CD, ”Chasing Hemingway’s Ghost”, he continues to perform over 100 shows each year, across North America, as well as taking the stage at his own club in Key West, when taking a break from touring. Kirby joined friends in 2012 to open the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon, a 200 seat music club best known for hosting the Key West Songwriters’ Festival, the largest songwriters’ festival in the world.

A creative lyricist and accomplished finger style guitarist with an expressive voice, Kirby describes himself as a direct descendent of the 70’s folk rock singer songwriter movement. In fact in 2009, Kirby was lucky enough to record his 6th album with veteran session players Leland Sklar, Dean Parks and Russ Kunkel, a trio that played on many of the iconic albums of that era. Kunkel also produced Kirby's ”Row Me Home” and co-wrote 4 of the songs on the CD.

In 2013 he turned to Lew London to record his 7th project, ”Sol Searching”. London, a superb multi instrumentalist, engineer and producer, with deep roots in the 70’s with his own singing songwriting career, and as a longtime musical partner with the legendary Steve Goodman.

For Kirby’s latest project, ”Chasing Hemingway's Ghost”, he sought out another multi talented singer songwriter, engineer and producer, Andy Thompson of Nashville. Andy and equally talented brother Matt Thompson played nearly every instrument on the recording and collaborated with Kirby on the title song and another track. “I’ve known Matt and Andy since 2000, and have always loved their songwriting and their musicianship, and their live shows are just phenomenal”, says Kirby. ”We wanted to record and write together for a while, and this year the stars lined up and we were able to do both”.

Kirby’s music began appearing in the rotation of Sirius XM Radio Margaritaville when his wistful ballad “Lucky Enough” struck a chord with listeners in 2005, which exposed his music to more markets around the US and Canada. He continues to receive regular airplay on the station. His ”Row Me Home” CD also received widespread airplay in the UK and Europe.

Over the years Kirby has shared the stage with many of his favorite artists, Carole King, Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally, Livingston Taylor, Darius Rucker, Tom Rush and Peter Mayer. He and Mayer continue to tour annually with the Mayer Kirby Mayer Acoustic Group. They released their own live CD, ”La Casa Cayo Hueso”, in 2015.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Scott Kirby now lives in Maine and Montana, when not on the road.




The Yardbirds 1968.....

“We thought this might be lost forever, but we’ve rediscovered it, remixed it, it’s of great historical importance, we’re delighted to see the release”. ~ Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Jimmy Page

Available now for the very first time, "Yardbirds '68" presents an 18 track double album produced by legendary guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. This special album features re-mixed live recordings from the Anderson Theater in March 1968, alongside studio sketches recorded in the same era and the album features music from The Yardbirds members Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, Jimmy Page and Keith Relf. "Yardbirds '68" is now available for pre-order in advance of its November 3rd, 2017, release date, available in 3 editions, CD, vinyl and signed deluxe edition.

18 tracks with sleeve notes from Jimmy Page, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty, booklet featuring photos by Chris Dreja and Jimmy Page, mastered by John Davis, produced by Jimmy Page,

The signed deluxe box set edition is available with the record sleeve handsigned by Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty and Jimmy Page in a limited edition release, bringing the signatures of 3 music legends together officially for the very 1st time. Available exclusively at www.jimmypage.com.



Sailor's Tales.....

With much of the material from "In The Wake Of Poseidon", "Lizard" and "Islands" now being performed by the current King Crimson line-up, it is only in recent years that the wider world has begun to realise what fans have always known, this era’s recordings are as vital as any other segment of the King Crimson catalogue.

Recorded between the dazzling impact of "In The Court Of The Crimson" in 1969 and the startling reinvention of the band in 1973’s "Larks’ Tongues In Aspic", this boxed set documents a crucial period in King Crimson’s history and shows it to be brimming with innovation, experimentation, and boundary-pushing energy.

With a wealth of previously unheard studio recordings from band rehearsals to full alternate mixes and a vast array of live material, much of it on CD and BluRay for the first time, and including 4 recently found, never before released concerts, this set presents the complete King Crimson recorded history of the period in the best quality audio possible. The "Sailor's Tales 1970-1972" box set will be released November 3rd, 2017.





On their 2nd album, ”Atoms”, Bonefish delivers a genuine listening experience based in their totally unique sound and melodic songs. Bonefish formed 6 years ago by songwriter, singer and guitarist Bie Karlsson with merits from famous Swedish group Docenterna. With one leg in traditional rock music,  the other in creative art rock, the group manages to create their own formula for music.

The new album “Atoms” contains a unique mix of songs, sometimes referring to forerunners like Talking Heads and Television, as well as British 70’s pop music. All masterfully compounded by producer Max Lorenz. “Atoms” is recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales, where top selling world acts have been recording since the mid 60’s, among many others, Queen, Pixies and Robert Plant.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Bie Karlsson have recorded and toured with bands like T-Shirts, Giant Steppers and Docenterna, and worked with high end producers, most notably Dennis ”Blackbeard” Bovell, Anders ”Henkan” Henriksson and Michael Ilbert. Matte Norberg, guitar, Rasmus Rasmusson, drums and Anders ”Nylle” Thoor, bass and vocals, all have years of experience of touring and recording for the local Swedish music scene.

“Atoms” is produced by Max Lorentz who’s long and extensive career as producer and musician includes cooperation with world class artists like Agnetha Fältskog and Mikael Rickfors.

Bonefish’ eponymous debut was self released in 2013 and was followed by shows in Sweden, Belgium and the UK. In 2014 the follow up EP, “Time To Market”, was released, and in 2015 the single “Jimmy!”.

During the autumn of 2017 Bonefish embarks for a short tour in Sweden with gigs in Gävle, Karskoga, Stockholm, Halmstad and Malmö. For the spring of 2018 a European tour is planned with visits in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.



Bruford Box Set.....

Containing the collected works of Bruford on one extraordinary 6 CD and 2 DVD-A box set, "Seems Like A Lifetime Ago" is a magnificent testament to one of the UK's most inventive and important progressive fusion bands. Featuring 2017 remastered versions of the albums "Feels Good To Me" (1978), "One Of A Kind" (1979), "The Bruford Tapes" (1979), and "Gradually Going Tornado" (1980), the set additionally includes the previously unreleased "Live At The Venue 1980" and the highly sought after "4th Album Rehearsal Sessions" (also from 1980).

Showcasing the prodigious talents of Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart, the late Allan Holdsworth (who the album is dedicated to), Jeff Berlin and The 'Unknown' John Clark, the set includes a 16 page colour booklet (with band interviews and an essay written by Sid Smith), a reproduction concert poster, two black and white photo prints of the band, and a signed and numbered certificate of authentication.  "Feels Good To Me" and "One Of A Kind" are available on both remastered CD and DVD-A, the latter featuring 2017 5.1 mixes by Jakko Jakszyk. Produced by Bill Bruford and presented in a 12” box, 4 gatefold sleeves contain 2 discs each. October 27th, 2017.




Bread Box Set.....

The 6 studio albums of the soft rock group Bread are collected in "The Elektra Years: The Complete Albums" box set which is due out in October.  The band issued 5 albums in a busy 4 year period from 1969 to 1972, including "Baby I’m A Want You", whose title track reached number 3 in the US singles chart in late 1971. Bread split up after 1972’s "Guitar Man" but returned successfully 5 years later with "Lost Without Your Love". For this release, these albums are packaged in the familiar vinyl replica card sleeves and are packaged in a clamshell box. There is no booklet. "The Elektra Years: The Complete Albums" will be issued on October 27th, 2017.




Angus Crowne.....

Angus Crowne continues to push the uke-billy punk music genre with his 2nd LP release, titled “Shag Rug”.

A true modern day renaissance man, Angus Crowne’s restless creative spirit has driven a crazy cool, multi-faceted career that includes work as a writer, musician and concert producer for Queen, Boy George, Spacehog and many more.

Both musically and lyrically, this kind of playfully defiant irreverence drives Angus’ determination to continue to pursue a completely original sound and point of view. With new bandmates, guitarist Gavin Ross and drummer Tino Marrufo, the singer combines elements of his favorite styles to create a hybrid of infectious and unique tunes.

With strong reviews received for his self titled debut album in the US and Europe, Angus Crowne continues to move the 'middle age' reality dial backwards by releasing “Shag Rug” within a year. “'Shag Rug' seamlessly blends the sounds of rock, country and rockabilly”, Angus says. “And it continues to chronicle my journey, like that of so many others, getting older and wiser, but still feeling frustrated and bitter at times”.

“Shag Rug” offers the rockabilly sound with “Little Green Men”, encouraging his audience to find a way to their next payday. Songs like “Middle Age Crawl” and “Get Me A Beer” rouse the listener to get up and move, maybe to the refrigerator?, and to sing along to make it through another moment of getting older and accepting wisdom. “The 99” and “Punk Rock Aftershock” keep the west coast punk rock sound part of Angus’ style, and his ode to old Nashville with “Hello Goodbye” shows a more curious somber side to the musician.

“Opened Book” and “Calm Seas” are musical diary notes of his journey as a father and artist, and the lounge feel of “Beyond The See” takes his listeners on a deep bass rhythm ride of romance and style.  The album’s title song, “Shag Rug” brings Angus’ quirky and humorous style to the forefront.

Co-produced with Gavin Ross and mixed at Steady Studios in Burbank, CA, “Shag Rug” documents Angus Crowne’s remarkable journey with wit, charm, and keen observation.




Lucinda Williams.....

Lucinda Williams will release "This Sweet Old World" on October 20th, 2017. This is a re-recording of her 1992 album, "Sweet Old World", to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its release. The album has been produced by Williams and Tom Overby, and features her current touring and studio band, guitarist Stuart Mathis, bassist David Sutton, and drummer Butch Norton. “Everything’s different now”, says Williams “It’s a different band, it’s a different studio, my voice is different. It’s like a new album”. Besides re-recording the entire studio album, Williams and her band chose to re-record the 4 tracks that were not included on the original release. "This Sweet Old World" features new versions of “Factory Blues”, “Dark Side Of Life”, John Anderson’s “Wild And Blue” and the John Leventhal and Jim Lauderdale penned “What You Don’t Know”.





John Lodge.....

In September 2016, John Lodge, legendary bass player, songwriter and vocalist of the Moody Blues, embarked on a solo tour for the 1st time in his 50 plus year career. John, and his 10 000 Light Years Band, travelled around England, without the huge support team he would normally have with the Moody Blues, playing smaller venues, visiting new places, and the response took his breath way.

The last night of that tour was at the Birmingham Town Hall, John’s home town, where the concert was filmed and recorded. This show will now be released as a live album, with artwork designed by Roger Dean, and with exclusive tour merchandise from the 2016 tour also available.

John features tracks from his solo album, "10 000 Light Years Ago", and captures the heart of classic Moody Blues’ songs like ‘I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band)’, ‘Gemini Dream’, ‘Ride My See Saw’, ‘Isn’t Life Strange', and the never before played live, ‘Candle Of Life’, and more. There is also the classic Blue Jays’ song, ’Saved By The Music’.

The CD/DVD package features the full live show on both CD and DVD, with the DVD bringing an additional "Journey To Birmingham" film, available in both NSTC, for US and Canada, and PAL, for Europe and Asia, DVD formats. This will be released on October 20th, 2017.




Buford Pope.....

On the opening track of the new album "Blue Eyed Boy", a wistful Buford Pope sings that he’s 'Still Got Dreams'. But far from having his head in the clouds, he’s crafted his most down to earth album yet. On 6  full length albums, Sweden’s Buford Pope has drifted easily across the american soundscape, moving freely from folk rich country to gritty rock'n'roll. Yet never has it sounded as effortless, or as honest, as on his 7th album. On "Blue Eyed Boy", there’s no doubt that it’s Buford Pope himself we’re hearing.

“I’ll soon be 46, but in many ways I am still that blue eyed boy”, he says. “No matter how much I’ve seen of the world, a big part of me still looks at it with innocence”.  That innocence is tangible in the album’s approach. Nothing here is calculated or overwrought. On the contrary, Buford Pope’s words and music show a profound openness to the human condition.

“These are songs I’ve carried with me for a long time, some of them for ten years or more”, he explains. “They’ve grown from my own experience and the people who’ve touched me, which is why I couldn’t leave them to chance”. True to his word, Buford Pope devoted himself to the album’s planning. Every aspect was selected with care, from the vintage mikes and converted barn studio, to the diverse artists,  Swedish, Irish and American, among them Tobias Fröberg, Merit Hemmingson and Christian Kjellvander, who would support him. Yet, when the time came, it all came together at once.

“What you hear is a frozen moment”, he says. “We laid it all down in one take, with no cuts, no loops, no tweaks. It’s as raw as it gets”. And perhaps that rawness is what gives "Blue Eyed Boy" so much of its flavor. For all the speed of its recording, this is an album to digest slowly.




Tim Buckley Box.....

This October, Rhino Records will issue "Tim Buckley : The Complete Album Collection", an 8 CD box set that brings together the body of music the singer songwriter recorded between 1966 and 1972.  This set includes all 7 of Buckley’s studio albums from that era, as well as "Works In Progress", the 1999’s compilation of his 1967 and 1968 recordings. The albums will come packaged in the usual clam shell box in vinyl replica card wallets. Like the forthcoming Bread box set, there doesn’t appear to be any booklet and mastering for each disc is unknown and presumed to be whatever the latest remaster was available. "Tim Buckley : The Complete Album Collection" is released on October 13th, 2017.




Robert Plant.....

Robert Plant has unveiled details for his forthcoming album, "Carry Fire", his 11th studio album and first full length release following 2014's "Lullaby And The Ceaseless Roar". Produced by Plant, the 11 song LP features accompaniment from his usual backers the Sensational Space Shifters, which includes John Baggott, Justin Adams, Dave Smith and Liam "Skin" Tyson. Albanian cellist Redi Hasa and violist and violinist Seth Lakeman, who recently joined the group, also perform on 3 tracks. Chrissie Hynde makes a special appearance in a duet with Plant for Ersel Hickey's "Bluebirds Over The Mountain". "Carry Fire" will be released on October 13th, 2017, via Nonesuch Records, with a tour to follow in November, which will begin in the UK and Ireland.





Thunderbolt & Lightfoot.....

The sophomore release from Kalamazoo band Thunderbolt & Lightfoot maintains the earthy, close harmony vocal approach of their self titled EP, while expanding their sound to include strings, keyboard, electric guitar, accordion and mellotron, along with a healthy amount of experimentation in the studio. Tracked at La Luna Recording And Sound, "Songs For Mixed Company" is an adventurous collection of weepers, cautionary tales and songs of fancy. Perfect for parties.

Consisting of Sarah Fuerst and Phil Barry, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot have been featured on folk music sites, opened for artists such as Robbie Fulks, Dar Williams, Henhouse Prowlers and May Erlewine, and have played some of Michigan’s finest venues and festivals. Plus they can kick your butt at Euchre.

Phil was a founding member of award winning rock band Knee Deep Shag, former touring guitarist for RCA recording artist Rachael Yamagata, and currently a member of americana supergroup Corn Fed Girls. Phil’s solo album "Between The Carolinas" was released via Princess Records and has been featured on MTV, VH1, Oxygen and Showtime.

Sarah played electric bass for the indie rock band Doxie. Doxie released an acclaimed self titled full length with Grass Records and they toured the midwest and east coast. Sarah is also a long standing member of Corn Fed Girls, supplying upright bass and vocal harmony.



PP Arnold.....

Arriving in England as an Ikette with the Ike & Tina Turner Review in the mid 60’s, PP Arnold was spotted by Mick Jagger who immediately convinced Andrew Loog Oldham to sign her to his label Immediate Records. Several huge hits followed, ‘First Cut is The Deepest’, ‘Angel Of The Morning’, ‘If You Think You’re Groovy’, and so on. PP became one of the iconic faces of the 60’s.

This year celebrates her 50 year anniversary as an incredible performing artist in the music industry, and, boy, is she still going strong. To coincide with this wonderful heritage album, "The Turning Tide", St James Publishing House is releasing her autobiography "The First Cut Is The Deepest" around the October tour, and a brand new solo album is on the horizon for next year, produced by Steve Cradock.

It was around 1968 when Immediate Records folded and PP found herself at a crossroad, looking for a new label that would give her the opportunity to continue to put out music and take her to the next phase of her musical journey. The late Jim Morris and personal assistant to Robert Stigwood, can be credited as the catalyst which encouraged Barry Gibb to work with PP. After introducing PP to Gibb, who was already a fan of her music, it didn’t take much encouragement for Barry to jump at the chance to produce a record with her.

“I was so excited about working with him as I was a big Bee Gees fan, and had already recorded ‘To Love Somebody’ on my 2nd album 'Kafunta'”, explains PP. It was Barry who got PP a record deal with his manager Robert Stigwood at RSO Records and consequently he also became her manager. “A lot of time was spent rehearsing and learning the songs and I was so happy when we entered IBC Studios to begin the recording process”, remarks PP.

The recording sessions bring back happy memories for PP, with Bill Shepherd creating the beautiful arrangements we hear on the record today. “We recorded around 10 tracks, 8 of which made it onto 'The Turning Tide'”. The 8 which feature on the album are, ‘Born’, ‘Bury Me Down By The River’, ‘Give A Hand, Take A Hand’, ‘Happiness’, ‘The Turning Tide’, ‘High And Windy Mountain’, a brilliant cover of ‘Spinning Wheel’, and the beautiful, ‘You’ve Made Me So Very Happy’. Sadly due to Bee Gee’s commitments only half the record was able to be completed, and PP was heartbroken, as she had put her heart and soul into the recordings.

