Shannon McNally.....

Shannon McNally's blues and americana return, "Black Irish", will make you dance, break your heart, and save your soul. The album was recorded in Nashville, but it's distinctive sense of place lies 210 miles west, where Memphis meets Mississippi. The primary colors of American music are black and white, and "Black Irish" displays that hybrid in many shades, mixing country, blues, soul, rock, folk balladry and classic pop. "Black Irish" is McNally's most personal project yet, which is saying a lot, given the americana singer songwriter's deep catalog

But it speaks to the power of connection, and the power of music to create it and to reflect it. The kick off track, "You Made Me Feel For You", was written by her producer, Rodney Crowell, and serves as a metaphor for their collaboration, how his particular understanding of her unique gifts pulled out the career defining album many have been waiting for since she came on the scene. The concept for "Black Irish" began in 2013, as Shannon was going through what she calls 'a miserable divorce', raising her daughter Maeve, and nursing her terminally ill mother Maureen. Her parents had relocated to Holly Springs, Mississippi, and McNally moved in, caring for her mom until her death in 2015. Compass Records, June 30th, 2017.




Stax At 60.....

From deep within the heart of Memphis to your stereo, the rich legacy of Stax Records will be honored this year as 2 label partners join forces to commemorate the label’s 60th anniversary. It will be a massive campaign to celebrate Stax artists and albums across physical and digital formats. Notably, this initiative will be carried out by both owners of the Stax catalogue, Rhino Records/Warner Music Group, which controls much of the label’s Atlantic distributed output from 1957 to 1968, and Concord Bicycle Music/Universal Music Group, handler of the Stax masters released from 1968 to the mid 1970's, when the label declared bankruptcy. Founded by siblings Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton, whose surnames gave the label its moniker, Stax Records was to the south what Motown was to Detroit, a pioneer in locally sourced, gritty soul and r'n'b. With crack house band Booker T & The MG’s at the fore, an integrated group which included keyboardist Booker T Jones, guitarist Steve Cropper, bassist Donald “Duck” Dunn and drummer Al Jackson, Jr, and a stable of stars like Sam & Dave, Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, there seemed little Stax could not achieve. The label weathered major setbacks in the mid 60's, notably the tragic loss of Redding in an airplane crash and a split with distributor Atlantic Records, when they were sold to Warner Bros. The independent Stax soldiered on with legends like William Bell, The Staple Singers and Isaac Hayes, all of whom helped define 70's soul in many ways.




Russell Joslin.....

In 2007, the 23 year old Russell Joslin released his 1st self produced, bedroom folk album "Dream Token" to unexpected critical and public acclaim. Since then his wayward journey has always been in the direction of his forthcoming, 4th studio album "Hey Mathematician", a rare and observant tale of heart, unrest and rebellion in an increasingly fraught and controlling world.

Singer songwriter Russell Joslin has lived in the ever intensifying metropolis of London, UK for the last 12 years, where his unique strain of dissenting, literate folk has seen him become a stalwart of the city’s singer songwriter scene. He has self produced 3 solo albums as well as fronting 2 rock bands, folk punk 2 piece Pretty Bricks and art rock 3 piece High Windows. He now tours as a much lauded duet with his Australian soulmate and singing partner Sarah McCaig. Over the past 18 months he has toured western Europe extensively, supported Martha Tilston for several shows and been booked for numerous profile UK folk festivals, Bromyard, Sark, Lyme Folk Weekend, as well as an upcoming 2017 slot at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

Throughout his career, Joslin has used his songs to illustrate unsettling images of his turbulent environment and relied on literature to inform and direct his work. "Hey Mathematician" is no exception, themes of love and rebellion, in the context of a controlling society are key to both Russell’s 4th album and 'We' the seminal dystopian 1921 novel, and precursor to Orwell’s '1984', by Yevgeny Zamyatin, from which the album takes its name.

‘We’ tells the story of D 503, a man of numbers, subservient to the ‘One State’, who falls in love and eventually rebels against the totalitarian regime which confines him. The atmosphere of "Hey Mathematician", whilst having the contemporary world as it’s backdrop, owes a debt to the futuristic and troubled story of 'We' as Joslin paints a picture of love, sentimentality, fear and hope on the canvas of an increasingly anguished, digitised environment. The love expressed throughout the album is almost always that of Joslin and his Australian girlfriend Sarah McCaig, the couple are pictured on the album cover reflected in an East London puddle holding on to each other for dear life in industrial filth, to face the city’s storms as lovers and artists. Russell and Sarah, whilst having found an intense and soul defining love, pressured by the demands of the city and explored in dark love songs such as "Water For Blood", "The Cold Of The Night" and "Shackles", also represent city dwellers the world over, rudderless souls searching for romance, integrity and wonder in a system which seems increasingly intent on the distraction and domination of its Citizens.

Track 2 on the album, "Elevate Me (Smoke)" is an insubordinate, demanding letter to politicians in the wake of a 2nd Tory UK election victory, expressing disgust at the degrading state of English society compared with the comfort and connivance of the nation’s leaders. "Billy’s Funeral" is a poetic and thankful lament on a working life lived proudly and a love which endures in the face of the world’s realities. "Shipwreck" is a pained, fatalistic account of modern day anxiety alongside a message of defiance, whilst "We Are 40 Now" spits bile at an increasingly shallow, image conscious hipster culture within a financially corrupt and globalised London, "my tinder’s full of bearded lunatics, mincing round in 3 in H&M kits". If there are more traditional protest songs on the album then they lie with "If I Die A Tory" and "The Blocks Of St Lukes", whilst the 1st is self explanatory to anyone familiar with the UK’s conservative government, the latter is a tribute to Sam Hallam, jailed for 7 years in 2005, for a murder he did not commit, and indicative of tens of thousands of miscarriages of UK justice.

In contrast to the more produced, studio based band sound of Russell’s 2015 album "Harlequins", "Hey Mathematician" was conceived as a raw, live recording using the city’s top sessions players to fill out the songs. Preparation came in the form of Russell’s past 2 years of European touring, comprising over 150 live shows. It was recorded using vintage equipment, at the now defunct North London studio, The Cowshed. The album was mixed down to quarter inch tape by Ed Duggan at Gizzard studio, a Toe Rag Studio spin-off, using rare 50’s gear and the experienced ears of the no frills producer of rockabilly and garage punk. From there the album was taken to vinyl cutting living legend and loudness war rebel Noel Summerville for mastering. Summerville took control of the sound of the record once Russell was far beyond burnt out and added the conservative and considered polish it needed to entice the listener and celebrate its vast, carefully recorded dynamic range.

In "Hey Mathematician" Russell Joslin has created a personal folk album which truly speaks about its wider time and place, using the best of London’s assets to create the sound and modern society’s darkness for material.



Laura Nyro.....

Can you surry? Can you picnic? Laura Nyro, to use her own fanciful word, surried onto the scene 50 years ago with the release of her debut album "More Than A New Discovery". Its title was certainly apt. Throughout the course of her life, Nyro wrote and introduced some of the most beloved popular songs of all time with her singular fusion of pop, jazz, r'n'b, soul, broadway and folk sounds.

Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records are proud to celebrate the golden anniversary of Laura Nyro’s debut with a landmark 2 CD collection. "A Little Magic, A Little Kindness: The Complete Mono Albums Collection" features, for the very 1st time on CD, both of Nyro’s original mono albums newly remastered by Vic Anesini at Sony’s Battery Studios from the original master tapes. "More Than A New Discovery", originally released on Verve Folkways in 1967, premiered the songs that Barbra Streisand, Blood Sweat & Tears and The 5th Dimension would all take up the charts, including “Stoney End”, “And When I Die”, “Blowin’ Away” and perhaps the most famous song Nyro ever wrote, “Wedding Bell Blues”.

This special edition restores the original album sequence and mono mix from the very first version of the album. In 1968, Nyro moved to Columbia Records for her most acclaimed album, "Eli & The Thirteenth Confession". Its songs were once again adopted by other artists such as Three Dog Night, Frankie Valli, and of course, The 5th Dimension. Featuring “Eli’s Comin’”, “Emmie”, “Sweet Blindness” and the era defining “Stoned Soul Picnic”, this ultra rare album, thought by many Nyro connoisseurs to be superior to the familiar stereo version, also makes its maiden appearance on CD. A handful of bonus tracks round out this special package, including the Bones Howe produced 'pop' version of “Save The Country” and the CD debuts of the Verve 'censored' single version of “Stoney End” and the single mix of “Eli’s Comin’”. The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese provides new liner notes, the crystal clear remastering is by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York. "A Little Magic, A Little Kindness: The Complete Mono Albums Collection" pays tribute to one of pop’s most enduring iconoclasts. It’s a soul picnic you won’t want to miss. Real Gone Music, July 7th, 2017.




Eagles Remasters.....

Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades' "Natural Progressions", Don Felder's "Airborne" and Randy Meisner's self-titled 1st solo album will all be remastered and released by Friday Music on July 7th, 2017.




Dusty Springfield.....

Having issued collections of her lost 1971 Jeff Barry produced sessions, "Faithful", and her entire 1970-1971 UK sessions, "Come For A Dream", they have made chronicling the hallowed early 70's period of Dusty Springfield’s career something of a mission at Real Gone Music. And they have saved what just might be the best for last, this collection brings together, for the first time ever, all of the historic recordings made by Dusty at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia with Gamble Huff Productions for Atlantic Records

The 17 selections cover the 10 1969 recordings issued on Springfield's 1970 album "A Brand New Me", including the hit title song, plus 7 additional tracks from 1970, including the single "I Wanna Be A Free Girl", outtakes not issued until the 1990's on various compilations, and a previously unreleased track, “Sweet Charlie”. Additionally, because former iterations of this material have not been sonically quite up to snuff, each track is newly remixed from the original multi track masters by noted Sigma Sound veteran Tom Moulton, under the supervision of legendary Gamble Huff producer writer Thom Bell, who worked on the original "Brand New Me" album and follow up sessions with "Dusty!". Liner notes by Joe Marchese and rare images from Dusty’s own collection complete this invaluable look at the seductive miss Springfield’s foray into the Philly Soul sound. Put this together with the other Real Gone Dusty retrospectives and you have the full picture of Dusty’s recordings from 1969-1971 that immediately followed her "Dusty In Memphis" pinnacle. July 7th, 2017.





Passerine’s music occupies a zone somewhere between modern folk, progressive bluegrass, and what is loosely called americana. With original songs, as well as their own arrangements of traditional songs, Passerine carries on the living tradition of acoustic folk music rooted in popular experience, memory, and shared wisdom. They have found inspiration across a wide musical spectrum. From Woody Guthrie and Bill Monroe to Lucinda Williams and Old Crow Medicine Show, from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to Cracker and the Black Keys, from the Carter Family and Hazel Dickens to Kate Wolf and Nanci Griffith. By combining diverse musical interests with instrumentation usually associated with a traditional string band, and with vocal harmonies that sometimes move outside the usual structures, Passerine has created a sound with a personality that is both familiar and unique, whether the song is a sweet ballad, a foot stomping bluegrass tune, or one of their more rocking originals.

The band was formed in 2009 by singer songwriter Carmela Pedicini and David Brain. Carmela had already established a substantial regional following with Radio Free Carmela & The Transmitters. Sara Stovall combines classical training with her western Kentucky roots to achieve great versatility across musical genres from punk and psychedelic rock to Passerine’s version of americana. Originally recruited only as a violinist in 2011, Sara has stretched her wings as a vocalist and a songwriter in her own right. Carmela, David and Sara quickly settled in as the core of the group. “Transmitter” Doug Conroy joined up in 2014, earning his Passerine wings on their 6,000 mile Northern Loon tour, with 23 shows in 25 days.

Passerine’s sound has continued to mature as they have toured extensively. The group released their first CD, “Another Song About A Bird”, in July 2012. Their 2nd, “Nest Of String”, was released a year later in 2013. They have just finished their 3rd full length CD, “Harbingers”. They have been featured performers and headliners at major festivals all over Florida. In 2015, they were selected as headliners for the Listening Room Festival in St Petersburg. They were voted Band Of The Year at the Deland Original Music Festival in 2012, and took home an award for Song Of The Year in 2011. In 2014, Passerine was among 3 bands voted Best Of Local Bands by the readers of SRQ Magazine, a notable achievement or an original folk band on a list of mostly rock bands active in the bar scene.




Beach Boys 1967.....

In recent years, we've seen comprehensive reissues of remastered mono and stereo versions of nearly every original Beach Boys album of the 60's. Any Beach Boys fan with insight into the group's massive output knows there are still some albums missing, for instance the much overlooked yet brilliant album of late 1967, "Wild Honey".

1967 turned out to be a particularly tumultous year in the Beach Boys' career. The previous year had ended on the brightest possible note when "Good Vibrations" hit #1 on both sides of the Atlantic and readers of England's highly influential magazine NME helped place The Beach Boys on the #1 spot as the worlds  greatest band, even before The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

The Beach Boys returned to California from a triumphant tour of England to continue their vocal sessions with Brian Wilson, the band's undesputed leader and chief songwriter, who'd been a non touring member since late 1964. He stayed in Los Angeles, concentrating on songwriting and producing backing tracks to which the others added their vocals. The results showed throughout 1966 via classics like the "Pet Sounds" album and the above mentioned "Good Vibrations".

1967 was meant to be the year when Brian and The Beach Boys put out their crowning achievement, the album that was supposed to sement their reputation as The Beatles' chief rivals, "Smile". We all know that never happened.

In May 1967, after nearly a year of hard work, and with Wilson's mental health in decline, the "Smile" project was cancelled. The only outcome was the single "Heroes And Villains", and "Smiley Smile", an album consisting of bizarre, stripped down versions of "Smile" music, recorded at Wilson's home studio, the only place where The Beach Boys could expect contributions of any substance from Brian for the next couple of years. Though not a bad album, "Smiley Smile" couldn't live up to expectations. It was the first of many Beach Boys albums not to make the Top 20.

To make matters worse, The Beach Boys cancelled their main appearance of the year, namely the headline spot at Monterey Pop, the festival that changed the face of rock history litterarly over night.

In December 1967, only 3 months after "Smiley Smile", a new Beach Boys album appeared. "Wild Honey", also recorded at Wilson's home, displayed a surprisingly upbeat and focused group, with Brian's youngest brother Carl contributing some of his best ever vocals. His love for soul and r'n'b matched perfectly with the often raw and basic arrangements as can be heard on the album's opening track "Wild Honey", the group's cover of Stevie Wonder's "I Was Made To Love Her", and on future concert staple "Darling".

The Wild Honey album also marked a beginning of a new chapter in the Beach Boys career where Carl and the others showed surprising skills both as songwriters and producers.

On June 30th, 2017, Capitol Records will release "1967 Sunshine Tomorrow", a 65 track 2 CD set comprising new stereo mixes of the entire "Wild Honey" album, plus over 50 tracks taken from the "Smiley Smile" and "Wild Honey" recording sessions, and rehersal takes from "Laid In Hawaii", a planned but never released 1967 live album.

"1967 Sunshine Tomorrow" also contains the first ever on CD release of the band's cover versions of 2 of that year's most famous songs, The Box Tops' "The Letter" and The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends", previously only available on an early 80's compilation of "Beach Boys Rarities" that quickly disappeared from the market for legal reasons.

Also on June 30th, 2017, a 180 gram vinyl 50th anniversary edition of the "Wild Honey" album, featuring the new Mark Linett and Alan Boyd stereo mixes, will be released through Capitol/Universal Music.



Willie Sings Bob.....

"Positively Bob : Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan"

01. The Times Are A’ Changin’
02. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
03. Blowin’ In The Wind
04. A Hard Rain’s A’ Gonna Fall
05. I Want You
06. Subterranean Homesick Blues
07. Love Minus Zero, No Limit
08. Every Grain Of Sand
09. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
10. Abandoned Love

June 23rd, 2017.



Purple Rain.....

NPG and Warner Bros have announced the release date for the long promised deluxe editions of Prince’s 1984 album “Purple Rain". The set will be available in deluxe and super deluxe editions on June 23rd, 2017, 33 years to the day after the original album’s release. The editions feature multiple previously unreleased songs from the era and the expanded edition includes the long unavailable concert film “Prince & The Revolution Live!” which was recorded in Syracuse, NY, in March 1985, near the end of the “Purple Rain” tour.

One previously unreleased song, the sultry “Electric Intercourse”, which was replaced on the original album by, and is stylistically similar to, “The Beautiful Ones”, is already available as an instant grat download as part of the pre-order. The song was previously available in live versions on bootlegs, but this studio version is new to even the most completist fans.

The 2 CD "Purple Rain" deluxe set includes the 2015 “Paisley Park Remaster” of the original tapes from the soundtrack, which was overseen by Prince. The 2nd disc, “From The Vault: Unreleased”, includes 11 previously unreleased songs from 1983 and 1984, including “Electric Intercourse”, “Possessed”, “Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden”, the instrumental “Father’s Song”, “We Can F**k”, a 10 minute version different from the one released on 1990’s “Graffiti Bridge”, and “Katrina’s Paper Dolls”.

The super deluxe edition includes a 3rd disc of singles and b-sides from the era, as well as the concert film.




Lynne Hanson.....

We all carry a little bit of weight on our shoulders, but being compelled toward songwriting is a welcome burden for Lynne Hanson. At 1st listen, her warm, gritty, boot stompin' music leads you through the southern USA, though Hanson hails from Ottawa, Canada. Her sound is born honestly through a lifetime of experience and influence, expressed through the rock, blues and roots that bleeds from her very being. With a liberal amount of Texas grit and a polished Nashville sensibility, Lynne's songs are familiar and comfortable, yet fearless and strong. She likes things a little rough around the edges, but her deep bluesy croon is pure and full of fortitude. No matter what the song, there is a weight and a warmth to her expression.

In her brand new release, ”Uneven Ground”, produced by Winnipeg's Scott Nolan, Hanson explores the realm of giving sound advice through songwriting, and fighting back against the devil within us. Permeating the recording is a restrained intensity, elevated with a finger picked beat, beautiful piano accompaniments, dobro and wind instruments. "Working with Lynne was like chasing a train", says producer Nolan, and the album charges out of the gates with the electricity of "Carry Me Home", winding into down home roots ballads like "Stronger" and "Just For Now". The title track "Uneven Ground" is a full on blues assault, conjuring images a glamorous chanteuse stretched out in front of a baby grand in a smoky nightclub. "Counting Heartbeats" and "Every Honest Misstep" each have a unique, driving, rain on the windshield quality, with a pace that leans in on the gas just a bit. All together, ”Uneven Ground” is an authentic expression of Hanson's rustic style, brimming over with imagery and cleverly penned lyrics, and a crystal clear production. It steps proudly into the next generation of roots and blues music, while still respecting traditions.

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, Hanson started playing guitar as a teenager, eventually working her way to her award winning debut, ”Things I Miss”, in 2006. 2 more albums quickly followed, ”Eleven Months” in 2008, and ”Once The Sun Goes Down” in 2010. Each new release garnered critical praise, earning Hanson a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination in 2009, an invitation to the Kerrville Folk Festival, and the prestigious Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award, administered by the Ontario Arts Council. After a few years hiatus, Lynne Hanson returned with a new approach to songwriting, releasing her 4th studio album ”River Of Sand” in 2014 with producer Lynn Miles, a Juno award winning artist. ”River Of Sand” stands out as the creative output of the personal journey endured over her four year break, and saw her writing mature into a more intuitive and visceral style.

Lynne Hanson has toured across Canada, the US, Europe and the UK, either solo or with her band The Good Intentions. She's showcased in Austin, Phoenix and Memphis, toured in support of Grammy nominated artist Gretchen Peters and Steve Forbert, and performed at the legendary 100 Club in London England and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to name a few.




Natalie Merchant.....

Nonesuch Records have announced the release of “The Natalie Merchant Collection” which will be a deluxe 10 CD box set compiled by Merchant herself and released on June 23rd, 2017. The discs include all 8 of her solo studio albums from the past 3 decades, a new studio set featuring 4 new songs and 6 reinterpreted selections from her catalog called “Butterfly” and a final disc featuring a collection of 15 rare and previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1998 and 2017, including home studio demos, album outtakes, live tracks and collaborations with artists like Billy Bragg, David Byrne, Chieftains, Cowboy Junkies, and Amy Helm.

The package includes a 100 page lyric book and pictorial history of the singer songwriter’s solo career. To coincide with the release of the box set, Merchant will tour the US this summer with "Natalie Merchant - 3 Decades Of Song", performing songs from across her career. A portion of the tour’s proceeds will be donated to the environmental organization Food & Water Watch, which champions healthy food and clean water.




Joe Cocker.....

Joe Cocker : Mad Dog With Soul” is the definitive documentary on the great Sheffield soul and blues singer's life and 50 year career. It is the story of a rock music legend. As a former gas fitter who spent 6 years playing in Sheffield pubs, Joe Cocker then catapulted to a world of stardom following a spectacular appearance at Woodstock in 1969. This film explores the inner anguish which ironically caused his voice to sound so unique. BluRay and DVD, Eagle Rock Entertainment, June 23rd, 2017.











"TajMo" marks a timely convergence of the talents of 2 unique American artists who've already built iconoclastic individual legacies that have extended and expanded blues traditions into adventurous new territory, Taj Mahal and Keb Mo. This collaboration brings out the best in both artists, with the pair merging their distinctive voices, personalities and guitar styles to create vibrant, immediate music that's firmly rooted in tradition, yet ruled by a playful sense of adventure. The album features guest appearances by Sheila E, Joe Walsh, Lizz Wright and Bonnie Raitt, who lends her voice to a distinctive cover of John Mayer's anthemic "Waiting On The World To Change". Decca Records, June 16th, 2017.






Joseph Eid.....

Americana singer songwriter Joseph Eid has been writing poetry and dreaming of a career in the arts as long as he can remember. He grew up in the suburbs of New York.  Raised in a strict and traditional home, the arts were only supported as a hobby and never as a career.  During his college years, Eid studied psychology and pre med.  After his first semester at med school, his dream got too big to hold and Eid made the bold choice of dropping out to move to New York City to pursue music. 

 While in New York, Joseph Eid picked up a guitar, joined a band, and the songs poured out of him like rain.  His journey then led to Los Angeles where he started playing regularly at open mic nights and showcases.  Shortly after, he began working with world renowned guitarist and songwriter, David Lamar, honing his songwriting at weekly showcases at the Stone Bar. This lead him to write over 30 new songs as well as record a debut EP, “Cardiac Output”,followed by a full length album, “Human“.

 Known as a dynamic solo performer Joseph Eid has brought his one man live show to many of Los Angeles’ premiere music venues, including stints at Room 5 and El Cid and residencies at The Stone Bar, Crane’s Hollywood Tavern, and Bar Lubitsch. He has also toured regionally as well as nationally, and has also enjoyed doing house concerts and corporate events. 

 Since the release of his “Human“ album, Joseph Eid has been garnering considerable buzz. He has been featured inAmerican Songwriter Magazine’s Best New Music column and was recently named as one of the 100 Hottest Live Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine. His song “It’s Only Love” will be in a new Independent film starring Sharon Stone called 'A Little Something For Your Birthday'. His latest EP, “Watch It Fall”, will be released in the summer of 2017.




Matthew Sweet.....

Matthew Sweet will release a new studio album, "Tomorrow Forever", June 16th, 2016.  The 17 track long player is a follow-up to 2011’s "Modern Art", although he did issue "Under The Covers Vol 3" with Susannah Hoffs in between. You can preview the new single 'Trick' on Spotify right now, and the album can be pre-ordered on 2 LP and CD. "Tomorrow Forever" is the 1st album recorded after Sweet moved back to Nebraska, and features guests such as Rod Argent, the Bangles’ Debbie Peterson and Jayhawks’ frontman Gary Louris.





Eight Miles High.....

During an action packed Byrds tour of the UK in August 1965, ideas began to form in Gene Clark’s mind for a new song. After germinating for several weeks, he began to put his thoughts on paper during the band’s US tour in November 1965. Traveling from gig to gig, David Crosby’s cassettes of Ravi Shankar and John Coltrane provided the tour bus soundtrack. As Clark continued writing the song that would become ‘‘Eight Miles High’,’ this exotic music, especially Coltrane’s recordings, found their way into the composition. Juxtaposed against lyrical snapshots of London, like ‘rain grey town, known for its sound’, the modal melody created a striking contrast and summoned a surreal, flight like feeling. Despite Clark’s increasing isolation from the group, it was obvious that ‘‘Eight Miles High’’ was a work of major importance and the group promptly made plans to record it.

The band entered RCA Studios in Los Angeles on December 22nd, 1965, to track ‘‘Eight Miles High’’, along with a new Roger McGuinn and David Crosby song ‘‘Why’’. They had worked up an explosive arrangement for the Clark song, adding elements culled from their recent highway listening sessions. The Coltrane influence is especially evident in McGuinn’s electric twelve string solo, inspired by Coltrane’s free form sax lines on ‘‘India’.’ Shankar’s sitar work is reflected in Chris Hillman’s driving bass part, a hypnotic drone against which McGuinn’s guitar lines shine in high relief. This Eastern influence also emerges on the high energy ‘‘Why’’, with McGuinn creating a sitar like solo on his guitar, while employing non Western scales. Though not a conscious attempt, these songs were later sited as pioneering examples of raga rock, one of several innovative sub genres, along with folk rock and country rock that the band explored in their career.

Despite the unqualified artistic success of the RCA sessions, Columbia refused to release the tracks because they had not been recorded in a Columbia owned studio. The band dutifully re-recorded the 2 songs at Columbia Studios in Hollywood and these recordings were released as a single and later included in the "Fifth Dimension" album. However, the band was not fully satisfied with this 2nd attempt, believing that the RCA recordings were better. This special Sundazed release marks the first use of the recently located original mono mixdown masters. McGuinn has always felt that the 1st recordings of these songs were more spontaneous. And when asked about the RCA version of ‘‘Eight Miles High’’ Crosby declared, ‘‘It was a stunner, it was better, it was stronger. It was the way we wanted it to be’’. Sundazed Music, June 16th, 2017.




Cracked Actor.....

David Bowie's "Cracked Actor" is a previously unreleased live recording from Los Angels on September 5th, 1974, this was a pivotal gig in the transition between the 'Diamond Dogs' tour and the 'Philly Dogs' tour. Produced by David Bowie and mixed by Tony Visconti at Human Studios, New York City, in October and November 2016. Originally released as a triple vinyl album for this years Record Store Day "Cracked Actor - Live In Los Angeles" will be available as limited edition 2CD digipak with a twelve page booklet featuring notes from the original L.A. Amphitheatre show programme and a contemporary piece about the LA ‘Philly Dogs’ shows from Rolling Stone's Richard Cromelin dated October 10th, 1974. Neither of these was featured in the vinyl package. "Cracked Actor" was the best selling vinyl album of Record Store Day 2017. June 16th, 2017.





Ad Vanderveen.....

At age 60 singer songwriter Ad Vanderveen realizes more than ever that writing is primarily a personal necessity, it’s between him and the universe and a small but devoted fan base are welcome to listen in. Vanderveen has been a musical adventurer for well over 4 decades, exploring and following his muse wherever it takes him.

This time this path led to acoustic improvisational songs with a contemplative mood and atmosphere.”Worlds Within” is an album of poetry and music in motion, in the sense that it consists of poems set to music with an improvisational approach. Some of the songs turned out like compact folk tunes, while others seem to lose track of time  and venture way beyond the usual 3 to 4 minute time span.

The lyrics have a personal and philosophical character and the music breathes a contemplative and mystical atmosphere, rooted in an earthy acoustic folk style. “These songs started out private and personal, as songs do, and together with some great musicians we made what you could call a record of contemporary folk with some jazz and classical overtones”. Ad Vanderveen has built up an impressive catalog of CD’s over the past decades. In 2017 this will be augmented by ”Worlds Within”, his 30th record release of new originals.



Jason Isbell.....

Jason Isbell's forthcoming album "The Nashville Sound" was recorded at Nashville's legendary RCA Studio A and produced by Dave Cobb, who produced "Something More Than Free" and Isbell's celebrated 2013 breakthrough album "Southeastern". "The Nashville Sound" features 10 new songs that address a range of subjects that include, politics and cultural privilege, longing nostalgia, love and mortality, the toxic effect of today's pressures, the remnants of a break up and finding hope, and some songs find Jason and his bandmates going back to their rock roots full force. Thirty Tigers, June 16th, 2017.






The Magpie Salute.....

The Magpie Salute, Rich Robinson, Marc Ford and Sven Pipien, June 9th, 2017, Eagle Rock Entertainment. The deeply soulful rock “Omission”, written by Robinson and vocalist John Hogg, is the album’s 1st single, with a video to be released shortly thereafter. Look for the band to launch a national headline tour starting July 26th in Indianapolis. In advance of the album’s release, The Magpie Salute issued a 10” vinyl 45 single of “Comin’ Home” and “Glad And Sorry” on Record Store Day, April 22nd

The Magpie Salute, driven by the magic of the reunited Robinson and Ford guitar team, features musicians who’ve played together for decades throughout various projects and share a truly deep musical bond. Joining Robinson, Ford and Pipien in the band are drummer Joe Magistro and guitarist Nico Bereciartua. The group also boasts a fine cast of vocalists, including Robinson, Ford, lead singer John Hogg, former Crowes singer Charity White and background singers, Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen. There is wide open musical freedom on the band’s debut album, with half of the 10 songs coming in over 7 minutes in length, and the musicians’ wide-ranging roots are reflected in the diverse selections. They offer fresh takes of The Black Crowes’ “What Is Home” and “Wiser Time”, and interpret songs by Delaney & Bonnie, “Comin’ Home”, Bobby Hutcherson, “Goin’ Down South”, War, “War Drums”, Pink Floyd, “Fearless”, Faces, “Glad And Sorry”, Bob Marley, “Time Will Tell”, which The Black Crowes covered on their 2nd album, and the traditional “Ain’t No More Cane”.




Gov't Mule.....

Gov’t Mule have announced the release of their anticipated 10th studio album, "Revolution Come, Revolution Go" out June 9th, 2017, on Fantasy Records. Steeped in the roots and mystique of rock, blues, soul, jazz and country, "Revolution Come, Revolution Go" enriches Gov’t Mule’s distinguished legacy with cleverly crafted songs, intelligent and timely lyrical commentary, and downright incendiary playing, while the depth and breadth of the band’s stunning songwriting is displayed with full force.






Kaurna Cronin.....

"Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness” is the 4th studio album from 24 year old, multi award winning, Australian singer, songwriter and folk rocker Kaurna Cronin, whose music combines folk, acoustic, pop, rock and indie. With a strong emphasis on grand story telling Kaurna creates a unique blend of narrative style folk songs coupled with group harmonies, catchy hooks and energetic folk jams, which have won him accolades and audiences all over the world. Being named as 'Artist Of The Year' by Folk Alliance Australia in 2015, awarded the prestigious APRA AMCOS 'Emily Burrows Award' and 'Best Acoustic Act' at Fowler's Live Awards are only a few of his notable achievements, along with a long list of national and international festival performances.

Growing up amongst the Australian folk festival circuit with his family and listening to the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young and Paul Kelly, Kaurna began to write and perform songs on streets all over Australia and Europe. Kaurna Cronin, the son of a professional clown, grew up first developing circus skills with a dream to entertain. He now harnesses a natural ability to engage and inspire crowds internationally. In the past years Australian songsmith Kaurna Cronin has performed in venues, on street corners and festivals worldwide, performing alongside artists such as Keith Urban, Michael Franti, Robert Forster, John McCutcheon, Colin Hay from Men At Work and Roscoe James-Irwin (Cat Empire). ”Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness” is a varied and poetic collection of moods, ideas and tales craftily pieced together by Kaurna and band. The songs, reminiscent of a life on the wide open road and the 3 most reoccurring emotions encountered throughout his lifelong musical journey, ”Euphoria, Delirium & Loneliness”.



Glen Campbell.....

6 years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Glen Campbell, who’s currently in the final stages of the disease, is releasing his final studio album on June 9, 2017. Titled "Adiós", the album was recorded in Nashville following the 80 year old country legend’s diagnosis and subsequent “Goodbye Tour”, the singer’s wife of 34 years, Kim Campbell, shares in the album’s emotional liner notes. “Glen’s abilities to play, sing and remember songs began to rapidly decline after his diagnosis in 2011”, she writes. “A feeling of urgency grew to get him into the studio one last time to capture what magic was left. It was now or never”.Kim shares the inspiration to record the album was sparked after the couple spent an afternoon with Carl Jackson, Glen’s longtime banjo player and a mutual friend who set up the pair on their first date more than 3 decades ago.

“We reminisced about all of the songs that Glen had always wanted to record, but had never gotten around to”,continues Kim. “Carl laid down some basic tracks and vocals for Glen to study and practice in preparation for his final session”. Though the recording sessions were heartbreaking at times because of the singer’s struggles with dementia, “Glen was barely able to remember the words that he was singing at times. Carl held up sheets of paper with large print lyrics and fed them to him one line at a time”, Kim says, the 'Rhinestone Cowboy' singer was clearly ecstatic about being in the studio. To give the record polish and charm, Jackson and Kim enlisted stars like Willie Nelson and Vince Gill to add to the album, and the couple’s children, Ashley, Shannon and Cal, also stepped into the recording booth to boost the vocals behind their father’s voice. “All of the laughing, crying, and we laughed much more than we cried, and singing were certainly bittersweet, but more than worthwhile when listening back to the finished album today”, writes Kim. “What you’re hearing is the beautiful and loving culmination of friends and family doing their very best for the man who inspired, raised and entertained them for decades, giving him the chance to say one last goodbye to his fans”.


King Crimson.....

King Crimson are to release an EP featuring their version of David Bowie's "Heroes" recorded in Berlin during the band’s 2016 European tour. The tracklist for the gatefold CD EP is :

01. Heroes 
02. Easy Money 
03. Starless (edit)
04. The Hell Hounds Of Krim 
05. Heroes (radio edit)

"Heroes - Live In Europe 2016" is set for release today, June 2nd, 2017.





Ryan Adams.....

Ryan Adams recently released a new box set, “Prisoner : End Of The World”, and it features 17 previously unreleased b-sides. Fans needn’t buy the boxset to hear these b-sides, as they appear to have surfaced online. Track titles include ‘What If We’re Wrong’, ‘Are You Home?’, ‘It Will Never Be The Same’ and ‘Hanging On To Hope’, hinting that many of the songs were inspired by Adams’ split with his ex-wife Mandy Moore. The boxset also features 12 7" records and 2D action figures of Adams and his bandmates.

Adams recently spoke about how writing the record helped him recover through the trauma of death and divorce. “For me, the big shadow illuminating things for fans will be that this record is directly related to my divorce, and to what was going on inside me, how I endured it and where I was in my emotions at that time, and they wouldn’t be wrong. I didn’t want to make a mistake and avoid it. I believe in art, and it sounds so stupid, but I think it’s more stupid to pretend that things aren’t happening to you and write some bland fucking useless bullshit”.


Folk Songs.....

When Nonesuch Records celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, with festivals at London's Barbican Centre and New York's Brooklyn Academy Of Music, Kronos Quartet joined forces with four labelmates, Sam Amidon, Olivia Chaney, Rhiannon Giddens and Natalie Merchant, to perform a concert entitled "Folk Songs".

The group later recorded the songs, most of which are traditional with contemporary arrangements, with Doug Petty as the album's producer. In addition, the album includes the instrumental "Last Kind Words" by Geeshie Wiley. For more than 40 years, San Francisco's Kronos Quartet, David Harrington and John Sherba (violins), Hank Dutt (viola), and Sunny Yang (cello), has combined a spirit of fearless exploration with a commitment to continually re-imagine the string quartet experience.

In the process, Kronos has become one of the world's most celebrated and influential ensembles, performing thousands of concerts, releasing more than 60 recordings, collaborating with many of the world's most eclectic composers and performers, and commissioning more than 900 works and arrangements for string quartet. Nonesuch Records, June 9th, 2016.




Buckingham McVie.....

Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie will release their 1st album as a duo, "Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie", June 9th, 2017, via Atlantic Records. The album will be available digitally, as well as on CD and vinyl. The first single, "In My World", is online now on all digital and streaming services. Buckingham and McVie will also embark on a North American tour this summer, starting June 21st in Atlanta and wrapping July 27th in Denver. The longtime collaborators rekindled their working relationship in 2014 when McVie rejoined Fleetwood Mac for their 2014 'On With The Show' tour. The pair recorded the LP at Village Studios in Los Angeles, where Fleetwood Mac also made several albums, including "Tusk". Buckingham and McVie tapped bandmates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to serve as the rhythm section for much of the album.




Ani DiFranco.....

Righteous Babe Records and singer songwriter activist Ani DiFranco announce her 20th studio album "Binary", set for a June 9th, 2017, release. With "Binary", the iconic singer, songwriter, activist, poet, DIY trendsetter returns to territory that brought her to the world’s attention more than 25 years ago. One of the 1st artists to create her own label in 1990, she has been recognized among the feminist pantheon for her entrepreneurship, social activism, and outspoken political lyrics. At a time of global chaos and confusion, DiFranco is kicking ass and taking names, with a set of songs offering a wide range of perspective and musical scope. European fans can pre-order the album now and exclusively in CD, and vinyl formats from Ani DiFranco's PledgeMusic campaign page. Pledgers who pre-order the album will receive 3 instant gratification tracks and access to exclusive artist updates and bonus content. Fans will also be able to order special memorabilia including lyric books, t-shirts, screen printed posters, totes, socks, signed guitars, and art prints. The album will also be available from the merch stand on Ani’s European tour dates and digitally from all the major streaming and download services continent wide.

Written prior to the 2016 election, the songs on "Binary" are prescient of the current political situation in America. Ani tackles the challenge and necessity of teaching non violence with “Pacifist’s Lament” and the need for empathy in “Terrifying Sight”. “Play God”, a rallying cry for reproductive rights, is currently playing out in congress. And on the title track, DiFranco reveals the larger meaning of the album. “This binary principle is echoed throughout our bodies“, Ani notes. “With one ear, we hear, but only with 2 ears can we perceive the full spectrum of depth and position. This idea that refuses now to let me go, that nothing can truly exist except in relationship with something else, is where this song and this album are coming from”. The backbone of "Binary’s" sound is DiFranco’s long time rhythm section of bassist Todd Sickafoose and drummer Terence Higgins, but on much of the album, the trio is augmented with some all star guests. Virtuoso violinist Jenny Scheinman and keyboard wizard Ivan Neville both join in for more than half of the record. Other contributors include the legendary Maceo Parker, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, and Gail Ann Dorsey, longtime bassist for David Bowie. New Orleans resident DiFranco takes special pride in the Crescent City funk spearheaded by natives Higgins and Neville on a number of the tunes. “Their souls are of this place”, she says. “The feel they bring is something they got in utero”. When it came time to mix Ani turned things over to Tchad Blake, the result a bold sonic imprint elevating the songs to a new level in her canon.

"Binary" represents the 1st album release from a European joint venture between Aveline Records and Righteous Babe Records. The Aveline Records label was established in the UK in 2016 by the triumvirate of long time Righteous Babe European representative Ian Blackaby, Lizzie Evans of Evans Above PR and Immy Doman co-founder of the legendary Green Note venue in London's Camden town. DiFranco spent much of 2016 on the "Vote Dammit" tour, driving home the need to get out the vote for the local, congressional and presidential elections. In the days following, fans turned to her for guidance with renewed earnestness, anxious to hear music and wisdom from the longtime activist. Ani encouraged fans to take political action and did the same herself, participating in the Women’s March on Washington and performing at the official Women’s March after party benefiting Planned Parenthood with The National and Sleater Kinney.  Ani will be honored with this year's Independent Icon Award at the American Association of Independent Music's Libera Awards ceremony in June. She will be performing in Europe this summer for the first time since 2014, including appearances at Glastonbury Festival and the London Palladium.



Roger Waters.....

Roger Waters will put out "Is This The Life We Really Want?", the Pink Floyd co-founder's 1st album since 1992's "Amused To Death", on June 2nd, 2017. Nigel Godrich produced and mixed the album, which includes 12 new songs that, according to a press release, contain 'unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times'. "I've only ever written about one thing in my life, which is the fact that we as human beings have a responsibility to one another", singer says. The album will come out as a 180 gram vinyl LP, on CD and digitally.

In addition to Waters, who sings, plays bass and acoustic guitar on the album, the musicians include Godrich (arrangement, sound collages, keyboards, guitar), Gus Seyffert (bass, guitar, keyboards), Jonathan Wilson (guitar, keyboards), Joey Waronker (drums), Roger Mannning (keyboards), Lee Pardini (keyboards) and Lucius (vocals) with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig. Although Waters has been tight lipped about the album's contents, he said in February that he has drawn inspiration from the antipathy he feels toward the Trump administration, as well as a dramatic radio play he had been writing before working on the LP about a man and his granddaughter investigating why children were being killed in faraway lands. "2 or 3 of the songs from that idea are on this album", he said. "Nigel Godrich persuaded me that for the purposes of a rock'n' roll record, which is what this is, he felt my theatrical idea, I'd written the whole thing as a radio play, was less than ideal".

They reworked some of Waters' ideas, though the singer-songwriter also looked outward for inspiration. The "Is This The Life" tune "Wait For Her" was inspired by an English translation of "Lesson From The Kama Sutra" by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. The album will come out shortly into Waters' upcoming "Us + Them" North American tour, which kicks off May 26th in Kansas City, Missouri. Gigs at arenas around the US and Canada run through October 28th, when the tour wraps in Vancouver. Waters said that the tour's concept will be built around his album title. "I will be making the point that we're living the life that we don't really want to live", he said. But it also ties into the tour moniker, which comes from the "Dark Side Of The Moon" track of the same name. "I like to think that people would still like to live in a world where we might address the problems of climate change, where we might understand that if we empathize with others, it makes us feel happier", he said. "Maybe we should start looking at happiness indexes rather than if we win and lose. And if we do that, then we may start to understand that the idea of 'us' and 'them' is actually an illusion".




Robert Lamm.....

If you know “Saturday In The Park”, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”, “Beginnings”, and “Get Away”, and who doesn’t?, you know the work of Robert Lamm.  Yet what you might not know is that the founding member of Chicago has also had a flourishing solo career in which he’s been able to explore new sonic avenues free from the shadow of his famous, and still busy, band. 

On June 2nd, 2017, Omnivore Recordings will collect some of the best of this World class songwriter and musician’s solo work on "Time Chill: A Retrospective." This first ever solo collection for Robert Lamm, the solo artist, brings together 15 tracks, 5 of which are previously unreleased, drawn from his diverse recordings beginning in 1999. Prior to that, Lamm released 2 fine solo LP's, 1974’s "Skinny Boy" and 1993’s "Life Is Good In My Neighborhood".

One track has been culled from his beautiful collaboration with America’s Gerry Beckley and the late Beach Boy, Carl Wilson, as Beckley Lamm Wilson, among the other highlights, you’ll find a previously unheard cover of Bobby Hebb’s timeless “Sunny”, and a solo re-interpretation and remix of Chicago’s classic “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is”. Lamm has written new track by track liner notes for this compendium, which promises to be a fresh and exciting release from one of the rock era’s most enduring and socially conscious songwriters.




Rita Coolidge.....

Effortlessly blending pop, country, blues, soul, gospel, and rock, Rita Coolidge is one of the great female singer songwriters of our time, but crucial parts of her recorded legacy have remained fallow in the CD era. Now, Real Gone Music is releasing "Beautiful Evening - Live In Japan", an extremely rare 1980 concert album that was originally released on LP only in Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. This album captures Rita Coolidge at the height of her powers and international popularity, with a crack band featuring Booker T Jones, Michael Warren, Salvatore Guglielmi, Mike Utley, Richard Adelman, Phyllis Battell and Carlena Williams. The set list is just killer, with big hits from throughout her career. And for an encore, we have rounded up 5 studio tracks issued on various Japanese singles and albums that have never before surfaced in the US. Worldwide CD debut and first US release of any kind, featuring notes by Joe Marchese with quotes from 'The Delta Lady' herself. Real Gone Music, June 2nd, 2017.





Sandra Marielle.....

"Welcome to my music. Every given moment of playing with my fellow musicians, performing and communicating with music is precious to me. If I somehow touch peoples hearts, get you to forget about all your troubles for a while, connect, get you to move to the music, sing along, clap your hands or just sit and listen and contemplate, then my job as an artist is done and I feel fulfilled. My goal with music is to reach out to people, touch peoples hearts, express myself, try to make a change and have an impact on people and on society. I always give it all I've got in in the studio, live on stage, unplugged or with a full band. Welcome into my world of my music." ~ Sandra Marielle









Mavis Staples.....

This historic, all star concert, featuring over 20 performances, spanning many genres by artists including Gregg Allman, Arcade Fire, Eric Church, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Jeff Tweedy and many, many more. Filmed at Chicago’s historic Auditorium Theatre, this performance was a once in a lifetime event, bringing some of the biggest names in music together to honor Mavis Staples.

Throughout an unparalleled career that spans over 6 decades, Staples’ soulful songs of justice and equality have become a soundtrack for the civil rights movement, and inspired multiple generations of artists. In addition to the performances, "I’ll Take You There" includes exclusive interviews with many of the artists, exploring Staples’ cultural and musical impact. The deluxe edition includes 6 extra songs plus a DVD of the entire Concert, including 2 songs not included in the broadcast version. Captured and presented in stunning HD quality with true Dolby 5.1 surround stereo, the full length concert film and available audio recording spans Mavis career from her beginnings at Stax Records, all the way through her recent work with Jeff Tweedy and Ry Cooder.

The collection features music from across Mavis’ legendary career from the earliest Staples Singers songs, through massive hits from their Stax heyday, to her recent career resurgence with producers like Jeff Tweedy and Ry Cooder. Includes hits like “Respect Yourself” and “I’ll Take You There” and transcendent covers like The Talking Heads’ “Slippery People” and Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready”. Blackbird Productions, June 2nd, 2017.




June Star.....

"Sleeping With The Lights On" by June Star, June 2nd, 2017. Andrew Grimm: guitars, banjo, bass, harmonica, percussion, vocals. Andy Bopp: guitars, bass, percussion, backing vocals. Kurt Celtnieks: drums, percussion, backing vocals.  Special helpers: J Robbins: organ. Ellen Cherry: backing vocals.









Lynn Castle.....

In the 1960's Lynn Castle became the first lady barber in L.A. just as long hair on men became hip. By day she was styling The Monkees, Boyce & Hart, Del Shannon, Sonny & Cher, The Byrds and countless others, and by night she was writing songs. Despite lacking the desire to self promote and a crippling insecurity that made it hard to sing in front of anyone, her songs managed to bend the ears of such industry heavyweights as Phil Spector, Jack Nitzsche and Lee Hazlewood.

“It was so hard to get me to sing”, explained Castle. “I had buried it so low, I didn’t think I was good at all. Lee heard my songs and thought I was fabulous. He said, ‘Oh my god, you’re really good! Let’s cut a record’."

Her sole 1967 7", “The Lady Barber/Rose Colored Corner”, released on Lee Hazlewood Industries is a slice of psychedelic pop heaven. A full length album was never completed, but her sparse demos with Jack Nitzsche give the listener a peek of what one might have sounded like. If you are familiar with Nitzsche’s mid 60's work with Tim Buckley, Bob Lind and Buffalo Springfield, you can squint your ears and imagine her songs bejeweled with lush strings, finger cymbals, and delicate harpsichord. Instead, the songs remained unheard until now.

For the first time ever Lynn is sharing recordings from her personal archive and telling her story.....

Light In The Attic Records, June 2nd, 2017.




Alex Lopez.....

Bluesman Alex Lopez’ driving blues style is delivered through a collection of infectious songs in his album “Is it a Lie”.This album features a vintage classic rock sound, along with the blistering guitar work of this rising blues artist. From the explosive opening track, “Can’t Hide Your Love”, to the closing emotional acoustic ballad, “The Night is Closing In”,every song captures your attention. “Sing The Blues” is as classic a blues song as you will hear, and “Company Man” is an all out rocker that will have your body moving. And with “Smile At Me”, Alex is sure to have the hit song you will remember. Alex is a soulful vocalist and his songs have melodies that stay with you like any carefully crafted catchy pop song. “Is it a Lie” is indeed an album with a fresh new sound, redefining and stretching the blues.  







Kris & Rita.....

It is mighty, mighty hard to believe, but this famed duets album, which went to #1 on the country charts and #26 on the pop charts, has never been issued on CD outside of Japan, and even there only in the late 90's on a limited run.

This was a love album par excellence, as the 2 stars had just gotten married weeks prior to the album’s release in 1973. interestingly, though Kris Kristofferson, fresh from recording his country chart-topper “Why Me”, was the bigger star at the time, "Full Moon" really played to Rita Coolidge’s strengths, as it was produced by her long time producer David Anderle and set its songs in a higher key more suited to her dreamy vocals.

The album scored a huge hit with Kristofferson’s “A Song I’d Like To Sing”, and followed that up with a smash version of Tom Jans’ “Loving Arms”, the duo’s rendition of Kristofferson’s “From The Bottle To The Bottom” also won a Grammy for 'Best Country Vocal Performance By Duo Or Group'. In short, "Full Moon" was, and is, a stone cold classic, and this re-issue not only features notes by Joe Marchese featuring quotes from Rita Coolidge herself, but also adds a no less than 6 unreleased tracks from the A&M vaults, including a Kris & Rita duet from the album sessions and 5 more Rita solo recordings from the period. Real Gone Music, June 2nd 2017.




Aaron English.....

Seattle based piano man Aaron English has been steadily building a buzz in the US, thanks to 4 self released albums and regular touring throughout the US as a solo artist and with The Aaron English Band. In 2012, Aaron scored a Top 5 Italian radio hit in Italy with an epic medley reinvention of The Beatles' and Led Zeppelin's classics "Norwegian Wood" and "Kashmir".

Also in 2012, Aaron formed the side project Boombox Séance with Baltimore singer songwriter Victoria Vox. After writing and touring together in the summer and fall of 2012, they released the album ”Boombox Séance”, produced by Geoff Stanfield, in March 2013. In 2015, Aaron spent 2 music filled months as a record producer, songwriter, performer in East Africa, where he founded International Youth Music Project, a charity that supports music programs at orphanages.

In 2017, Aaron began a four month tour of Europe to promote his solo album ”American [Fever] Dream”. Aaron is currently releasing a new single and video each month, a project that will culminate in a new album release at the end of 2017.




Jesse Ed Davis.....

Throughout the 60's and 70's, native american guitarist Jesse Ed Davis was the go to sideman for a remarkable group of musicians. Starting in the mid 60's, he toured with Conway Twitty, then become a key part of Taj Mahal’s band, playing on several albums and tours, including an appearance on "The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus" and his historic pairing with Leon Russell to play on Bob Dylan’s “Watching The River Flow” at the "Concert For Bangla Desh", after which he accompanied George Harrison.

By now, he’d caught the eye of Atco Records, which released his debut LP "Jesse Davis" in 1971, featuring Russell, Eric Clapton, Gram Parsons, Merry Clayton, Ben Sidran, John Simon, Alan White, and many others, including Delaney Bramlett behind the mixing desk. A year later, Atco released "Ululu" containing some of the same all stars, plus Duck Dunn, Jim Keltner, and Dr John, and a version of George Harrison’s “Sue Me, Sue You Blues” before even George recorded it. Next up, Jesse become John Lennon’s guitarist on "Walls And Bridges" and "Rock 'N' Roll", plus Harrison’s "Extra Texture" and Ringo Starr’s "Goodnight Vienna". Davis also produced and played on Gene Clark’s 1971 album "White Light" and appeared on Clark’s "No Other", Leonard Cohen’s "Death Of A Ladies’ Man", and that’s Jesse taking the solo on Jackson Browne’s 1972 breakout hit “Doctor My Eyes”.

Despite his status as one of the all time great session guitarists, Jesse Ed Davis’s solo LP's have been out of print for years and hard to find on CD, so for the very first time, the best of the Atco material has been collected together, coupled with some unreleased gems from the Atlantic Records vault. Real Gone Music proudly presents "Jesse Ed Davis : Red Dirt Boogie - The Atco Recordings 1970-1972", a 19-track collection featuring liner notes by Pat Thomas that trace the ups and downs of this supremely talented musician whose life ended tragically at the age of 43 from a drug overdose. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as Davis is featured in a new documentary that debuted at Sundance a few months ago: "Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World",  including Robbie Robertson and John Trudell. June 2nd, 2017.


Peter Cetera.....