At a lot loss on how to go forward it was the idea of her manager Robert to pair PP up with Eric Clapton. “Robert arranged for me to be the opening act on the Eric Clapton, Delaney, Bonnie & Friends Tour, and I put together a fantastic rhythm section, which included Steve Howe on guitar, Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, with Leslie Duncan and Kaye Garner, and off we set”, explains PP.

Clapton was so impressed with PP’s live performance he didn’t need asking twice when Robert approached him to go into the studio with PP to finish off the record. Eric called in his Delaney & Bonnie band who later became Derek & The Dominos, along with Rita Coolidge and PP’s dear friend soul singer Doris Troy. The end result was phenomenal, they recorded songs written by Steve Winwood, Van Morrison and Jagger/Richards.

“We recorded 3 covers, which are on this album, ‘Medicated Goo’, ‘Brand New Day’ and ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’”. A further 2 tracks, ‘If This Were My World’ and ‘Children Of The Last War’, were added to this collection with the talented guitarist Caleb Quaye. These recordings were left sitting on shelves for many years due to industry politics, and still after all these years, PP could never fathom the thought that nobody would be able to hear them. It became her mission to let these recordings see the light of day, and not let this incredible piece of music history stay buried.

With the help of PP’s current manager, Sally Cradock and music industry veteran Bill Levenson, whose past history includes putting together compilations for Bob Marley, Donna Summer and Jerry Lee Lewis, they began to recover these lost gems and fight for the right to release them, from various publishers who were not keen to part with them. Steve Cradock began mixing the tracks, calling upon his old friend Paul Weller, who gladly allowed them to use his Black Barn Studio, and also his long time engineer, Charles Rees.

The results were remarkable, after all these years, pieces of history were brought back to life again. “These recordings document my growth and development after the Immediate years and my struggle to survive being a relevant solo artist during a lot of lost years in my career. It’s an amazing trip down memory lane that I am so thrilled can be experienced in the here and now”.

"The Turning Tide" will be released on October 6th, 2017, on Kundalini Music.




Jerry Yester.....

In the 60's and 70's, it was not rare to see Jerry Yester’s name on classic albums. Whether producing acts like Association, Turtles, Tim Buckley or Tom Waits, or hearing him in bands like Modern Folk Quartet, Rosebud, Lovin’ Spoonful, or with Judy Henske on the now classic "Farewell Aldebaran", aside from a pair of 1967 singles, there wasn’t a Jerry Yester solo album from that period, as he was so busy creating music with and for other artists.

"Pass Your Light Around" collects the songs recorded in various studios throughout the 1970's, and even one dating back as far as 1964 from his Bleeker Street apartment. The songs were written with poet and lyricist and Tim Buckley collaborator Larry Beckett, who he got to know while producing Buckley’s "Goodbye And Hello" and "Happy Sad", and feature performances by Yester, Rosebud bandmates David Vaught and John Seiter, future Lone Justice member Don Heffington, and even Laurel Masse from The Manhattan Transfer, among others. In true Yester fashion, the instrumentation moves from classic guitar based instrumentation to strings, celeste, harmonium and synthesizer.

Produced by Jerry Yester with Cheryl Pawelski, the sources for all the tracks were pulled from Jerry’s personal archives, and mastered by Michael Graves. These 15 previously unissued tracks act as what could, and should have been another Yester tagged classic, but this time under his own name. Packaging contains photos, lyrics, and a new essay from Barry Alfonso, detailing the genesis of the songs and recordings, augmented by new interviews with both Yester and Beckett.

While it may have taken over 40 years to hear it, as Alfonso says in his liner notes, “What matters is that this remarkable music is available after decades of obscurity. The light never dimmed. Now it’s finally ready to be shared”.

Omnivore Recordings, October 6th, 2017.




Delta Wires.....

Seminal San Francisco Bay Area blues band, Delta Wires, announces a September 2017 European release date for their new CD, "Born In Oakland", on Mudslide Records. The album was recorded and mixed at Brickwall Sound in Concord, CA, and mastered by acclaimed engineer Bob Olhsson in Nashville. It showcases 10 originals and unique covers of a wide assortment of blues styles.

Delta Wires is a powerful harmonica and horns 7 piece band dedicated to modern blues, while paying tribute to the blues origins of the Mississippi delta. Their name was derived from the image of a band with modern, electric instrumentation, playing a style of music born in the Mississippi delta. What began as a college project and anthology of blues music from the Mississippi delta to the south side of Chicago, inevitably evolved into a band which has become known for its originality, versatility and crisp, tight, exciting, sound.

A living history of the San Francisco west coast blues, Delta Wires was truly born in Oakland over 30 years ago. The band started as band leader Ernie Pinata's college project, demonstrating the evolution of the blues from the cotton fields of the Mississippi delta, to Chicago and ultimately, to the west coast. The small band Ernie put together to play examples of this evolution grew into the high powered 7 piece band that now calls itself Delta Wires.

The band started by playing clubs in Oakland such as Esther's Orbit Room and The Continental Club. Around this same time, legendary bluesman Lowell Fulson sat in with Delta Wires at the New Orleans House in Berkeley and Ernie Pinata sat-in with the Freddie King Band at Mandrake’s in Berkeley. These were followed by a performance with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells at Keystone Berkeley. The Delta Wires then began to open shows for these blues greats, and continued to grow as musicians and as a band.

"Born In Oakland, their 7th album, demonstrates a further maturation of the group’s west coast blues style, influenced by the ups and downs of city life, and of life, itself. It’s a sound that is truly original and untypical of what fans might expect from a blues band. Both high energy and moody, with intricate horn arrangements and harmonies, Delta Wires is justifiably proud of what it has accomplished, which includes being voted best band by the East Bay Express and Oakland Magazine, and being inducted into the California Blues Hall Of Fame.

They have performed at the San Francisco Blues Festival, Russian River Blues Festival and Monterey Bay Blues Festival, among others, and were 2008 International Blues Challenge finalists in Memphis, TN. Delta Wires has toured or played with many noted artists, including Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy. In 2017, they were invited to perform at the prestigious Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy. 




Jackson Browne.....

Jackson Browne's "The Road East - Live In Japan" is a Japanese original release. Jackson Browne brings us a live album with tracks selected from his Japan tour in 2015. The songs are selected and mastered by Jackson Browne himself. Includes "These Days", "The Crow On The Cradle", and "Far From The Arms of Hunger". Comes with a poster, featuring the 2017 tour band and features the BluSpec CD2 format. October 6th, 2017.







Nilsson's Popeye.....

Varese Sarabande will be bringing the soundtrack to composer  and lyricist Harry Nilsson and director Robert Altman’s loopy film musical version of "Popeye" to compact disc in an authorized edition for the very 1st time on September 29th, 2017, but that’s not all.  This 2 CD deluxe edition will not only feature all of Nilsson’s memorable songs as performed by the perfectly cast likes of Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall and Paul Dooley, but will also debut Thomas Pierson’s instrumental score on CD, and an entire disc of previously unreleased demos performed by Nilsson. Varese continues to fill in the gaps of the Nilsson discography with this release, in addition to premiering "Flash Harry" on CD, the label previously brought the original album back into print on vinyl for 2016’s Black Friday Record Store Day event with 2 previously unreleased score tracks. Needless to say, both are included on this release.





Amanda Abizaid.....

Singer songwriter Amanda Abizaid is releasing a new EP in support of www.helpphilippineschools.org, a non-profit organization that helps children get the best education possible through the betterment of existing schools, working from the inside out. "Walking In Twos", featuring the legendary Stephen Stills, is a 7 track EP including 2 diverse mixes of the titular song, which was inspired by Amanda’s experiences with the Aeta Filipino children.  The EP also features other original songs and will be released in Europe in September 2017. The project’s goal is to create a self sufficient revenue stream using proceeds from the song's downloads and streams to buy school supplies for the Aeta children of the Philippines.

 By making state of the art teaching technology available, while at the same time seeing to the need for proper food and clothing, Help Philippine Schools insures a prosperous, personal and professional future for young minds in the country. Amanda is a professional singer songwriter living in Los Angeles, CA, and she is the cultural ambassador to the organization. Their overall mission is to supply rural government elementary schools throughout the Philippines, beginning on Mindanao, with modern educational equipment, food and clothing. They do this by dedicating profits generated through AEGIS, and from donations by private individuals, businesses and/or institutional entities.

 Amanda describes her music as 'neo soul meets world'. A gifted pianist, guitarist and flautist, Amanda Abizaid was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to an American mother and Lebanese father. Upon relocating to Los Angeles in the 1990's, Amanda immediately began working with some of the best musicians on the scene. She gained major notoriety when she lent her voice to “A Place In Time”, the haunting theme song from Paramount's TV series The 4400, which premiered in 2004. Amanda's 2010 CD release "This Life" garnered rave reviews from fans and music press from around the world.

The song “Walking In Twos” was inspired by Amanda Abizaid’s experiences with the Aeta Filipino children in Haduan Village when she was abroad in 2016. “I shook hands with every child and they told me their names”, Amanda recalls. “This is how the magic of this song began”. The village of Haduan is situated in the Southeastern foothills of the Pinatubo Volcano Range, across the Secovia Lahar River Basin. Visiting the village requires walking a few miles through rugged dirt paths, crossing a wide river, and a tropical wet dirt hike through the mountains. “When I arrived at their village”, says Amanda, “I entered their little stone classroom and soon began singing to my acoustic guitar instrumental of 'Walking In Twos', walking in between the tables and chairs. They smiled and their eyes lit up. In their indigenous language, they yelled out how much they loved the melody, clapping joyfully and asked what it meant. That's when I knew I was on to something special”.

Amanda made a strong impression on the children, and on her way home, a barefoot little girl named Lilibeth walked by her side. “Together we hiked down the mountain, crossing the unstable wooden roped bridge high over the river to the other side. We walked until we reached the paved road, the main entry of their village to civilization”. The children also made a strong impression on Amanda, and when it came time to record the song, she had them sing in their native language on the chorus. “For the Aeta to agree to perform on my song 'Walking In Twos' is a first time event for them, and for the world to hear these children's voices”.

Amanda Abizaid wrote and produced the "Walking In Twos" EP, and sings and plays flute and piano, as well. Stephen Stills is a legendary singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist best known for his work with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby Stills Nash & Young. He plays guitar on the title track. “To have Stephen Stills performance on the project is an amazing honor”, says Amanda, “and together with the support of the Aeta children this project is a wonderful opportunity to share and help them through music”.

The new "Walking In Twos" EP features an electronica remix of Amanda’s original title track produced by Lindsay Gillis, a Los Angeles based musician and songwriter, who has worked with Ron Fair, Dennis Dreith and Steve Deutsch. The "Walking In Twos" EP also includes 5 original songs, “One Love”, Amanda’s most recent acoustic reggae rock single, featuring bilingual lyrics, “Promises Of Love”, a trip hop world beat track featuring Egyptian oud player Ahmed Kamal, both co-produced with Raj Ramayya and Théo Nogueira, “Set It Up”, a trip hop track featuring world flute melodies, “Lion’s Den”, an acoustic rock track with a touch of electronica, and “Release Me”, an ambient electronic bilingual track co-produced with Mixman Shawn.

Other featured musicians on this work are bassist Mike Mennell and acoustic guitarist Lindsay Gillis.  Mike Mennell is a bassist and singer in Southern California who has been friends with and worked alongside Amanda for the past 16 years. Lindsay Gillis is a Los Angeles based musician and songwriter, survivor of numerous Southern California gigs and sessions, and collaborates with Amanda on the songwriting project “Someday Girl”.

Other contributions of note include Musicians Institute students performing drums under Stewart Jean, a drummer and educator based in Los Angeles, CA, currently the program chair for drums at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Also featured are local Buddhist children and the Aeta children from Village of Haduan, Philippines, singing in their native language on the chorus, and Mark Stephen Weitz from 60's legends Strawberry Alarm Clock, performing Wurlitzer on the track. Bill Dasheill was the engineer.




Herb Alpert.....

"The Christmas Wish" is Herb Alpert's first holiday album in almost 50 years. Recorded at the legendary Capitol Studios in Hollywood, the forthcoming album boasts a 10 piece rhythm section, a 45 piece orchestra, and a 32 member Choir. Herb Alpert Presents, September 29th, 2017.









David Crosby.....

Musical Icon David Crosby releases “Sky Trails”, his newest album on September 29th, 2017. This project contains new material written by and with friends Michael McDonald and Joni Mitchell.

01. She's Got To Be Somewhere
02. Sky Trails
03. Sell Me A Diamond
04. Before Tomorrow Falls On Love
05. Here It's Almost Sunset
06. Capitol
07. Amelia
08. Somebody Home
09. Curved Air
10. Home Free





Pi Jacobs.....

Los Angeles singer songwriter Pi Jacobs plays what she calls an ’americana bluesy rock thing’, one nonetheless edged by accents evoking her urban San Francisco childhood. Enamored of her mother’s rock and soul heavy music collection, she sang throughout school, picking up guitar, bass and songwriting as a teenager.

She earned her GED and left high school early, then pursued music studies at the local junior college. A period of woodshedding, gigging and recording ensued, culminating in the release of Pi’s debut album. She spent 2 years in New York before landing in L.A., which has proven fertile creative ground and a convenient base for touring

In addition to her ’smoldering vocals’, and intricate guitar playing, Jacobs plays a homemade percussion stomp box, driving her ’one woman band’ show, similar to Texas favorite Shakey Graves, to the next level of high energy, dynamic fun.

On tour in late 2015, in the tiny town of Floyd, VA. Pi met the head of Travianna Records at one of her performances, and was offered a record deal on the spot. In between European and US touring last year, Pi went to Floyd to work with producer and multi instrumentalist, Aaron Ramsey. The result is a true collaboration of Pi's ’Americana bluesy rock thing’, and Aaron's deep bluegrass roots. A truly unique and all acoustic album, ”A Little Blue”, will be released in September 2017. It is Pi's 7th commercial release.



Woody Guthrie Tribute.....

When Woody Guthrie died on October 3rd, 1967, after a stubborn 15 year bout with Huntington‘s Disease, a lot of people who had known him, worked with him, or just sung his songs, felt a spontaneous desire to do something. “A Tribute To Woody Guthrie” was planned for 2 performances at Carnegie Hall on January 20th, 1968. The list of artists joined Woody’s own friends and peers with the next generation of songwriters and musicians just coming into their own.

To honor Woody’s unique position as an artist, for the 1st time ever, 2 albums were issued in 1972 shared between Columbia Records and Warner Brothers Records, collating and editing tracks from both concerts. Now, exactly 50 years after Woody’s death, we invite you to hear what took place on those 2 iconic evenings as we present the Carnegie Hall and Hollywood Bowl concerts in their original, scripted, concert order including 20 tracks which were never included on the original LP's and are here released for the 1st time. Producers Nora Guthrie, Michael Kleff and Steve Rosenthal dug deep into the story behind the concerts, working with the original reel to reel concert tapes and concert scripts, business letters, and personal stories, they recreate and recount how, when and why these early tribute concerts are still important and reveal how they had such an impact on those who attended.

“To listen to the recordings now is to reflect upon events from an earlier and simpler time, which were communing with a still earlier and even simpler time. But simplicity is not the same thing as innocence. Although times have changed, in many ways for the better, not so the good and evil, bravery and cowardice, generosity and injustice that Woody and his friends and followers sang about.  What is so striking in these recordings, above and beyond the politics and musical styles, is the timelessness of what Woody was getting at in his deceptively simple art”, says historian and author Sean Wilentz from his introduction “So Long To Woody Guthrie”.



Josh Ritter.....

"Gathering" is the 9th full length album from acclaimed singer songwriter Josh Ritter which marks 20 years since he began recording and performing music with the Royal City Band. Ritter returned to the Clubhouse studio in Rhinebeck, NY, with more songs than he'd ever had before at one time.

Re-energized after a recent collaboration with legendary musician Bob Weir, and at the same time tired of living in the shadow of his earlier self, Ritter felt charged with exploring the possibility of cutting himself loose from his own and others' expectations. In his words, "I began with an exciting sense of dissatisfaction, and what emerged, as I began to find my voice, was a record full of storms. I still can't tell what era these stories are from. They feel part roustabout, part psalm to me".

The 13 songs featured on the album touch on themes of uncertainty, mania, laughter and sadness. In addition to "Showboat", highlights include "When Will I Be Changed", which features special guest vocals and guitar from Bob Weir. An avid visual artist, Ritter also painted the artwork for the album cover and the various single covers. September 22nd, 2017.




Paul Messinger.....

Paul Messinger is a poet, songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist, originally from New York, now based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is known as one of the early proponents of the Howard Levy (The Flecktones) approach to playing diatonic harmonica, and writes nuanced, character driven songs in varied styles, explaining, “Different stories require different musical styles to tell them”.

His abiding passions are history and people, and his artistic lens is focused on telling the stories of the people in the world around us.

The forthcoming album, "America 2.0 (Assorted Tales And New Myth)", is a song cycle about the idea of America. What is this place we call America? Who are these people we call Americans? The idea of America has, for over 2 centuries, drawn the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of mankind to these shores. Let us go then, you and I, and begin again to explore the places peopled with that idea.....



Isaac Hayes.....

Soul legend Isaac Hayes' career on the Stax label, from a young songwriter to "Black Moses" and "Shaft", will be the focus of a new box set that's tied to the label's 60th anniversary. Dubbed "The Spirit Of Memphis (1962-1976)", the collection features 4 discs of music spanning Hayes' legacy at Stax. The 1st disc boasts 26 tracks Hayes penned or produced for other artists, including Sam & Dave's "Hold On! I'm Comin'" and "Soul Man", and Carla Thomas' "B-A-B-Y".