It’s hard to believe that only in 2017 will collectors have the 1st proper collection of solo works by Peter Cetera, but today, on May 19th, 2017, Varese Sarabande is doing just that. For more than 2 decades, Cetera was a solid fixture of popular American music. As bassist and one of several vocalists in progressive rock jazz combo Chicago, his soaring voice powered a fair amount of the group’s horn filled # 10 hits, including “25 Or 6 To 4”, “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day”, “Just You 'N’ Me” and the international chart topper “If You Leave Me Now”. After a prolonged cool streak in the late 70's as disco moved to the forefront, Cetera was front and center as the group retooled into a soft rock hits machine alongside producer David Foster, with Cetera leading on the # 1 hit “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” plus “Hard Habit to Break”, “You’re The Inspiration” and more.

While Cetera had only fleetingly chased a solo career during this time, a 1981 self titled solo album released not long after Chicago signed with Warner Bros, the Foster era made him take a 2nd look, much to the chagrin of his bandmates, who turned down an offer for Cetera to record on his own, like Phil Collins did when not with Genesis. He departed Chicago in the summer of 1985, and a year later released his 1st solo hit, “Glory Of Love”, the heartfelt ballad from the film 'The Karate Kid Part II'. It topped the Billboard Hot 100, as did the next song from his solo project "Solitude/Solitaire". “The Next Time I Fall” was a Bobby Caldwell co-penned duet with Amy Grant. 2 more singles reached the # 10 of the pop charts, another pop song for a film, “After All”, a duet with Cher from the film 'Chances Are', and “One Good Woman”, from the 1988 album "One More Story". 3 singles from 1992’s "World Falling Down", his final effort for WarnerBros, did hit the # 10 of the adult contemporary charts, with “Restless Heart” reaching the top of that survey.

While indie label River North Records issued "You’re The Inspiration: A Collection" in 1997, featuring Cetera’s hit duets and re-recordings of Chicago material, Varese’s "The Very Best Of Peter Cetera" is the 1st collection to include all the hits from his Warner Bros albums, many of which are presented in their original single edit and mix versions, including Japan only single “Stay With Me”, from the country’s fairy tale film "Princess From the Moon", making this a must own for those who want to remember Cetera’s smooth sound as it was heard on radio through the 80's and 90's.




Gus McKay.....

Gus McKay is a successful songwriter and musician after almost 20 years as a seasoned recording artist and performer. He sings and writes all his own material, plays guitar, blues harmonica and more recently tenor saxophone, while also performing in a number of bands and as a solo artist in his home town of Fremantle, WA. His earthy style of music is sage like, but still in step, and finding it’s own niche around the world , within the modern blues idiom. Inspiration flows constantly ,as he bases himself in the country, finding solace on the road and peace in the bush. Weekends are spent away, playing music in the city.

Talisman” is his latest release and possibly his best work to date. It has 10 new songs at 39 minutes length and is available on CD and vinyl, featuring strings, horns and an eclectic list of instrumentation. After almost 20 years, Gus McKay can now to be regarded as a seasoned recording artist, performer and producer with his output released on his own RPM label. He sings and writes all his own material, plays guitar, blues harmonica and more recently tenor saxophone ,while also performing in a number of bands and touring as solo artist in eastern Australia and performing in his home town  of Fremantle, WA.

His earthy style of music has a sage like bonhomie. With his undeniable roots to the land and nature. A farmer and stock man most of his life, but now a fulltime musician, he’s devoting his time to carving out his own niche on the world stage. Already having 454,000 plays on one streaming site alone, this free promotion , has attracted many fans and influencers willing to share his music with others on social media.

Talisman” is his 5th album, and possibly his best work to date. The album consists of 10 new songs, a shout out in the modern blues idiom. His musical influences are many and varied. Artists he cites as inspiration are the likes of Chris Whitley , David Crosby, Donald Fagen, Little Walter, Freddie King, Howling Wolf, just to name a few.



Dan Auerbach.....

Dan Auerbach has been abducted by aliens to compete in intergalactic demolition derbies. Prior, we have to assume, to Auerbach's abduction, the prolific producer and Black Keys guitarist and singer completed his newest solo album, "Waiting On A Song". You can listen to "Shine On Me", the bright and sweet first single from the new album, his last solo effort, "Keep It Hid", was released in 2009, and see the lighthearted abduction recreated in an animated dramatization.

While you watch Auerbach compete and win, to the cheers of 3 eyed aliens, you may hear something quite familiar in those guitars, Mark Knopfler. Auerbach tell us that while he was mixing "Shine On Me", he "could hear Mark Knopfler in his mind. He'd never met him before, but decided to call him anyway, to see if he would add a guitar part to it. He gave him no instructions, just told him to do whatever he felt. He sent it back 2 days later with that rhythm guitar part on it and it was perfect. And that guitar sound couldn't be mistaken for anyone else. He's so grateful for his contribution". "Waiting On A Song" is out June 2nd, 2017, on Auerbach's new label, Easy Eye Sound, which shares a name with his Nashville recording studio.




Elliott Murphy.....

Elliott Murphy’s 35th album, ”Prodigal Son”, will be released on May 19th, 2017, in Europe and the US. ”Prodigal Son” is Elliott’s 1st album of all new original songs in over 3 years and marks a daring step forward in both musical and lyrical terms from one of the most original and classic American rock singer songwriters.

Prodigal Son” was recorded in Paris’ Question de Son Studio where artists such as Beck and Kanye West have worked. Elliott is backed by his longtime backing band The Normandy All Stars, Alan Fatras, Laurent Pardo and guitar virtuoso Olivier Durand. Sadly, Laurent Pardo passed away just after the album was completed and in Elliott’s liner notes there is a heartfelt dedication.

Prodigal Son” was produced, mixed and arranged by Elliott’s son Gaspard Murphy, an outstanding producer in his own right and features Leon Russell-like keyboard work by Leo Cotton and violin playing by Melissa Cox and the lap steel of Philippe Almosnino. ”Prodigal Son” was conceived and written with the idea of incorporating a gospel choir and the blend of these soaring voices along with Murphy’s own on tracks such as ’Wit’s End’ is nothing less then monumental.

Highlights from ”Prodigal Son” include the anthem ’Chelsea Boots’, the poignant love song ’Let Me In’, and the touching story of a young girls coming of age ’Hey Little Sister’. The album ends with Elliott Murphy’s longest song to date ’Absalom, Davy & Jacky O’, both biblical and tarantinoish, that clocks in at just over 11 minutes.

Following the release of the film ”The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy”, featuring interviews with Bruce Springsteen (“I don’t think he’s ever written a bad song”) and Billy Joel (“I thought he was good as soon as I saw him”), ”Prodigal Son”, available on CD and vinyl , will surely go down as one of the amazing highlights of a storied musical career that began with ”Aquashow” in 1973.



Sgt Peppers At 50.....

To mark the 50th anniversary of the album hailed as the greatest of all time, The Beatles have announced the expanded reissue of their groundbreaking 1967 album, "Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band", due for release on May 26th, 2017. Coming in several versions, a standalone CD, a deluxe 2CD edition, a deluxe 180g 2 LP edition and a sumptuous super deluxe 4CD+Blu-ray+DVD edition, this reissue opens the vaults for an unprecedented look at the making of one of the group’s classic albums, and also boasts a fully remixed stereo version of the original album, made by Giles Martin and Sam Okell and sourced from the original 4 track tapes that Sir George Martin made with The Beatles.

With 34 previously unreleased recordings seeing the light of day on the super deluxe box set, this reissue charts exactly what happened in the studio when John, Paul, George and Ringo, with producer George Martin, set about creating a masterpiece that would change the world. In his introduction to the 144 page hardback book that also comes in the super deluxe box set, Paul McCartney marvels, “It’s crazy to think that, 50 years later, we are looking back on this project with such fondness and a little bit of amazement at how four guys, a great producer and his engineers could make such a lasting piece of art”.

But is it really so crazy? After all, "Sgt Pepper's" broke new ground in every way possible when it was released on June 1at, 1967, from its iconic pop art album cover, designed by Peter Blake and Jann Haworth, and presented in a glorious lenticular for the super deluxe box set, down to its innovative recording techniques, resulting in new sounds that no one had ever heard before, including some of the group’s most beloved songs, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "A Day In The Life".

Also borne of the sessions were "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane", which were issued together as a standalone single in February 1967 and were released as a 7” single on  'Record Store Day'. Taken together, these reissues set the scene for a full celebration of 1967’s 'Summer Of Love'. As Ringo Starr says, “Sgt Pepper" seemed to capture the mood of that year, and it also allowed a lot of other people to kick off from there and really go for it”.

Or, as The Beatles are also putting it, “It’s getting better all the time”.




Born 53.....

Stockholm based Born 53 are releasing ”A Talent Unrecognized”, May 19th, 2017, the band’s 5th album since 2005.

After 2012’s ”Theving In The Alley”, entirely devoted to interpretations of Bob Dylan songs, the focus is back on band members Anders Lindh and Hans Birkholz originals, 7 and 3 respectively. The collection is also graced by one Dylan song, ‘Forgetful Heart’ and one from Paddy MacAloon, ‘Devil Came A-Callin’.

Over the years, Born 53 has developed its own style, rooted in blues, with a mixture of various pop, rock and folk influences from different parts of the world, here noticeable in ‘Forgetful Heart’, played as a Finnish tango, with fado tinted vocals by Åsa Källén-Lindh. ‘Devil Come A-Callin’ has a South American feel, courtesy of Hans Birkholz’s charango, a Bolivian string instrument. The opening track, Lindh’s ‘Looking For Marie Jones’ sounds straight out of the 70’s British folk boom, while ‘Forgive’ is best described as world music.

Birkholz’s 3 instrumentals explores landscapes, developed from blues techniques that seem to travel back to its African roots in ‘The Spin’ and ‘The Trail’.

As usual, Lindh has taken good care of his lyrics, this time perhaps a little more personal than before, ‘Crimson Red & Aqua Blue’ is a love song with an edge of mortality, and ‘Morning Song’ is an ode to a love crossing boundaries of various kinds. ‘The Great Liberator’, on the other hand, find’s Lindh at his satirical best. ”I wrote it a couple of years ago”, he says, ”thinking metaphorically, imagining a slick, sophisticated usurper of our minds, but then we got Trump”.

And as for the title song, ‘A Talent Unrecognized’, Lindh writes :

”When I saw Jesus on the cross, I was well advised, maybe lucky is a fella, with a talent unrecognized”.



Long Strange Trip.....

The soundtrack to director Amir Bar Lev’s Grateful Dead documentary "Long Strange Trip" will be made available as a 2 CD set on May 26th, 2017, as well as an Amazon exclusive 3 disc collection. The film will also debut theatrically in New York and Los Angeles on May 26th, as the soundtrack, co-produced by Dead archivist David Lemieux and Bar Lev, includes many of the Dead’s greatest studio recordings as well as live cuts from Barton Hall 1977 and previously unreleased tracks like the February 14th, 1970, “Dark Star” and “Dear Mr Fantasy” > “Hey Jude” from July 2nd, 1989

The Amazon exclusive version will add 9 additional tracks spanning massive improvisational highlights in tunes like “Eyes Of The World” from August 6th, 1974, as well as “Stella Blue” from July 5th, 1981 and “The Days Between” from October 18th, 1994. The 2 CD version will also be made available digitally and on streaming services and in addition, both versions will be released on vinyl.





West Of Eden.....

Hailed as ’the best of contemporary folk’ by Irish Music Magazine, Swedish folk band West Of Edennow celebrate 20 years with a compilation album and an anniversary tour.

Just outside the mainstream limelight, but with a faithful and growing audience, West Of Eden have stubbornly continued carving out their own brand of music with strong influences from British and Irish folk music. Add to this their lyrics that ’put many a lyricist born and bred to English to shame’ and you will find that ’there’s a versatility and a noticeableabsence of the often tame respect for musical predecessors that can diminish so many of their European counterparts’ efforts, the band’s sound is unmistakably chiefly driven by their love of the music’.”

In spite of setbacks, deaths and no less than 7 changes of bass players, over the course of these 2 decades, the band have released 10 albums and spent countless miles together in the tour bus. The records have been met with fantastic reviews both in Sweden and abroad, which also has led to collaborations with musicians from Alison Krauss & Union Station, The Chieftains and Mark Knopfler’s band, to name a few.

The new song ”Twenty Years Of Travelling”, written especially for the compilation album, chronicles the struggles and the travels, but above all speaks about the joy in playing together. On ”No Time Like The Past”, West of Eden have also included a new recording of ”Where The Ivy Is Growing”, the 1st song they ever wrote. In addition to this, they serve up tunes like ”Faraway”, written at the request of music mogul Bert Karlsson, who wanted to send ’something Irish’ to the Eurovision Song Contest.

And even if West Of Eden like to look backwards, write albums about the Swedish wave of emigration to America in the 19th century and choose to call a retrospective album ”No Time Like The Past”, the future looks bright, indeed. Thirty something shows in Sweden after the release is followed by a German tour and then, for the first time, China. It’s simply just as Jenny puts it in the song :

”Onwards, upwards, never back, things to carry, bags to pack, another page is finished in our book, this is not a happy ending, this is not the curtain call, it’s just 20 years of travelling, and I wish for 20 more”.

American Epic.....

Legacy Recordings will release "American Epic - The Collection", a 5 CD and 100 song deluxe box set, and "American Epic - The Soundtrack", a single disc anthology of 15 songs featured in the 3 part historical documentary, to be released today, May 12nd, 2017.

In the 1920's, as radio took over the pop music business, record companies were forced to leave their studios in major cities in search of new styles and markets. Ranging the mountains, prairies, rural villages, and urban ghettos of America, they discovered a wealth of unexpected talent. The recordings they made of all the ethnic groups of America democratized the nation and gave a voice to everyone. Country singers in the Appalachians, blues guitarists in the Mississippi Delta, gospel preachers across the south, cajun fiddlers in Louisiana, tejano groups from the Texas Mexico border, native american drummers in Arizona, and hawaiian musicians were all recorded. For the first time, a woman picking cotton in Mississippi, a coalminer in Virginia, or a tobacco farmer in Tennessee could have their thoughts and feelings heard on records played in living rooms across the country. It was the 1st time America heard itself.

"American Epic - The Collection" gathers 100 of these original recordings from the 1920's and 1930's in one 5 disc set, restored to unprecedented levels of sonic fidelity. For these releases, compiled by Bernard MacMahon, engineer Nicholas Bergh refined a transfer process using a mix of both modern and vintage equipment in order to extract the remarkable resolution from the records that is often missed. This ‘reverse engineering’ approach to the transfer process enabled the restoration team of engineers Peter Henderson, Duke Erikson and Joel Tefteller to get the resulting audio closer to the original performance than ever before.

This is not remastering, in the normal sense, but something closer to fine art restoration. The intent is not for people to marvel at the antiquity of these discs, but rather to experience them as vital, immediate performances that speak to us as directly as they did on the day they were recorded, not simply great art for their time, but great art for all times. It includes a 100 page book filled with stunning unpublished photographs, quotes from the artists, their friends and families, lyrics for every song, essays and recording notes. Among the artists included are Mississippi John Hurt, The Carter Family, Charley Patton, Jimmie Rodgers, Lydia Mendoza, Nelstone's Hawaiians, Big Chief Henry's String Band, Robert Johnson and many others.

"American Epic - The Soundtrack", is a 15 song single disc anthology of songs featured in the film trilogy. Compiled by Lo-Max Records, it includes restored archival recordings from artists such as Memphis Jug Band, The Carter Family, Charley Patton, Joseph Falcon, Lydia Mendoza and others.

Columbia Records will also release "American Epic - The Sessions", the soundtrack directed by Bernard MacMahon. The team has reassembled the very 1st electrical sound recording system from the 1920's, and invited Jack White and T Bone Burnett to produce an album of recordings by 20 of today’s greatest artists. In this beautifully filmed musical feature, these artists are given the chance to pass through the portal that brought the world into the modern era.

Engineer Nicholas Bergh has reassembled this recording system from original parts and it is now the only one left in the world. The system consists of a single microphone, a towering 6 foot amplifier rack, and a live record cutting lathe, powered by a weight driven pulley system of clockwork gears. The musicians have roughly 3 minutes to record their song direct to disc before the weight hits the floor. In the 1920's, they called this “catching lightning in a bottle”. All the musical performances in this film are live. The audio you hear on the soundtrack is taken directly from the discs they were recorded to, with no editing or enhancements.

"American Epic - The Sessions", features Alabama Shakes, The Americans, Ana Gabriel, Ashley Monroe, The Avett Brothers, Beck, Bettye LaVette, Bobby Ingano, Elton John, Frank Fairfield, Jerron Paxton, Los Lobos, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Nas, Pokey LaFarge, Raphael Saadiq, Rhiannon Giddens, Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Taj Mahal, Jack White, and Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard.

“The American Epic Sessions” airs in the US on PBS June 6th, 2017 and in the UK on BBC later in June.

"American Epic" will also be available on BluRay and DVD on June 13th, 2017, from PBS Distribution.




Bacharach & Tonio K.....

Burt Bacharach is one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century with a songbook that reads like a soundtrack of our lives with timeless melodies including “The Look Of Love”, “Alfie”, “A House Is Not A Home” “What’s New Pussycat”, “I Say A Little Prayer”, “Wishin’ And Hopin’”, “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” and a myriad of others.

Burt Bacharach & Tonio K‘s ”Original Demos” presents a batch of great compositions co-written by Burt Bacharach and Tonio K between 1995 and 2008. Although some of those songs were eventually recorded by important names, including Diane Schuur, Ron Isley, Randy Crawford and Dionne Warwick, the real treat is to listen to the original demos crafted by mr Bacharach and mr K with the help of award winning producers Stephan Oberhoff, Ted Perlman and Steve Deutsch.

Featured vocalists include Billy Valentine, John Pagano, Bill Champlin, Warren Wiebe, Donna Taylor, Brittney Bertier, Mimi Paley and Burt Bacharach himself. Released in a limited edition of only 1000 copies on May 15th, 2017.




Elaine Mahon.....

In Elaine Mahon’s newest release, ”Reach For The Stars”, she does just that. Mahon, a Ph D in astronomy, lets her astronomical perspective shine through in this cohesive collection of personal songs. The new album continues to build on the universal themes of life, nature and love that Mahon explored through story and myth on her 2013 release ”Rise”. With this new release, Mahon steps into her mastery as a songwriter, with songs that will be recalled again and again in one’s memory.

Mahon weaves her stories throughout the release with tracks like ”Lean Into Love”, a sweet and powerful song of how to reach out for love. Love is also explored from a familial point of view and sung from a mother’s perspective, as in ”Afterglow”, ”You Are Not Alone” and ”Reach For The Stars”. Bringing in her affinity with nature and science, Mahon celebrates her love of the earth. Listen to ”Look Up”, the beautifully crafted ”When My Mother Sings”,”Denali” and ”Sweet Florida”, an environmental call to action for her home state. Listen on and you’ll hear from a road weary traveler, of journeys through grief and uncertainty, and of redemption and hope found in a field of fallow ground.

”Reach For The Stars” is Elaine Mahon’s 2nd release through the Gatorbone label. Elaine’s vocals and delicate fingerstyle arrangements on acoustic guitar are complemented by accompaniment from the same array of talented musicians that played on her 2013 release, ”Rise”, Lon Williamson  on bass, Gabriel Valla on guitar, mandolin and mandocello, Jason Thomas  on violin, Hannah Alkire on cello, Penny Nichols, Elisabeth Williamson, plus her son, Sam Mahon, on harmony vocals.

Mahon lives in her home town of Gainesville, Florida, with her husband of more than 30 years with whom she has raised a child, climbed mountains, canoed great rivers and backpacked deep into wilderness areas. In addition to performing around the Southeast, Elaine is co-founder and host of Sandhill Stage, an acoustic music series which benefits 2 land conservation nonprofits. Elaine Mahon may be reaching for the stars with this release, but it’s clear that her feet are deeply rooted in her beloved mother Earth.



Duncan Browne.....

The proverbial musical chameleon, Duncan Browne recorded the post-psych chamber pop classic "Give Me, Take You" album in 1968 before re-emerging four years later with the introspective singer songwriter hit single ‘Journey’. By the mid 70's, he had signed to the Transatlantic label as a member of Euro art rock sophisticates Metro, a trio whose calling card, ‘Criminal World’, was covered by David Bowie on his 1983 album "Let’s Dance", which went on to sell over 10 million copies. Leaving Metro after their debut album, Duncan resumed his solo career, recording two highly regarded late 70's albums for Transatlantic, by now re-branded Logo, with "The Wild Places" and its title track single both reaching the # 10 in 1 or 2 European territories. This anthology covers his time with Transatlantic/Logo, both with Metro and as a solo performer. It includes the long lost late 1979 recording ‘China Girl’, no relation to the Bowie/Iggy song, which now gains its first ever release in any format.




Doug Schmude.....

Doug Schmude, pronounced as to rhyme with moody, is an americana singer songwriter who combines rock, folk and country with a common thread of storytelling and vividly drawn characters. His latest record, ”Ghosts Of The Main Drag”, is a collection of 10 original tracks. This album features a mixture of driving electric guitar tracks and folk and country inspired tunes with pieces of blues and grunge mixed in that should fit well within a playlist of artists such as Son Volt, Reckless Kelly and Tom Petty. The album, released independently on his own label Lost Hubcap Records, was self produced. Doug plays the majority of the acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, lap steel guitar and dobro. The album additionally features appearances by Kyle Nix (Turnpike Troubadours) on fiddle, Jessy Greene (The Jayhawks) on fiddle, Joe Fick (The Don Kelley Band) on upright bass and Bobbo Byrnes (The Fallen Stars) on organ and bass.

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Doug spent most of his formative years in Oklahoma and Texas and has called 8 states home. He honed his songwriting in the late 1990's while performing in and around Boulder, Colorado. In 2000, he relocated to Nashville to further develop his craft. While in Tennessee, he was nominated for several awards through his work with the acoustic blues duo Hot Foot Delta. Currently based out of Southern California, his music is littered with souvenirs of the places he lived and seen.

His debut CD, ”A New Century”, was nominated for an Orange County Music Award. His live performances include journeys into Delta Blues, which are backed by percussive resonator guitar playing, often pounding on the guitar for rhythmic accent. Although he predominately writes and performs on acoustic guitar and resonator slide guitar, he also plays harmonica, mandolin and banjo. In addition to songwriting, recording and performing, Doug lends his talents as a session guitarist, recording engineer and producer.




Lowe's Straitjackets.....

For the past Decembers America's Lucha Libre guitar heroes Los Straitjackets have toured with Nick Lowe for his Christmas themed Quality Holiday Revue, performing classics old and new with the Jesus Of Cool. Van discussions with Nick's co-producer Neil Brockbank led to the speculation. What would Nick's songs sound like as instrumentals? There was only one way to answer the question. Los Straitjackets delved into Nick's catalog, from Brinsley Schwarz through Rockpile to his late career as a soulful pop stylist, and came up with original arrangements of some some of Nick's most iconic songs. With Brockbank in the producer's chair, the band veers from pop to twang and even exotica and of course surf. Here are 13 unforgettable melodies delivered with the flair that only Los Straitjackets can provide. May 19th, 2017.





Annie Gallup.....

Lucy Remembers Her Father” is the 11th solo recording from accomplished song poet Annie Gallup. Gallup layers her vocals, guitars lapsteel, Peter Gallway’s bass, and very little else to give this album a shimmering beauty and smoldering immediacy.

Annie Gallup is the winner of numerous songwriting awards, including Kerrville New Folk. She grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, immersed in the arts. By the time she recorded her first album in 1994, she had internalized a songwriting style all her own, that evolved from her fascination with country blues, her love of words, and a dancer’s sense of rhythm.

She has toured extensively across North America, including appearances at the Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Mariposa Folk Festivals, and at clubs from New York’s Bottom Line to The Troubadour in Los Angeles. Annie is currently living in southern California. She performs solo and as half of the duo Hat Check Girl with Peter Gallway. ”Lucy Remembers Her Father” is Gallup’s 11th solo release.




Midnight Oil.....

Introducing Midnight Oil's "Full Tank" from Sony Legacy Music, this is the definitive CD/DVD collection. It includes, for the 1st time ever, all of their 11 classic studio albums, their 2 EP's, plus a new DVD that contains all of the band's unforgettable music videos. Each album has been digitally remastered and its artwork has been restored to match the original releases. This ultimate collection also includes some alternative album covers, plus a new cover for the DVD. Uniquely made out of recycled materials, all of these 14 discs are housed in a miniature replica water tank like the one seen onstage at so many memorable Midnight Oil concerts. This collection also contains a deluxe 36 page booklet that takes you on a journey through the unparalleled career and music of Midnight Oil with a collection of iconic photos and an essay by Australian music journalist and musician, Sean Sennett. To be released today, May 5th, 2017.




Bobbo Byrnes.....

As a member of the Fallen Stars, Bobbo Byrnes has long proven himself as a key voice on the international americana scene. On his new solo album, “Motel Americana”, the singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist continues to successfully explore roots rock and alt country, focusing on the slightly quieter and more nuanced regions of americana.

Bobbo, pronounced like Bobby, but with an o at the end,  sang and played the guitars, mandolin, pedal steel, b3 organ and dumpster, yes, there’s a recorded dumpster on one of the tracks, and had help along the way from Tracy Byrnes (The Fallen Stars) on bass and vocals, Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters and Wallflowers) B3 organ on ”I May Never Know”, Ben Riddle (Riddle & The Stars) on backing vocals and Brandon Allen (The Fallen Stars) on drums.

Staying true to form, the album has both pedal steel guitar and guitar feedback. It’s northern country rock, more Westerberg than Skynyrd. Tracks 5, 11 are the more up tempo, rock tracks. Track 1 is a dark folk love song. Tracks 3, 4 and 8 are a little more mid tempo country folk rock. Tracks 7, 10 and 12 are the really quiet folky tunes. It should be noted that ”Nothing Needs To Be Said” has two f-bombs in it, one in each chorus and ”To Her Door” has a hardly noticeable little f-bomb at the 0:55 mark.

Born and partly raised in Boston, Bobbo now calls Southern California home, because he got tired of shoveling snow.




Little Steven.....

"I have very little interest in the modern world and I'm not in any way conflicted about that. I grew up in a renaissance period, a very lucky time when the greatest music ever made was also the most commercial. We'll never see that again, so for me, there's only one criteria, which is greatness. That's all I care about. Is what I'm doing reaching for greatness? Whether I achieve it or not, that is one hundred percent of my criteria." ~ Stevie Van Zandt

Wicked Cool/Big Machine/UMe has announced the eagerly anticipated new album from the legendary Little Steven. "Soulfire" arrives everywhere on May 19th, 2017. "Soulfire" will be available on CD, digitally and on vinyl as a double LP.