The 2nd disc focuses on 20 of Hayes' own recordings like "By the Time I Get To Phoenix" and "Theme From 'Shaft'", plus a pair of radio ads. The 3rd disc, "Cover Man", features Hayes' renditions of songs by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, as well as previously unreleased material like the studio version of "Windows Of The World", and a recording of Hayes' 1972 Chicago concert. Finally, the 4th disc, "Jam Master", is packed with Hayes jamming out in the studio with the Bar-Kays, including a 33 minute version of "Do Your Thing". This disc also includes unreleased, in progress versions of "You've Made Me So Very Happy" and "Ain't No Sunshine", and a never Before heard "Shaft" outtake, "Black Militant's Place". "The Spirit Of Memphis (1962-1976)", out September 22nd, also comes with a 60 page hardcover retrospective, essays, interviews with artists like Sam & Dave's Sam Moore and compilation producer Joe McEwen. The set also houses a replica 7" of Hayes' 1964 single "Laura, We're On Our Last Go-Round" and "CC Rider".




Steve Miller Band.....

One of history's most important rock bands return with a brand new collection, "Steve Miller Band's Ultimate Hits". The album features seminal tracks including "Abracadabra", "The Joker" and "Jet Airliner". The 2 CD version also includes 4 previously unreleased live tracks, 3 previously unreleased studio tracks and 1 previously unreleased demo. In 2016 Steve Miller was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist. "Steve Miller Band's Ultimate Hits" was released on September 15th, 2017.








Tokyo Rosenthal.....

Rock & Sock Records just announced that they will be releasing "This Minstrel Life" from their recording artist, Tokyo Rosenthal in September 2017. This will be Rosenthal's 7th album on the Rock & Sock Records label.

The CD contains 6 original studio recordings and 4 live recordings from various locations, with an assortment of accompanists. This follows the theme of the new record which is about the lives of touring musicians, today and yesterday. The new recordings include the politically driven single, "Now I Believe There's A Devil", and an updated version of the previously released, "The Immigrant", now entitled "The Immigrant Revisited". In light of the present climate regarding immigration, Tokyo wanted to revisit this subject.

The new studio cuts touch on a variety of subjects including a family tragedy, a life gone wrong, co-written with Moira Saucer, politics, immigration policy, the music business, and ultra marathon running.

Toke is joined once again by a stellar crew of musicians including the dB's Chris Stamey, Allyn Love,  Chatham County Line's John Teer, Charlie Chamberlain, and Juanito Laguna. Backing Tokyo on the live tracks are The Sap Boilers, Manguss, Charlie Chamberlain, Logan Matheny, and Kieran O'Malley. The live recordings took place in Pittsboro, North Carolina on The Tokyo Rosenthal Program, in Knoxville, Tennessee, on WDVX's Blue Plate Special, on SXSW in Austin, Texas, and in Keighley, UK.

"This is a very different album for me and I'm excited by this project", says Rosenthal. "I like being able to present what I sound like on tour with a group of different touring partners from over the years. As always, the studio experience was great and enhanced by the magnificent musicians who joined me in Chris Stamey's facility. Navigating the music business these days is very difficult and I feel we've come full circle from the original days of traveling minstrels. I see myself, and my colleagues, mirroring the way things were back in the 1800's. In other words, we go from gig to gig, often getting room and board, selling our wares, and of course performing our original tunes. Today we travel by car, back then by horse. I believe the new songs are complimented by the live tracks as they expand on the 'minstrel' theme".

Rosenthal intends to begin touring in the fall, in and around his Chapel Hill home area, and the southeast US. Then early next year he will begin visiting the midwest, the northeast, the UK, Ireland, and other territories. 



Rusty Young.....

In 1967, a young musician from Denver was invited to play steel guitar on what would become the final album by Buffalo Springfield. Soon after, he, along with Richie Furay, George Grantham and Jim Messina, would form the seminal west coast country rock band Poco. Over the next 5 decades, alongside bandmates that would also include Paul Cotton, Randy Meisner and Timothy B Schmit, he became not only the musical core of the band, but also the writer and vocalist behind hits including "Rose Of Cimarron" and the #1 smash "Crazy Love"'.

Now the singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, who remains the heart and soul of Poco, has made the most surprising statement of his 50 year career. "Waitin' For The Sun" is the sound of a hit songwriter, roots innovator and Grammy nominated steel guitar legend exploring and expressing a lifetime of music influences. "I learned how to write songs not only from the guys in Poco, but the people I hung out with, too", explains Rusty. "People like Neil Young, Stephen Stills, and Gerry Beckley from the band America all made a big impression on me. As the sole writer on this record, I got to visit all kinds of different places that relate to my musical heritage and experiences.

Most of all, I wanted to take people on a journey that was fun to listen to, from the first note to the last". The album was recorded at Cash Cabin in Hendersonville, TN, the former home recording studio of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. It was produced by Rusty and longtime Poco bassist and vocalist Jack Sundrud, and mixed and mastered by Joe Hardy. Blue Élan Records, today, September 15th, 2017.





Gizmodrome is the brainchild of 4 acclaimed musicians, Stewart Copeland of the Police, Mark King of Level 42, Adrian Belew of King Crimson and Talking Heads, and Vittorio Cosma of PFM, who have all reached the commanding heights of their profession. It is a band who came together by a process which combined instant musical karma with a gestation period going back a decade or more. The musicianship on their first, self titled album is off the scale. So too is the creative and philosophical commitment to their cause. But the main thing is that they've got a bunch of properly great songs that they urgently want you to hear. 

This album brings the audience back to when rock music was played by unique musicians, when daring was a must, when listening to an album was an experience to enjoy from the first to the last song. Fans of the bands the 4 Gizmodrome members are coming from, would find it all again on this album which promises to be one of the must have of 2017.

Gizmodrome has been recorded in Milan and produced by Claudio Dentes. The experienced Italian and British producer has pushed the 4 talents to set the bar very high, never allowing them to play in their comfort zone. There was in fact only one rule in the studio, everything is allowed to create magic music and an album that would stand the test of time.

The debut album that resulted is in fact a one of a kind combination of all that made the musicians famous. The nervous genius of Copeland on drums, the incredible bass and backing vocals of Mark King, the guitars and the vocal parts by Adrian Belew that made many King Crimson albums milestones of progressive and alternative, not to mention his work with Frank Zappa. 

Never strange just for the sake of it, this is the album of 2017 for all fans of intelligent pop and rock. Available on CD, digital and vinyl on Ear Music, tomorrow, September 15th, 2017.




Peter Gallway.....

If you look at the cover of Laura Nyro’s ”New York Tendaberry” album, I believe it is a photo of her on her penthouse terrace on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I used to go to visit her there, and we’d sing new songs to each other. My latest solo project, ”Feels Like Religion”, is inspired by, and dedicated to, Laura. She changed my life in countless ways, some of which took a very long time.” ~ Peter Gallway





Who Singles Box.....

Having issued the 4 sets of 7" vinyl single boxes during 2015 and 2016, Universal Music now effectively present all those a and b sides, and EP tracks, on CD with a new The Who box set, "Maximum As & Bs: The Complete Singles".  This 5 disc, 86-track, collection from the Brunswick, Reaction, Track and Polydor labels of course includes all and every hit, along with all the b sides, many on CD for the 1st time. The CD's come in separate wallets, and are housed in the familiar lift off lid style box that Universal use regularly. It also comes with a 48-page booklet, with track by track annotation by acclaimed Who writers and the usual selection of period photos and images of memorabilia. "Maximum As & Bs: The Complete Singles" will be issued on  October 27th, 2017.




The Darkness.....

England’s most distinctive, multiple award winning, platinum selling, hugely entertaining rock gods, and one time saviours of rock’n’roll turned national pleasures, The Darkness are back with their 5th album "Pinewood Smile", due for release October 6th, 2017 through Cooking Vinyl.

Written in Putney, recorded in Cornwall and produced by Adrian Bushby, the compositions have all the crucial elements of classic Darkness fare, but with added layers for the ears to peel away at, like a sonic onion, but a lot tastier. It also features the drumming and vocal talents of gorgeous 






Dhani Harrison.....

"In///Parallel" is the new record from Dhani Harrison and the 1st album released under his own name. "In///Parallel" will be out October 6th, 2017. 1st single “All About Waiting” out now, with a radio campaign to follow. Performing at the Panorama Festival in New York. Expect late night TV performance to confirm for week of release.









Flock 1969-1970.....

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a new 2 CD anthology celebrating the fine american jazz rock band The Flock. Hailing from Chicago, The Flock was one of the most original groups to emerge on the late 1960's buoyant music scene. Along with their fellow Chicagoans Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago, The Flock were highly original in their musical approach, successfully fusing jazz, rock, blues and even classical influences.

The band recorded 3 singles in 1966 and 1967, before changing musical direction and recruiting virtuoso electric violinist Jerry Goodman to their ranks. With a line-up of Fred Glickstein, Jerry Goodman, Jerry Smith, Ron Karpman, Rick Canoff, Tom Webb and Frank Posa, The Flock came to the attention of manager Aaron Russo, owner of Chicago's famous Kinetic Playground venue. Russo secured the band a contract with Columbia Records, for whom The Flock recorded 2 excellent albums for the label, "The Flock" (1969) and "Dinosaur Swamps" (1970). " Truth - The Columbia Recordings 1969-1970" celebrates the music of this excellent band, and features both of their Columbia albums in remastered form, along with 6 rare single tracks previously unissued on CD and 6 rare non-album session recordings from 1969 & 1970. September 29th, 2017.




Ducks Deluxe.....

Renowned for their exciting, sweat drenched live shows and formed by ex-members of Help Yourself, Ducks Deluxe pioneered the spirit of pub rock back in the early to mid 70's. Having been a popular live draw, they signed to RCA, for whom they made 2 albums, but sadly, by the time the 2nd was released, they'd disbanded. Sean Tyla then formed Tyla Gang, while Nick Garvey formed The Motors, and Martin Belmont went on to Graham Parker & The Rumour. For the 1st time ever, here are Ducks Deluxe's complete original studio recordings across 3 CD's, augmented by the cream of the band's reunion material. Frontman Sean Tyla recently celebrated his 70th birthday and he still performs gigs to this day.

Both of the band's original studio albums, "Ducks Deluxe" and "Taxi To The Terminal Zone", produced by Dave Edmunds, appear on "Coast To Coast" in their entirety, alongside non-album a's and b's, rarities, 3 previously unissued early demos, exclusive compilation appearances, alternative versions, their reunion mini-album "Box Of Shorts" and accompanying live recordings. . Housed in a tidy card wallet combo, "Coast To Coast" also boasts detailed sleeve notes, reproductions of many rare images from the period and boasts remastered sound quality. Cherry Red Records, September 29th, 2017.




David Gilmour.....

45 years after Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour filmed ”Live At Pompeii” in the legendary roman amphitheatre there, he returned for 2 spectacular shows in July 2016, part of the year long tour in support of his album ”Rattle That Lock”. The performances were the 1st ever rock concerts for an audience in the stone roman amphitheatre, and, for 2 nights only, the 2,600 strong crowd stood exactly where gladiators would have fought in the first century AD.

”David Gilmour Live At Pompeii” is an audio visual spectacle, featuring lasers, pyrotechnics and a huge circular screen on which specially created films complement selected songs, but paramount above all is the astonishing music and stellar performances. The show includes songs from throughout David's career, solo and with Pink Floyd, including ”One Of These Days”, the only song that was also performed at the band’s 1971 show, and 6 songs from ”Rattle That Lock”, as well as 2 from 2006’s ”On An Island”.

Both concerts also saw very special performances of ”The Great Gig In The Sky” from ”The Dark Side Of The Moon”, which David rarely plays as a solo artist. ”Live At Pompeii’, available on 2 CD, BluRay, 2 DVD or a deluxe 2 CD / 2 BluRay box on September 29th, 2017, includes highlights from the concert performances of both shows, filmed in 4k by director Gavin Elder, and shows an artist at the top of his artistic game, performing incredible material with his world class band, in a unique setting, on one very special occasion.




Chris Spedding Box.....

"Chris Spedding - The RAK Years" is a 50 track 4 CD clam shell box set rounding up guitar supremo Chris Spedding’s time with RAK Records between 1975 and 1980. It Includes the hit single ‘Motor Bikin’’ which reached # 14 in the UK charts in 1975. Also features one of the first UK punk singles, Chris’ ‘Pogo Dancing’, which he recorded with The Vibrators. Disc 1 is his self titled debut for RAK, which featured the aforesaid ‘Motor Bikin”, plus the ‘Guitar Jamboree’, ‘Jump In My Car’ and ‘New Girl In The Neighbourhood’ singles and was produced by Mickie Most

 The 2nd CD contains the “Hurt” album from 1977, produced by Chris Thomas, and which features the ‘Get Outa My Pagoda’ and ‘Silver Bullet’ singles. Pretender Chrissie Hynde guests on backing vocals, whilst seminal session players Herbie Flowers, Clem Cattini and Ray Cooper provide the musical backing. “Guitar Graffiti” is disc 3 , self produced and featuring the ‘Video Life’, ‘Bored Bored’ and ‘Gunfight’ singles. The final disc is the “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” album from 1980, once again produced by Mickie Most, and including the single ‘The Crying Game’.

The booklet features detailed liner notes by 70’s expert Phil Hendricks and comes with pictures of all the relevant singles. Each of the CD’s comes in a card wallet depicting the original LP artwork. As well as being the go to guy for bands as diverse as Roxy Music, Sex Pistols and Wombles, Chris leads the reformed Sharks who also feature Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and original Sharks vocalist Snips, who contributed co-writes on many of the tracks on this box set. 7T's Records, September 29th, 2017.




Neila Dar.....

Neila Dar is an indie music project led by singer Jasmine Tommaso and guitarist Lorenzo Grassi. It kicked off in 2014 with the release of the single “Son Of The Stars”.

Based in Los Angeles CA, this project is formed by an eclectic ensemble of musicians from all over the world (Italy, Colombia and the US) living and playing in Los Angeles.

In 2015 the first EP “Some People Question Reality” was released. It was produced by Sage, aka Saverio Principini, and recorded at Speakeasy Studios.

Bandleaders Jasmine and Lorenzo began their musical journey in the city of stars by playing weekly as jazz musicians. While gigging around town, they began developing an original sound and writing new songs. Very soon, they had all the music for their 1st full length original album.

They completed the record in December of 2016, featuring Camilo Melo on drums, Joe Bagg on organ, Lorenzo Grassi on guitar and Jasmine Tommaso on vocals. The album was named after the single that started the whole adventure, “Son Of The Stars”.

It’s a collection of 11 tunes that were inspired by some of southern California’s most evocative landscapes, the Pacific Ocean, the urban cosmos of greater Los Angeles, and the vast wilderness of the high desert.

Neila Dar’s sound brings unity to the complexity of reality, using music as a medium to describe it in the simplest way. The soothing textures, enchanting vocals, and captivating grooves give birth to a sound they call vintage avantgarde, where the known and the unpredictable sit together in consonance.



Bowie Box 3.....

Following 2015’s "Five Years" and last year’s "Who Can I Be Now?", Parlophone Records will release "A New Career In A New Town [1977-1982]", an 11 CD or 13 LP David Bowie box set that includes remastered versions of arguably his most critically acclaimed albums, including the so called ‘Berlin Trilogy’ of "Low", "Heroes", and "Lodger" and 1980’s "Scary Monsters", his last studio album for RCA Records.

In addition to the remastered version, the box set will also feature 1979’s "Lodger" album newly remixed by Tony Visconti. This remix was started with David’s blessing before his passing in January last year. Visconti has revisited the original multi tracks and remixed the album to better highlight the album’s nuances. This version of the album will also feature newly remixed artwork featuring unseen images from the original cover photographic session from the archive of the estate of photographer Duffy. This remix of "Lodger" is exclusive to this box set.

The live album "Stage", which was issued in 1978, between "Heroes" and "Lodger", is included here in both the original version and the 2005 reissue, the latter restored the original running order and added some bonus tracks. In fact, 2 more previously unreleased bonus tracks are added to the version in this new box set, "The Jean Genie" and "Suffragette City", taking the track count to 22.

Other content of note is a “Heroes” EP, on a separate disc, with 4 foreign language variants, and the 3rd "Re:Call" compilation. "Re:Call 3" mops up single versions, and amongst its 19 tracks includes a new to CD extended version of "Beauty & The Beast", included on a US promo and Spanish 12-inch single, the original soundtrack version of "Cat People", later re-made for "Let’s Dance", the Queen collaboration "Under Pressure", a rare Australian single version of "Breaking Glass", the 5 tracks from 1982’s "Baal EP", David’s very last release for RCA Records, Japanese single "Crystal Japan", and the 1979 re-recording of "Space Oddity", which was the b-side to non-album single "Alabama Song", also included.

The box set adheres fairly rigidly to the rules of the previous packages, and therefore excludes any material not commercially released in the original era. The previously unreleased bonus tracks that were appended to the 1990-1992 Rykodisc and EMI reissues such as "Some Are, All Saints", "Abdulmajid" and "I Pray, Olé" are not included.

The 11 CD box includes mini LP CD vinyl replica versions of the original albums and the CDs are gold, not silver. The 13 LP vinyl set has the same content as the CD box and is pressed on 180g vinyl. Both versions of this box come with a book, 128 pages in the CD box and 84 in the vinyl set, that features rarely seen and previously unpublished photos by photographers including Anton Corbijn, Helmut Newton, Andrew Kent, Steve Schapiro, Duffy and many others, as well as historical press reviews and technical notes about the albums from producer Tony Visconti.

"A New Career In A New Town" will be released on September 29th, 2017.




Atlantic Bridge.....

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the 1st ever UK CD release of a newly remastered edition of the 1970 self-titled jazz-rock album by Atlantic Bridge. Born of a time when jazz musicians crossed in to the world of rock music, Atlantic Bridge was a quartet featuring Mike McNaught, Daryl Runswick, Jim Philip and Mike Travis. All 4 musicians were seasoned players on the London jazz circuit, but sought to expand their musical horizons. Influenced by the experimentation of Miles Davis on his album "Bitches Brew" and by the work of British musicians such as Keith Tippett, Atlantic Bridge, led by visionary Mike McNaught, took compositions by such artists as The Beatles and Jimmy Webb and crafted a highly innovative album, which also revealed the talents of Daryl Runswick, a respected bass player later to play with Elton John and The Alan Parsons Project among others, Jim Philip and Mike Travis. Originally released on Pye Records’ progressive imprint Dawn Records, Atlantic Bridge now commands large sums from vinyl collectors. This Esoteric Recordings edition has been newly remastered from the original Dawn master tapes and features 2 bonus tracks taken from a rare maxi single, also released in 1970. The release features an illustrated booklet and an essay featuring exclusive interviews with Daryl Runswick and Jim Philip. September 29th, 2017.




Van Morrrison.....

From a very early age, I connected with the blues. The thing about the blues is you don’t dissect it, you just do it. I’ve never over analysed what I do, I just do it. Music has to be about just doing it, and that’s the way the blues works, it’s an attitude. I was lucky to have met people who were the real thing, people like John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Witherspoon, Bo Diddley, Little Walter and Mose Allison. I got to hang out with them and absorb what they did. They were people with no ego whatsoever and they helped me learn a lot. The songs on 'Roll With The Punches', whether I’ve written them or not, they’re performance oriented. Each song is like a story and I’m performing that story. That’s been forgotten over years, because people over analyse things. I was a performer before I started writing songs and I’ve always felt like that’s what I do”. ~ Van Morrison 





Kat Burns has never been one to sit still. In her decade making music she’s released 3 albums with Forest City Lovers, 2 albums and various singles under her current moniker, KASHKA, and co-written on other artists’ releases. Her music has been heard in film and television, including recent appearances on ’Killjoys’, ’Meet The Fosters’ and ’Heartbeat’, and her song ‘Smoke It Out” is the theme song for a new radio show on Zoomer FM Radio. She also actively posts on her YouTube channel, illustrates, and maintains a commercial voice over career.

Kat Burns will release her 3rd album under the KASHKA moniker in late summer. Co-produced by Burns, Lisa Conway [LCON] and Andrew Collins, the album is KASHKA’s most experimental to date, with themes of human connection and feminism weaving through springy synths and lush string arrangements.

Recorded mostly at Wildlife Sanctuary Sound, a converted studio in Grey County owned by Lisa Conway and Andrew Collins, the album is both sparse and rich, bare vocals, curated synth sounds and 808 drums coexist with lush string arrangements framing delicate melodies, at times explosive.

Exploring themes of connection, isolation, and feminism, ”Relax” brings the listener through a landscape where one could be flying through years while just daydreaming. It's a departure from her last single, the radio friendly 'Heavy Ghost', but a return to her roots in many ways, in Kat's words, "this comes out of 2 years of writers block, figuring it out, and finding my place in this industry, as a woman. It’s reflective, synthy and a little bit weird. Just like me". The album includes stellar collaborations with Valerie Broussard, James Bunton [Ohbijou, Light Fires], and LCON.

Dixie Chicks Live.....

Fathom Events and Columbia Records are excited to bring the biggest selling US female band of all time, the Dixie Chicks, to CD and BluRay for "DCX MMXVI". Relive, or experience for the 1st time, the sold out "DCX MMXVI" tour, featuring a full set of Dixie Chicks classics such as “Wide Open Spaces”, “Goodbye Earl”, “Not Ready To Make Nice”, as well as a special never before seen acoustic set including a special cover of Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons”. Captured live, "DCX MMXVI" shows just how sorely missed the Dixie Chicks have been on stage.


Jake Bugg.....

Jake Bugg is back with his stunning 4th album "Hearts That Strain". Recorded in Nashville with members of The Memphis Boys, who played on classics such as "Dusty In Memphis", "In The Ghetto" and "Suspicious Minds", Jake also collaborated with Dan Auerbach, from The Black Keys, to create a classic and timeless record. Available on CD or heavyweight vinyl today, on September 1st, 2017.








The Killers.....

The Killers has set a September 22nd, 2017, release date for "Wonderful, Wonderful", the band's first album since 2012's "Battle Born". The album, produced by Jacknife Lee, features 10 songs, including first single "The Man", as well as 3 'deluxe edition bonus tracks'. The album, which also boasts Anton Corbijn shot cover art, is available to pre-order now in a variety of formats.




Stills & Collins.....

In 1967, Stephen Stills met Judy Collins and began a 2 year romance with the folk legend, that inspired him to write the 1969 Crosby, Stills & Nash classic “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”. Now, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of their relationship, Stills and Collins are teaming up for a collaborative album as well as a US summer tour. The duo are working hard on their album which will be released on September 22nd, 2017. The tour, which features more than 45 dates, kicked off with a July 26 performance at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, and winds down in late fall. Interestingly, the tour will mark the first time Stills and Collins will perform on stage together. The shows will feature songs from the brand new album and selections from their back catalogs, while Stephen and Judy also will share stories about their eventful lives and careers and recollections of their time together.

Tracklisting for "Stills & Collins" :

01. Handle With Care
02. So Begins The Task
03. River Of Gold
04. Judy
05. Everybody Knows
06. Houses
07. Reason To Believe
08. Girl From The North County
09. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
10. Questions




Rolling Stones.....

Universal Music will issue a 50th anniversary deluxe edition of The Rolling Stones‘ 1967 album "Their Satanic Majesties Request" in September.  This set is one of the more straightforward to explain, since it comprises the stereo and mono versions of the album, newly remastered by by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. Both mixes are pressed onto vinyl ,lacquer cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, and are supplied on 2 hybrid SACD's.

Universal are calling this a ’50th Anniversary Special Audiophile Edition’ and while the term ‘audiophile’ is used so liberally these days by labels and their partners, it’s all but lost its meaning, but the inclusion of the very niche SACD format does justify it in this case. So to be clear, this is a 4 disc set that delivers 2 vinyl records and 2 hybrid SACD's, these aren’t being made available separately. Hybrid means that you can play the discs on standard CD players, although you will lose the hi-res element and will only be accessing a standard 44.1 kHz/16 bit stereo version of the new remaster.

It should be noted that "Their Satanic Majesties Request" has been issued on SACD before. The out of print ABKCO Rolling Stones CD reissues of 2002 were all hybrid SACD's, although that fact was rather unplayed at the time, and you have to look hard to see mention of it on the packaging. Also, Universal Japan issued an SACD of this title in 2011, which was reissued as recently as 2014.

This new 2017 edition of the album comes in special 8 panel gatefold packaging that folds out into a square. It also restores the original lenticular front cover, something last year’s mono box set failed to do. The 50th anniversary comes with a modest 20 page booklet, which includes an essay by Rob Bowman and features Michael Cooper’s photos from original cover shoot. This set is described as a limited edition pressing that comes with hand-numbered sleeves.

This 4 disc 50th anniversary edition of "Their Satanic Majesties Request" will be released on September 22nd, 2017.




Jack Tempchin.....

Jack Tempchin is perhaps best known for his 5 multi platinum Eagles songs, 2 of which are on the RIAA Certified ‘Best Selling Album of the 20th Century’, "Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975". Jack’s “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone” are also featured in the recent ‘History Of The Eagles’ documentary by Alex Gibney. Other cuts are on "Hell Freezes Over" and "Long Road Out Of Eden".

During the Eagles 14 year vacation Jack Tempchin co-wrote radio hits for Glenn Frey’s solo career, including “Smuggler’s Blues” and “You Belong to The City” from the Miami Vice TV soundtrack. Other Tempchin tunes have songs have been covered and sung by George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits, Glen Campbell, Chris Hillman, Jackson Browne, Dwight Yoakam, Linda Ronstadt, Patty Loveless, Trisha Yearwood, Tanya Tucker, Randy Meisner, Tom Rush, Kate Wolf, Richie Havens, Dave Edmunds, Vince Gill, My Morning Jacket, as well as a #10 hit with rocker Johnny Rivers, “Slow Dancing”, celebrating the 40th anniversary of it’s release as a single this month.

With support from new label Blue Elan Records, Jack’s on track to put out his 4th release in 24 months. “Peaceful Easy Feeling – The Songs Of Jack Tempchin” will pay tribute to partner and pal Glenn Frey with Tempchin’s own version of a dozen popular tracks. Plus it will feature special guest vocalists, Rita Coolidge, Janiva Magness, Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen.

New album was available August 25th, 2017.




Leon Russell.....

01. On A Distant Shore
02. Love This Way
03. Here Without You
04. This Masquerade
05. Black And Blue
06. Just Le
07. On The Waterfrontaves And Grass
08. Easy To Love
09. Hummingbird
10. The One I Love Is Wrong
11. Where Do We Go From Here
12. A Song for You

"On A Distant Shore", Palmetto Records, September 22nd, 2017.



Ringo Starr.....

Ringo Starr was celebrating his 77th birthday with the announcement of his 19th solo album, "Give More Love", scheduled for release later this year. Due in stores September 15th, 2017, "Give More Love" marks Starr’s 1st solo studio release since 2015’s "Postcards From Paradise", and, like many of the musical projects he’s pursued over the past couple of decades,  finds the former Beatle collaborating with a small army of famous friends. As previously reported, Starr spent some time in the studio with former bandmate Paul McCartney, as well as Joe Walsh, their contributions were used for the track “We’re On The Road Again”, which also features Edgar Winter and Steve Lukather, the latter of whom appears on a number of "Give More Love" songs. McCartney is also featured on another track, “Show Me The Way”. Other guests include Peter Frampton and Walsh’s fellow Eagles member Timothy B Schmit.




Michael McDonald.....

Who would doubt that Michael McDonald could still sound groovy and relevant while ushering the musical feel of 1978 into 2017? Only a fool. Within seconds of the opening 'oohs' and warm, groovy vibes of McDonald's new song, "Find It In Your Heart", your heart will be overjoyed. The opening notes call up immediate memories of some of his much beloved Doobie Brothers classics, like "What A Fool Believes" and "Takin' It To The Streets", as well as some of of his incredible harmony singing with Steely Dan on "Peg" and "Bad Sneakers".

"Find It In Your Heart" has the all the quintessential ingredients of a McDonald Classic, the warm Fender Rhodes, drummer Shannon Forrest's seductive, soulful lock -step playing, Michael Landau's tasty wah wah guitar licks and George Benson-esque solos, the signature sax solo by Tom Scott, and oh, those sweet, sweet harmonies. The song also proves that, 4 decades in, McDonald is still a songwriting sophisticate.

"Wide Open", his first new studio album since 2008, sees McDonald putting away the r'n'b songbook, eschewing the covers of his last few records in favor of all new, original material. The album includes a who's who of excellent players, including bassists Willie Weeks and Marcus Miller, guitarists Warren Haynes and Robben Ford, saxophonist Branford Marsalis and keyboardist David Paich.

Both old and new generations of Michael McDonald fans recently came together when he collaborated with Kenny Loggins and jazz funk bassist Thundercat on the sultry "Show You The Way", from Thundercat's album "Drunk". An appearance at Coachella likely brought the singer songwriter to new audiences whose parents were raised on many of those Doobie and Steely Dan hits. But "Wide Open" may be the album that makes the kids call their folks and say, 'hey, have you heard of this new artist, Michael McDonald?".

"Wide Open" comes out September 15th, 2017 via BMG Records.




Howard Simon.....

I am a San Francisco based singer songwriter. My, mostly, acoustic music is based in folk and blues, with fingerstyle and flatpicked guitar accompanied by a small band. I have been writing songs most of my life and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with exceptional musicians and a phenomenal recording engineer in bringing my songs to life on my 2 albums, "The View From This Horizon," released in 2014, and my new album, "Visitors," just about to be released.

My songs are about love, romantic and otherwise, family, morality and mortality. The writing spans many years, from my 20's to my 50's, and thus the songs consider these things in many lights and through the widely differing lenses of a young man and one somewhat older, though in my case, one probably not much wiser. If there is a common thread to my songs, it is the people we love, the desire to do right, and the hope and fear, the peace and the struggle that constitute life bring wonder in addition to its joy and sadness, and sometimes loss. My music is an attempt to capture and communicate some of that wonder as I have known and imagined it throughout my life. I hope you enjoy it.” ~ Howard Simon




Linda Ronstadt.....

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Linda Ronstadt's 8th studio album, "Simple Dreams", this is a newly remastered CD, containing 3 live recordings from a 1980 HBO concert special, which have never been released as stand alone audio. Rhino Records, September 15th, 2017.









Dr John Box.....

Dr John began his solo career in 1968 on Atco Records, where he released 7 albums that introduced classics like “Iko Iko”, “Right Place, Wrong Time”, and “Such A Night”. Rhino Records will explore Dr John’s early days with a new 7 CD set that follows his evolution from a psychedelic voodoo witch doctor to a celebrated interpreter of New Orleans standards. All 7 studio albums have been remastered for the 1st time. The set features "Gris-Gris" (1968), "Babylon" (1969), "Remedies" (1970), "The Sun, Moon & Herbs" (1971), "Gumbo" (1972), "In The Right Place" (1973) and "Desitively Bonnaroo" (1974).

"Gris-Gris" (1968) was his debut album and it featured music deeply influenced by his fascination with voodoo folklore and the musical traditions of New Orleans, as did his 3 following albums, "Babylon", "Remedies" and "The Sun, Moon & Herbs". Among the highlights on those 4 albums are standouts like “Mama Roux”, “I Walk On Gilded Splinters”, “Black Widow Spider”, “Familiar Reality”, and the epic “Angola Anthem”. His next album, "Gumbo", was a tribute to the music he grew up listening to in New Orleans.  Afterwards, he collaborated with Allen Toussaint and The Meters on 2 groundbreaking New Orleans funk albums. "In The Right Place" reached #24 on the charts, thanks to the hits “Right Place, Wrong Time” and “Such A Night”. Its follow-up, "Desitively Bonnaroo", featured the hit “Everybody Wanna Get Rich Rite Away”, and years later helped inspire the name of the popular music festival Bonnaroo.




Cat Yusuf Stevens.....

Whether he is known as Cat Stevens, Yusuf, or The Man Being Followed By A Moon Shadow, there is no denying that he has one of the most storied songwriting catalogues of the past century. Now Yusuf Islam has announced a new album "The Laughing Apple", which a) is a fantastic name, fitting snugly alongside "Tea For The Tillerman", "Teaser & The Firecat" and "Buddha & The Chocolate Box" in his catalogue of excellently named records and b) finds him combining newly written songs with a handful of songs from his 1967 catalogue, re-recorded in a way that better suits his original goal with the tunes.

“There are some I always wanted to hear differently”, he says of the new record. “Many of my earlier recordings were overcooked with big band arrangements. They crowded the song out a lot of times”. Those familiar with his early albums may tend to agree. Thankfully, the album is produced by with Paul Samwell Smith, who manned the desk on the aforementioned "Tea For The Tillerman" record.

“As you grow older, the sweetness of youth, as Wordsworth expressed in his poem ‘Splendour In The Grass’, get stronger,” says Yusuf of the tone of this album. “Looking back and emotionally drawing on the themes of childhood possibilities and disappointments is what exemplifies this album, for me”.

"The Laughing Apple" celebrates the 50th anniversary of the artist's 1967 debut, "Matthew & Son", and will come out on Yusuf's Cat-O-Log Records imprint, via Decca Records, on September 15th, 2017.





Paving an americana lane all their own”, this 5 piece modern americana folk rock act, Humphrey-McKeown, engages listeners in with organic melodies, originality of sound and soulful lyrics. Writing together since 2006, Humphrey-McKeown delves deep into universal human experiences and captivates live audiences with their high energy music, atmospheric gypsy taste, melodic colors and first class storytelling.

They have created a buzz for themselves with their personal concerts to unsuspecting fans during tours, are on rotation on 120 independent radio stations across the US and Canada, and have released 5 albums in 6 years, self produced by Tom McKeown and Heather Humphrey. 'Tuned Loud' states, “It’s not too much to say that Humphrey-McKeown is one of the most promising figures in contemporary folk rock music”. Given much acclaim across varied press, their 5th album, “Tapestry Of Shadows”, is available on Spotify, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold.

The band’s songwriters and lead vocalists, Heather Humphrey and Tom McKeown, met in their current home towns of Schaumburg, IL, in 2006, when they joined forces to write for publishers in Los Angeles, Chicago and Nashville.  By blending New York native, Heather’s innate sense of melody, and Chicago based Tom’s pursuit of something new and unexpected, the partnership wrote for any occasion and in any style always seeking to better themselves and their craft.  After peddling their songs for the success of others, they realized they wanted to find success for themselves and write for their own musical voice.

In 2011 they formed the Humphrey-McKeown Band, subsequently released 4 studio albums from 2012 to 2015, and honed their unique take on americana folk rock. By bringing Tom and Heather’s  dual lead vocals to an americana style with unexpected progressive sense, broad sweeping melodies, a big beat, and a touch of Brill Building sensibilities, the Humphrey-McKeown sound was born.