"Soulfire" is Stevie Van Zandt's 1st solo album in close to 2 decades and without question his purest and most uniquely personal artistic statement thus far. The album sees van Zandt revisiting songs that span the length of his career as artist, performer, producer, arranger, and songwriter, focusing directly on the hugely influential 'soul horns-meet-rock'n'roll-guitars' approach he first pioneered on Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes' classic first 3 albums.

"I've always been very thematic with my work, very conceptual", Van Zandt says. "I need a big picture, I can't just do a collection of songs, that doesn't work for me. In this case, the concept became me. Who am I? I'm kind of my own genre at this point. So I tried to pick material that when you added it all up, really represented me. So there are a couple of covers, a couple of new songs, and some of what I feel are the best songs I've written and co-written over the years. This record is me doing me".

Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul made their long awaited return last October, prompted by a friend's request to perform at London's Blues Fest 2016. Van Zandt had only just returned home from The E Street Band's summer stadium run, but as luck would have it, his autumn plans already included a trip to the UK to celebrate both his wife's birthday and his friend Bill Wyman's 80th. "It was perfect circumstances coming together", says Van Zandt.

Little Steven quickly put together a Disciples of Soul for the 21st century, an 'ever changing group of misfits, rogues and roustabouts' complete with 3 backing vocalists and a full horn section, currently featuring original Asbury Jukes/Miami Horns saxophonists Stan Harrison (tenor) and Eddie Manion (baritone). Stevie and his 15-piece big band crossed the Atlantic and blew the roof off London's indigo at The O2 with what was supposed to be just a 'one-night-only' performance highlighted by classic hits like "I Don't Want To Go Home", solo favorites, songs written for other artists, and inventive covers of tracks made famous by Etta James, James Brown and The Electric Flag. "I thought, well, we've already learned 22 songs", Van Zandt says. "Maybe we should make an album?".

With his usually packed schedule clear until The E Street Band's 'Summer 2017' tour of Australia and New Zealand, Van Zandt decided to strike while the iron, and his big band, was hot. "Soulfire" was arranged and produced by Van Zandt at his own Renegade Studios in New York City, co-produced and recorded by Geoff Sanoff (Fountains of Wayne, Stephen Colbert) and co-produced and music directed by guitarist Marc Ribler, the latter musician recruited by Stevie as Darlene Love's music director for Love's 2015 Van Zandt-produced "Introducing Darlene Love" and then 'borrowed back' to serve that same role with The Disciples of Soul. Background vocals on "I Don't Want To Go Home" and "The City Weeps Tonight" come courtesy of renowned a cappella group, The Persuasions. "Soulfire" was mixed and mastered by Van Zandt's career long collaborators and friends Bob Clearmountain and Bob Ludwig.

"This was the most fun I've ever had making a record", Van Zandt says. "We did it quickly, while we still had the fire and energy from the London show. We just took it into the studio and banged it out, 6 weeks from start to mix. It's one of those strange things, it really seems like it was meant to be".

Each of Van Zandt's prior 5 solo albums had seen him expressing his utterly personal songwriting through a changing variety of sounds and approaches, an ambitious adventurousness that has fueled much of his creative output these past 2 decades. He expanded his parameters, as an actor on 'The Sopranos' and 'Lilyhammer', as host, historian, and rock 'n' roll advocate on Sirius XM's one-and-only 'Little Steven's Underground Garage'. Van Zandt kept his skills sharp by composing the score for all 3 seasons of 'Lilyhammer' and continued to work as producer and songwriter, lending his distinctive craft to records from an array of international garage rockers, but couldn't kick a lingering sense of unfinished business.

"I felt a bit guilty about having walked away from Little Steven, the artist", he says. "I left that part of myself behind and I shouldn't have done that. I let the material down by not continuing to perform it", he says. "I betrayed the work and I want to fix that. I didn't give up on the material, there were a lot of other factors, but I do have a sense of wanting some redemption for it",

Van Zandt, who will remain a touring and recording member of The E Street Band, is now looking forward to hitting the road with his own big band. Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul will celebrate "Soulfire" with an epic international tour schedule, that started April 22nd with an eagerly anticipated return to Asbury Park, NJ's historic Paramount Theatre, and then continue with headline gigs and festival dates around the world. A full scale North American headline tour will be announced soon.

"I want to take this band to every place that wants to see us", Van Zandt says. "It's tricky with a 15-piece band, but I'm just trying to achieve my lifelong goal of breaking even".

6 solo albums and countless milestones in, Stevie Van Zandt has fully captured the singular vision he has refined and pushed forward for the length and breadth of his life and already brilliant career. "Soulfire" marks the much needed return of a truly great artist, reenergized and unstoppable.

"I'm back into it", Little Steven says. "And this time I'm going to stay back".




Carrington MacDuffie.....

Singer songwriter Carrington MacDuffie first got into music from listening to what her dad, a huge music aficionado, was spinning, Teddy Wilson, Beethoven, Herb Alpert, Hudson River folk, Scottish marches, Mamas & Papas and Arlo Guthrie, among many, many other artists and genres

Carrington’s spirited, multi genre music flows freely out of that original influence, and from her boundless sense of adventure and passion for the arts. She grew up in New York City and Westchester County, studied in New England and Baltimore, lived by the beach in Los Angeles for a decade, and now divides her time between Austin and Seattle, when she’s not traveling the globe to visit points afar, learning to pilot a fixed wing plane, or practicing to control a race car while driving at maximum speed

“The purpose of life is to experience fun and joy. That’s the whole point of being here”, she says. “I see the world as one big art happening, and I love participating in it”.

A multi disciplinary muse, Carrington is a top voice actor renowned for her lively narration on audiobooks including biographies of Joni Mitchell and Pussy Riot, and video games including “World Of Warcraft”, in which she plays a shamanic Scottish dwarf. A lifelong wordsmith, she is a widely published poet who’s also served as poetry editor for the respected literary journal Square Lake. With one book out, she’s finished a couple of manuscripts that are waiting in the queue for their spotlight.

What she loves most, though, is to write songs and to sing.

Carrington’s latest musical venture is the 6 song EP ”Rock Me To Mars”, which was recorded and produced by Rob Halverson at his Halversonics studio in Austin, where reggae legend Jimmy Cliff recently cut some tracks. Halverson also plays multiple synths, baritone, bass, guitar, hammered dulcimer, and accordion on the EP. It follows up her 2016 release ”Crush On You”, produced by Halverson, as well.

”Rock Me To Mars continues in the vein of an organic sound Carrington has developed that she likes to call electronic americana. That mingles with other sensibilities including synth pop, and what some reviewers have called her flair for alt cabaret. “I’m fascinated with electricity, and how it can be manipulated to make sound”, she says. “I like experimenting with unconventional ways of integrating electronic sounds into my music”.

She records and performs on ukulele and electric ukulele, and writes on both uke and keyboard. “I wrote some of the songs on piano, and then moved to the ukulele for the convenience of playing live”, says Carrington. “Whatever I’m feeling when a song emerges from my psyche, once I get into the studio with Rob, and give it what for on my electric uke, those feelings get transmuted into the music even more expressively”.

The title track “Rock Me To Mars” is a love letter, of sorts, to a guitarist, but keep in mind that Carrington says, “seems like I’m always falling in love with every musician I’ve ever played with. It just translates for me that romance and making music are practically interchangeable”.

That feeling flows through all 6 tracks, which include the New Orleans funk flavored “Better That Way”, and “Because I Couldn’t Have You” and “Come For Me”, which share a lilting retro sound. The subdued but powerful outlier “Lay Down And Let Go” was inspired by the death of a partner,  “it’s the sexiest song about suicide you’re likely to hear”, she says. The EP closes out with her version of Michael Nesmith, Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s “Sweet Young Thing”, a gem from the Monkees’ #1 debut album ”The Monkees”.

That cover is also Carrington’s tip of the hat to the classic songwriting era into which she was born. She grew up on classic AM radio as a young teen, with the Beatles ringing in her ears. Later, as FM became a culture changing musical platform, she absorbed everything that surrounded and followed in many diverse directions

Now, with her own music, she wants to go all around the world and play live for people wherever she can. Focus on the song, the intimate power of words, music and voice, and go forth on the adventure.




Lost Dion Album.....

A long lost album by Dion DiMucci will finally come to light when "Kickin' Child: The Lost Album 1965" is released by Norton Records on May 12th, 2017. The 15 songs on the album were recorded during Dion’s time at Columbia Records in sessions that started in spring of 1965 and intensified during September and October with a group called The Wanderers, which included The Belmonts’ Carlo Mastrangelo of drums. Columbia didn’t release the full album, but put out a few songs, including the title track, as singles.

The Wanderers, the group with Dion on "Kickin' Child", are drummer Mastrangelo, lead guitarist John Falbo and bass player Pete Falsciglia. And a de facto member of the group is Al Kooper, fresh from his work with Bob Dylan. The title track, co-written with Buddy Lucas, that leads off the album with a vocal and lyric heavily influenced by Dylan. “She's the kind of friend she don't ask me where I'm going, she don't ask me where I've been”, the song begins. The album was recorded in Columbia's Studio A, where Dylan had recorded.

The 2nd track, “Now”, co-written with Mastrangelo, is an impassioned vocal backed up by the band with Al Kooper. “Al Kooper was a friend long before all of that”, Dion says. “He was over in the Brill Building. Columbia was catty corner to the Brill Building. So I'd be over there sitting on a stool with Carole King while she wrote me a song like 'This Little Girl' or going in and out of the offices. And Al Kooper hung out there writing and playing. We were all young and passionate”.

The album, produced by Tom Wilson, who also helmed records by Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Animals, and others, is really quite a fantastic group of songs. “My Love” is Dion removed from the teenage aura of “The Wanderer”. “Wake Up Baby,” another Dion original, has a country flavor. “Knowing I Won't Go Back There” is a tender ballad. The production on the album is simple, and also very nostalgic.

Dion says there wasn't a lot of contemplation about using the 3 Dylan covers “Baby, I'm In The Mood For You”, “Farewell” and “It's All Over Now, Baby Blue”. “I just liked them. I didn't give it much thought. It's hard to explain music when it goes in your gut and makes left and right and turns and moves you and resonates with you. I guess there's something inside me. You either like something or you don’t”, says Dion, who was present when Dylan recorded “It's All Over Now, Baby Blue” in the studio.




John Statz.....

John Statz has been writing love songs lately, specifically about the kinds of romantic love that burn. Namely, all of them. When we first enter a new relationship we are filled with burning desire. Sometimes we later take those same relationships for granted and seemingly burn right through them. At the end, we might find ourselves literally burning old love notes, or bridges, which turns out to be an excellent time to listen to that fire in our bellies. Hit the road, see something new, spend time on ourselves. ”The Fire Sermon” is more than a meditation on romance in the 21st century, it is an assertion gleaned from trial by fire.

One of the more prolific and hard working young songwriters working in the Americana genre, John Statz has released 7 studio albums, and performed all over North America, including Canada and Mexico, and Europe, all in just a shade over a decade. Throughout that time he's been ’writing the kind of songs that float through your mind and stay nestled in your thoughts long after listening’ (American Songwriter) and it's been said that ’his songwriting can stand beside the best and above the rest’ (No Depression). Along the way John has attracted the attention of the likes of americana scene heroes Jeffrey Foucault and Bo Ramsey, who separately produced his last 2 records. This latest is produced by fellow Denver songwriter, Megan Burtt, whose instincts and backing band help bring forth an entirely new sound from Statz. The title of ”The Fire Sermon” was taken from the 3rd section of TS Eliot's poem, ’The Wasteland’, the name of which was borrowed from a sermon given by Buddha, in which he denounced the fires of passion, hatred, and infatuation with which the senses burn, according to Eliot's endnotes. At the very end of the ”Fire Sermon” section Eliot simply repeats, ’burning, burning, burning, burning”.

John Statz was given a guitar by his grandmother when he was 15, which turned out to be perfectly timed for a teenager who, after ten years of piano lessons, had lost interest in classical music and had taken to learning John Lennon and Elton John tunes, first trying out his singing voice and turning towards rock and roll. Spending the rest of his high school years in southern Wisconsin attempting to play and sing like Neil Young and Cat Stevens, it wasn't until Statz was 19 and attending university in Oshkosh that he began writing songs. The spark lit after attending a show at the storied Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, featuring Jeffrey Foucault and Peter Mulvey, who quickly became heroes, and, much later on, fast friends and colleagues. The first record, ”Dusk Came Slow”, was engineered by a friend enrolled in the university recording program, and what followed for John has been 11 years of touring everywhere from Bellingham to Budapest, Fairbanks to Mexico City, all the while becoming a stronger songwriter, and a more compelling performer.




Van Morrison.....

A deluxe 3 CD "Van Morrison - The Authorized Bang Collection" is the 1st official comprehensive anthology ever assembled chronicling Morrison's musical output during a brief, but astounding, musical association with Bang Records, the groundbreaking hit making label founded by legendary American producer and songwriter Bert Berns, whose writing credits include "Twist & Shout", "Cry To Me", "Piece Of My Heart", "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" and "Here Comes The Night", a #2 UK breakout hit for Them in March 1965.

All songs on disc 1, "The Original Masters" and disc 2, "Bang Sessions & Rarities" were produced and directed by Bert Berns, while disc 3, "Contractual Obligation Session" presents for the first time as an official release, and in its best sound quality ever, one of the most raw, honest and in the moment studio performances of Van's storied career.

Disc 1, "The Original Masters", presents original stereo mixes of recordings for the 1st time on CD, including the archetypal "Brown Eyed Girl", first released on Bang 12" vinyl LP’s, "Blowin' Your Mind!" in 1967 and "The Best Of Van Morrison" in 1970. Disc 1 also features the highly prized original mono mixes of "Beside You" and "Madame George", first issued on "TB Sheets" in 1973, and "Chick A Boom", a Van Morrison and Bert Berns composition recorded in New York in 1967 and released as a Bang single. "The Original Masters" closes with the rare demo version of "The Smile You Smile", previously available on Legacy's 1991 compilation, "The Bang Masters".

Disc 2, "Bang Sessions And Rarities", includes the much sought after original edited mono single mix of "Brown Eyed Girl" and the original mono single mix with backing vocals for "Ro Ro Rosey", in addition to previously unissued studio takes of "TB Sheets", "Midnight Special", "Beside You", and some insightful outtakes of "Brown Eyed Girl".

Disc 3, "Contractual Obligation Session", presents 31 short songs that have been widely bootlegged as Van’s contractual obligation demos for Bang. These songs show Van’s incredible humor and give some insight into the frustrating close of his relationship with the label. They are included here for the sake of completeness and to finally officially close the chapter on Van’s 1967 New York City recording sessions", writes Andrew Sandoval in his in depth liner notes for the set. Sandoval compiled and curated the material on "Van Morrison - The Authorized Bang Collection".

In his own notes for this collection, Van Morrison writes, "Bert Berns was a genius He was a brilliant songwriter and he had a lot of soul, which you don’t find nowadays".

Sony Legacy Recordings, yesterday, April 28th, 2017.




Elias Krell.....

Elias Krell writes catchy, wistful, and witty songs that draw from as wide an array of genres, as latin, pop, jazz, blues, folk, rock, and experimental music, while remaining unmistakably her own. Her 2017 release, “As Eli”, includes 11 original songs and 2 covers, an eclectic yet intuitive bricolage of sound, feeling, and meaning.

The music often marries upbeat sounds with deeper meanings in the poetry in Spanish and English. Elias studied voice and guitar at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, OH, and also works in the academy as a scholar of transgender vocality. Previously, Krell has independently produced 3 records, ”Taking My Take”, in 2010, ”Tangled Mess Of Hands”, in 2011, and ”Elias Krell & The No Good”, in 2013. The new album, "As Eli", was produced by Paul Antonell and recorded at the Clubhouse, in Rhinebeck, New York. Elias can be found actively touring in support of her music.



Dan Fogelberg.....

At long last, the recording of Dan Fogelberg's stellar 1979 solo performance at Carnegie Hall is ready for production. "Dan Fogelberg Live At Carnegie Hall" will be available as a download and as a double CD package. You’ll hear every minute of the concert, including Dan’s banter with the audience between songs. That, combined with Bob Ludwig’s digital sound enhancements, will make you feel like you are there.....

















Fleet Foxes.....

At last, Fleet Foxes are back with their 1st new music in 6 years. Their new album is called "Crack-Up", and it’s coming June 16th, 2017 via Nonesuch Records. Frontman Robin Pecknold wrote all 11 tracks on the follow up to their excellent 2011 album "Helplessness Blues", and produced the record with bandmate Skyler Skjelset. In May, Fleet Foxes will play their 1st show in 6 years during a four night stint at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, and they’ve also announced a string of North American tour dates. "Crack-Up" was recorded at various studios across the country between July 2016 and January 2017. Phil Ek mixed the album, and it was mastered by Greg Calbi. Fleet Foxes’ current lineup is Pecknold, Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christian Wargo, and Morgan Henderson.





U2's Joshua Tree.....

U2‘s landmark 1987 album "The Joshua Tree" celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017, an occasion that already prompted the legendary band to map out a massive tour commemorating its legacy. But that’s not all Bono and the guys are going to do for the record, as they’ll be releasing a fancy expanded reissue of the album on June 2nd, 2017.

Billed as an ultimate collector’s edition, the announced reissue is a treasure trove of archival material for longtime fans that will be made available in a variety of formats, including a vinyl super deluxe box set, a CD super deluxe box set, a 2CD set, vinyl, CD as well as digital formats.

To give you an idea what’s in store, here’s a rundown of the 4CD Super Deluxe edition :

* "The Joshua Tree" original album 

* "The Joshua Tree" live at Madison Square Garden 1987 

* "The Joshua Tree" remixes 

* "The Joshua Tree" b-sides and outtakes




Blind Lemon Pledge.....

Even a guy with the stage name Blind Lemon Pledge can’t sing the blues all the time. After a nearly decade long, discography exploring a multitude of blues related styles, Blind Lemon Pledge, a.k.a. James Byfield, is taking a ”Backwoods Glance” with a new album that explores the americana, country and folk influences that are also an important part of his musical heritage.

Critically praised on his previous albums for his deft handling of diverse and eclectic musical styles, Pledge does not disappoint with this new collection. With styles ranging from line dance swing to appalachian folk to cajun stomp, with detours to romantic waltz, jug band hoot and southern country gospel along the way, Blind Lemon Pledge proves once again that his skills as a songwriter, musician and producer know no bounds.

Although multi instrumentalist Pledge has often self created most or all of the backing tracks on his previous recordings, for this recording he handpicked a group of musicians from local jam sessions and from his blues band to round out the sound. Says Pledge, “It was great fun to record with musicians I love and respect”.

The album kicks off with the lively “Polly Come Out” which quickly establishes the new directions Pledge is exploring on this album. Although the 1st 2 verses suggest a classic 12 bar blues pattern, the addition of dobro and fiddle, the loping country cadence of the melody and the addition of a chorus all establish the americana feel that will carry throughout ”Backwoods Glance”. The haunting “The Hills Of West Virginia” is a somber folk tune about the Appalachian miners and the problems they face. The Dylanesque “Fayetteville” exemplifies Pledge’s superb storytelling ability with a song about homelessness sketched out in a few poignant lines.

Also included are, “Sisters Of The Coal Dust”, written and sung from a woman’s perspective, “Moon Over Memphis”, a heartbreaking waltz about lost love, “Lynchburg Town” another Dylanesque tune about unemployment, and the uplifting folk rock anthem “Silver Wings”, about searching for dreams in Hollywood. “Sweet Celine” is all fun with a jug band feel and harmonica and slide guitar solos, “Carolina Kiss” is a keyboard driven, emotional love ballad about memory and loss, followed by “Sunset”, a classic folk rocker. “My Belle Cherie” is a sudden detour into cajun country with a humorous tune about young love and lust. The album finishes its musical journey with “Give My Poor Heart Ease” with echoes of old southern baptist hymns and a story of finding hope amidst despair, a theme that runs throughout the album and is concluded in this song.

Pledge’s previous albums, ”Evangeline”, in 2014 and ”Pledge Drive”, in 2016, have been critically hailed as “masterpieces” and received international reviews and airplay with nominations for best contemporary blues album, best blues song and best blues performance. ”Backwoods Glance” continues the musical journey of Blind Lemon Pledge with new directions in folk, country and americana.



Singles Deluxe.....

The soundtrack to Cameron Crowe’s 1992 film "Singles", which focused on the grunge scene of the early 90's, is to be reissued as a 2 CD deluxe edition and a 3 LP set May 19th, 2017.

The original soundtrack featured 13 songs from various artists, including Alice In Chains, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, and Smashing Pumpkins.

The new deluxe edition adds 18 tracks to this, including much more from Chris Cornell and Paul Westerberg, as well as tracks like 'Truly’s Heart' and 'Lungs', a song that is featured in the original film, but apparently pulled at the last minute from the final soundtrack. The band, who were on Sub Pop at the time, claim this was “due to pressure from various managers to add more songs from the other major label artists”.

Tracklisting :

Disc 1 :

01. Would? – Alice In Chains
02. Breath – Pearl Jam
03. Seasons – Chris Cornell
0 4. Dyslexic Heart – Paul Westerberg
05. Battle of Evermore – The Lovemongers
06. Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns – Mother Love Bone
07. Birth Ritual – Soundgarden
08. State of Love and Trust – Pearl Jam
09. Overblown – Mudhoney
10. Waiting for Somebody – Paul Westerberg
11. May This Be Love – Jimi Hendrix
12. Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees
13. Drown – The Smashing Pumpkins

Disc 2 :

01. Touch Me I’m Dick – Citizen Dick
02. Nowhere but You – Chris Cornell
03. Spoon Man – Chris Cornell
04. Flutter Girl – Chris Cornell
05. Missing – Chris Cornell
06. Would? – Alice In Chains
07. It Ain’t Like That – Alice In Chains
08. Birth Ritual – Soundgarden
09. Dyslexic Heart – Paul Westerberg
10. Waiting for Somebody – Paul Westerberg
11. Overblown – Mudhoney
12. Heart and Lungs – Truly
13. Six Foot Under – Blood Circus
14. Singles Blues 1 – Mike McCready
15. Blue Heart – Paul Westerberg
16. Lost In Emily’s Woods – Paul Westerberg
17. Ferry Boat #3 – Chris Cornell
18. Score Piece #4 – Chris Cornell




The Long Ryders.....

“Whenever I hear this 1st new Long Ryders’ song in 30 years it only takes me about half a minute before I have to push back my chair, turn the volume up, and start dancing around the room like a happy fool. A killer Tom Stevens’ song, a strong ensemble performance, a real true thrill to be back in the saddle again, riding high with The Long Ryders, my musical home away from home.”
~ Sid Griffin

Americana pioneers, L.A.’s The Long Ryders, has just released “Bear In The Woods”. Penned by bassist and vocalist Tom Stevens and produced by Adrian Olsen and The Long Ryders, it is available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, www.thelongryders.com and YouTube. Additional newly recorded songs will follow closely thereafter.

The new music comes just before the band’s first CA tour run in 30 years, playing club dates before their 2017 Stagecoach Festival appearance. Shows include The Chapel in San Francisco (4/26), Constellation Room in Santa Ana (4/28) and The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood (4/29).

Songwriter Tom Stevens offers the following about his new tune, “The message is complex. I wrote this song about a bear, a friendly one, approaching it like a children's song. But what emerged under its surface was different. I likely had the state of politics on my mind. The bear in this song may not be the friendly, all knowing guru that he appears. But in real life, it's up to us to seek our best hopes and not our worst fears in our gurus. Lately I feel that too many have done the latter”.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Stephen McCarthy explains how the new music came about, “The band played a number of shows in 2016 and we felt it would be worthwhile to try and write and record some new material. Greg flew out to Virginia and we recorded a few new songs at Adrian Olsen's Montrose Studio. Sid and Tom sent new tunes over and we recorded remotely for the first time”.

Tom continues the story, “30 years on and the band still sounds wonderful, mature, familiar yet new, and all very much The Long Ryders. It's brand new musical scenery in our long ryde, and we're all enjoying the view”.

Drummer Greg Sowders agrees, “30 years goes by in the spin of a wig hat. We wanted to give our fans something new for our spring tour. It’s so great to be back in the studio with my favorite rock 'n' roll band. We hope you like this new music as much as we do”.


Seals & Crofts.....

Seals & Crofts was an american folk and soft rock duo made up of Jim Seals and Dash Crofts, who began playing together in 1969. The duo had 2 top 10 hits in the early 1970's, "Summer Breeze" and "Diamond Girl", both of which are featured on this 2 CD collection of all their a and b sides, remastered for this compilation, spanning the period 1970 to 1976. May 19th, 2017.








Tumbleweed Records.....

In February of 1971, Larry Ray and Bill Szymczyk fled an earthquake and a debauched Los Angeles music scene to claim their own slice of utopia in Denver, Colorado. After meeting and bonding at ABC Dunhill, where Ray landed as general manager, and where Szymczyk had breezed in from New York, fresh off his first real hit as a burgeoning engineer and producer with BB King’s “The Thrill is Gone”, they’d often daydreamed about starting their own label.

In Denver, Ray and Szymczyk ...settled on the name Tumbleweed Records, and through industry connections they secured multi million dollar financing from Gulf + Western, whose head honchos believed they were bankrolling the hippie movement’s next big thing.

But instead of producing the next Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix, Ray and Szymczyk turned their sights on idiosyncratic wunderkinds like Pete McCabe, moody songwriters Robb Kunkel and Danny Holien, psych folk rocker Arthur Gee, all the while providing a platform for more established musicians like Albert Collins and Dewey Terry, of Don & Dewey fame, while launching the career of Michael Stanley.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and, per Szymczyk, it was a “bitchin’ disco time”. Drugs, parties, poetry, celebrities, money, Tumbleweed had it all, except airplay and distribution. 2 years after its storied start, the label was finished.

Ray would go on to various opportunities, including producing 5 country albums alongside Bill Halverson, while Szymczyk would soon skyrocket to fame after producing The Eagles’ "Hotel California". Yet most of Tumbleweed’s artists have been relegated to thrift store bin obscurity, until now. This landmark release not only showcases Ray’s vision and Szymczyk’s early work, but begins a major reappraisal of Tumbleweed’s catalog by bringing these songs out of the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and back into the spotlight.

Light In The Attic Records, May 12th, 2017.




LL Goat.....

Born in Cleveland, Ohio , 1957, to Cleveland Indians baseball  slugger Al Rosen.  Mother Terry died from a long battle with emotional illness, a suicide, I was 13.  Mom sang and painted and took me to the art museum often.  I have an older and a younger brother, making me the middle child. I was good at sports, but didnt like coaches. My granparents had a player piano and thats were it all started for me.

I wound up in New York via Las Vegas and started playing in local bands.  Got a gig playing piano with Otis Blackwell, legendary Hall Of Fame songwriter, Smithereens  and I were the band. Then branched off into my own writing and performing.

I was signed by Interscope as Goatboy, and then went  Ruffhouse as Goat. Had a little hit with my song and recording of ’Great Life’, many of my recordings have been licensed to movies, film,and television.

I did some opening work for Madeleine Peyroux and changed directions from Goat, rock’n’roll, hip hop, to jazz and blues, pop kinda stuff.  Madeleine sang a song with me on my critically acclaimed self produced record, ’Dont Tempt Fate’. ’Who Doesn’t Call’, an acoustic guitar and vocal song from the record, garnered 250,000 hits on YouTube with the same titled video.

Most recently I recorded a record for Jazz Legacy Productions, featurung Cyrus Chestnut on piano.  When I do the jazz thing its as Andy Scott, when i do the Goat thing, its as myself.

I wore many hats in New York City. I cooked my way through Hunter College, ran sound and bartended and did the door  at Kenny’s and The Bitter End in the Village, while playing and writing and recording.  For a minute I was on staff at Julliard, as a modern dance accompanist, and I accompanied modern dance classes at the Martha Graham School, Paul Taylor and Alvin Ailey. I played classes at Suny Purchase as well. I saw Michael Jackson and Barishnikov and Liza Mineli and Madonna.

I walk through the doors of the Martha Graham Dance School. At one point I sat down with Pat Metheny to talk with him about the invisble dancers beat. Pat composed wonderful music for the company.

I played in many clubs in New York City. Folk City, The Bottom Line, The Bitter End, The Bowery Ballroom, CBGB’s, Electric Circus, The Cat Club, Kenny’s Castaways, Joe’s Pub, Smalls. These are some that I remember. I loved hanging out and doing music at any opportunity with my friend Chris Whitley.

I continue to write and record and perform, and decided to assemble and release theses recordings.I am performing these songs along with new songs with my band in New York City.”



Neil Young Archives.....

When it comes to audio perfection, we have no greater stickler in the profession than Neil Young. The digital world has long been a thorn in Young’s side. He held off from the transition to CD for ages during the formative years of the format. Eventually, he relented but only because time was moving on without a clear pathway to ease Neil Young’s grievance against the format.

Some of Neil Young’s mos enduring, and endearing, albums have been slow to make the lavish parades of reissues and remasters of deluxe editions and super deluxe editions, all of which would have sold through splendidly.

On May 12th, 2017, Reprise Records will release 2 separate CD box sets that will house 9 of Neil’s great high points. These are CD versions of the already released vinyl remasters that were previously released back in 2016. "O.R.S. Box 5-8" was originally reissued on vinyl on R.S.D. on Saturday, April 19th, 2011, and "O.R.S. Box 8.5-12" was released on November 26th, 2016. All were limited editions.

May 12th will deliver these analog remasters on CD with "O.R.S. Box 5-8" providing 'Zuma', 'On The Beach', 'Time Fades Away' and 'Tonight’s The Night', and "O.R.S. Box 8.5-12" providing 'Long May You Run', 'Comes A Time', 'American Stars ‘N Bars', 'Rust Never Sleeps' and 'Live Rust'.




Iain Matthews.....

Although Iain Matthews hadn’t realised it at the time, "Walking A Changing Line“ was one of the most important of his career. A comeback of sorts. It was his one and only concept album and it reaps dividends until today. Beneath his band cooperations with Fairport Convention, Plainsong, HiFi and Matthews Southern Comfort, he always found time to work on his solo albums. On “Walking A Changing Line” he reinterpreted the songs of American singer and songwriter Jules Shear in his own and unique way. This re-release of the original album from 1988 contains tons of bonus tracks on 2 CD's, demos, outtakes, live-recordings, careful digitally remastered and in a beautiful digipack with a 16 page booklet, unpublished fotos and extended liner notes by Iain himself. May 12th, 2017.





Cover Stories.....

Pearl Jam, Adele, Dolly Parton, My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Kris Kristofferson and more have all put their stamp on songs from Brandi Carlile's "The Story" for an upcoming all star tribute album benefiting the War Child UK Charity to be released May 5th, 2017. "Cover Stories: Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years Of The Story – An Album to Benefit War Child" also features tracks from the country singer's 2007 LP as interpreted by Margo Price, Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Indigo Girls and more. Chris Stapleton, who provides guitar on Kristofferson's "Turpentine", and Miranda Lambert, who delivers backing vocals on Anderson East's "Josephine", also appear on the album.

All of the "Cover Stories" tracks were recorded in 2016 with the exception of Adele's take on "Hiding My Heart", originally released as a "21" bonus track in 2011, and Ruby Amanfu's Patrick Carney produced "Shadow On The Wall", which came out in 2015. As Carlile noted on Facebook, 'Adele's cover served as the project's original inspiration'. All proceeds from the album will go toward War Child UK, which aims to help children affected in war-torn regions. "This is a David and Goliath story", Carlile said in a statement. "Since becoming a mother, the reality of a child's beautiful life being torn apart by war felt like too big of a problem for me. So I asked my heroes and friends to help me launch a rock at the giant that is our refugee crisis and help in the only way we know how, through the power of music".

Barack Obama, who provides a foreword for "Cover Stories", said of the country singer and activist in a statement, "As an artist, Brandi Carlile is using her talent on behalf of the most vulnerable among us, children living in areas of conflict, she reminds us that, together, we can build for our children a more just, peaceful world". In addition to "Cover Stories", Carlile and her band the Twins will kick off a tour in April where they'll play "The Story" in its entirety. "This album defined our band and welded the Twins and me to one another forever. It’s been a transformative experience to revisit it 10 years later and watch it become something bigger than me. To hear the songs through the voices of my heroes is both surreal and humbling", Carlile said.

01. Shovels & Rope "Late Morning Lullaby"
02. Dolly Parton "The Story"
03. Kris Kristofferson "Turpentine"
04. Old Crow Medicine Show "My Song"
05. Jim James "Wasted"
06. Avett Brothers "Have You Ever"
07. Anderson East "Josephine"
08. Secret Sisters "Losing Heart"
09. Indigo Girls "Cannonball"
10. Torres "Until I Die"
11. Margo Price "Downpour"
12. Ruby Amanfu "Shadow On The Wall"
13. Pearl Jam "Again Today"
14. Adele "Hiding My Heart"




Janet Martin.....

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Janet Martin has been dividing her live performances between the US and Europe since 2004. Janet is a multi published writer with over 30 original songs written and administered through BMI and GEMA in Europe.

Janet has recorded and released 8 CD’s to date with critical acclaim. Her 2010 release, “Passage”, was a huge success in Europe receiving airplay in more than 12 different countries. Janet has earned high praise from the European musical press with overwhelmingly positive reviews and an ever expanding base of European fans who keep up with her through social media when she’s stateside. Currently, Janet has released her very first solo, self produced and recorded CD, “Eve Sessions”, a personal and emotional odyssey.

The “Eve Sessions”, are songs written without genre boundaries or guidelines straight from the source and soul baring with Janet playing all of the instrumentation.

Janet picked up the guitar at just 8 years old. Her guitar style took shape early on and is direct result of her Virginia roots along with what was playing on the airwaves. Writing and performing has become her career and life long passion. From bluegrass flatpicking to electric rock and blues, Janet is a fully accomplished guitarist and her signature acoustic sound is due in large part to her love for open tunings of which she is a master.

Widely known as a musician’s musician, Janet delights audiences with her commanding performances. She is always willing to perform with other musicians and is eager to collaborate and help fellow artists by guesting on recordings or sharing the stage. If there’s good music to make, you’ll find Janet there.

A live Janet Martin performance , whether it is solo, trio or full band, is not to be missed. Her energy and connection to the audience is truly unique. Janet’s hypnotic acoustic and lead guitar work, blazing slide guitar and stellar vocals delight loyal fans and create new followers instantly.




Willie Nelson.....

"God's Problem Child" is Willie Nelson's 1st album to debut all new songs since "Band Of Brothers" in 2014. It includes 13 new songs, including 7 recently written by Willie and Buddy Cannon, his longtime collaborator and producer. The album's title track, penned by Jamey Johnson and Tony Joe White, includes vocals by both writers and the legendary Leon Russell (on what may be Russell's very last recording). Closing the album is "He Won't Ever Be Gone", a song written by Gary Nicholson that pays tribute to Willie's outlaw country comrade, Merle Haggard. Legacy Records/Sony Music, April 28th, 2017







Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of “Move Into The Light – The Island Recordings 1969 – 1971”, a deluxe 2 CD remastered anthology of the legendary psychedelic, underground & eastern influenced rock band Quintessence.

One of the great underground acts of their era, Quintessence came together in the Ladbroke Grove area of London in 1969. The band comprised Australians Phil ‘Shiva’ Jones, vocals, keyboards, Ron ‘Raja Ram’ Rothfield, flute, along with Allan Mostert, lead guitar, Richard ‘Shambhu Babaji’ Vaughan, bass, Dave ‘Maha Dev’ Codling, rhythm guitar and Jeremy ‘Jake’ Milton, drums.

Within months of their formation the eastern influenced rock music of Quintessence had earned the band a dedicated following and they were signed by Chris Blackwell to Island Records. Over the next 3 years the band would record 3 classic albums for the label, “In Blissful Company”, “Quintessence” and “Dive Deep”, along with the classic single version of one of their best known tracks, “Notting Hill Gate”.

The material Quintessence recorded during this period, mostly produced by John Barham, who would also work with George Harrison on his “All Things Must Pass” album, earned them admiration from such luminaries as Pete Townshend of The Who, who attended several Quintessence concerts and Jim Morrison of The Doors. Quintessence also had the distinction of appearing at the very first Glastonbury Festival in 1970 and the legendary Glastonbury Fayre of 1971, along with selling out the Royal Albert Hall.

This 2 disc newly remastered set celebrates Quintessence and gathers together all of the band’s material issued by Island Records between 1969 and 1971. It also includes a live version of “Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Guaranga”, which originally appeared on the Island double LP sampler “Bumpers” in 1970. “Move into the Light” features an illustrated booklet with an essay by Malcolm Dome and exclusive new interviews with Phil Jones and Dave Codling.

Esoteric Recordings, April 28th, 2017.




Patto 1 and 2.....

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re mastered and expanded edition of the classic 1970 debut album by the legendary Patto. One of the truly great bands of the early 70's, Patto featured a lineup comprising Mike Patto, vocals, Ollie Halsall, guitar, vibes, keyboards, vocals, Clive Griffiths, bass and John Halsey, drums. The band arose from the ashes of the group Timebox and were graced by the presence of the stunning guitar playing of Ollie Halsall and a highly original and unique musical style that set them aside from their progressive rock contemporaries of the era. This, the band’s debut album, was released in 1970 and featured classic tracks such as ‘The Man’, ‘San Antone’ and ‘Government Man’. This Esoteric Recordings edition of “Patto” has been fully sanctioned by all members of the band and their representatives, for the first time ever, and includes 3 bonus tracks, ‘Hanging Rope’, and 2 tracks recorded in session for BBC Radio One in November 1970, ‘Love Me’ and ‘Government Man’.

Esoteric Recordings are also pleased to announce the release of a newly remastered and expanded edition of the classic 1971 album “Hold Your Fire” by the same band. “Hold Your Fire” was the band’s 2nd album and includes such classics as ‘You, You Point Your Finger’, ‘Hold Your Fire’ and ‘Air Raid Shelter’. This Esoteric Recordings remastered and expanded edition is now a 2 CD set with 13 bonus tracks including 5 outtakes from the album recording sessions and 8 previously unreleased BBC session recordings from 1971, including a legendary session for BBC Radio One in March 1971, featuring guest guitarist Bernie Holland.

Both expanded editions also includes illustrated booklets with essays by Sid Smith and exclusive interviews with John Halsey. Esoteric Recordings, April 28th, 2017.




Susan Kane.....

New York based  singer songwriter Susan Kane releases her 4th CD in April 2017. ”Mostly Fine” represents something of a departure from her previous efforts. Recorded over a couple of months with local musicians at Fred Gillen Jr’s Woody House studio, it is a largely acoustic record with nary an electric guitar within earshot. This album is filled with dobro, fiddle, mandolin, accordion, and lap steel, with a sprinkling of banjo layered over acoustic guitars. Nevertheless, listeners will find themselves in familiar lyrical territory, with songs that amuse or evoke deeper emotions.

But they will notice that even the humorous tracks reveal subtle insights into human foibles. The album features 7 original songs, including a co-write and an adaptation of a poem, and 3 covers. The title originates from a lyric in one song and is not meant to be negative, says Susan. She believes if well into adulthood you can honestly say that everything is ’mostly fine’, that is really fine. Produced by Jeff Eyrich (Dave’s True Story) and mastered by Scott Hull. Guest artists include Abbie Gardner (Red Molly), The Levins, Lisa Gutkin (Klezmatics) and David Bernz.

”Mostly Fine” follows the successful releases of her 3rd CD ”A Word Child” whose eclectic tracks addressed timeless and universal themes of love, loss, and hope. In addition to original compositions, it covered some famous writers and some lesser known. Produced by Billy Masters, it was recorded primarily in Austin, TX, and featured many gifted musicians, including bass player Zev Katz, pedal steel artist Bob Hoffnar, fiddler Warren Hood, percussionist Ben Wittman, vocals from Jess Klein, bass player Glenn Fukunaga, drummer Marco Giovino  and others. The CD enjoyed an excellent response from the radio world, as did her 2 previous releases, which were well received and enjoyed extensive and long lived radio play around the world.

Susan has played at a wide variety of well known venues and festivals in the New York area, including the Towne Crier Café, the Bitter End, the Pleasantville Music Festival, the Huntington Folk Festival, and the Tarrytown Music Hall. She has shared bills with such diverse artists as Pete Seeger, Garnet Rogers, Sloan Wainwright, Ryan Montbleau and Catie Curtis. An active member of the local music scene, she is a past president of Tribes Hill, a Hudson Valley collective of independent musicians. During her stint as president she produced a 2 disc compilation CD for the group.

Born in New York, and raised in various suburban locations by artistically inclined parents in New Jersey, Kane was drawn to music at an early age, but wandered away from her mother’s conservatory piano repertoire to the homespun vibes of acoustic folk and twangy country music. The arrival of Bob Dylan and equal time for folk music and its offshoots on top 40 radio and pop music outlets of the time called to her. “My mom is actually from Wheeling, West Virginia, home of WWVA and its legendary Jamboree USA country music show ”. Coming to songwriting later in life gives one time to process everything. Something old, something new, the old bridal rhyme is the perfect recipe for songwriting. If you follow Susan on Twitter, you’ll find she admits to digging in the dirt, digging the Dead and reading a lot of books, the paper kind, preferably. A connoisseur of words, she’s a reader, a listener, a hunter and gatherer of raw song material.



Legacy Editions.....

The 2 CD Legacy Edition of Patti Smith‘s seminal 1975 album "Horses" will be reissued by Sony Music in April, 2017, as part of a 2nd wave of Japanese style mini LP CD vinyl replica reissues. We were really impressed with the first batch of these vinyl replica reissues which came out in October of 2016. These included titles such as Jeff Buckley‘s "Grace!, Dennis Wilson’s "Pacific Blue" and Iggy & The Stooges’ "Raw Power". "Horses" was re-released back in 2005 for its 30th anniversary and this reissue is a repackaged version of that set, with a bonus CD of Patti performing the album, in full, at the Royal Festival Hall London in June 2005.

That performance featured Tom Verlaine on guitar and Flea on bass. The album on the 1st disc appends the 1976 live performance of "My Generation", the B-side to the "Gloria" single, and Smith also includes that at the end of the 2005 live rendition. Other titles in the next batch of vinyl replicas will be 2 CD Legacy Editions of Janis Joplin’s "Pearl", Johnny Cash "At San Quentin" and Mile Davis' "Sketches Of Spain". They will all be released on April 28th, 2017.





Vacation” is the 1st release from the forthcoming Bodinrocker album, ”Eye To Eye”, that will be available later this year. Bodinrocker is a solo project by Anders Bodin from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is known for his straightforward rock, combining tasty guitar riffs with strong melodies. The single is a catchy boogie pop and rock track that will certainly get you in the perfect summer mood.




Cheap Trick.....

If a group’s made up of two genuine rock star types, a Huntz Hall lookalike with a guitar fetish, and a guy who looks like an accountant, which one d’ya think would keep track of its recording archive? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question, it is indeed the bespectacled Bun E Carlos, the drummer for the original line up of Cheap Trick, who has not only commented on every song, as faithfully transcribed by Ken Sharp, but provided much of the source material for this collectio...n of rarities from the band’s early days, 18 tracks that reconfirm that the singular blend of classic rock, power pop, and glam, and inspired visual style, wielded by this outfit of Rockford, Illinois places them among the first rank of American rock ‘n’ roll bands.

First up are 3 1975 demos, of “Come On, Come On”, “Southern Girls” and “Taxman, Mr Thief”, they cut at Ardent Studios in 1975, prior to signing a record deal, followed by early, 1976-1977 studio takes, produced by Jack Douglas, of “You’re All Talk” and “I Want You To Want Me”, an outtake, “Lookout”, from their debut album, and an alternate, and nasty, version of “I Dig Go-Go Girls”.

On deck are an instrumental version of “Oh Boy”, the b-side to “I Want You To Want Me”, and live versions of “You’re All Talk” and “Goodnight”, from a 1977 stand at the Whiskey, and a pair of alternate takes from the "Heaven Tonight" album, “Stiff Competition” and “Surrender”. 

Also inside are 5 rarities from the band’s famed Japanese tours, including the single version of “Ain’t That A Shame”, the promo only release “Lookout”, and 3 tracks from the out of print "Budokan II" album, “Stiff Competition”, “How Are You”, and “On Top Of The World”. The no strings version of “Dream Police” rounds out the collection in fine style.

Compiled by producer Tim Smith, remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in New York, and featuring photos by Robert Alford, "The Epic Archive Vol 1, 1975-1979" takes its place as a key release in the Cheap Trick discography

Real Gone Music, April 28th, 2017.




Big Big Train.....

Big Big Train have announced details on their new album. Titled "Grimspound", their 10th album will arrive on April 28th, 2017, and follows hot on the heels of 2016’s "Folklore". It’ll feature 8 tracks, with vocalist David Longdon saying Big Big Train have progressed the band’s sound on the album.

“'Grimspound' has followed on very swiftly from 'Folklore'. We found ourselves with a wealth of new material and, with writing input from Danny, Rachel and Rikard, we have been able to move the band’s sound forward while building on all we have learnt over the last few years. We are determined to work hard and, as they say, make hay while the sun shines”.

Bassist Greg Spawton adds, “There is some complex music on this album, with extended instrumental sections alongside vocal passages. We had a lot of fun making the album and have pushed ourselves as progressive rock bands should”. Judy Dyble adds vocals to a song concerning the reported sightings of a ghostly apparition beside the cemetery gates in a quiet English village.

And Longdon adds, “It’s the first time we have brought a non band member into sing with us. It’s good to try new things so that we are not simply resting on our laurels. Nick and Rachel also sing some lead parts on this album, further adding to the mix of sounds and voices".

"Grimspound" will launch on CD, 180g double vinyl, hi-resolution 24/96 download, standard resolution download and via streaming services.




Bev Grant.....

"It's Personal" is a heart filled album by Bev Grant, a long time feminist and labor social activist, who has been creating and using music for social change since the late 60's. She was founder of a popular political band called The Human Condition, which played around the New York City area for 19 years and currently is founder and director of The Brooklyn Women's Chorus, which will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

This album is her 1st solo album in a number of years, although she did record an album in 2014 with singer songwriter Ina May Wool, called "Wool & Grant". Bev's music is extremely eclectic in style, ranging from acoustic folk to country, jazz and world music, and she has a knack for getting her political points across through the use of personal stories about other peoples' lives.

In this album, she tells us a lot about herself, where she grew up, her relationship with her dad and her loves and losses. There are also songs about social concerns, like the environment and factory conditions, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, but the bulk of the album is personal, although often the personal is political as she points out in her song "Throw Me The Ball", about growing up in the 50's before girls were allowed to play in organized sports.




The G.T.O.'s.....

The G.T.O.'s, Girls Together Outrageously, were an a cappella girl group from the Los Angeles area, specifically the Sunset Strip scene. Only active for 2½ years, 1968 to 1970, with a single reunion in 1974, their only album, "Permanent Damage", produced by Frank Zappa, was released in 1969. The members were connected by their association with Zappa, who encouraged their artistic endeavours despite their limited vocal skills.

The group performed live only 4 or 5 times, although they created a strong impression at their December 1968 performance at the Shrine Auditorium opening for The Mothers of Invention, Alice Cooper and Wild Man Fischer. A mix of theatrics, singing, dancing, wild costumes, and unusual lyrical content were staples of their act. Their only album, "Permanent Damage", on Straight Records, was produced in 1969 by Zappa, with the assistance of Lowell George and Russ Titelman. The album features songwriting contributions from Lowell George, Jeff Beck and Davy Jones. A young Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck's singer at the time, pops up on a track. April 21st, 2017.




Kenny White.....

"Had you ever heard of Kenny White? Well, we had not. But after reading the list of guests on his album, David Crosby, Peter Wolf, Larry Campbell, Amy Helm and Catherine Russell, along with his regular band, featuring the dexterous Duke Levine on guitar, shape shifting Shawn Pelton on drums and the masterful Marty Ballou on bass, we were very anxious to hear the music. When we did, we were really blown away. So, even if 'Long List Of Priors' may sound a bit more sophisticated than the bulk of C.R.S.'s other releases, that did not bother us one tiny little bit. Even without aforenamed guests this would have been just an amazing album. One that will make sure you will not easily forget the name Kenny White." ~ Continental Record Services


Sheryl Crow.....

Sheryl Crow returns next month with her 10th studio album "Be Myself".

The album is co-produced and co-written with her long-time collaborator Jeff Trott and sees her return to what might be called her ‘classic’ sound after the country excursions of 2013’s "Feels Like Home".

“I really wanted to get back to how I got started on my 2nd record and 3rd record”, Crow told Rolling Stone earlier this year, adding, “I wanted to revisit that sound and that feeling. It was a complete blast and the most effortless thing I’ve ever done”.

Listening to "Halfway There", the 1st track to be promoted from the album, you have to say that she’s certainly been successful in recapturing the spirit of those earlier records. Part of that might be down to Crow also persuading engineer Tchad Blake, who worked on the "Sheryl Crow" and "Globe Sessions" albums, to come over from Wales and work on this new record.

Sheryl Crow kicks off a US tour next month in support of "Be Myself". The album itself is released on April 21st, 2017.




Ray Davies.....

On April 21st, 2017, Ray Davies will release his 1st new album in over 9 years, ‘Americana’, via Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. The 15 track collection of originals serves as a master crafted return for one of the most acclaimed and iconic songwriters of the past 50 years, and follows Davies’ 2013 memoir of the same name, using the book as both source material and creative catalyst. Davies enlisted The Jayhawks as backing band, and recorded the album in London at Konk, the studio founded by The Kinks in 1973.

‘Americana’ was written, conceived and arranged by Davies, and co-produced with Guy Massey and John Jackson. The album is an autobiographical work, chronicling the inextricable role America has played in Davies’ life. From his earliest days touring the US with the Kinks and subsequent blacklisting by the American Musicians Union, to his years playing stadiums and eventually settling in New York and New Orleans for a time, America has served as both muse and tempest to Davies. The songs on ‘Americana’ dig into the rich American musical tapestry, through the lens of Davies’ own wholly unique American experience. The music swerves from the open road manifesto of “The Great Highway”, to a delicate duet with The Jayhawks’ Karen Grotberg on 'Message From The Road', to 'Poetry', which offers a vital reminder of Davies’ ability to spin small detail into penetrating truth. The album also features a number of short spoken word passages from Davies’ memoir. A 2nd volume to ‘Americana’ will be a released later in 2017.




Judy Kass.....

New York based singer songwriter Judy Kass quickly draws in her audience with soulful vocals, no-nonsense lyrical storytelling and genre bending exploration of guitar and piano. Her original music blends generous amounts of folk, jazz and blues, with songs that cover the full gamut of mood and experience, ranging from whimsical musings of relationship challenges to her own personal journey of healing from post 9/11 trauma and the loss of numerous colleagues to the terror attacks.

Featuring 9 original songs and an interpretation of “The Snows They Melt The Soonest”, Judy’s 2nd album, ”Beyond The Ash & Steel”, pushes past the celebrated intimate acoustic portrait of her 1st CD to reflect even more of her jazz and blues influences. The result is a pleasingly eclectic mix that includes several driving ’foot tapping’ tracks.

As in her 1st album, Judy’s abilities as a multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and arranger in ”Beyond The Ash & Steel” are palpable in the creative and lyrical narrative, exquisite melodies and rich harmonics that showcase her transporting voice and command of her instruments.

”Beyond The Ash & Steel” includes the talents of Sara Milonovich (Richard Shindell), Dan Hickey (They Might Be Giants, Joe Cocker), Mark Dann and the legendary John Sebastian. It also features sizzling trumpet licks and vocal harmony from Judy’s own daughter, Kyla Moscovich, an award winning trumpeter.

Judy’s debut album, ”Better Things”, co-produced by Jay Mafale (The Ya Yas, No Fuss and Feathers) and released in early 2014, received notable airplay, topping folk and roots radio charts for months after its release. It was also included on both the Roots Music Report’s and the Folk DJ Listerv’s 2014 year end top albums charts.

Co-produced with Mark Dann, ”Beyond The Ash & Steel” is full of unique twists and turns of lyric, melody and harmonics that have a distinct groove while offering a familiar warmth.




David Allan Coe.....

We’d be the first to admit that a David Allan Coe hits collection is something of a contradiction in terms. Despite having written some of the most hallowed songs in country music, tunes like “Take This Job And Shove It” and “Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)”, nobody would ever confuse Coe with a popular country artist. The man is outlaw to his core, having offended just about everybody inside, and a lot of people outside, the country music business during the cour...se of his riotous career. But because he is such a great songwriter and honky tonk singer, he did manage score 31 chart hits, despite his best efforts at career sabotage, that some of these gripping performances didn’t score higher on the charts is testimony to just how far out of the country mainstream he was and is.