On their 5th album, “Tapestry Of Shadows,” bassist Tony Meadors, violinist Gary Jacklin, and drummer Jim Livas, join Tom and Heather on the recordings. Unlike previous albums, this is truly a band album where everyone has a key role in the creation and execution of the music.  ”Tapestry Of Shadows” is a milestone for Humphrey-McKeown and is sure to garner even more national and international recognition for them as songwriters. The entire band is actively touring across the US and Canada




Bruce Cockburn.....

Bruce Cockburn has announced the September 15th, 2017 release of his 1st full length album in 7 years, "Bone On Bone", on True North Records. The release coincides with his induction into the 'Canadian Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame', and the launch of his longest touring schedule in decades.

Few recording artists are as creative and prolific as Bruce Cockburn. Since his self titled debut in 1970, the Canadian singer songwriter has issued a steady stream of acclaimed albums every couple of years. But that output suddenly ran dry in 2011 following the release of "Small Source Of Comfort". There were good reasons for the drought. For one thing, Cockburn became a father again with the birth of his daughter, Iona. Then there was the publication of his 2014 memoir 'Rumours Of Glory"

“I didn’t write any songs until after the book was published because all my creative energy had gone into 3 years of writing it”, Cockburn explains, from his home in San Francisco. “There was simply nothing left to write songs with. As soon as the book was put to bed, I started asking myself whether I was ever going to be a songwriter again”.

Such doubt was new to the man who’s rarely been at a loss for words as he’s distilled political views, spiritual revelations and personal experiences into some of popular music’s most compelling songs. What spurred Cockburn back into songwriting was an invitation to contribute a song to a documentary film about the late, seminal Canadian poet Al Purdy and he was off to the races.

"Bone On Bone", Cockburn’s 33rd album, arrives with 11 new songs and there’s a prevalent urgency and anxious tone to much of the album, which Cockburn attributes to living in America during the Trump era. But, more than anything, "Bone On Bone" amounts to the deepest expression of Cockburn’s spiritual concerns to date. “There have been so many times in my life when an invitation has come from somewhere, the cosmos, the divine, to step out of the familiar into something new. I’ve found it’s best to listen for, and follow these promptings.

Produced by Colin Linden, Cockburn’s longtime collaborator, the album is built around the musicianship of Cockburn on guitar and the core accompaniment of bassist John Dymond and drummer Gary Craig. Also very much part of the sound, is the accordion playing of Cockburn’s nephew John Aaron Cockburn and the solos of noted fluegelhorn player Ron Miles.




Overend Watts.....

Overend Watts, who died early this year, was a bass player, record producer, songwriter, author, and founder member of Mott The Hoople, and was the the driving force behind the reunion shows of 2009 and 2013. Before his death, after a long illness, he finally completed his solo album that he had been promising to deliver to his legion of fans for the past decade or so, and in keeping with his legendary witty humour, he decreed that as the album would be released after his passing, it would not be called "She's Real Gone" as planned, but changed to "He's Real Gone". As a bonus track for his fans, Overend provided his own demo of his song "Born Late 58", which he sang on the 7th and final album from Mott The Hoople back in 1974. Angel Air, September 8th, 2017.






Gregg Allman.....

"Southern Blood" serves as a remarkable final testament from an artist whose contributions have truly shaped rock'n'roll throughout the past 4 decades. Greg Allman’s 1st all new recording since 2011’s solo landmark, "Low Country Blues", the album is among the most uniquely personal of the rock'n'roll hall of famer’s long career, an emotionally expansive collection of songs written by friends and favorite artists, including Jackson Browne, Willie Dixon, Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, Lowell George, Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn, meant to serve as a salutary farewell to his legion of devoted fans and admirers. Allman collaborated on his closing project with manager and dear friend Michael Lehman and acclaimed producer Don Was, a longtime acquaintance and staunch supporter committed to helping the rock icon actualize his very specific aspirations. Rounder Records, September 8th, 2017.





Jay Pinto.....

Jay Pinto’s undeniably catchy folk pop melodies surround lyrics capturing the complex realities oflove, family, home, and perhaps most significantly, hope. As a songwriter Jay sees his role as an observer of the world, whose task is to distill his experience into an emotional connection with the audience, in a 3 minute pop song. This challenge has driven him during his 30 year career as an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and producer, leading to what has been described as an ’ability to write what may be close to the perfect pop song’.

Musically, Jay reaches far beyond his genre’s standard acoustic fare. Whether working on his own song or one for a client, you might find him in his home studio sampling the jangling of aluminum can tabs for a new sound design, layering a cloth muffled bassline into a mix that needed an extra ’something’, or recording vocal ’oohs’, ’ahs’ and ’la la la’s’. Jay’s musical universe is limited only by his imagination, everything is an instrument, every word is a lyric, every situation is an opportunity to create.

At the age of 8, Jay began what would be a lifelong passion for music. First playing piano, then guitar, Jay’s boyhood fascination with music eventually led him to write and perform his own songs. After relocating from his native Boston to the westcoast of the US, Jay performed original music on stages from Sacramento to LA,  San Francisco to Seattle. It was in Seattle that he met Tom Kennedy and the 2 formed Bananafish, an acoustic folk pop duo that recorded and released 4 CD’s and toured internationally, sharing stages with Heart, Shawn Colvin, and Ani DiFranco.

In 1999 Jay released his 1st solo album, ”9 Song Demo”. Over the next decade he sharpened his craft through the discipline of writing music for television and film, landing placements in major daytime soaps, primetime network and cable dramas such as ’The Sopranos’, ’Queer As Folk’, and ’Party Of Five’. He also brought his vast artistic and industry experience to the studio as a producer working with newer artists like Emilia Glaser, Pellegrini, Adena Atkins, and Dana Hubanks. In 2012 he released the full length album, ”blink”, followed by the 2013 single, “Whoa”.

Currently Jay is writing and recording his 3rd solo album, to be released on his own label, Nervesauce Music, and preparing for a 2017 international tour in the United States, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

Jay Pinto's forthcoming self titled album is an unvarnished acoustic and vocal reimagining of songs written throughout his 35 year career, along with 2 never before released tracks. Fans of Jay's solo work or his material from the Bananafish years will appreciate this intimate glimpse into his world, where universal themes like love, hope, friendship and fulfillment all ring with notes of both melancholy and joy. Deeply honest and vulnerable, this album has an immediacy to it that borders on eavesdropping, listeners will have the sense they have been let in on a secret Jay has chosen to reveal only to them.



Duane Eddy.....

He’s the #1 rock and roll instrumentalist of all time, a rock and roll hall of famer of long standing, and the sound of his Gretsch 6120 brought the word twang into the pop music vocabulary. He’s Duane Eddy, and here, for the 1st time ever, is a collection devoted to the classic single sides he recorded for the RCA label during the 60's.

Those familiar with Duane’s discography know that it had 2 distinct periods, 1, the late 50's, early 60's recordings for the Jamie label, and, 2, the early to mid 60's sides for RCA Victor. Strangely, though he had 7 chart hits for the label, the RCA Victor material has never really seen a good compilation come out in the US, now, in true Real Gone Music fashion, they’ve assembled the a and b sides of all 11 original mono singles he recorded for RCA, remastered from the original tapes by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios and painstakingly compared to the original 45’s to ensure maximum fidelity to that original sound that Duane perfected with Lee Hazlewood among others during his stay at RCA.

The booklet includes detailed liner notes by Ed Osborne drawn from a new interview with Duane, festooned with rare European picture sleeves and photos from the RCA archives. Features such classics as “Guitar Man”, “The Ballad Of Paladin”, “Boss Guitar” and “The Son Of Rebel Rouser”, 22 tracks of twang. Real Gone Music, September 8th, 2017.





T Rex Remixes.....

Demon Music Group are to mark the 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan’s untimely death with a project that is sure to divide fans of T Rex. They have commissioned new remixes of classic tracks such as "Metal Guru", "Telegram Sam" and "20th Century Boy", for a 2 CD set that is also available as a strictly limited 500 only triple coloured vinyl set.  "T Rex Remixes" features 16 modern remixes by people you have probably never heard of, including The Reflex, Wye Oak, STOOF, Castleman and Ra Ra Riot. There are also 12 bonus instrumental remixes on both the triple vinyl and 2 CD editions and they have exactly the same audio content. "T Rex Remixes" will be released on September 1st, 2017.






John Sebastian.....

As the leader of The Lovin' Spoonful, John Sebastian was responsible for a string of hits including, “Do You Believe In Magic”, and "Summer In The City". This new 'best of his solo years' includes the #1 hit "Welcome Back”, as well as new versions of the Spoonful classics “You're A Big Boy Now” and “Didn't Wanna Have To Do It”, and live versions of “Nashville Cats”, "Darling Be Home Soon” and others. The forthcoming album, "Stories We Could Tell: The Very Best Of John Sebastian", also features “Stories We Could Tell” and "She’s A Lady”, his first solo hit. Varese Sarabande, September 1st, 2017.







Frank Migliorelli.....

Whimsically explaining his life changing decision to return to his passion of writing and playing his own songs after years of creating musical magic in the service of others, Frank Migliorelli says, “when you’ve done everything from writing music for little kids, ad agencies and half naked guys in bowties, you want to step back and try something different”.

With 10 self penned tracks infused with a solid dose of what he calls ’Napper rock’n’roll sensibility’, the New York based singer, songwriter and front man for the popular indie powerhouse Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers draws from an deep well of influences, rock, pop, roots, rockabilly and soul, to create an eclectic full length album whose title speaks to the essentials involved, ”Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organ”s. It’s the highly anticipated follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed 2015 debut ”City Eastern Serenade”.

Frank brings decades of fascinating musical history to his leadership of and vision for The Dirt Nappers. The onetime owner of indie label Rave On Records, whose roster included renowned NYC blues duo Satan & Adam, has written and published a library of music for advertising agencies, children’s publishers and video game projects. His music has appeared on NBC’s “Homicide”, an “X-Files” video game, and numerous video games and educational programs for Scholastic and Sunburst. 

His creative work extends to his successful career in interactive media as an award winning exhibit and game designer, and a college professor at New York University. In addition to performing with The Dirt Nappers, Frank hosts a monthly songwriter showcase at The Green Growler in Croton on Hudson, NY, which began its 3rd season in the spring of 2017.



Jerry Douglas.....

The Jerry Douglas Band, led by multi award winning musician Jerry Douglas, have announced their new studio album, "What If", to be released August 18th, 2017, via Rounder Records. Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, "What If" decisively merges jazz inclinations with the bluegrass, country, blues, swing, rock, and soul that Douglas spent his life absorbing and performing, forging a sound that flies beyond the boundaries of anything he, or anyone else, has done before.

"What If" marks the recorded debut of The Jerry Douglas Band, though Douglas has recorded several of these songs previously, he turns them inside out here in bold new arrangements, filled with unexpected elements. For example, in 1992 he covered “Hey Joe”, the Billy Roberts folk tune that became one of Jimi Hendrix’s most beloved blues rockers, as an uptempo bluegrass song. Here, it’s recontextualized again with drums and fiddle, and horns instead of mandolin. Speaking of changing the feel, Douglas’ rendering of Tom Waits’ “2:19” is a funky revelation, dripping with soul, and vocals that sound like they’re rolling from the lips of a grizzled Beale Street bluesman, killing it at 3AM, not a 3 time country music association musician of the year. He also radically reconfigures the album opener “Cavebop”, originally recorded in 2002. This time, it contains the horns he always wanted it to have. “The first time I recorded it, we just played it as fast as we possibly could”, says Douglas. “This time, we made it a bit more sophisticated, with more of an arrangement. A lot of times, when you record songs, you don’t really know ’em yet. I got another shot at this one”.




Lynne & Moorer.....

Bob Dylan needs women. Not necessarily in the personal sense, although like most prominent male artists he relied on female companions' creative input and connections as he cut out his path to greatness. Certainly women have inspired his writing, too, his lyricism has always been most humane within his explorations of actual relationships, from his marriage to Sara Lownds to the mysterious bombshell who inspired his 1998 masterpiece about heartbreak in life's evening hours, ”Time Out Of Mind”.

But more than in the usual heterosexual ways, Bob Dylan needs women to carry his music beyond the confines of his peerless yet technically limited voice. Sure, The Band, The Byrds and Jimi Hendrix  gained commercial success and canonical status covering rock's bard. But Joan Baez and Odetta gave us the most revealing dives into his songbook, Nico and Sheryl Crow delivered the finest version sanctioned by the writer himself, and right now, Joan Osborne is keeping the flame vividly alive right now with a tour that refreshes a whole program of his classics.

Add Alabama born sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer to the list of women granting Dylan the gift of their insights and vocal chops. Both groundbreakers in the free zone between country music and what's come to be called americana, Lynne and Moorer have long been extolled for their exceptional strength and vision, as both songwriters and vocalists. For years they have promised to collaborate on a full length release, and finally, it's happened, and Dylan is one of the lucky beneficiaries of their attention.

The title track on their upcoming album ”Not Dark Yet” is one of Dylan's most powerful ballads, the gentle elucidation of despair that was at the center of that 1998 resurgence. Dylan's original is a desert version of country blues, his singing dusty and a bit wry, its musical bed marked by a gentle western drift. Lynne and Moorer take a more searching approach, anchored in Benmont Tench's gospel inspired organ. Seamlessly exchanging verses, these 2 voices share such a deep genetic imprint that it can be hard to tell them apart, Lynne and Moorer communicate how resilience develops from the admission of vulnerability.

"Not Dark Yet" is a highlight on an album whose collaborative spirit is rooted in a shared desire to push, with the utmost grace, against confining musical categories. Produced by Teddy Thompson, it partners songs by rockers like Killers, Nirvana and Nick Cave with more conventional picks, like Jessi Colter's "I'm Looking For Blue Eyes", and Merle Haggard's "Silver Wings". There's one original, the solemn, hopeful Lynne and Moorer cowrite "Is It Too Much". Turning rock songs more acoustic and rootsier can be a gimmick, but Lynne, Moorer and Thompson take a more refined approach in arrangements that are never gimmicky and always centered on the sisters' haunting harmonies. Lucky you, Bob Dylan. The female perspective has done you right again.




Chris Farlowe.....

Following the dissolution of Immediate Records, Chris Farlowe cut this album with the band the Hill, which was comprised of Bruce Waddell on bass, Colin Davey on drums, Peter Robinson on keyboards, Steve Hammond, late of Fat Mattress, on guitar, with Paul Buckmaster, the same man who arranged the accompaniment on albums by Elton John, among others, filling in the last spot on cello.

The results were a strange, but beautiful amalgam of bluesy hard rock and progressive rock, highlighted by "Black Sheep" and "Mama Rosa", a song about a drug dealer. It was all a new style for Farlowe, a British soul shouter who was good enough to share billing with Otis Redding on the latter's 'Ready, Steady, Go' debut, and one that worked astonishingly well, and served as something of a bridge to his work with Colosseum.

He shares the spotlight here with a very busy organist, with lots of cadenzas, and an extremely talented guitarist, but it all holds together and, in fact, is some of the most powerful progressive rock you're likely ever to hear. Repertoire Records, August 18th, 2017.




Alex Lopez.....

Born in the heartland of rock'n'roll, this Cleveland, Ohio, area native started with organ lessons at the age of 8 and soon was playing keyboards at local church and school functions. Inspired by The Beatles and British blues rock bands, Alex learned to play the guitar as a teen, developing a style influenced by guitar greats Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

While playing in local bands like Midnight Voyager and Sahara, Alex spent part of young adulthood recording original songs in small studios and polishing his songwriting skills. After moving to Florida to attend college, Alex played in local bands until his band at the time, Sahara, also relocated to Florida to rejoin him in pursuit of a music career. They had some modest success playing in Florida clubs with a few of Alex's original songs, eventually receiving local airplay.

Alex took a break from actively pursuing his music career to raise a family. It was during this period Alex reconnected with his blues roots, studying the guitar style of blues greats like BB King, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy. Alex also took this time to write and record a voluminous amount of original material while continuing to hone his guitar skills.

With his family grown, Alex rekindled the musical fire by joining the classic rock and blues band Reminiscion as lead guitar and vocalist, the popular band has been performing steadily in Tampa area clubs and venues for years. While a member of Reminiscion, Alex has continued performing, writing and recording his own brand of driving blues music. In September of 2013 Alex released the album "Back Bedroom Blues", a collection of all original blues and rock songs displaying his formidable skills as a blues guitarist and singer songwriter. And in 2015 Alex Lopez released his 2nd CD "Is it A Lie" to excellent reviews.

With his just released 3rd album, "Slowdown", Alex has achieved a new level of success with international airplay, recognition and great reviews. Alex continues to perform throughout the Tampa Bay area with his band The Xpress and at festivals through out the Southeast, while now developing a global loyal following.



Lukas Nelson.....

Since forming 10 years ago, the buzz surrounding Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real has been quietly intensifying. During that time, the 28-year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and his bandmates have played hundreds of shows and major festivals all over the world and built a devoted underground following. Lukas’ profile continued to rise when he contributed 3 songs and heavenly vocals to his dad Willie Nelson’s 2012 album, "Heroes", their voices blending with potent DNA. Then 2 years later, life took another turn skyward when Neil Young decided to make Promise Of The Real his touring and studio band. Young has guided the grateful young musicians ever since, as they’ve backed the legend on tour around the world and on his 2 most recent albums.