And you’ll find all of them here on this new 2 CD collection, which serves not only as a great career overview, but also takes its place as the most comprehensive Coe collection to date. Among the highlights here are “Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile”, “You Never Even Called Me By Name”, “The Ride”, “She Used To Love Me A Lot”, “Longhaired Redneck”, and his hit with Willie Nelson, “I’ve Already Cheated On You”, most of them produced by countrypolitan producer par excellence Billy Sherrill, who definitely had his hands full trying to sand off the rough edges of David Allan Coe. Chris Morris supplies the notes for "The Complete Hits", which features photos and remastering by Chris LeMonde. Some of the hardest country ever recorded. Real Gone Music, April 7th, 2017.




Procol Harum.....

To mark their 50th anniversary, seminal rock act Procol Harum, with founder member Gary Brooker at the helm, will return with a new studio album "Novum" on April 21st, 2017, via Eagle Records. The album is their 1st in 14 years and a European tour with a set of UK dates has also been announced. “Novum” is Procol Harum’s 13th studio album, following “The Well’s On Fire” in 2003. “Novum” is released in the band’s 50th anniversary year, which also sees the band undertake a very special UK and European tour. The album release is preceded by that of the single “Sunday Morning” on April 7th.

“Novum” features a stunning cover artwork by Julia Brown which references elements of the sleeve of the band’s eponymous debut album in 1967. With that album, half a century ago, powered by the huge and ongoing success of their debut single “A Whiter Shade Of Pale”, Procol Harum went on to help define the progressive rock genre in the early 70's whilst at the same time embracing their roots in blues and soul. “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” continues to be one of the best-selling singles of all time, one of the most recognisable and most played songs, ever.

Procol Harum has been an evolving musical force from the first performance in ’67, but always led by founding member, singer, pianist and composer Gary Brooker. Most of today’s line-up has been playing together since the early ‘90s and it includes bassist Matt Pegg (Jethro Tull), drummer Geoff Dunn (Jimmy Page, Van Morrison), guitarist Geoff Whitehorn (Paul Rodgers, Roger Daltrey) and Hammond organ player Josh Phillips (Pete Townsend), but to all their fans, they are the real Procol Harum.




B.J. Thomas.....

Having documented BJ Thomas' early sides with the 2 CD set "The Complete Scepter Singles", and followed his late 70's, early 80's, foray into inspirational music with a pair of album 2fers from the Myrrh label, it was only a matter of time till Real Gone Music tackled the next big phase in the career of this all time great American singer, namely the classic country pop sides he cut for Columbia Records in the 80's. This is a stage in BJ’s career that has seen little attention in the CD era, which is strange, because he was just killing it on the country charts with #1 hits like “Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love” and “New Looks From An Old Lover” and the #3 hit “Two Car Garage”.

In fact, out of the 21 songs on this collection, which includes the a and b side of every Columbia single, plus sides from the Cleveland International and Priority labels, 8 were chart hits, among them the top 20 duet “Rock And Roll Shoes” with Ray Charles, plus “The Whole World’s In Love When You’re Lonely” and “The Girl Most Likely To”. Also added are a pair of bonus tracks including his rare original solo version of “As Long As We’ve Got Each Other”, the theme to the TV show 'Growing Pains', and his early version of “Wind Beneath My Wings”, which ended up being a hit for Gary Morris and Bette Midler, among others. Remastered by Sean Brennan at Battery Studios, peppered with rare photos, and annotated by Joe Marchese, based on a fresh interview with the artist himself, "The Complete Columbia Singles" is a must for any BJ fan and anybody who wants to hear some of the best country pop the 80's had to offer. Real Gone Music, April 7th, 2017.




Cary Morin.....

Roots based singer and fingerstyle guitarist Cary Morin announces an April 7th, 2017, release date for his 4th CD, ”Cradle To The Grave”. Recorded and engineered by Richard Werdes at Studio Underground in Ft Collins, CO, the new album completes a 3 album project of acoustic recordings by Cary Morin, who’s been acclaimed as ’one of the best acoustic pickers on the scene today’.

On ”Cradle To The Grave”, Cary Morin brings together the great musical traditions of America and beyond like no other artist. These recordings provide a timeline of his songwriting and guitar work spanning 2014 to 2017. The lyrics range from blues to folk, and sometimes shine a light on his native american heritage and small town life in America. At times, the collection conveys the simplicity of a single chord to complex fingerstyle guitar.

“The goal was to create a sort of triptych of my solo fingerstyle journey, one that demonstrates the evolution of my progression with songwriting, finger picking, and the use of open tunings”, says Morin. “Cradle To The Grave is a culmination of my musical efforts as a soloist thus far”.

Of the album’s 11 tracks, 8 are originals that showcase his skills as both a singer and guitar player. Also included are 3 unique covers of songs that cover a wide palette ranging from pop legend Prince, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, to noted bluesman Willie Brown, “Mississippi Blues”, and jam band super group Phish, “Back On The Train”.

“The title track is a bit telling”, relates Morin. “The lyrics refer to the realization that, through all of my travels and experiences, I have come to understand that life is fleeting. I think you can hear this theme in the song, ‘Lay Baby Lay’, also, though this tune is more directly related to the experience of touring and travel and the compromises therein. The last song, ‘Watch Over Me’, is a different take on the title track, as though both songs are bookends for the whole album. The theme of spirituality seems to weave its way into my work more often as the years pass. Perhaps its impending mortality. I hope we are put on this earth to help each other and should we find ourselves alone for some reason, there is still someone there with us, a higher power to help us complete our journey”.

With deft fingerstyle guitar and vocals that alternately convey melodic elation and gritty world weariness, Morin crafts an inimitable style often characterized as acoustic native americana, with qualities of blues, bluegrass, jazz, jam, reggae, and dance.

Being a crow tribal member, Morin brings special significance to the song, “Dawn’s Early Light”, written in support of the efforts of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “I'm not really a protest song sort of writer, but this song seemed important”, states Morin. “It’s written from my memories of growing up near the Missouri River and around my people in Montana. As a child, I became familiar with our traditional music and rural life. This song may be an oversimplification of the situation, but I have always felt that the honoring of a treaty, no matter when it was made, is not a complex idea. History has proved this not to be the case, but I hope this time it is. Honor the treaty, simple as that”.



Marc Jonson.....

The Vanguard Records label is known for some obscure gems, but Marc Jonson's 1972 debut album "Years", just might be the rarest, and the fairest, of them all. Not only has it never been reissued on vinyl or CD or even bootlegged, but this lost psych folk baroque pop masterpiece marked quite a departure for a label known for its traditional folk, blues, and roots music. Comparisons have been made to Tim Buckley's "Goodbye & Hello", Phil Ochs' "Pleasures Of The Harbor", Bill Fay's 1st album, as well as other obscure popsike legends such as Bobb Trimble, John Pantry, and David Stoughton.

Throw in a touch of the intimate vibe of Big Star and you’ll have an idea of the coolness that awaits those who discover, or rediscover, this cult classic. As Jonson remarks in the liner notes, "I used left over harpsichords from classical sessions the night before. I hired string players and a string arranger. I even met a street player named Steven Gardner who played the recorder". Produced for reissue by Pat Thomas, this expanded reissue of "Years" sports many rare vintage photos, a detailed interview with Marc Jonson by Steve Simels , an ace remastering job, from the original tapes, by John Baldwin , 4 bonus tracks, plus a non-LP single and several 7 inch single mixes, all never before on CD. Real Gone Music, April 21st, 2017.




John Mellencamp.....

John Mellencamp just announced his 23rd album, "Sad Clowns & Hillbillies", out April 21st, 2017, via Republic Records. The singer songwriter will recruit special guest Emmylou Harris for a subsequent US summer tour, which launches June 5th in Denver, CO, and winds down July 11th in Queens, NY.

Carlene Carter, who features heavily on the album, will also join Mellencamp for the trek, along with folk pop duo Lily & Madeleine. Jewel will replace Harris as opener on 2 dates.

The new album features a mixture of songs written by Mellencamp and Carter, along with direct collaborations between the duo. On the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration, Mellencamp released the brooding political ballad "Easy Target", which addresses income inequality and Black Lives Matter.




Cait Brennan.....

When Cait Brennan released her debut, "Debutante", even she didn’t expect it to land on so many 'Best Of 2016' lists. Not because "Debutante" wasn’t fantastic, but, because it was self-released and a total word of mouth phenomenon.

She quickly reteamed with her co-producer and conspirator Fernando Perdomo (Emitt Rhodes, Linda Perhacs) to record a follow-up, but the songs just kept coming. She and Perdomo ventured off to the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis to record album #3, even before her 2nd album had even been released. At this time, it is still in the can, waiting to be revisited at a later date.

Working with engineer Adam Hill, associate producer of last year’s Big Star "Complete Third" set, Cait wrote and recorded nearly all of songs in just 3 days. Once again, she and Fernando handled all of the vocals and instrumentation, aside for 2 guest appearances, Memphis power pop legend Van Duren and Continental Drifter Robert Maché. Given the location and inspiration, there was no doubt the album would be called "Third".

Saying the anticipation for "Third" is high would be an understatement. It will not disappoint critics and fans who fell in love with "Debutante". Recorded in the same studio with many of the original instruments used on Big Star classics, it’s time for the world to welcome a new, classic "Third".
Omnivore Recordings, April 21st, 2017.




Erik Lundgren.....

Erik Lundgren has made music for 2 decades and his albums have had many different moods and even genres over the years, but one thing is always apparent, he is always rooted in nature, heavily inspired by the Scandinavian wilderness. Growing up in a small town in Sweden, surrounded by forests, he often spent his time writing lyrics and music alone in the woods. Back in 2009 he lived in Japan where he spent a great deal of time soaking the Japanese culture and surroundings, it lead to the album ”One For The Road”, an album he released for free, which received over 100.000 downloads.

He's been a solo act since he left the band Sink back in 2005 and started releasing albums under his own name. Recording all instruments on his own and producing his own work. Almost 10 years and 26 albums later he joined forces with Jimmie Nolsøe on guitar (To My Green Lands) and Kaare Grasbøll (Rovers Ahead) on keys and accordion. During the last year they have slowly transitioned from acoustic to electric, equipped the western guitars with pickups and pedalboards.

He does not care much about labeling his music and rather go by the ’whatever sounds good’ mentality, which is the only rule Erik uses, as he records his odds and ends, brewing his new tunes. And he loves to use instruments and objects out of their elements. Mixing sound design with traditional singer and songwriter techniques. But for the latest album ”Door Dwellers” he decided to try something new, to tell 3 stories in every song. Every song contains a piece of famous folklore from somewhere around the world. They also tell a story about Erik or someone close to him. And a classic traditionally told singer and songwriter cliché. The lyrics has been gently woven together to let the audience make their own interpretation.

The album takes great inspiration from the small forgotten rituals and oddities that cultures used to execute or perform, and rituals we still exercise to this very day, but might have forgotten the story behind them. The fear of evil spirits lurking in doorways ready to possess or snatch any woman being carried over the threshold by her newly wedded husband. Hence the title ”Door Dwellers”.




Big Star.....

Concord Bicycle Music recently announced the springtime release of "Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third Live And More". This exciting set pays tribute to the legendary power pop band’s lost 3rd album, recorded in 1974, but shelved until 1978, after the band broke up.

In 2010, Big Star drummer Jody Stephens, the sole surviving member of the classic lineup, assembled a group to pay tribute to Big Star’s iconic frontman Alex Chilton, who’d passed away suddenly in spring of that year.

Stephens recruited Mike Mills of R.E.M., Mitch Easter of Let’s Active, Chris Stamey of The dB’s and Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow of The Posies, also touring members of Big Star since their 1993 reunion, for a tribute gig in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that took place with a full orchestra to match the lush sounds of "Third", and afterward, the group toured with local orchestras and ensembles, covering both "Third" as well as the 2 perfect LP's that preceded it, "#1 Record" and "Radio City".

A show in Glendale, California in 2016 was recorded for "Thank You, Friends", and features guest appearances from Jeff Tweedy and Pat Sansone, Robyn Hitchcock, Dan Wilson, Benmont Tench and The Kronos Quartet.

The show will be available as a standalone 2CD set or a 2CD/DVD or Blu-ray package, the show on the video disc will premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival, presented by Stephens, director Benno Nelson and other members of the "Third" ensemble. Stamey and Anthony DeCurtis have written new liner notes for the package.

Elsewhere, the new compilation "The Best Of Big Star" tidily collects, on 1 CD or 2 LP's, 16 tracks from "#1 Record", "Radio City" and "Third". As a bit of a nod to collectors, 6 of the tracks are presented in their original single mixes, and 4 of those appear to be making their debut on CD.

"Thank You, Friends" is in stores April 21st, 2017, while "The Best Of Big Star" follows a week later.




Principal Edwards.....

Few groups epitomised the spirit of the late 60's and early 70's like Principal Edwards Magic Theatre. A collective of musicians, dancers, poets and sound and lighting engineers, based around the music of Root Cartwright, the group produced one of rock’s first forays into multi media presentation and found themselves championed by, and recording for, the great John Peel.

This set brings together both albums recorded for Dandelion Records, "Soundtrack" and "The Asmoto Running Band", plus 5 recently unearthed BBC session tracks, unreleased demos and a fantastic live recording made at London’s Hampstead Theatre in September 1971. Together, those unreleased recordings shed new light on this most intriguing of groups, and point towards the direction a 3rd Principal Edwards Magic Theatre album might have taken.

Recent years have seen a revival of interest in P.E.M.T., including lengthy pieces in both Record Collector and Shindig! magazines. Their musical eclecticism, blending rock, folk and classical elements with wit and invention, warrant the consideration of all serious aficionados of such things. Cherry Red Records, April 14th, 2017.




Hometown Marie.....

Hometown Marie is a band from a small town called Mariestad in Sweden. The band started up around 3 years ago by singer songwriter Oskar Östman and drummer Simon Peterson.

Hometown Marie has not been lazy during these 3 years. They've been of doing a lot at home in Sweden, but during their 1st year as a band they have been off to Glasgow and London playing venues, and after 2 years they traveled all the way to Nashville to write songs, play and meeting people.

During 2016 Hometown Marie did over 30 shows in Sweden, released a new EP called "Wild Side", and also returned to Nashville for some more networking and playing.

Their music is described as very wide, with influences from old to new rock, with a big touch of country.




Michael Nesmith.....

Even though Michael Nesmith has bid farewell to his days as part of the Monkees, he’s not slowing down. After giving what he said was his final performance with the group last year, Nesmith took some time to wrap up his autobiography, which will be published on April 18th, 2017.

"Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff" tells the story of Nesmith’s life, starting with his childhood in Dallas, where he was raised by a single mother, Bette, who invented Liquid Paper, and moving on to the set of The Monkees in Los Angeles, where he became a star with his 3 young bandmates.

Along the way, Nesmith became a pioneering force in the fields of music video and virtual reality. "Infinite Tuesday" will covers those subjects too.

To accompany the book, Rhino Records will release a companion album four days earlier on April 14th, 2017, with the slightly modified title, "Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs". The compilation which will include 14 tracks from Nesmith’s career, starting with his first recording, “The New Recruit”, which he made under the name Michael Blessing.

The selections run all the way up through the mid 00's, and feature solo tracks, songs recorded with the Monkees, cuts by his country rock group, the First National Band, his 1979 cult hit “Cruisin'” and a solo take on “Different Drum”, a song he wrote that became Linda Ronstadt‘s breakout single with the Stone Poneys.




Rodney Crowell.....

Rodney Crowell will release his 1st album in over 3 years on April 7th, 2017, via New West Records. The set includes contributions from Sheryl Crow, John Paul White and ex-wife Rosanne Cash.

The 10 song set, "Close Ties", follows "The Traveling Kind", his acclaimed collection of duets with long time collaborator Emmylou Harris. Co-produced by Jordan Lehning and Kim Buie, the album features a duet with Sheryl Crow on the haunting ‘I’m Tied To Ya,’ and ‘It Ain’t Over Yet,’ a vocal collaboration with his Rosanne Cash and John Paul White. It is the 1st time Crowell and Cash have appeared on record together since Cash’s "Interiors" album in 1990.

"Close Ties" both demonstrates Crowell’s strengths as a songwriter and illustrates how he has learned to balance personal recollection, literary sophistication and his profound musical reach. It’s at once his most intimate record and his most accessible, the product of years of understanding the ways songs can enter, and be entered by, life. "Close Ties" is a loose concept record that ranges from songs about Crowell’s childhood in Texas, to songs about arriving in Nashville as a young songwriter, to songs about friends and lovers lost.

It is a roots record, in the sense that Crowell himself has deep roots that stretch back into the alternative country scene of the early 70's, that included Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle and more. But it defies easy classification. Is it country? Is it a singer songwriter record? “I have declared my loyalty to americana. It’s a hard category for people to get their heads around, or at least the terminology is. But all the people who represent it, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and more recent stars like John Paul White and Jason Isbell, share a common thread, and that thread is poet. Whether they are actual poets or their music exemplifies a poetic sensibility, generally speaking, the americana artist shuns commercial compromise in favour of a singular vision. Which resonates with me”.




Father John Misty.....

"Pure Comedy", Father John Misty’s 3rd album, is a complex, often sardonic, and, equally often, touching meditation on the confounding folly of modern humanity. Father John Misty is the brainchild of singer songwriter Josh Tillman. Tillman has released 2 widely acclaimed albums, "Fear Fun" in 2012 and "I Love You, Honeybear" in 2015), and the recent “Real Love Baby” single as Father John Misty, and recently contributed to songs by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Kid Cudi.

While we could say a lot about "Pure Comedy", including that it is a bold, important album in the tradition of American songwriting greats like Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman and Leonard Cohen, we think it’s best to let its creator describe it himself.

"'Pure Comedy' is the story of a species born with a half formed brain. The species’ only hope for survival, finding itself on a cruel, unpredictable rock surrounded by other species who seem far more adept at this whole thing, and to whom they are delicious, is the reliance on other, slightly older, half formed brains. This reliance takes on a few different names as their story unfolds, like love, culture, family, etc. Over time, and as their brains prove to be remarkably good at inventing meaning where there is none, the species becomes the purveyor of increasingly bizarre and sophisticated ironies. These ironies are designed to help cope with the species’ loathsome vulnerability and to try and reconcile how disproportionate their imagination is to the monotony of their existence. Something like that".

"Pure Comedy" was recorded in 2016 at the legendary United Studios in Hollywood, CA. It was produced by Father John Misty and Jonathan Wilson, with engineering by Misty’s longtime sound person Trevor Spencer and orchestral arrangements by renowned Composer and double bassist Gavin Bryars, known for extensive solo work, and work with Brian Eno, Tom Waits and Derek Bailey.

Sub Pop Records, April 7th, 2017.




Charlie McGettigan.....

Charlie McGettigan started his musical career in the 1960's in various rock bands in Donegal. Moving to Dublin in 1968 he honed in on the thriving folk scene there at the time. In 1973, Charlie formed the highly successful group Jargon, which went on to win the prestigious Letterkenny Folk Festival, following in the footsteps of bands like Clannad and Pumpkinhead.

Charlie joined forces with Paul Harrington and Brendan Graham to win the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland with “Rock 'n' Roll Kids”. He has released many solo albums, including “In Your Old Room”, “Family Matters”, “The Man From 20” and “Stolen Moments”, produced in Nashville by legendary producer Bil Vorndick.

Charlie’s songs have been recorded by many artists including De Danann, Mary and Frances Black, Ray Lynam, Daniel O’Donnell, Sandy Kelly and Hal Ketchum to name but a few.

These days Charlie tours both here in Ireland and abroad. He presents 'The Saturday Connection' on Shannonside and Northern Sound Radio, a 2 hour programme where he previews live music and theatrical events, interviews guests from the world of arts and Entertainment, and plays an eclectic mix of music and song on CD.

Stockfisch Records is proud to release this wonderful new album, "Some Old Soemone", presenting Charlie McGettigan as a remarkable Irish singer and songwriter.


Bob Dylan x 3.....

A 3 disc studio album from Bob Dylan, "Triplicate", will be released on March 31st, 2017, featuring 30 brand new recordings of classic American tunes and marking the first triple length set of the artist’s illustrious career. With each disc individually titled and presented in a thematically arranged 10 song sequence, "Triplicate" showcases Dylan’s unique and much lauded talents as a vocalist, arranger and bandleader on 30 compositions by some of music’s most influential songwriters. The Jack Frost produced album is the 38th studio set from Bob Dylan, and marks the first new music from the artist since "Fallen Angels", which was released in early 2016.




Angus Crowne.....

Angus Crowne has been performing since his early teens, and is an accomplished author, screenwriter, playwright, theatrical producer, and concert producer, who has worked with Queen , Boy George, Fatboy Slim, Spacehog, Paul Oakenfold, Chris Thompson and many more.

When asked in a recent interview how Angus Crowne & The Family Jewels materialized, he stated "As we start to get older, especially in our late 40's, society seems to want you to slow down and let the youth have their turn. I say bullshit, I still have a lot to say". About ukebilly punk, "It's a new genre, mine, my music is ultimately about honesty and truth, and if I get to piss a few people off along the way, then my work here is done"

About the self titled debut album, "It's about where I am in my life right now, it's about getting older, wiser, but at times feeling frustrated and bitter, the message in all the songs on the album aren't too difficult to figure out, some are tongue in cheek, some are hard, but all of the songs are me, and that has made working on them very special".






Christian Kjellvander.....

When Christian Kjellvander toured Europe last year, he visited Stockfisch Records, and spontaneously Günter Pauler recorded "Solo Live", a solo performance in the Bürgersaal, Northeim, Germany, on May 16th.....





Derrick Anderson.....

Before touring with Dave Davies and becoming bassist for The Bangles in 2008, Derrick Anderson romped throughout Los Angeles, from 1995 to 2004, flashing an energized, cheeky brand of pop rock. But finally, it’s time for Derrick to arrive as a solo artist.

"A World Of My Own" draws inspiration from the Cavern Club, Brill Building and Laurel Canyon, and the album’s 13 songs feature guest performances from an array of kindred spirits. "A World Of My Own" opens with the upbeat “Send Me Down A Sign” and heavy-hitting “Waiting For You”, which feature backing by Smithereens. The sonic punch of “Waiting For You” is heightened by a panoramic mix from producer Ed Stasium.

Renowned for his work with Ramones, Smithereens and Talking Heads, Stasium mixed 2 additional tracks on "A World Of My Own", the party driven “Stop Messin’ About” and a wild and woolly cover of The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood”. “Happiness” features stinging guitar lines by Matthew Sweet, while “A Mother’s Love” showcases incomparably lush vocals by Bob, John, and Susan Cowsill. “When I Was Your Man” combines The Bangles’ guitarist Vicki Peterson and drummer Debbi Peterson with Kim Shattuck on guitar and vocals. The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs joins the Peterson sisters for backing vocals on 2 other songs, “Something New” and “Spring”, the latter also reunites him with The Andersons' guitarists Robbie Rist-Anderson and Wil O’Brien-Anderson, and drummer Marc Joseph-Anderson.

With a chance to share the entire range of his talents in his debut, full length album, and the help of the great friends in his extended musical orbit, Anderson invites you to extend your landing gear, scan the horizon and explore "A World Of My Own". Omnivore Recordings, April 7th, 2017.




Urban Desert Cabaret.....

Urban Desert Cabaret is the musical project of Joe City Garcia. It is a place where Joe City creates and plays music that breaths the great American Southwest. From his youth in Northern New Mexico, and throughout a stretch of time in Los Angeles and the California desert, Joe has been playing everything from Tex Mex folk to garage phychedelia to punk rock.

In the mid 90’s, along with a few other notable musical pilgrims, he became part of an early Joshua Tree, CA, music scene that revolved around Fred Drake’s groundbreaking Rancho de la Luna Recording Studio, recently featured in the Foo Fighters ’Sonic Highways’ HBO series. During that period, Joe was introduced to L.A. author, journalist and performer, Rubén Martínez, who invited him to co-write and record music for a theatrical project called Border Ballad. Subsequently they toured and performed in New York, Boston, Washington DC Los Angeles, Northern California and other places in between.

“Joe City Garcia sings from a body that has shot through both heaven and hell and some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful desert landscapes that lie in between”. ~ Rubén Martínez

In 2014 Joe reconnected with old friends in Joshua Tree, out of which emerged a body of newly inspired music in the form of ”Sometimes The Angels”, recorded at Back Of The Moon studios and released in 2015. A follow up, ”Shadow Of A Ghost”, recorded at Red Barn Recorders, has just been released. Each release has culminated in European tours throughout Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Germany, as well as Southern California, and a 2017 tour is being planned.

These days, when not on tour, Urban Desert Cabaret and Joe City can be found writing, playing and recording new music back in the ever inspiring high desert of California. Urban Desert Cabaret loves to travel and perform, and is eager and ready to play shows wherever and whenever possible.


The Hollies 73-88.....

With a title inspired by the opening line of The Hollies’ track ‘I’m Down’, this boxset, "Head Out Of Dreams", includes 6 CD's filled with rarities, previously unreleased material and remastered B sides. This 6 CD set also features a 24 page booklet, with liner notes by long time fan Uli Twelker that provides a meaningful insight into The Hollies’ musical path.

"Head Out Of Dreams" follows The Hollies’ journey from 1973 to 1988, seeing Allan Clarke returning to be part of the band, bringing the band back to achieving chart positions all over the world with ‘The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee’. As such, the boxset is fittingly subtitled "The Complete Hollies August 1973 – May 1988".

This 6 CD set covers the hit single ‘The Air That I Breathe’, along with tracks such as ‘Just One Look (1983 Version)" and ‘I’m Down’, which are alongside ‘You’re All Woman’ and ‘You Gave Me Strength’, both of which are previously unissued on official CD anywhere.

Parlophone Records, today, March 17th, 2017.




Aimee Mann.....

Aimee Mann seems to have a good sense of humor about herself and her career, her appearance as Carrie Brownstein’s cleaning lady on 'Portlandia' is evidence enough of that. But there’s also no denying that her music is depressing, so much so that Spotify has installed a feature where, if you listen to "Lost In Space" enough times on a loop, it calls a therapist on your behalf. Okay, so we made that last part up. But Mann has historically been a chronicler of life’s disappointments both simple and profound, a tradition she appears to be continuing on her new album, "Mental Illness". The 11 tracks on "Mental Illness" make up Mann’s first full length album since 2012’s "Charmer", and were recorded with the assistance of guest musician Ted Leo, who also makes up one half of Mann’s side project The Both. "Mental Illness" is due out March 31st, 2017, on Mann’s own SuperEgo Records.




People vs Larsen.....