These experiences were undoubtedly invaluable, but none of what has come before will prepare you for the cosmic country soul of Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real, the band’s new, self titled album, a mesmerizing, emotionally genuine, endlessly rewarding work set for release on Fantasy Records. From the epic “Set Me Down On A Cloud”, to the climactic “If I Started Over”, the album delivers one sublime song and inspired performance after another. “I knew I had a lot of good songs that transcended the cultural boundaries between rock'n'roll and country”, Lukas says of his vision for the album. “I wanted to get the songs as pure as they could be. We owe a lot to Neil, we made this record after coming off the road with him for 2 years. Neil’s been mentoring us, and we’ve been absorbing that energy, and I think it shows. We got acclimated to a different level of artistic expression. We’ve grown”.

"Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real", produced by song shaping specialist John Alagia (numerous Dave Matthews Band albums, John Mayer’s "Room For Squares") was recorded at The Village Studios in Los Angeles. Promise Of The Real’s 6 piece line up now includes longtime bandmates Tato Melgar (percussion), Anthony LoGerfo (drums) and Corey McCormick (bass, vocals), along with new members Jesse Siebenberg (steel guitars, farfisa organ, vocals) and Alberto Bof (piano, wurlitzer). Stefani “Lady Gaga” Germanotta (who convincingly plays the role of Bonnie to Lukas’ Delaney) added her signature vocals to the rousing “Carolina” and “Find Yourself”, while Jess Wolfe and Holly Lessig of the Brooklyn based indie pop duo Lucius provide backing vocals on five of the 12 tracks, evoking "Exile On Main St’s" ecstatic, gospel rooted harmonies.

The band’s many influences can be discerned in the opening track, “Set Me Down On A Cloud”, a soulful country rocker that features Lucius’ spiritual vocals and an extended solo underscores Lukas’ tasteful guitar virtuosity. The lilting, pastoral “Just Outside Of Austin” features a guitar solo from Willie, while Lukas’ 86 year old Aunt Bobbi plays piano. “It’s a love letter to Austin, something like Roger Miller or Glen Campbell would write”, he said.

“Runnin’ Shine”, one of the album’s first person character studies, is written from the perspective of a young moonshiner trying to outsmart the law while hurtling along Appalachian back roads in a souped up car loaded with homemade booze. “Perspective is huge”, says Lukas. “If you’re able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and you can relate to them, it’s really hard to hate them, even if you don’t agree with how they live their life”. 2 of the album’s most breathtaking songs, “Find Yourself” and “Forget About Georgia”, vividly retrace the turbulent final stages and bittersweet aftermath of the same doomed love affair. “After the relationship ended, I had to play Ray Charles’ 'Georgia On My Mind' every night when I was on the road with my dad, which made it literally impossible to forget about her”. Introduced by a wistful 4 note guitar lick that reoccurs throughout the arrangement, “Forget About Georgia” unfolds to a “Layla” like outpouring of romantic yearning, as the band stretches out behind Lukas’ emotional guitar soloing. Not surprisingly, it’s Neil Young’s favorite song on the album.

Inspired by the big ballads of Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley, Lukas delivers a full throttle vocal on the closing track, “If I Started Over”, at once a cosmic rumination and a rapturous expression of romantic devotion. “The song is asking, what if, after we die, we just come back? What if we have to do the same dream again until we learn the right lessons?”. A seasoned veteran at 28, Austin born Lukas grew up in Maui, while spending much of his time during school breaks in his hometown and on the road with his dad. “I had a lot of passions growing up”, he says. “I played soccer, I was on the swim team, living a Maui lifestyle, surfing and skateboarding. I also loved singing and wrote my first song when I was 11. I became obsessed with guitar, playing 8 to 10 hours a day. I knew what I wanted to do from a super young age, and I made my life about it”. He and his brother Micah played in bands together in high school, and they struck up a friendship with Uruguay born Tato Melgar, a skilled musician then making his living as a landscaper, who taught the brothers the basics of drumming.

In 2007, Lukas headed to the mainland to attend Los Angeles' Loyola Marymount University. A year later, after meeting LoGerfo at a Neil Young concert, he dropped out of school and started a band with LoGerfo, Melgar and original bassist Merlyn Kelly, he named it Promise Of The Real, referencing a line in Young’s 1973 song “Walk On”, “sooner or later it all gets real”. When McCormick joined 2 years later on bass, the lineup was set. The band woodshedded; averaging more than 200 shows a year. Drawing on Lukas’ lineage as well surrogate uncles like Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and the classic rock and roll of JJ Cale, The Band, Clapton era Delaney & Bonnie and of course mentor Neil Young, they began to develop their own distinctive style of American music. Neil Young befriended the band after checking them out at Farm Aid several years back. “Neil got in touch after that, and we started talking by email”, Lukas recounts. “Eventually, he asked us to record with him. So we recorded 'The Monsanto Years' and played some shows together, and we fell in love with each other musically, one thing led to another and we became Neil’s band".

“What’s happened with us feels similar to the career trajectory of The Band”, he continues. “They were already a great band when they started working with Dylan, who lifted them up, which is similar to what Neil’s done for us. He’s also given people a chance to hear what we’re doing and what our own songs have to offer. Then we played the Desert Trip with Neil, along with Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Who and Bob Dylan. That was incredible”. Those 2 weekends in Indio last October turned out to be extremely fortuitous. “We met Lucius at Desert Trip”, says Lukas. “They were playing with Roger Waters, and still are. Then they came to the Bridge School Benefit, where we really got to know them. I love Jess and Holly, they really enhance the record”.

Bradley Cooper also saw Lukas play at Desert Trip, and right afterward contacted a mutual friend about helping him on the new film he’s directing and starring in, a remake of "A Star Is Born". “At first I was just helping him out, and then I started writing with Stefani (Lady Gaga), who’s in the movie. We connected and she and I became really close. I got very involved in this film and ended up bringing the band into it as well”. Coming of age in a celebrated musical family, Lukas Nelson learned early on that true originality is hard won, never given. Doubtlessly blessed with a measure of musical ability, it’s clear that his natural gifts have been honed by a singular devotion to craft and a deep appreciation for the sacrifice a creative life requires. Elated by the way things have come together so beautifully, Lukas is gratified that POTR have earned this moment and seized the opportunities that have led to this album, all perfectly capturing what he’d heard in his head 18 months earlier.

“It’s just amazing how things have flowed”, Lukas marvels. “It feels divine in a way”.




Classic Toto.....

Toto is pleased to announce the first set of shows in support of the band’s 40th anniversary beginning in 2018. The "40 Trips Around The Sun Tour" will begin in February 2018 in Europe. The tour will be the band’s most extensive run in years and will be a worldwide tour to celebrate the band’s enduring career.

Alongside the launch of the tour, Toto along with Legacy Recordings have created a brand new "Greatest Hits" package. The album will feature brand new previously unreleased music, alongside newly remastered classic tracks worked on by Elliot Scheiner & Gavin Lurssen and his team. The core Toto members, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams re-entered the studio this past year to work on the material.

“Myself, David, Steve and Joseph are humbled and thrilled at the long lasting success of the band”, Steve Lukather remarked. “This '40th Anniversary Tour' is going to be a special one for us and all of the fans that come out. On top of all that, it’s really exciting to be working with Sony Music again. We’ve spent a lot of time this year working on new music and re-mastering the older tracks”.

Few ensembles in the history of recorded music have individually or collectively had a larger imprint on pop culture than the members of Toto. As individuals, the band members can be heard on an astonishing 5000 albums, that together amass a sales history of a half a billion albums. Amongst these recordings, N.A.R.A.S. applauded the performances with more than 200 Grammy nominations.

With close to 40 years together and literally 1000's of credits, including the biggest selling album of all time, Michael Jackson’s "Thriller", and accolades to their names, Toto remains one of the top selling touring and recording acts in the world. They are the benchmark by which many artists base their sound and production, and they continue to transcend the standards set by the entire music community, being simply synonymous with musical credibility. Their repertoire continues to be current via high profile usage on broadcast television. They are pop culture, and are one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles to a career enjoy a multi generational worldwide fan base.




Liam Gallagher.....

Former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, will issue his 1st solo album, ”As You Were” in October this year.  The 12 track long player is being put out by Warner Bros Records and a deluxe CD edition, in clear jewel case packaging, will be available that adds 3 bonus tracks. The track listing hasn’t yet been announced. The almost inevitable deluxe box set offers ”As You Were” pressed on white vinyl, the deluxe CD, a bonus 7” single, a Klaus Voormann art print, a poster and a 20 page premium hardback book. This is currently only available to order via Liam’s online store. Gallagher issued ”Wall Of Glass”, a rather good 1st single from the album, last month. ”As You Were” will be released on October 6th, 2017.








Pentangle Box Set.....

When they formed in 1968, Pentangle were hailed as folk’s 1st supergroup, fusing elements of jazz and underground Music, and comprising the twin guitar and songwriting talents of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, with bassist Danny Thompson, drummer Terry Cox and singer Jacqui McShee.

Between 1968 and 1972, Pentangle issued 6 albums, 5 on legendary folk label Transatlantic and a swansong release on Reprise. Their debut, "The Pentangle" in 1968, was hailed as a folk rock classic and charted in the UK at # 21. Sequel "Sweet Child", also in 1968, was an ambitious double album coupling live and studio discs. 3rd LP "Basket Of Light" in 1969 was their most commercially successful, peaking at # 5, fuelled by the success of lead track ‘Light Flight’. "Cruel Sister" in 1970 allowed Pentangle to reinterpret traditional folk songs. "Reflection" in 1971 was their last Transatlantic LP, and was also among their most adventurous. "Solomon’s Seal" in 1972 proved to be their last album with the original line-up.

For the 1st time ever, these albums are available as a deluxe box set to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the band’s formation. Each record has been remastered from the best available sources, referencing original tapes and vinyl where relevant. Each album has been expanded with a wealth of bonus material, including choice selections from contemporaneous solo LP's by Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, outtakes and live tracks. Across the package, there are an impressive 22 recordings which are previously unreleased.

Each album is presented in a miniature card sleeve replica of the original vinyl artwork. These are housed in an attractive box set alongside an 88 page book awash with rare images and over 20 000 words of sleeve notes, which include a q&a culled from past interviews by author Mick Houghton with Bert, John and Jacqui, essays about each album by a variety of music journalists, like Stuart Penney, Trevor Leeden, Nigel Cross, Colin Irwin, Lois Wilson and Jim Wirth, a lengthy chronology and track by track details.

Pentangle’s 1st 3 albums and 3 singles were produced by the legendary Shel Talmy, while Peter Blake designed the sleeve for "Sweet Child", 1 of only 3 such commissions in the 1960's. The band also enjoyed popularity in America and toured there. Alongside Fairport Convention and the Incredible String Band, Pentangle define folk’s flowering in the late 60's, melding jazz, rock, traditional folk and other styles.

Cherry Red Records, September 29th, 2017.




Chris Hillman.....

In terms of heavy hitters, it’ll be hard to top the upcoming album from Chris Hillman. On September 22nd, 2017, Rounder Records will release "Bidin’ My Time", a new studio album from the founding member of the Byrds, and he worked with some seriously legendary friends this time around. The album was produced by Tom Petty, and the list of special guests who appear on the album is vast. David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, Desert Rose Band alumni Herb Pedersen, John Jorgenson, Jay Dee Maness, Mike Campbell, Steve Ferrone and Benmont Tench of the Heartbreakers, Mark Fain, Josh Jove and Gabe Witcher all make appearances.





Brian Wilson.....

Hot on the heels of a well received biopic and a record breaking concert tour that continues through this fall, the legendary Brian Wilson is looking back on his solo career for a new compendium arriving on September 22nd, 2017, from Rhino Records.  "Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology" captures, via 18 tracks, the Beach Boy’s extraordinary journey from his 1988 Sire Records solo LP debut through 2015’s "No Pier Pressure".  2 never Before released tracks will also premiere here. "Playback" begins, appropriately enough, with 4 selections from 1988’s "Brian Wilson", including the Jeff Lynne collaboration “Let It Shine”, the dreamy Russ Titelman co-production “Melt Away”, the SMiLE-esque suite “Rio Grande”, produced with Lenny Waronker, and of course, “Love & Mercy”, Wilson’s cri de coeur which still closes each of his solo concerts today.

The collection picks up a decade later with 2 tracks from "Imagination", overlooking the Don Was helmed soundtrack album "I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times" and the Van Dyke Parks composed "Orange Crate Art" on which Brian served as vocalist, the ballads “Cry” and “Lay Down Burden,” the latter an affecting tribute to his late brother Carl Wilson.  Surprisingly, the infectiously bright title track didn’t make the cut here. Soon after, in 2000, Wilson made his triumphant return to live performing, an occasion marked by the inclusion of original songs “The First Time” and the Tony Asher co-write “This Isn’t Love” from "Live At The Roxy Theatre". After issuing "Pet Sounds Live" to commemorate his complete live performance of the 1966 Beach Boys landmark, Wilson delivered his 3rd full length album of original songs with 2004’s "Gettin’ In Over My Head", from which the moving title track and r'n'b influenced “Soul Searchin'”, a posthumous duet with brother Carl, have been culled.

Later that year, however, Wilson released his most seminal solo work, the completion of The Beach Boys’ abandoned "SMiLE". Brian and his band 1st performed the finished work on February 20th, 2004, at London’s Royal Festival Hall, bringing it into the studio a couple of months later.  2 tracks from the Grammy winning "Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE" are featured here, the scene setting “Heroes & Villains” and epic finale to the suite’s 2nd movement, “Surf’s Up”. Following his 2005 christmas album, Brian returned to solo recording in 2008 for a song suite dedicated to California, "That Lucky Old Sun". The touching “Midnight’s Another Day” has been plucked from Wilson’s americana journey in song. In 2010, he debuted the 1st of 2 concept albums released in conjunction with Walt Disney Records. "Brian Wilson Sings Gershwin" featured his reinventions of some of George and Ira Gershwin’s classic showtunes, as well as 2 songs completed by Wilson from George Gershwin sketches.  One of them, “The Like In I Love You”, appears on "Playback", along with Brian’s rendition of Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz’s Oscar winning “The Colors Of The Wind”, from the film 'Pocahontas', which appeared on the 2011 follow up "In The Key Of Disney".

Wilson’s romantic ode to his wife Melinda, “One Kind Of Love” was introduced on 2015’s "No Pier Pressure", his 1st album after The Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary reunion and studio album "That’s Why God Made The Radio", and was also featured in the biopic "Love & Mercy". "Playback" doesn’t end there, however, making room for 2 premiere songs. “Some Sweet Day” was written and recorded by Wilson and Andy Paley in the early 1990's, and makes its official debut here. “Run, James, Run”, a working title for the “Pet Sounds” instrumental on the album of the same name, inspired by the James Bond films, is a new song recorded in 2017 for this compilation.

"Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology" includes new liner notes by David Wild, and the cover boasts a previously unpublished photo of the artist by Robert Matheu.  It’s due from Rhino Records on September 22nd, 2017, on CD, 2 




The Doors.....

A complete collection of singles by The Doors is to be released later this year. Simply titled "The Doors: The Singles", the package brings together all of their singles and b-sides for the 1st time on 2 CD, 2 CD + BluRay and 7" vinyl box set and will be issued via Rhino on September 15th, 2017. The 2 CD release contains all 20 US singles along with their corresponding b-sides, plus 4 extra mono radio cuts. The 2 CD + BluRay package features all the content from the 2 D version plus 1973 compilation "The Best Of The Doors" on BluRay for the 1st time. Meanwhile, the vinyl box set comes with all 20 US singles and b-sides on 20 separate 7" vinyl pressings with original cover art presented in a lift top box and limited to 10 000 copies worldwide. The collection will also be available for digital download and on streaming services. The group will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first # 1 hit with a 7" reissue of "Light My Fire" featuring artwork from the original Japanese release. It’s limited to 7 500 copies.




The Waterboys.....

The Waterboys will release their brand new studio double album "Out Of All This Blue" on September 8th, 2017, their first for BMG Records, with whom they recently signed. Produced by Mike Scott and recorded in Dublin and Tokyo, "Out Of All This Blue" will be available on 2CD and 2LP, plus deluxe 3CD. "Out Of All This Blue" is The Waterboys most exploratory recording yet, comprising 23 songs with Mike Scott's trademark sharp lyrics set to pop music with echoes of classic r'...n'b, country, soul and funk and underpinned by modern hiphop production values and rhythms . String and brass sections were arranged and conducted by Trey Pollard of The Spacebomb Collective. Mike Scott says of the record, "Out Of All This Blue is 2/3 love and romance, 1/3 stories and observations. I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a double album, and lucky for me, and I hope the listener, the songs just kept coming, and in pop colours".




Godley & Creme.....

There is something of a glut of 10cc related releases in the coming weeks. We have the 2 CD ”Eric Stewart Anthology”, 10cc’s ”Before, During & After” 4 CD box set and ”Body Of Work 1978 – 1988”, a 5 disc Godley & Creme box set scheduled for release in September. This box features music from Kevin Godley and Lol Creme that spans 10 years. The 1st CD combines 1977’s ”L” and its follow up ”Freeze Frame”.

The next album, 1981’s ”Ismism” shares space with 1983’s ”Bird Of Prey” on another twofer disc, although a close look at the track listing confirms that the last song on that album, ’Out In The Cold’, is bumped to the start of CD3. ”The History Mix Volume 1”, which features the hit single ’Cry’ and their final album ”Goodbye Blue Sky” fill out the next 2 CD’s and the final disc contains single a-sides, b-sides and extended versions. ”Body Of Work 1978 – 1988” will be issued on September 8th, 2017 by Caroline International.




Dream Syndicate.....