People vs Larsen has offered an innovative voice in the indie and blues music scenes in New York since 2012 and have established themselves as one of the best live bands in New York City. Emanating from a wide breath of influence centered around the blues, People vs Larsen delivers a musical experience which infuses blues, rock, jazz and indie music, and gives audiences a powerful, soulful and uplifting experience.

Tom Larsen, guitar and vocals, Spencer Murphy, bass, and Jordan Rose, drums, released their debut self titled record in the fall of 2012, and are releasing their 2nd album “Loving Losing” in early 2017.

“Loving Losing" features the addition of renowned Crosby Stills & Nash organist Todd Caldwell, and showcases the breadth of Tom Larsen's compositional and arranging prowess, from the massive, orchestral arrangement of Feist's ”Limit To Your Love”, to the gritty, hard charging blues rock groove of ”One More Time”, from the funk infused brass sounds of ”Big Leg Woman”, to the poignant, lush colors and counter lines of ”When I Call You”, or haunting, virtuosic intimacy of the acoustic tracks such as ”Big Brass Bed”, ”Loving Losing” is a truly complete record from start to finish.

People vs Larsen has played venues across New York, and continues a four year residency at the McKittrick Hotel. They have toured all over the Northeastern US, California, south eastern US, as well as Mexico. The group is currently working on material for a 3rd album to be released on One Trick Dog Records at the end of 2017.




Jessi Colter.....

Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release "The Psalms", the striking new album from American country music legend Jessi Colter, on March 24th, 2017. With lyrics drawn from timeless and sacred poems, these spiritually powerful and intimately personal recordings are spontaneous musical interpretations of the old testament songs attributed to the shepherd, poe and musician David. "The Psalms" are considered among the greatest works of western literature.

"The Psalms" is the first new album of Jessi Colter studio music since the release of the artist's "Out Of The Ashes in" 2006. "The Psalms" is produced by American composer, musician, writer and rock scholar Lenny Kaye, who co-authored "Waylon - An Autobiography", the life story of Jessi Colter's husband and musical collaborator Waylon Jennings.

The core tracks for "The Psalms", featuring Jessi Colter (piano and voice) and Lenny Kaye (electric and acoustic guitar), were recorded at Dubway studios in Manhattan during two extraordinary sessions on February 16th and 17th, 2007 and January 4th and 5th, 2008, nearly a decade ago.

On "The Psalms", the original tracks have been augmented with sublime musical contributions from a variety of artists including Bobby Previte (drums, cymbals, tympani, triangle), Al Kooper (Hammond organ), Paul Dugan (arco bass), Mia Theodoratus (harp), John Jackson (mandolin, violin), Jenni Muldaur (background vocals), Jesse Lauter (mellotron), Black Sea Hotel (Willa Roberts, Sarah Small, Shelley Thomas) (background vocals).




Lathouwers Barbier.....

Walter Lathouwers and Bart Barbier. Opposites by look, complementary musical. There is no better way to describe this Belgium based singer songwriter duo.

Walter started playing guitar at age 8. As a self taught singer songwriter he sang and played wherever he could. Through the influence of the bands of the early 70's, he evolved as a musician with a broad interest in blues, pop and rock.

Bart started playing classical guitar at age 7. In his teens he discovered the electric guitar and sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Richie Blackmore, which were the first main influences. In 1996 he joined the 'De Til, Music Univerity' in Antwerp. Afterwards he became a guitar teacher and, occasionally, a session guitarist.

They started writing music together in 2015. Very early on they realised that this process was going far too smooth and in the fall of 2015 they deceided their music needed a platform. So the acoustic experience was born and a first try out gig was planned for Febuary 2016. The reactions were so positive that in the next weeks, new gigs were flying in. A few months later they composed more than enough songs to fill a complete album, and the plans for their 1st full album were born.

In June 2016 they entered the Sputnik Studio in Schoten and recorded their 1st full album "No Time For Rock'N'Roll" in an intense period of just 3 days. The album has just been released. It features 11 original songs and 1 remarkable cover of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'". The music has a big 'in your face' feeling in the most positive way and shows a remarkable musical craftmanship in songwriting and performance. Their style is a sweet marriage of all american and roots based styles of music. From heartland folk, rock to delta blues and so muck more.

Gradually towards the end of 2016 some local radiostations in Belgium and the Netherlands started broadcasting their music. At this very moment, the beginning of 2017, they are full speed ahead in promoting the released album and writing new material for the next step. Lathouwers & Barbier is live already joined by singer An Cornillie and they also started rehearsing with a full band.




James Blunt.....

01. Love Me Better

02. Bartender

03. Lose My Number

04. Don't Give Me Those Eyes

05. Someone Singing Along

06. California

07. Make Me Better

08. Time Of Our Lives

09. Heartbeat

10. Paradise

11. Courtney's Song

12. 2005

13. Over

"The Afterlove", Atlantic Records, March 24th, 2017.




Will T Massey.....

"I traded my shotgun for studio time, to a guy who lived on the edge of town, that was one. Some guys from Austin and I travelled out to West Texas. There was an older fiddle player with me, and a negro woman. That was two. Jesse Taylor and I did some studio work together out in Lubbock. A bunch of other people were involved, that was three. I met Bruce Springsteen, making four, in L.A. I still owe him money for some studio time. 5 and 6 were solo's. The objective was to have some relationship with an audience. I got the Sexton brothers together on 7, back in a big studio. The Eastside Flash and I got together on 8, comfortable, cerebral working, crafted instrumentation, rootsy. Lost a love and made number 9. Lost a friend working on it. Dig it. Others, you know I'm spinning 'em.” ~ Will T Massey









Mortimer, the harmony soft rock trio from New York who signed with Apple Records in 1968 on the strength of George Harrison's say so. The 2nd LP of their career was due for release in the summer of 1969, but was pulled at the last minute, due to the changes at Apple. The tapes have sat in the vaults ever since. Now RPM Records is pleased to present for the first time the LP that should have been the release straight after The Iveys LP in the Apple Records catalogue.

Mastered from the original tapes, the recordings were originally produced by Peter Asher, with additional arrangements by Richard Hewson. Bearing a photo taken by Peter Asher, this is from a previously unseen cache of photos archived by Apple, a select few of which adorn the CD booklet.

The title track is the song given to Mortimer by Paul McCartney which The Beatles later recorded as "Two Of Us". The CD also includes the songs recorded during the sessions, but which were not slated for the original LP, including album versions of "Christine Tildsley" and "Ingenue's Theme". March 17th, 2017.




Steve Mednick.....

Welcome to ’Root Of The Sun’, my 12th CD. Work on this began in 2013 and was completed in 2015. It was placed on the backburner when the circumstances of life brought me ’Never Mind The Rain’. I wish I could remember when and where I stumbled across the term ’Root Of The Sun’, however, I do know that Pat Manfredo’s remarkable photo on the cover captured its essence. She has a great eye, don’t you think?

As always I am and will remain eternally grateful to my collaborators in the studio including most eminently my good friend and producer Eddie Seville, who heroically breathes life into these songs. I have learned that the presentation of music requires a great ear, vivid imagination, technical prowess, shared vision and lucky accidents. After 9 years of collaboration it is evident that Eddie brings that, and so much more to this process. Eddie and our other multi-instrumental musical genius, Karl Allweier, are all over this work and I am ever indebted to them.

These songs had time to marinate since they sat in the studio for a long time. They came to me in their own time and waited patiently for me to bring them to you. I hope you will agree that it was worth the wait. There are a lot of songs and I’ll just say a few words. In the end, you’ll be the judge.” ~ Steve Mednick

“The Ceremony Of Innocence” is the 1st CD since my 12th and the 1 before my 14th, which will be called ’Following The Thunder’. Can you tell by the sentence structure that I am trying to avoid something? I guess I don’t want to call it my 13th, although, I just did. The truth is that I am not superstitious, but my mother was, and I suppose this reticence to state the obvious is homage to her fixation with that number. On the other hand, this 4th volume of my ’Problems In Democracy’ series of CD’s is about an election with a result that was not predicted, predictable, anticipated or, in the end, welcome by the voters of my country. So, if my mother were here, she would probably say, ’you see that number is a bad omen’. Is there such a thing as a good omen? Whatever the case, the CD was held up until after the election because something inside of me said, ’who knows what will happen?’. And it did.

The title of the CD comes from a poignant poem called ’Second Coming’, written by William Butler Yeats, in the aftermath of World War I, a time of isolation, anti-immigrant fervor, xenophobia and nativism. At that time the purity of our pilgrim past was being diluted by new immigrants from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Polish ghettoes. Oh, how history repeats itself. The US now has a president who has signed executive orders to build a wall on the Mexican border, ban Muslims from coming to the US and reinstate the gag rule on international health programs. He vows to ’make America great again’ while placing a shroud on Lady Liberty. As the journalist Charlie Pierce has said, ’This isn’t funny anymore’. In spite of all our flaws and the embrace, far too often, of ugly prejudice and an irrational obsession with guns, we have long remained a beacon for the rest of the world. We are a great and mighty nation nourished by our remarkable living Constitution. Let us continue the struggle during our next 4 years and beyond. We are better than this! ’Meanwhile back on the planet earth, they said it couldn’t happen here. You’d like to think for what it’s worth, that the truth will trump your fears. I hear white noise on the radio, I hear him lying to the masses. Hiding what was deep in his soul, you can only hope that this nightmare passes’.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of my aunt, Roz Larman, who cared about music, musicians and the future of her country. It is also dedicated to the hope that we will rise again from wherever we are headed.” ~ Steve Mednick




Tedeschi Trucks Band.....

Tedeschi Trucks Band, led by the husband and wife team of singer guitarist Susan Tedeschi and guitar virtuoso Derek Trucks, have grown into one of the most deeply skilled and admired musical ensembles in the world. 2016 was the 12 piece juggernaut's most impressive and successful year to date. Loaded with triumphant follow ups and notable firsts, from headlining the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to performances in 7 countries abroad and multiple night sell outs in major cities across the US, including a 6 night stint at New York City's Beacon Theatre, to a 2nd annual 'Wheels Of Soul' summer amphitheatre tour, the group played more shows and sold more tickets than in any year of their 6 year history, not to mention releasing 3rd studio album, "Let Me Get By", produced by Trucks with songs written for the first time as an ensemble.

The new definitive 15 track "Live From The Fox Oakland", the first live offering since 2012's "Everybody's Talking", captures the band performing in September 2016 at the absolute top of their game. From the opening notes of "Don't Know What It Means", to their transcendent takes on Derek & The Dominos' "Keep On Growing", Leonard Cohen's "Bird On The Wire" and The Beatles' "Within You, Without You", to the closing solo on "Let Me Get By", "Live From The Fox Oakland" is yet another galvanizing document of one of the finest bands around and one who's only getting better with time.

"The filmmakers who were working on the 'Mad Dogs & Englishmen' tribute we did with Leon Russell in 2015 sent us a sizzle reel and the way they did it felt so good we invited them to come out on our West Coast tour and they filmed our two shows at Oakland and recorded every show of the tour to do maybe a compilation live album", explains Trucks."But the 2nd night in Oakland felt so good we decided to make the live album that one show, I like it, there's a pretty amazing version of 'Bird On The Wire', and with Leonard Cohen and Leon passing it feels even more relevant. There are also a lot of tunes from the new record and it captures Alam Khan on sarod. He came out and sat in with the band.I recorded with him a few times and he showed up that night to do 'These Walls' from our 'Revelator' album and the stuff he plays throughout is just awesome".

Fantasy Records, March 17th, 2017.




Lowlands & Friends.....

In 2012 we invited friends from around Pavia to make an album for the centennial of Woody Guthrie’s birth. It was a fun way to make music with friends and local bands we love, while paying tribute to one of the greats. In 2016 with a few more band and solo albums under our belt we decided to record Townes’ last ever setlist and to invite friends we had played and recorded with from around the world. We had no budget and every single guest played for free as we recorded this in livingrooms and kitchens, studios and rehearsal rooms. Someone even made a contribution over the phone. Musicians from Austin to Melbourne, from Stockholm to Southend on Sea, from Philadelphia to Pavia. We treated Townes’ songs not as relics but as living and breathing beings and we mixed them up till we smiled. To tie all the various contributions together we needed someone special and we got him. Ex-Borderline manager, legendary tour manager and DJ, Barry Marshall-Everitt was the only man I would have trusted to bring it together. We love his radio work and thought it would be cool to present this as a radio session. Rome based Route 61 Music adopted this album and my thanks goes to Ermanno Labianca for opening his doors to us for this album. I am proud of the album and so grateful to all involved, both past and present Lowlands members as well as all the guests. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it. Thanks.” ~ Edward Abbiati, Lowlands




Marty Stuart.....

Marty Stuart will release "Way Out West", his 18th studio album, on March 10th, 2017, on Superlatone Records. The album was conceived as a love letter by one of country music’s living legends, whom has played with everyone from Johnny Cash to Lester Flatt, to the lonely, but magical american west, specifically the promised land of California. "If you go and sit by yourself in the middle of the Mojave Desert at sundown and you're still the same person the next morning when the sun comes up, I'd be greatly surprised", says Stuart. "It is that spirit world of the west that enchants me".

Produced by Mike Campbell (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), and featuring the Fabulous Superlatives, guitarist Kenny Vaughan, drummer Harry Stinson and new member, bassist Chris Scruggs, Marty’s longtime band, which NPR Music said could “melt your heart with 4 part harmonies, rock your bones with honky tonk, and dazzle you with picking worthy of their name”, "Way Out West" is a cinematic tour de force. Listeners can feel the warmth of those desert winds over the album's 15 tracks, a collection of newly written originals, instrumentals and rare covers like the Benny Goodman penned "Air Mail Special", and "Lost On The Desert", once recorded by Johnny Cash. "I asked Johnny about that song when I was in his band”, says Stuart, “and he said the only thing he remembered about it was changing some words. ‘Way Out West’ just as easily could have been titled ‘Lost On The Desert’".




Scott Smith.....

If ever a song summed up America’s state of mind in 2016, it’s Scott Smith’s piano stomping rocker “The World Is Strange”. Aiming to convey the overall concept of his infectious debut album ”The Sum Of Life” in its cover art, the Bay Area based americana, country and blues influenced singer and songwriter hit upon a piercing lyric on that track, “The Lord’s gone away, he ain’t comin’ back, he’s on his way to Vegas in a new Cadillac”. So on the album cover, the almighty, silver hair and beard whipping in the breeze, rolls carefree on the I-15, about to pass by a hitchhiking Smith, as if to say, “You’ve lived it, you’re a rocker, write some songs, you figure it out”.

Over the course of the acoustic instrumental title track and the spirited mix of 10 edgy rockers and soulful ballads that follow, he does just that, with, to paraphrase the Beatles, a little help from his legendary Bay Area musical friends. Smith first tapped David LaFlamme, a virtuoso classical and rock violinist, who was the founder of the iconic San Francisco band It’s A Beautiful Day. LaFlamme put his signature sound on the free flowing acoustic instrumental opening title track, the uplifting and encouraging old school country and americana tune “Bad Dreams” and “The Best Gift.

Smith also invited Nina Gerber, who became famous for playing with the late folk artist Kate Wolf, to play acoustic guitar on the title track. Nina Gerber also plays electric slide guitar on “Over It Soon” and ”Messing With Reality”.

Mitch Woods plays boogie woogie piano on “The World Is Strange” and the rollicking anthem “Payday”. Also featured are Tommy Tutone drummer Vic Carberry, pianist and keyboardist Giovanni Imbesi, who has played with Yanni and Andy Summers.




Fleetwood Mac.....

Fleetwood Mac will release an expansive, 30th anniversary edition of their 14th studio album, 1987's "Tango In The Night", on March 10th, 2017, via Warner Bros Records. The reissue is packaged in 3 format,: a 1 CD set featuring remastered audio, an expanded 2 CD version with rare and unreleased recordings, and a deluxe version featuring 3 CD's, a 180 gram LP and a DVD with music videos and a high resolution version of the album.

With "Tango In The Night", Fleetwood Mac fully immersed themselves in the decade's glossy production style. Showcasing the diverse styles of primary songwriters Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, the 12-track LP spawned a quartet of hit singles, "Big Love", "Seven Wonders", "Everywhere" and "Little Lies". Their 2nd highest selling album behind 1977 masterwork "Rumours", it remains the group's final studio Project, with the classic quintet line up of Buckingham, Nicks, McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood.

The deluxe and expanded reissues features a disc of 13 previously unheard recordings, including an alternate version of shimmering Christine McVie ballad "Mystified", a demo of Buckingham's epic, percussion heavy title track and rare B-sides "Down Endless Street" and "Ricky". The deluxe edition offers a 3rd disc with 14 12" mixes, including dub versions of "Seven Wonders" and "Everywhere", and a DVD with videos of "Big Love", "Seven Wonders", "Little Lies", "Family Man" and "Everywhere".

Buckingham and McVie recently announced an album of duets tentatively titled "Buckingham McVie". The set, which features contributions from John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, is loosely slated for a May release.




Tom & Sera.....

Tom Mank and Sera Smolen have been performing and writing music together since 1994. Mank, a self taught singer songwriter, and Smolen, a conservatory trained cellist, blend their musical languages into an eclectic style. Guitar, voice, and cello have many ways of blending, with the cello as bass, and doubling with guitar or soloing. Mank’s eloquent writing of instrumentals is contrasted well with his poetic lyrics.

Their latest CD, “Unlock The Sky", was recorded in Woodstock with Ithaca and Woodstock, NY, area musicians and vocalists contributing (Jeannie Burns, Terry Burns, Ron Kristy, Julie Last, Kirsti Gholson, Manuel Quintana), along with artists from Belgium and the Netherlands (Amy Merrill, Kimberly Claeys, Gait Klein Kromhof). This CD will be premiered In Ithaca, NY, in March 2017 and in Europe in April 2017, during their 10th tour of the Netherlands and Belgium. Their previous CDs have received enthusiastic reviews in both the US and Europe.

Tom Mank, an independent singer songwriter for the past 20 years, has played in folk, blues and bluegrass bands collaborating with a host of singers and instrumentalists in Boston, MA, Brattleboro, VT, Keene, NH, and Ithaca, NY. He currently performs primarily with Smolen and many other musicians and continues to generate new music.

Dr Sera Smolen is an active performer of many genres of music, including 4 centuries of classical music. In addition to her collaboration with Mank, she has performed extensively with the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, Albert Consort New Violin Family, Tri Cities Opera, Mansfield University Piano Trio, Ithaca Piano Trio, Trio Melange, Chiron Festival of the Creative Spirit, and Cornell University Hesterian Musicism. She has taught at Mansfield University, Alfred University, Hobart & William Smith, and Ithaca College. She is the assistant director of the New Directions Cello Festival, a founding member of the Binghamton Cello Festival, and a guest clinician around the US and Canada.


Judy Collins.....

One of the most gifted composers in American music history, Stephen Sondheim, is celebrated by legendary folk icon Judy Collins on this spectacular studio album. Gorgeous and stunning versions of Sondheim's most moving songs, including the song that started it all, "Send In The Clowns", which Collins covered in 1975, became her best selling and highest charting single, establishing her as the pre eminent female folk artist of the day. Also available as a live concert DVD. Cleopatra Records, today, March 3rd, 2017.







Cindy Lee Berryhill.....

Cindy Lee Berryhill emerged on the music scene in the late 80's with "Who’s Gonna Save The World", followed by the Lenny Kaye produced "Naked Movie Star". 1994’s "Garage Orchestra" continued the trend, receiving 4 stars from Rolling Stone. Sadly, her husband, Crawdaddy magazine founder Paul Williams sustained a traumatic brain injury in 1995, and while she continued to write and perform, she focused on caring for him until his passing in 2013.

Determined to retain and honor the beauty and joy of the relationship they shared, Berryhill set out to write and record an album full of visionary songs. With the help of her musical friends including DJ Bonebrake (X, The Knitters), Probyn Gregory and Nelson Bragg (Brian Wilson), Syd Straw, Michael Jerome Moore (The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Richard Thompson, John Cale) and more, they all understood that a grand musical adventure was in store. The result? "The Adventurist". With co-production from Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Peter Case, Rickie Lee Jones), David Schwartz (television composer for 'Northern Exposure', 'Arrested Development', 'Deadwood'), and others, "The Adventurist" showcases orchestral arrangements, chunky rock guitar, and as Berryhill friend and fan Dave Alvin puts it, raw nerve lyrics.

"The Adventurist" is an album full of songs that are a tribute to the love shared with her late husband, but will definitely resonate with everyone who takes this journey. Omnivore Recordings, March 10th, 2017.




Mark Ripp.....

I'm a singer songwriter in the americana genre. My start was in the coffee houses of Toronto, some 35 years ago. Those folk beginnings we're followed by a 10 year run as front man and writer for Canadian roots rockers The Bel-Vistas. The last couple of decades have been spent raising a family and pursuing music as a solo artist. I work away in my home studio now and am sometimes involved in recording and producing for others. My brand new release is called “Under The Circumstances”, and is a musical journey through the often unwieldy lives we lead. Influences are many, but the ones who set the bar high for me, then and now, include, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Van Morrison and Nick Lowe. If you’re a fan of thoughtful, melodic, roots based song writing I encourage you to have a listen. For the most part I perform as a solo acoustic act, and when all stars align I have a wonderful band called The Confessors who make me look good.” ~ Mark Ripp




Son Of Velvet Rat.....

Son Of The Velvet Rat celebrates the release of their 6th album, ”Dorado”, a golden treasure of desert inspired tracks produced by the critically acclaimed songwriter and producer, Joe Henry. The album debuted internationally on February 17th, 2017, with a dual release by Fluff & Gravy (CD + vinyl) and Mint 400 (digital distribution).

“’Dorado’ was recorded quickly over just a few days, and it had to be. The songs as deft pieces of writing had already been well considered, but their articulation needed to be urgent for the mystery at the heart of them to spark and fizz with real time revelation. Georg and Heike, the husband and wife duo from Austria who are lock and key to Son Of The Velvet Rat, both closing the circle of their shared intention, and springing it open, seem invariably to embody the purest constructs of americana. The voices you hear from this album hover like strobing waves rising from a ribbon of heated black road, and that is precisely how they entered my world, as an apparition both unmistakable and untouchable, other worldly, yet utterly familiar. I sometimes believe that as sprawling and confused as our national character has become, it requires a foreigner to actually make sense and whole cloth of its particular alchemy, to see it clearly, as if from the fire tower high above us.“ ~ Joe Henry, producer.

Alongside this latest album creation with Joe Henry, the band catalogue includes collaborations with other luminaries such as Lucinda Williams and former Wilco drummer Ken Coomer. Peter Jesperson, former producer and manager of The Replacements, put it aptly, “beautiful and somber music, their lyrics are pure poetry”.

After years of finding inspiration in the California desert, Son Of The Velvet Rat chose in 2013 to leave behind their impressive band history in Austria, with 5 albums to their credit, and make their home in Joshua Tree. This new endeavor finds the 2 commuting between the anonymous wasteland of Los Angeles and the fierce but fragile beauty of the high desert, reinventing their creative sphere in a completely different artistic environment. There’s a certain strangeness in their music and sound, with its origins woven deeply in the cultural heritage of the European folk noir and chanson traditions, and it certainly strikes a chord in all who know the grounding force of gravity and still like to dance on the tightrope.


The Rascals.....

With 2 fantastic singers and songwriters in Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati, an underrated guitarist and songwriter in Gene Cornish, and the great Dino Danelli on drums, plus a pair of studio svengalis in engineer Tom Dowd and arranger Arif Mardin, to rival George Martin, The Rascals were the closest answer America had to The Beatles during the 60's. The resemblance wasn’t limited to the composition of their line-up and the profusion of hit releases, either, like the fab four, The Rascals were able to author chart topping singles, while simultaneously crafting albums that held together as artistic statements.

Witness the fact that The Rascals’ albums have seen numerous reissues by multiple labels, their singles, on the other hand, have eluded a comprehensive collection, in large part because the band had two phases to their career, one with the Atlantic label, the other on Columbia. Now, just over 50 years after they first hit the top of the charts with “Good Lovin’”, Real Gone Music is proud to present the first ever compilation to collect all of the band’s single sides in one place. At 47 songs strong, "The Complete Singles A’s & B’s" includes the A and B side of every single The Rascals ever cut, both their hit Atlantic tracks and, for the first time ever on CD, their later Columbia 7” releases.

Along the way you’ll hear such legendary songs as “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”, “Good Lovin’”, “Groovin’”, “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long”, “A Girl Like You”, “How Can I Be Sure”, “A Beautiful Morning”, “People Got To Be Free”, “See” and many more. The earlier tracks in their original mono single mixes, the later songs in their stereo single mixes. Such a monumental release deserves annotation commensurate with its importance, and for this 2 CD set Ed Osborne has penned a 4500 word essay containing exclusive quotes from Cavaliere, Brigati, and Cornish, punctuated with rare European picture sleeve singles and photos. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, and featuring a total of 19 charting songs, "The Complete Singles A’s & B’s" takes its place as the definitive career spanning collection from America’s greatest blue eyed soul outfit. Real Gone Music, March 3rd, 2017.




Blue Commotion.....

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion have been gigging and recording together since February 2012, it’s been a very fertile and productive time, with ‘This Is The Life I Choose’ being the band’s 4th studio album, all of which are full of potent and diverse original songs. Add to this two live albums and it is obvious that the musical chemistry and drive of songwriters Zoe and Rob will not let the band stagnate for a moment. The individual CV’s of the 4 musicians is second to none on the British music scene. Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion have made a name and reputation for consummate musicianship, stylish delivery, and a deep rooted, rich and diverse musical vocabulary.









Southside Johnny.....

Here at last is the anthology Jukes fans have been waiting for, the one that not only includes all 4 albums the group cut with Miami Steve Van Zandt, including the CD debut of the promo only LP "Jukes Live At The Bottom Line", but also finally, finally presents this seminal body of work in newly remastered form. Indeed, the Epic recordings of Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, the crucial early sides that made their reputation, and featured a ton of Springsteen and E Street Band spillover, have long suffered from indifferent sound and packaging, as all reissues have been taken from the same digital masters made at the dawn of the CD era.