The Dream Syndicate broke up in 1989, and in 2012, they reunited to play live shows. This year, they’ll release their 1st new album since 1988’s "Ghost Stories". "How Did I Find Myself Here?" is out September 8th, 2017, via Anti- Records. The band, Steve Wynn, Dennis Duck, Mark Walton, and Jason Victor, began recording the album last year. “It sounds like everything that I loved about the Dream Syndicate and yet sounds unlike any other record we made”, Wynn said in a statement. Pre-order bundles for the album include signed test pressings, guitar lessons from the band’s members, house concerts, and much, much more.





Carole King.....

Carole King‘s concert from Hyde Park on July 3rd, 2016, is to be released September 1st, 2017. "Carole King - Tapestry: Live At Hyde Park" features King’s first ever live performance of her 1971 album in its entirety, alongside other songs from King’s body of work, including “Take Good Care Of My Baby”, “It Might As Well Rain Until September”, “Go Away Little Girl”, “I’m Into Something Good” and “One Fine Day”. The "Carole King - Tapestry: Live At Hyde Park" package includes the full concert on CD/DVD plus interview material about the making of Tapestry. "Carole King – Tapestry: Live At Hyde Park" will be released on CD, DVD or digitally by Legacy Recordings and Rockingale Records.






Transatlantic Years.....

Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a new deluxe 3 CD which tells the story of the so- called underground era of one of Britain’s great independent record labels of the 1960's and 1970's, Transatlantic Records. In the heady atmosphere of the late 1960's, the sea change in British popular music spearheaded by the Beatles experimentation on the "Sergeant Pepper" album and swiftly followed by the likes of Cream, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Family, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and a host of groups and musicians who followed in their footsteps led to the album being seen as the medium in which serious musicians would explore and develop their craft.

The apparently disparate genres of blues, jazz, rock, folk and even world music were fused together by many diverse acts all of whom were eager to be regarded as progressive in their musical approach. The so called underground audience eagerly consumed this music, which sat alongside the social changes that were also taking place. In the UK the major labels established imprints such as Harvest, Vertigo and Deram to market music to this audience, inspired by the vision of independent labels such as Island Records. Another, smaller British independent label also swiftly tapped in to this new musical movement, Transatlantic Records. This proudly independent imprint, founded in 1961 by Nat Joseph, looked beyond its initial folk, jazz and blues output to sign a distinctly quirky and diverse roster of underground acts. Between 1968 and 1976 Transatlantic explored all aspects of the progressive and underground scenes, from the heavy groups such as The Deviants, Jody Grind, Little Free Rock and Stray, to the acts on the fringes of folk and rock such as Pentangle, Mr Fox, Alan Hull, The Humblebums, Gryphon and Carolanne Pegg, to jazz rockers such as Circus and Marsupilami. Featuring over 3½ hours of newly re-mastered music over 3 CDs, “Let The Electric Children Play” documents the fascinating story of a unique period in the history of one of Britain’s most eccentric labels. This deluxe anthology also includes a lavishly illustrated booklet with new essay and artist biographies housed in a clamshell boxed set. August 18th, 2017.





Having waited this long to witness the impossible, Raspberries live, we showed up 2 hours early, parking our car in the empty parking lot, and moments before the house lights went down, we looked at each other and said the words that we never thought we would ever say ‘we’re at a Raspberries concert’. Then it began”. Ken Sharp and Bernie Hogya from the liner notes to "Raspberries - Pop Art Live". November 26th, 2004, the stage was set for a reunion most thought could never happen, the Raspberries live in concert.

Over 30 years since the original 4 members of Raspberries last played together, "Pop Art Live" captures opening night, at Cleveland’s House Of Blues, as never Before. You will experience the power and magic that led the group to a successful reunion tour in 2005. Founding members Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, David Smalley, and Jim Bonfanti powerfully muscle through 28 slices of pure rock’n’roll heaven, bringing to life the legacy of power pop’s founding fathers. Brilliantly mixed by longtime Raspberries’ associate Tommy Allen, the midwestern quartet has never sounded this good. "Pop Art Live" contains live versions of songs from all 4 of the Raspberries’ classic original studio albums including the hits “Go All The Way”, “I Wanna Be With You”, “Let’s Pretend” and “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)”, as well as perfect renditions of timeless favorites by The Beatles and The Who.

Also included in this 2 CD package are reflections and testimonials from Cameron Crowe and longtime Raspberries aficionados Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp. Hogya also contributes a wealth of ephemera from opening night in Cleveland. The Raspberries are one of rock’s most treasured bands, influencing everyone from John Lennon to Bruce Springsteen to Paul Westerberg. "Pop Art Live" is an essential document of that band, providing another chapter to their lasting impact. The Raspberries live, they said it would never happen, they were wrong. Omnivore Recordings, August 18th, 2017.




Tubes Box Set.....

"The A&M Years" is a 5 CD, 59 track roundup, of The Tubes time with A&M Records between 1975 and 1979, which includes the self titled debut album, which gave them a worldwide hit in ‘White Punks On Dope’. Follow ups "Young & Rich", "Now" and the Todd Rundgren produced "Remote Control". Always a sensational live act, the in concert album "What Do You Want From Live" completes the set. Housed in a sturdy box, each disc comes in a replica cardboard wallet of its original LP artwork, along with a booklet containing pictures of all the records plus in depth liner notes by Classic Rock’s Dave Everley. August 11th, 2017.






David Rawlings.....

The new album by David Rawlings, "Poor David’s Almanack", will be released August 11th, 2017, on Acony Records. You can preorder the album now directly from www.davidrawlingsmusic.com in various formats, including vinyl, CD, and digital download. You can also preorder the forthcoming "Hatch Show Print" release poster.....







Stormy Mondays.....

We are an indie folk rock band, hailing from Spain’s rainy northern coast. We play rock, folk ock, americana and soul. Acoustic and electric. Classic and modern. That’s not important. What’s important is that we don’t make ’fast food’. Our music is always slow cooked. It’s not for everyone, but it could be precisely right for you. We have released 15 records, which include songs in English, Spanish and Asturian, the endangered language of our homeland. The ace up our sleeve is our live shows, intense, fun and always surprising, with 8 musicians and more than 20 instruments onstage. And, yes, all the stories are true, our song ’Sunrise Number 1’ was chosen by NASA to be played in space. We have played live with both Slash and Springsteen, and, in 1999, were the only Spanish band to ever play at the Woodstock Festival. We are pioneers of internet music distribution, since 1996, and the use of creative commons licenses.

There’s a recent book that details the techniques behind the manufactured big hits of the last few years. We have taken that manual and turned it inside out. They say a song needs a ’hook’ every 7 seconds. Really? We make music for people, not for distracted chimpanzees. They say you need a team of writers. A dozen is not unusual. We write our own songs. Our way. We are songwriters, it’s what we do. They say you don’t even need to learn how to play, the computer does that for you. We enjoy playing our instruments. The more, the better. We are musicians, it’s what we do. They say you don’t need to be a good singer. Autotune will make you sound perfectly in tune, and robotic. We sing with human voices, imperfect by nature. And real. We are singers, it’s what we do. They say, they say… We don’t care what they say. We make real music for real people. Slow cooked. It’s not for everyone, and that’s alright.

We share common influences with some current bands that we like, such as Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, Dawes, The Lumineers, Ryan Adams, and Wilco. We mix the electric sound of a rock band with all sorts of acoustic instruments, from a horn section to the hurdy gurdy, an instrument from the 12th century that seems to come from the future. Some people say that we sound like Springsteen, Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Waterboys, and R.E.M., and we like that. You can also find echoes of The Band, Dylan, Neil Young, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

On we release our new EP ’Suitcase Full Of Dreams’. It’s being released on CV, compact vinyl, a surprising format. There’s only been another release like this in the world. One side carries a song in vinyl, which can be played on a turntable. The other side is a CD with the whole record, which can be played in a regular player. It’s a hand numbered edition limited to 500 copies. The album cover photo was made in Asturias, Spain, but that’s not the biggest surprise. It’s a 1955 Cadillac Eldorado, and the incredible part of the story is that it belonged to Ava Gardner.”



Randy Newman.....

"Dark Matter", Randy Newman's 1st album of new material in 9 years, will be released on Nonesuch Records on August 4th, 2017, with the vinyl to follow on August 18th. The record is the follow up to 2008's acclaimed "Harps & Angels", which the Guardian praised for its "sumptuous melodies, devastating pathos and thorny, irony-laden character songs", calling it, "the work of a true master of popular song". "Dark Matter" was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by long time Newman collaborators Mitchell Froom, Lenny Waronker, and David Boucher. The album's 9 songs include the 2016 digitally released "Putin", plus songs about the Kennedy brothers, Sonny Boy Williamson, science vs religion, love and loss, and more.






Kayak Box Set.....

On August 4th, 2017, Universal Music will release a Kayak box entitled "Journey Through Time : The Complete Studio Album Collection". Included are all 16 studio albums that have been released so far, plus 2 bonus CD's, and even a special wallet for the new album "Seventeen", to be released in October 2017. No less than 21 CD's with corresponding original artwork, labels and vinyl look. The box will be released in a limited edition. All albums that were issued as vinyl LP's will be remastered from the original studio mastertapes.




Howard Jones.....

To any fan of 80's pop, Howard Jones needs no introduction. From his breakthrough in 1983 with "New Song", Howard was rarely out of the charts for the ensuing decade. After leaving Warner Brothers in the early 90's, he set up his own label, DTox, and has continued to wow audiences the world over, ever since. Compiled and annotated by the artist himself, "Best 1983 - 2017"is the 1st retrospective to properly span Howard Jones’ entire recording career, with all his major hits and key tracks across the decades. Housed in a deluxe digipak, the package also boasts an exclusive bonus disc, which was only previously available as a DVD with the interactive book edition of "Engage" and now adds an exclusive remix. Cherry Red Records, July 28th, 2017.





Lesley Kernochan.....

Lesley Kernochan is an americana singer songwriter with occasional bursts of comedy, swing, pop, and jazzy mouth trumpet.  Within each unique song Lesley's versatile voice brings music to life that is intelligent, achingly beautiful, and playfully surreal.  In Lesley's new album, ”A Calm Sun”, she settles into a tender country folk sound that casts her in a place delicately between the soundscape of Kacey Musgraves and Norah Jones, studied and soft spoken, yet rollicking.

”A Calm Sun” features the talents of Dean Parks, Aaron Sterling, Jeff Babko, Dan Lutz, Christopher Bruce, Scott Jacoby, Emily Lazar and John Schimpf.  It was recorded in Los Angeles at The Village and East West Studios.

Lesley has an eclectic background as a saxophonist, contemporary composer, operatically trained coloratura, musical saw player, and now singer songwriter. She has 4 albums of original music including the acappella creation ”Undulating”, her indie rock pop jazz sensation ”The Pickle Jar”, the Parent's Choice Gold Award winning children’s album ”A Day In The Life Of A Boogaleeboo”, and her most recent americana record ”A Calm Sun”.

Lesley is being represented in Germany, Austria  and Switzerland by Make My Day Records, and independently under her own label Maple Syrup Music in all other areas.



Herb Alpert Vol 1.....

01. Flamingo
02. Unforgettable
03. Michelle
04. C'est Si Bon
05. I'm Yours
06. Cheek To Cheek
07. Just A Gigolo
08. Witchcraft
09. Sugarfoot
10. Strike Up The Band
11. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
12. Imagine

"Music Volume 1", Herb Alpert Presents/Warner Bros Records, July 28th, 2017.




Firefall Singles.....

Firefall was a soft country rock group formed in Boulder, Colorado, in the mid 70's, featuring, among others, Michael Clarke from the Byrds and Rick Roberts from the Flying Burrito Bros. They had numerous high charting albums throughout their career. Wounded Bird Records is pleased to be able to provide a collaboration of their work with a 2 disc, 34 track compilation, of all of their single a and b sides. July 28th, 2017.








Alice Cooper.....

Alice Cooper's new studio album, his first in 6 years, "Paranormal", was recorded in Nashville with long time collaborator Bob Ezrin. The 10 track album also features a very special bonus CD, a mini album consisting of 2 brand new songs written and recorded together with the original Alice Cooper band members Dennis Dunaway, drummer Neal Smith and guitarist Michael Bruce, alongside carefully selected live recordings. "Paranormal" also features special guest appearances by U2's Larry Mullen, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Deep Purple's Roger Glover. "Paranormal" will be available July 28th, 2017, and Alice Cooper will hit the road with Deep Purple and the Edgar Winter Band in August.







"I wrote this tune in early 2016, appalled by the dangerous devaluation of truth featured in the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump. It’s foul breath clouded not only the public debate in a historically pivotal election, but threatened to permanently alter the standards by which that discourse is interpreted and judged. Straight faced lying threatened to become an accepted vernacular of the political process. At that time it seemed a surreal and incomprehensible possibility that his campaign might actually succeed, but all of us, including Trump and his minions, were in for a cruel surprise.  His stunning victory installed a man of seemingly bottomless corruption and infantile character in a position to alter the course of history in ways we are coming to understand daily in ever more personal ways.The fundamental concepts of democracy and fair play are being challenged in such a bold, shameless and relentless way that renders punch drunk the default condition of public engagement, certainly a tactical political goal. This assault on the central values of a progressive society obviously requires a response and I felt that this song and it’s message was aimed at the heart of the situation and deserved amplification. This video is the product of several months work with videographer Carol Luna, and hopes to join the rising clamor of resistance, artistic and otherwise, to this pernicious threat. Contrary to my usual routine of obsessive production, we recorded this song very quickly, using most of what went down live in the basic sessions in the final mix. Solos and vocals were done later but it was a surprisingly cohesive effort, reflecting the urgency of the topic." ~ Michael Ward



Canada @ 150.....

Universal Music Canada has just issued "Canada 150: A Celebration Of Music", a multi format release issued on the eve of Canada’s sesquicentennial, yes, that’s a word, it means 150th anniversary, which includes a 6 CD super deluxe edition that comes complete with a coffee table book. Jeffrey Remedios, president & CEO of UMC says, “assembling a package that sums up Canada’s 150 years would be impossible”, but they’ve gone ahead and given it a go, anyway.

Remedios suggests it “goes some way to answering the question of ‘how does a nation sing happy birthday to itself?’”. The big 6 CD super deluxe includes the aforementioned book, 10″ x 14″ hard cover, which apparently has a special double cover with 10 x 14 hard cover book featuring a double cover with Marc Jordan and Murray McLauchlan commissioned paintings featured on each. The music runs a wide gamut of talent, both new and old, and features artist such as Bryan Adams, Men Without Hats, Leonard Cohen, Barenaked Ladies, Alannah Miles, Rush, The Band, Steppenwolf, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Ron Sexsmith, Daniel Lanois, Shania Twain, Cowboy Junkies , Joni Mitchell, kd lang, Blue Rodeo, Buffy Sainte Marie, Martha & The Muffins and many, many more. The box does have one exclusive which is Lighthouse covering Leonard Cohen’s "Tower Of Song", produced by Bob Erzin. If that’s too much there’s a 2 CD "Now & Next" edition which concentrates more on new and future talent while a humble 11 track single CD "Icon"edition doesn’t mess around and gives you the big hits. All 3 editions of "Canada 150" were issued on July 7h, 2017.




Focus Box Set.....

"Hocus Pocus Box" is a 13 CD box set that includes the albums "In & Out Of Focus", "Focus II Moving Waves", "Focus III", "Live At The Rainbow", "Hamburger Concerto", "Mother Focus", "Ship Of Memories", "Focus Con Proby", "Jann Akkerman & Thijs Van Leer", "Focus 8", "Focus 9 New Skin", "Focus X" and "The Best Of Focus". Opposites attract, or so they say. And Jan Akkerman and Thijs van Leer certainly are opposites. Both incredibly gifted, the 2 musicians inspire each other when they meet in Focus. Here you find Akkerman and Van Leer's exciting legacy of superb continental European progressive rock, jazz and classical music. Plus the non Akkerman Focus releases, with a rejuvenated band helmed by Thijs van Leer, innovative as ever, creating new sounds like no other band can. 10 albums of unsurpassed, ground-breaking music. July 14th, 2017.




Summer Of Love.....

Rhino celebrates the 50th anniversary of the cultural phenomenon known as ”The Summer Of Love” with several vinyl reissues, plus new compilations from Grateful Dead, Monkees and many more. The 1st releases arrive on July 14th, 2017.

The summer of 1967 was a turning point in popular culture that drew as many as 100,000 young people to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood. It represented a social convergence driven by free thinking, hippie fashion, political upheaval, sexual freedom, drug use and creative expression. As the movement spread around the world, it led to an outpouring of poetry, artwork, and especially music.

In July, Rhino will launch its 50th anniversary celebration of ”The Summer Of Love” with vinyl reissues of key albums from that era, along with new compilations that provide a soundtrack to this defining moment of the 60’s.

The Grateful Dead were at the epicenter of the Haight Ashbury scene and the band is well represented during the celebration with ”Smiling On A Cloudy Day”. This new compilation brings together 10 songs from the band’s early psychedelic period and includes tracks like “Morning Dew”, “China Cat Sunflower” and “St Stephen.” The collection will be released on LP and CD on July 14th, 2017.

More releases will arrive on July 14th, 2017, including ”The Best Of Peter, Paul & Mary: 10 Years Together” and the mono version of Love’s self titled debut. Other releases include colored vinyl editions of The Association’s ”Insight Out”, The Young Rascals’ ”Groovin’” and The Beau Brummels’ ”Triangle”.

The next group of releases comes out on July 21st, 2017 and features the mono version of ”Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie, The Electric Prunes’ eponymous debut on purple vinyl, Van Morrison’s ”Astral Weeks” on clear vinyl and Vanilla Fudge’s self titled debut on white vinyl.

A new compilation from the Monkees will also be released the same day. ”Summer Of Love” includes 12 tracks that focus on the group’s lesser known psychedelic side. The collection will be released on LP and CD. The LP ”Gettin’ Together: Groovy Sounds Of The Summer Of Love” will also be released on July 18th, 2017. Its 16 tracks spotlight memorable hits from 1967, like “Hip Hug Her” by Booker T & The MG’s, “You Keep Me Hanging On” by Vanilla Fudge and “Windy” by The Association.

The final round of releases from ”The Summer Of Love” celebration will arrive on July 28th, 2017 and includes ”Dusty In Memphis” by Dusty Springfield, ”Goodbye & Hello” by Tim Buckley and the mono version ”Aretha Arrives” by Aretha Franklin. In addition, ”Wildflowers” by Judy Collins will be pressed on translucent yellow vinyl and The Zodiacs’ ”Cosmic Sounds” will be pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

And last, but certainly not least, is a new ”Nuggets” collection, ”Transparent Days: West Coast Nuggets”. Pressed on transparent vinyl, this 2 LP collection includes 30 songs by artists like The Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s“Time Is After You”, The Mojo Men’s ”She’s My Baby”, MC 2’s “Smiling” and Love’s “Your Mind & We Belong Together”.




Craig Cassler.....

Craig Cassler is an independent musician who started his career in San Diego, CA, and now calls Boston, MA, home. ”Find My Way” is his 5th full length album, with 9 tracks of strong acoustic influences of rock, soul, folk, country and reggae. Craig Cassler’s music has been compared to Jack Johnson, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, among many others.




Steve Winwood.....

"Winwood Greatest Hits Live" is a new 2CD and 4LP collection sourced from Steve Winwood’s personal archives of live performances. With a 23 song tracklist handpicked by Steve, featuring his best loved songs, "Greatest Hits Live" is Winwood’s first ever live release as a solo artist, offering fans a definitive musical portrait of his 5 decade career. The expanded 2CD and 4LP gatefold package features rare, previously unreleased material touching on all aspects of his extensive catalog, including contemporary arrangements of the music he created with the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Blind Faith, and his solo recordings. The collection channels r'n'b, jazz, funk, classic rock, pop and folk, highlighting Winwood’s unique ability to fuse multiple genres into a singular, cohesive musical expression. "Winwood Greatest Hits Live" is available now for pre-order exclusively at www.stevewinwood.com and will be released this September on Wincraft Records.




Steven Wilson.....

"After many months of writing and recording, I’m pleased to finally announce details of my new album 'To The Bone', and a major European tour in early 2018, which includes a return to many of my favourite venues, including London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. For my North and South American fans, expect to see further tour news soon. 'To The Bone' is due to be released on August 18th, 2017, but is available now to pre-order in a variety of formats, including a special deluxe hard back 120 page book edition, which includes an exclusive full length CD of demos and unused songs, and a one sided 7" vinyl single of a bonus instrumental song from the album sessions. Neither of these will be available anywhere else. My 5th record is in many ways inspired by the hugely ambitious progressive pop records that I loved in my youth, think Peter Gabriel’s 'So', Kate Bush’s 'Hounds Of Love', Talk Talk’s 'Colour Of Spring' and Tears for Fears’ 'Seeds Of Love'. Lyrically, the album’s 11 tracks veer from the paranoid chaos of the current era in which truth can apparently be a flexible notion, observations of the everyday lives of refugees, terrorists and religious fundamentalists, and a welcome shot of some of the most joyous wide eyed escapism I’ve created in my career so far. Something for all the family!" ~ Steven Wilson




Loretta Lynn.....

"Wouldn't It Be Great", the new album from Loretta Lynn, highlights The Queen of Country Music's original songwriting, as sharp as ever since her early days as a musical trailblazer in the 1960's. This 3rd volume of recordings produced by Patsy Lynn Russell and John Carter Cash and recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee, features 13 tracks all written or co-written by Loretta.

The follow up to "Full Circle", mixes new compositions ("Ruby's Stool", "Ain't No Time To Go", "I'm Dying For Someone To Live For"), with newly imagined renditions of timeless classics like the unforgettable "Coal Miner's Daughter" and "Don't Come Home A' Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)", Loretta's 1st of 16 career country # 1 singles.....

Sony Legacy Recordings, August 18, 2017.




Santana & Isley Bros.....

Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, is pleased to announce the release of "Power Of Peace", a new studio album from Santana (Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana) and The Isley Brothers (Ronald, Ernie) coming August 4th, 2017. The Isley Brothers & Santana's "Power Of Peace" will be available in CD, 12" vinyl and digital formats.

Recorded last year, the new album is the fulfillment of a dream, a new musical studio collaboration connecting Santana and The Isleys on a mind bending journey through some of the immortal soul, funk, blues, rock, jazz and pop songs that continue to inspire them. Carlos Santana observes, "I feel a deep sense of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness. There is a spirit of creativity that came knocking and presented itself as a golden opportunity to do something with and for a supreme musician, who I consider to be the best in the world.

Brother Ronnie Isley has been in the center of collective unity and harmony on the radio around the world since 1962 with 'Twist & Shout', the song that the Beatles chose to invade America with. Like Michael JacksonJohn Lennon andBob Marley, he's an iconic supreme of the highest order. Cindy and I feel very blessed to offer him this gift. From God, through us to you, for the World, mr Ronnie Isley".

"It was an absolute joy working on this album with Carlos," exclaims Ronald Isley. "I hope this record carries the spirit of hope, love, and peace to the world that it brought to me, my brother and Carlos". Ernie Isley shares his brother's enthusiasm, saying, "Doing this project with Carlos Santana was fun and illuminating. I hope all music lovers enjoy what we have done".

Led by the legendary Ronald Isley on lead vocals and the album's main producer and arranger Carlos Santana on lead guitar, rhythm guitar, percussion and background vocals, "Power Of Peace" covers songs 1st made familiar by the Chambers Brothers ("Are You Ready", "Love, Peace, Happiness"), Swamp Dogg ("Total Destruction To Your Mind"),Stevie Wonder ("Higher Ground"), Billie Holiday ("God Bless The Child"), Eddie Kendricks ("Body Talk"), Curtis Mayfield("Gypsy Woman"), Muddy Waters & Willie Dixon ("I Just Want To Make Love To You"), Dionne Warwick and Jackie DeShannon ("What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love"), Marvin Gaye ("Mercy Mercy Me"), Leon Thomas("Let The Rain Fall On Me") and Sy Miller and Jill Jackson ("Let There Be Peace On Earth").

"Power Of Peace" premieres a new song, "I Remember", written and sung by Cindy Blackman Santana. Cindy, who plays drums on the album, produced and arranged "Higher Ground", along with her husband, Carlos. A family affair, "Power Of Peace" features 2 Santanas, Carlos (guitar) and Cindy (drums), and 4 Isleys, Ronald (vocals) and Ernie (rhythm guitar), and their respective spouses, Kandy Johnson Isley (Ron's wife, she sings background) and Tracy Isley(Ernie's wife, she also sings background vocals).




10cc Box Set.....

This coming July, Universal Music will issue "Before During After – The Story Of 10cc", a new 10cc 4 CD box set curated with input from the band to detail each and every chapter of their musical story. The box features the band together and apart, and therefore features work from artists like Paul McCartney, Art Of Noise, Wax and Godley & Creme.  CD one is basically a 10cc best of, while the 2nd disc is dubbed ‘What We Did Next‘ and here’s where it gets interesting. Eric Stewart co-wrote 6 songs on Paul McCartney‘s 1986 album "Press To Play" and one of these tracks, "Pretty Little Head", is included on disc 2. However, it’s the single mix that features here, which was radically remixed by Larry Alexander for the 7" single. This version has never been issued on CD, so this is a genuine rarity. The other two discs are ‘And Friends‘ which features collaborations and production work, while the final CD ‘Before 10cc – The Early Years‘ which has work from early beat group The Mindbenders, which featured Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, and Hotlegs, which was an early incarnation of 10cc. "Before During After – The Story Of 10cc" is released on July 28th, 2017. A 2 CD edition called "During After" will featured the first 2 discs in the box set.




Rob Jungklas.....

Rob Jungklas is a Memphis rock legend. In recent years, he has come roaring back into the Memphis music psyche with 4 critically acclaimed recordings on Madjack Records, "Arkadelphia", "Gully", "Mapping The Wreckage" and "The Spirit & The Spine". Ever prolific, Jungklas also self released "Nothing To Fade" in 2014.

Rob Jungklas returns to Madjack Records with his new recording, "Blackbirds", a continuation of his delta-inspired exploration of the holy and profane. Rob Jungklas issued his debut LP "Closer To The Flame" in 1987 on Manhattan Records. On the strength of an MTV video aired for the single ’Boys Town’, the record garnered airplay and modest chart success for his effort, while creating the iconic regional anthem "Memphis Thing".

The more reflective "Work Songs For A New Moon" that followed 2 years later on RCA, showcased Jungklas nuanced blend of pop songwriting and Memphis style r’n’b. Lee Froelich calls Robs songs ’profane and poetic, haunted by ghosts and damnation’ and the sentiments are echoed by the likes of Rolling Stones David Fricke who describes the sounds as ’bloodied bottleneck guitar and choked prayer’.

Jillette Johnson.....

Jillette Johnson is the rare artist who needs little sonic accompaniment to make an indelible impact. Produced by Dave Cobb, known for his work with Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson, Johnson's sophomore album "All I Ever See In You Is Me" offers up sparsely orchestrated songs centering on her spirited piano work and ever changing vocal texture, an instrument that's irresistibly powerful whether she's belting out a refrain or whispering a hushed melody. Like only the most timeless songwriters, Johnson finds infinite depth within that simplicity. Recorded at RCA Studio A, the historic Nashville space where Dolly Parton laid down 'Jolene' and 'I Will Always Love You' in the same 3 hour span, "All I Ever See In You Is Me" bears an unhurried pace and warm intimacy that echoes the purposeful looseness of its production. Drifting between hazy romanticism and resolute self-awareness, Johnson examines heartbreak and resilience with a willful and magnetic vulnerability. Rounder Records, July 28th, 2017.




Fairport Convention.....

While some artists are credited with starting a music scene, Fairport Convention is responsible for forging an entire new genre. As the progenitors of British folk rock, they took traditional music and electrified it, paving the way for bands like Pogues, Flogging Molly and U2. Since 1st coming onto the scene during 1967’s Summer Of Love, the group has one of the most impressive catalogues in rock, even with their changing personnel, with over 30 studio albums and 20 live albums. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of their first live performance, the group has announced an extensive 7 CD box set titled, "Come All Ye – The First 10 Years", set for release on July 28th, 2017.

Compiled by Andrew Batt, the curator behind the musical stage show, ‘The Lady – A Tribute To Sandy Denny’, the collection captures Fairport’s first 10 years, beginning with their debut for Polydor in 1968, through all of their classic albums for Island Records and finishing with tracks from their 2 albums for Vertigo, "The Bonny Bunch Of Roses" and "Tippers Tales" that spans 121 tracks in total. Of those, 55 are previously unreleased, culling from single b sides, BBC radio sessions, TV performances, and the audio for an entire concert at The Fairfield Halls. To say they were prolific is an understatement. Just as The Byrds help shape folk rock stateside by amplifying Bob Dylan's "Mr Tambourine Man", Fairport plumbed the tales of Celtic lore to create a new kind of psychedelic folk rock. In 2006, they won a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and their groundbreaking album, "Liege & Lief", was voted The Most Influential Folk Album Of All Time by the listeners of BBC Radio 2.

With almost 50 years under their belt, the group continues to perform and record, much to the delight of their devoted fans. Since 1976, the band have hosted the Cropedy Festival, an annual event that includes the current incarnation of Fairport, plus past members and guests, that draws up to 20 000 people a year. This year’s 37th anniversary of the festival will take place from August 10th to August 12th, 2017, and includes special guests Petula Clark, Show Of Hands, Feast Of Fiddles, Pierce Brothers, Dougie MacLean, Marillion, Cats In Space, Gigspanner and The Gerry Colvin Band.




Collins & Stills.....

In 1967, Stephen Stills met Judy Collins and began a two year romance with the folk legend that inspired him to write the 1969 Crosby Stills & Nash classic “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”. Now, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of their relationship, Stills and Collins are teaming up for a collaborative album, as well as a US summer tour.

The duo are working on the still untitled album this month and are hoping to release it sometime this summer. The trek, which features more than 20 dates, kicks off with a July 26th performance at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, Illinois, and winds down with a September 6th concert in San Diego.

Interestingly, the tour will mark the first time Stills and Collins will perform on stage together. The shows will feature songs from the new album and selections from their back catalogs, while Stephen and Judy also will share stories about their eventful lives and careers and recollections of their time together.

Meanwhile, Stills is winding down a spring tour with his blues-rock band The Rides, which features Kenny Wayne Shepherd and ex-Electric Flag keyboardist Barry Goldberg. The group has 2 dates left on its 2017 itinerary, a pair of California festival appearances, on May 27th in Santa Cruz and May 28th in Avila Beach.

In other news, Stills is in the process of writing a self penned memoir and his guitar work is featured on a new EP titled "Walking In Twos" by singer songwriter Amanda Abizaid.




Chris Robinson.....

"Barefoot In The Head", released by Silver Arrow Records on July 21st, 2017, marks a 3rd collection of new material from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood in little over a year, a freedom that suits them well. "Barefoot In The Head" finds the band pushing boundaries and breaking new ground with more joy and wonder than ever before.

The album showcases the continued growth of Robinson's songwriting partnership with his bandmates, guitarist Neal Casal, drummer Tony Leone, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, and bassist Jeff Hill, while revelling in the kind of playful adventurousness that can only come from 5 artists tuned in to the same sonic wavelength.

The album opens with the americana funk of "Behold The Seer", which sounds like something of a mission statement for the CRB as Robinson sings, 'if you want to keep your engine humming, keep your eyes wide ahead and don't look back'. On the dreamy "She Shares My Blanket", Robinson crafts cinematic scenes from a winter love affair in the mountains, while elegant pedal steel added by special guest Barry Sless on "Blonde Light Of Day" casts a warm, romantic haze and "Blue Star Woman" sounds like T Rex dressed in overalls living on a West Coast commune.

Throughout the album, Robinson and the band deftly intertwine country, blues and psychedelia, even channeling freewheeling 60's folk on "Hark The Herald Hermit Speaks", a breakneck stream of consciousness that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. On the English psych inspired "Glow", which Robinson calls 'one of the most special things I've ever done in the studio', CRB are joined by the celebrated sarodist Alam Khan, son of the legendary Ali Akbar Khan.




Jan Daley.....

Once crowned Miss California, Jan Daley began life as a bashful native of Inglewood, CA, who slowly but willfully blossomed, parlaying her classical piano lessons and dreams of becoming the next Carol Burnett or Debbie Reynolds into an enviable string of gigs and experiences that have become touchstones of her career, from Hollywood Variety TV shows to opening for Louis Armstrong and Don Rickles in Vegas to Broadway and many stops in between. Jan went from a lanky local medal winning competitive swimmer and Hollywood singing lessons to sharing stages with the giants of giants of stage, screen, and the comic circuit including George Burns, Rodney Dangerfield and Bob Hope.

She was also flown to Rome, Italy to record the title song for the movie “Madron”, that eventually was nominated for an Oscar, “Till Love Touches Your Life”, and has performed in stellar productions of perennial favorite musicals and plays such as “Oklahoma”, “Anything Goes” and “Taming Of The Shrew”. Along the way, Jan honed an intuitive skill for writing, songs which appeared in movies and scripts, that has served her as a chronicler and a torchbearer of bygone eras, able to bring them back to vivid life via her words, her voice and her dynamic stage performances.


Lesley Duncan.....

One of Britain’s 1st ever female singer songwriters, with her 1st and 2nd albums from the early 1970’s , who paid her dues singing backing vocals during the 1960’s. Lesley Duncan was signed as a writer in 1963 and had covers of songs by the likes of Swinging Blue Jeans, Walker Brothers, Dusty Springfield, and in 1970 "Love Song" was recorded by Elton John for his "Tumbleweed Connection" LP.

She paid her dues whilst honing her craft singing on sessions and performing live show backing vocals throughout the 1960's, notably behind Dusty Springfield. Lesley can be heard loud and clear on "In The Middle Of Nowhere", and seen on vintage footage in shows with Dusty, alongside Madeline Bell and Kiki Dee. Lesley also sang on stage behind Elton John in 1970 and in return Elton played piano on tracks for Lesley’s own "Sing Children Sing" LP.

Following a string of solo pop singles Lesley caught the wind and changed direction in the later 1960's writing more personal material and her singles from that period are all included on this package.

Disc 1 is Lesley’s debut LP from 1971, "Sing Children Sing", a reflection of the prevailing US sound recast as a British singer songwriter. Whilst on disc 2 the second LP, "Earth Mother", released in 1972, is more brooding and concerned with the state of the world. Both entirely written by Lesley. Both with shades of contemporaries Carole King, Laura Nyro, Judee Sill.

4 of the bonus tracks are on CD for the 1st time. Here are 3 early versions from 1968 and 1969 of songs later re-recorded on the LP's, including her 1st version of "Love Song" which inspired Elton John to record his version. This was b-side to a towering, almost theatrical, Richard Hewson arranged version of Carole King’s "A Road To Nowhere". All the tracks, LP's and singles, are taken from fresh analogue tape transfers and new mastering.

"Sing Lesley Sing: The RCA & CMS Recordings 1968-1972", RPM/Cherry Red Records, July 21st, 2017.





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