"The Fever : The Remastered Epic Recordings" changes all that, all 4 Epic albums including "I Don’t Want To Go Home", "Jukes Live At The Bottom Line", "This Time It’s For Real" and "Hearts Of Stone", plus the single version of “Havin’ A Party”, appear here in brand new, sparkling versions, remastered from the original master tapes by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York. What’s more, the 2 CD, 40 track collection offers new liner notes by Chris Morris that feature fresh quotes from Southside Johnny himself, and Bruce Springsteen’s original liner notes for "I Don’t Want To Go Home". Speaking of Springsteen, his fingerprints are all over these projects, with such songs as “The Fever”, “Little Girl So Fine”, “Love On The Wrong Side Of Town”, “When You Dance”, “Talk To Me”, “Trapped Again” and “Hearts Of Stone”, all written or co-written by 'The Boss', while Van Zandt not only produced all 4 Epic albums, but wrote much of the repertoire. But the real star here, of course, is Southside Johnny himself, one of the great White r'n'b singers of this or any other time, backed by a crack band, including The Miami Horns, and with such special guests as Ronnie Spector, The Coasters, The Drifters and The Five Satins. Real Gone Music, March 3rd, 2017.




Anton Walgrave.....

Anton Walgrave is a man who creates music. He sings and he plays, because this world needs singing and playing. Anton tells a story. A story that resulted in 8 albums so far, in a career that's over 16 years. No 2 albums the same, never the same process of making them. This brought Anton from the large record companies, to smaller labels, and to self released albums. ”Where Oceans Meet” is the newest result of this, and once again the proof of a restless willfulness.

Just as Walgrave is following his own path, he tries to get closer and closer to his audience. Literally so, the album was record live, in front of an audience. 2 recording sessions in 2 nights, in the breathtaking scenery of an 18th century chapel just outside of Brussels. Anton played the album in its entirety, with the help of a string quartet, guitars, vocals and electronics. With top class engineer Staf Verbeeck and in front of the cameras. More than ever connected to the people listening, because of the intimate music and the overwhelming setting.

The people present contributed to these nights in a more active way as well. They could choose to co-finance the recordings, for whatever amount they considered right. Others can just buy the album on the website, also for what they choose to pay. Same counts for the shows Anton plays. Touring together with his companion de route Jelle Van Den Bergh with just their folding bikes and trains, from living room to living room, every time being able to actually meet his audience. Not in the spotlights, but really between the people. DIY and peer-to-peer are the somewhat cold terms for this, but the reality is all the more warm. 'Sharing possibilities' is how Anton calls it, people share their living rooms, he shares his music, the audience shares the possibility for him to keep making that music. Because the concerts also work on the pay-what-you-want principle. Moreover, the whole financial background is available on the website, because Anton sees no reason not to be open about that. Small scale thinking, proximity, sustainability, affordability, trust, that's what it's all about to Walgrave. That is his path.

Just like the way of working, the album is about connection. About the love that ties every one of us together, even if many seem to have forgotten that. It's a connection that Anton tries to establish with his music and his concerts. Anton Walgrave has been on the road for more than 16 years. That's what he loves doing. And arriving, that's not what it's about.




Ed Sheeran.....

Ed Sheeran has confirmed details of his hugely anticipated new album, "÷", set for release on March 3rd, 2017 through Asylum Atlantic Records. Ed’s 3rd studio album, is on course to become one of the most significant global album releases of 2017 and sees the 25 year old Suffolk native in his finest form yet. The genre defying LP is the result of an artist who consistently pushes himself in new directions, uncovering fresh musical ground using a seemingly limitless musical vocabulary. Drawing inspiration from a host of personal experiences and subjects, Ed takes you through a hugely personal journey, be that reflecting on past relationships, family memories, his musical career or his time off travelling the world in 2016. Musically "÷" is an array of beautifully orchestrated and emotive ballads, impassioned raps laid over hip hop beats, timeless acoustic guitar masterpieces and innovative, idiosyncratic pop music.




Husky Tones.....

Husky Tones’ punk blues style favours the common rawness, simplicity and emotion shared between the punk and blues genres. Live it is delivered by the unique set up of a female drummer and singer Victoria Bourne and guitarist Chris Harper. Their approach to punk blues mirrors what they love as audience members, inventive, individual and fully aware of tradition, without being a slave to it.

African and punk drumming patterns as a basis, fuzz boxes, guitar through guitar and bass amp this is how the Husky Tones create their full sound. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Time For A Change’ in 2015 they have been making new friends and fans performing around the UK and songs from the album have been played on national and international radio. They have built a reputation for intense live shows performing at places such as London’s 100 Club and Blues Kitchen, Brighton’s Latest Bar, The Fleece in Bristol and national UK festivals.

Rock, blues, punk and folk. These are the core elements of Husky Tones’ 'Who Will I Turn To Now?’. The album takes you on a journey with songs that scream and cry, lush vocals drifting on a sea of heavy guitar riffs, ’Who Will I Turn To Now?’ combines songs of protest, despair and love, tales of the benefits system, climate of cuts and the disintegration of capitalism. As well as reference to modern day politics, it has historical roots with a ballad, ’Island Of Barbed Wire’. The song is about Victoria’s great uncle who was interned on the Isle of Man as a German prisoner of war just for being a German living in the UK when war broke out. He was married to an English woman, and the song tells their story, an expression of powerlessness in the face of terrifyingly sad global events, which is as relevant today as it was during World War 1. Husky Tones are ready to protest and have an attitude that music is a force for change.




Artful Dodger.....

Artful Dodger was a band ahead of its time, casting hard edged hooks into a mid 70's pond that wasn’t quite ready to bite on the genre that came to be known as power pop. Had they come along a few years later, things might have been quite different for this outfit hailing from Fairfax, VA, for their 3 albums for the Columbia label hold up to this day as shining examples of the style.

Their first 2records, 1975’s "Artful Dodger" and 1976’s "Honor Among Thieves", combine Beatle-esque pop and driving rock in the finest Raspberries tradition, they feature refreshingly straightforward production from Jack Douglas and/or Eddie Leonetti and some really tremendous songwriting, especially on tracks like “Wayside” and “Scream”. And 1977’s "Babes On Broadway", while showing some signs of a group frustrated with its lack of commercial success, definitely has its moments, particularly on the song “Can’t Stop Pretending”. Unfortunately, without a stylistic pigeonhole to place them in, Columbia was unable to move any copies and dropped them, which explains why Artful Dodger has been so hard to find in the digital era, with CD's of their first 2 albums commanding huge sums online and the 3rd one never coming out at all.

Now, Real Gone Music is shining a long overdue spotlight on this seminal power pop band with a 2CD set that includes all 3 albums plus a couple of single versions, their complete recordings for the Columbia label, newly remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York. Jeremy Cargill’s notes feature fresh quotes from band members Steve Cooper and Steve Brigida, plus some rare photos from the Columbia vaults. Real Gone Music, March 3rd, 2017.




Jon Strider.....

This ”Soul Reunion” album has Jon Strider coming full circle in his musical, and personal, life. Indeed, it is a departure from his ’rhythm’n’folk’ and ’retro rockin' country’ recordings released between 1990 and 2015.

Growing up in Berkeley, CA, in the 1960's, Jon was exposed to many styles of music, but was particularly taken by r’n’b, soul music and blues. He thought it was high time that he made a recording that celebrated this music, and tapped his more soulful side. 4 years in the making, Jon sincerely hopes you'll enjoy this fantastic album.

Unlike many of Strider's albums, ”Soul Reunion” is keyboarda and vocals driven, rather than guitar driven. This gives the record a beautifully warm, yet still powerful and soulful. sonic texture. Jon's eloquent piano playing swims beautifully with Skip Edward's compositional hammond b3 performances. Based in L.A., Skip has played on thousands of top drawer records, among them albums by Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Roy Orbison, Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, kd lang and Ike Turner.

The project's other stand-out is Mariam Ucharu. To imagine this recording without her background vocal contribution is simply unimaginable. It also must be noted, that Jon is singing, producing and arranging, better than ever. All these factors, along with top drawer musicians, and Emil Isaksson's engineering prowess, assure that the goods are delivered, no doubt about it. And, Indiana and Nashville based mastering whiz, Paul Mahern, makes absolutely sure that the promise of ”Soul Reunion” is fully realized.




Orbison & Friends.....

Roy Orbison’s 1987 comeback concert at the Coconut Grove in Los Angeles, featuring guests such as Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Bonnie Raitt, and originally released as a black and white TV special, a home video and an album, has been re-edited and re-mastered, and will be released as CD/DVD and CD/BluRay sets for its 30th anniversary, with lots of previously unreleased footage. According to a press release, the film should not be considered a reissue.

“Because the concert had been shot using seven separate cameras, there were hundreds of hours of footage that went unused and unseen”, the press release states. “Roy’s youngest son Alex Orbison and his co-editor Luke Chalk have gone back and re-edited the entire performance so that, while the look will be familiar to those that have seen the original version, the vast majority of footage in ‘Black & White Night 30’ has never been seen before by the public”.

The DVD and BluRay will include alternate versions of 6 songs, plus a 33 minute mini documentary. According to the press release, the mini documentary consists of rehearsal footage and pre and post show interviews with Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, kd lang, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne from that night. Absolutely none of this content has ever been released commercially, and until recently, has only been rumored to exist”.

The CD/DVD and CD/BluRay sets will be released on February 24th, 2017, and PBS will air the re-edited film in March.

In addition to Springsteen, Costello, lang, Raitt and Browne, other guests include Tom Waits, Jennifer Warnes and JD Souther. The core band for the show is former Elvis Presley sidemen James Burton (guitar), Glen D Hardin (piano), Jerry Scheff (bass) and Ron Tutt (drums).




Gilmour & Unicorn.....

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered edition of “Blue Pine Trees”, the 1974 album by Unicorn. Featuring a line-up of Ken Baker (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Pete Perryer (drums, vocals), Pat Martin (bass, vocals) and Kevin Smith (lead guitar, mandolin), “Blue Pine Trees” was released on the Charisma label in 1974, the album was Unicorn’s 2nd LP and was produced by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who also featured on pedal steel and guitar on several tracks. This new remastered edition of “Blue Pine Trees” features 6 bonus tracks, ‘Volcano’ (an out-take from the “Blue Pine Trees” sessions), ‘The Ballad Of John & Julie’ (recorded for a BBC Radio session), ‘Bog Trotter’, ‘Ooh Mother’ (both sides of a 1974 single), along with ‘I’ll Believe In You (The Hymn)’ and ‘Take it Easy’ (issued as a single in 1975). The booklet features a new essay featuring an interview with Pat Martin and fully restores the original Hipgnosis album artwork. February 24th, 2017.





Jardier is a 5 piece band that play a contemporary amalgam of pop, rock, folk and blues, knit together with great production and emotional and soulful vocal performances. The band started out in 2014 as a solo project of the band’s frontman and author Alex, who gradually formed a band of experienced musicians, who in their own right shape clever, modern arrangements around his songs.

Their self titled debut album was produced by Zmago Smon aka Zed, who in the past produced and worked with artists such as Exploited, Andreas Johnson, Kent, Millionaire and others.

So far, Jardier have landed quite a few gigs locally and wider, including several relatively high profile festivals, such as Europavox (FR), Waves Vienna (AT), INmusic Festival (CRO), Budapestshowcasehub (HU), the 2015 Slovene edition of the Finnish Flow Festival, and, among others, supported artists such as Biffy Clyro and The KVB.




The Sadies.....

Toronto roots rock mainstays the Sadies followed up 2013's "Internal Sounds" with their Gord Downie and the Conquering Sun collaborative album in 2014, and now they're ready to return to their usual lineup for a new album. "Northern Passages" is set to be released today, February 17th, 2017, through the band's new label home of Dine Alone Records.

It marks the 10th studio album from the unit, which has been composed of singer and guitarist brothers Dallas and Travis Good, bassist Sean Dean and drummer Mike Belitsky for more than 20 years now. The latest batch of songs was recorded in the basement of the Good brothers' parents in north Toronto last winter, and a press release describes the resulting record as a wild acid folk country punk trip.

The first sampling of the new material arrives with the single, "Riverview Fog". It started out as a letter written to the band's friend and fellow Canadian musician Rick White. The former Eric's Trip member has worked as a producer for the band in the past, and the twangy new tune hears the Sadies voicing their desire to reconnect soon.



Golden Earring.....

Legendary Dutch rockers Golden Earring see their long career celebrated with a 29 CD "Complete Studio Albums" box set. All 26 studio albums are included in this box, from their 1965 debut "Just Earrings" to 2015’s "The Hague". 3 bonus CDs with non album tracks, such as 'That Day', 'Sound Of The Screaming Day', 'So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star' and 'L.A. Woman', complete the collection. The band have always been enormous in Holland, but flirted with international success in the early 70's thanks to the popularity of their 1973 single 'Radar Love', from the "Moontan" album, which was a sizeable hit in the UK and the US. It’s not clear, at this stage, if all or any of this content is remastered, but this set brings together a total of 307 tracks and the booklet will feature sleeve notes by music journalist Tjerk Lammers. "Complete Studio Albums" is released tomorrow, February 17th, 2017.




Steve McNaughton.....

Australian artist Steve McNaughton has earned high praise as one of Sydney’s best contemporary songwriters whilst achieving independent chart success and overseas airplay. His music varies from solid radio friendly hooks, to passionate, upfront and personal material. He has been writing songs for over 20 years and performing with different artists and bands around Sydney for nearly as many.

Steve launched his 1st album ‘Hardly Softly Rock’ in 1999, and as the name suggests it was an album with an impressive blend of solid rock and sweeter US westcoast rock. Several of the singles on the album, particularly ‘Hold Me Tonight’ and ‘Stalingrad Still Stands’ gained both massive local and overseas radio airplay and spent many weeks in the top 10 of the Ison Live Radio Top 50 chart. With 2 duets on the album, one featuring legendary Aussie rocker John Swan, and the other blues vocalist Jenny Lang, the album quickly sold out the original CD run.

In 2007 Steve released his 2nd album ‘Storm Chaser’ full of songs with solid radio friendly hooks and some definite groove and attitude. The opening title track ‘Storm Chaser’, was inspired by Scott Currens, and other American storm chasers. It is a high energy rock song that fully captures the fury of nature when the plains turn violent across the United States’ mid-west.

Skope TV and radio magazine has been full of praise for this album and provide the following glowing tribute, “Steve McNaughton’s ‘Storm Chaser’ is an earth moving experience. If you turn on the CD and close your eyes you could almost mistake his vocals for the legendary Elvis Costello. There seems to be a clear influence from that era. The CD is full of up tempo contagious tunes. The instrumentation is a good companion to solid, well written lyrics and the production takes some interesting turns, with killer background vocals that really drive a couple of the songs”.

Now we have his latest album ‘Eagles Aloft’, his best album by far. With this album, Steve has taken a huge leap into the contemporary country scene using US westcoast artists, some americana and Nashville influences, for inspiration. The result is a slick album of crossover country and soft rock, earning rave reviews from highly credible sources. Donna Wilson from the Nashville Examiner not only gave the album a 5 gold star rating, but states “ this is one album you absolutely must have in your collection”.

Douglas Garnett from Skope Magazine and Radio, heaps praise on the album and is full of superlatives with these quotations, on some of the stand out tracks, “’Cross Country’ is the first track from the new album by Steve McNaughton, titled ‘Eagles Aloft’. Bluegrass is the first thing that comes to mind, americana with roots in country. The players are top notch and the production is perfect for jukeboxes in pubs all across the beltway. ‘One More Shot’ steps things up a notch, with an upbeat driving guitar and some gypsy like fiddling. ‘Floating’ has a Tom Petty type of feeling to it. This song is a story driven track with a soulful organ guiding the vocals. Even Steve’s voice sounds like mr Petty at times throughout the song. The vocal harmonies are great and the guitar solo shows a lot of restraint. My stand out track on the album is ‘When You’ve Got It Good’ sounding like a cross between Eagles and Heartbreakers. Americana is the best way to describe it. Pop for the golden age of radio”.




Sheryl Crow.....

A little over 3 years ago, Sheryl Crow took her career in a radically different direction with the release of her debut country album, "Feels Like Home". Despite a relentless touring schedule and promotional campaign, the album didn't make much of an impression with country fans and no single placed higher than # 72 on the Hot 100.

"It was still a great experience and I learned a lot", says Crow. "But I gotta say that the country market is commerce at its most fully realized. Right now, I want to have an experience that feels detached from anything in commerce".

That was her mindset when she recorded her upcoming pop record "Be Myself", which was cut with her 90's collaborators Jeff Trott and Tchad Blake, the team responsible for hits like "My Favorite Mistake" and "Everyday Is A Winding Road". The album is slated for release in late March or early April.

"I really wanted to get back to how I got started on my 2nd record and 3rd record", Crow says. "I wanted to revisit that sound and that feeling. It was a complete blast and the most effortless thing I've ever done".

Crow has worked consistently with songwriter and producer Trott during the past 2 decades and they remain close, but reuniting with Blake was another story.

"It began with Jeff and I saying, 'What would complete this'?", she says. "We both said, 'Tchad Blake'! I thought in a million years he wouldn't come over because he lives in Wales and I haven't seen him in 15 years. But I emailed him and he said, 'When do you want me there'? He flew over and stayed with me in an apartment over my garage. Every day at 5PM we'd drink a Guinness. He went through cancer treatment a year ago, and so we both had that in common. It felt profoundly sweet having him and Jeff here".

Once the trio that created 1996's "Sheryl Crow" and 1998's "The Globe Sessions" had reassembled, new songs began coming quickly. Over a period of just 3 weeks in September and October, they had created 17 compositions. More than anything, Crow wanted to make sure she wasn't overthinking the work.

"As you get older you start making records that are more calculated and you're trying to compete with what you've done and not repeat yourself", she says. "You get more methodical and more analytical about the music and that doesn't necessarily make it better. I wanted to have the feeling I had when I made my first 2 records, which was like being a kid playing with my friends and writing about whatever came to mind".

The album was finished before Donald Trump won the presidential election, but the chaos that overtook the world in 2016 is still heavily reflected in the lyrics. "Fear is definitely present in the songs", Crow says. "I think the election really incited a feeling of us against them, and a feeling of trying to get back to reason, so thematically there's a lot of that on the record. Also, technology, for better or worse, is a theme. I really think that so much vitriol in our dialogue is partially due to the fact that people communicate over technology without having a sense of empathy".

1 track Crow is excited to share with her fans is "Heartbeat Away". "I wrote it before that was any discussion of Russia", she says. "But it's about espionage and a guy who is burying his money off the coast of the Cayman Islands and Russia is hacking. Cut to the election and it became really foreboding, very eerie. It ends with a guy with a red face getting on a private jet and flying off into space. I almost changed it to an orange face, but I decided to just keep it red".

Another song, "Halfway There", reflects on divisions in America and is a contender for the 1st single, which may come out shortly after Trump's inauguration. "I am a liberal, which I think most people know", Crow says. "And I've seen Nashville change a lot in the past 10 years that I've been here. The idea of the song is that even though you may drive a big Chevy truck and I drive my hybrid, or you may wear designer clothes and I wear ripped jeans, that doesn't mean we don't want the same things in life and the same things for our kids in the future. The message is we need to agree to disagree and just try and meet halfway there".

Returning to her 90's roots may come off to many as a complete rejection of her short lived country period, but Crow doesn't see it that way. "It's not a rejection at all", she says. "It's just that a fair portion of my songs where inspired by the Rolling Stones during their "Let It Bleed" and "Exile" periods when they were doing their version of country, and the Flying Burrito Brothers and people that rocked. That doesn't get played at country radio, so I don't know why I would ever get played at country radio. I'm not shunning country music. I'm just not part of that format".

Even if she were part of the format, the country radio promotion game isn't something she enjoyed. "It was more political than I expected", she says. "You do lots of free playing for radio stations in trade for getting played between 3 and 4 in the morning. And that's just not how other formats work, and that goes against my grain. I'm too old to allow that for myself and to spend any night away from my kid for that is not justified".

Crow plans to promote "Be Myself" with a huge tour. At one point there was talk about doing an 'Outlaws' tour with Neil Young and Willie Nelson, but she's not sure if that is still happening. "They're still putting it together", she says. "They've asked us to do it, and I'd be fully on board. Then we'll do a bunch of our own dates".

In the meantime, she's also working on an all star record with Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Kris Kristofferson and many others. Several of the songs are new, though she's duetting with Keith Richards on the 1994 Rolling Stones tune "The Worst", and Johnny Cash's estate has allowed her to cut a virtual duet with the 'Man In Black' on "Redemption Day", a songs of hers he covered toward the end of his life. She hopes to get the album into stores near the end of the year.

In the meantime, "Be Myself" seems poised to reconnect with old school Sheryl Crow fans, but she says that isn't the goal. "I don't know who I'm gonna connect with", she says. "I don't know how it gets played at Spotify or other subscription services. I don't look at it and think I'm gonna make a ton of money and I'm gonna have big hits cause I know that's not how it works anymore. But I would love for people to hear it, and I would love for them to enjoy it and have the experience that I used to have when I'd hear a song and go, 'Oh, my gosh, I totally get it'".




Nile Rodgers & Chic.....

Nile Rodgers was deep into the production of "It's About Time", the first Chic album in 2 decades, when he learned that Prince died. "We were really buddies", says Rodgers, adding with a laugh, "as buddy as you can be with Prince". After a string of personal losses since late 2015, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner and Lemmy, the news hit Rodgers particularly hard. He delayed the Chic LP, writing in a new blog post that it befit a more festive milieu, and a 40th anniversary in 2017 was the perfect occasion.

"If we had put out the album last year, it would have been the 39th anniversary of Chic", Rodgers says. "No one gives a shit about 39 or 37 or 38. And I went, 'Wait a minute. 2017 is the 40th anniversary of Chic'. And then it hit me it was the 40th anniversary of Studio 54. No matter what bad stuff goes on in the world, it's just like your birthday, you still can celebrate and pay tribute to these anniversaries. The fact that it's 40 years later and we're still going strong. Our gigs are fun and great. It still feels the same as when we first started, other than the fact that my guitar feels heavier", Rodgers laughs.

Although all the songs for the album are written, Rodgers decided to hold off on finishing them until he's ready to release it. "I purposely didn't finish stuff off because there are a lot of artists who wanted to do features with us that we just didn't get to". He says the album will contain a joyful vibe, but with deeper lyrics. "We write happy songs and it's nice to tell people that we're happy, even if there's double entendre going on to reflect the times that we're living in", he says. "So on the surface, it's joyous. Underneath, when you listen to the lyrics, you may go, 'Oh, that's what they're really saying'".

The Chic album, which will be accompanied by what Rodgers' blog post calls a "big surprise", though he is staying mum about ("It's pretty big", he says assuringly), will contain 10 songs. Rodgers intended to keep it vinyl length and continue what he calls the 'old school' tradition of making the single the longest track on the LP, as he did on "Le Freak", "Good Times" and "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)", as well as David Bowie's "Let's Dance", which Rodgers produced. "Every song is cut long, because we like to jam", he says. "When I'm editing, I purposely say, 'OK, this song is the one. This has got the bop. That's the long song'".

Playing long, dance oriented songs live is another piece of Rodgers' 2017 plan. He wants his concerts to evoke the non stop party feeling of Studio 54, the legendary nightclub that originally gave Chic a platform. "Studio 54 made a little band from New York internationally relevant", he says. "Before we were even a part of the Studio 54 inner circle, our music was blasting there every single night". His prime goal is to make the concerts 'big dance parties' that are fun, romantic and even a little nostalgic.




The Doors 1st Album.....

Packaged in a 12x12 hardcover book, "The Doors 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" includes a remastered version of the album's original stereo mix, available on CD for the 1st time in a decade and remastered for the 1st time in nearly 30 years. The album's original mono mix was also remastered for this set and is making its CD debut. An LP version of the mono mix is also included. The 3rd disc features live performance from The Matrix in San Francisco on March 7th, 1967, recordings heard on this deluxe edition were sourced from the recently discovered, original tapes, previously thought to be lost. Music journalist David Fricke provides detailed liner notes for the set, which includes a selection of rare and previously unseen photographs. Elektra Records, March 31st, 2017.





Eileen Kozloff.....

An award winning artist, for her singing, songwriting and instrumental work, Eileen Kozloff is a multi-instrumentalist who has been actively involved in the autoharp world for nearly a quarter of a century. She is best known for her unique pick-less style of diatonic autoharp and for her soaring vocals, stunning harmonies and commanding performances. Her ability to compose, play and sing in a wide range of genres has made her a versatile festival performer and workshop teacher.

In addition to performing at festivals, concerts and dance venues, Eileen has appeared live on numerous radio and television broadcasts, and for several years she was a rostered artist with the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Artist In Residence program. In the winter of 2012, Eileen performed and taught workshops at 2 Australian Folk Festivals, Cygnet, in Tasmania, and Illawara, in Wollongong. A return tour of Australia is now planned for 2017.

Her extensive repertoire is a rich mix of old time chestnuts, Carter Family songs and her original compositions, which stylistically run the gamut from country, blues and folk, to jazz and even rock’n’roll. The Old Time Herald calls her approach “emotive, clear and controlled, reminiscent of the best of the revivialists, such as Joan Baez or Anne Hills”, and her performances “heartfelt, with ravishing, wide ranging vocals".

Eileen's recordings have garnered stellar reviews and her discography includes 2 critically acclaimed CD’s with her former band, Well Tempered String Band, as well as 3 solo efforts, "Solitary Rider", "Hearts & Souls Entwined", and her forthcoming 3rd solo CD “Just Words”, which is scheduled for release in early 2017.




Paul McCartney.....

Paul McCartney will reissue his 1989 album, "Flowers In The Dirt", with a slew of rare demos with Elvis Costello and never before seen video footage, March 24th, 2017, via MPL/Capitol/UMG. The release will be the 10th installment in McCartney's archive collection, available in 3 different formats, A 3CD/1DVD set, a 2CD set and a double vinyl LP.

All 3 editions will include a remastered version of the album and a set of McCartney and Costello's original and previously unreleased demos. Those include early versions of the 4 songs Costello contributed to "Flowers In The Dirt" ("My Brave Face", "You Want Her Too", "Don't Be Careless Love" and "That Day Is Done"), plus "The Lovers That Never Were", which ended up on McCartney's follow-up "Off The Ground", and "Playboy To A Man" and "So Like Candy," which appeared on Costello's 1991 LP "Mighty Like A Rose". The other 2 demos, "Twenty Fine Fingers" and "Tommy's Coming Home", have been bootlegged, but never officially released.

The 3CD/1DVD set of "Flowers In The Dirt" will also come with an extra set of demos from 1988, as well as a download that includes b-sides, song remixes, single edits and 3 unheard cassette demos, "Don't Want To Confess", "Shallow Grave" and "Mistress & Maid". The DVD will include 3 new short films, featuring never Before seen footage from the writing and recording sessions, plus music videos and the documentary, "Put It There", originally released on VHS in 1989.

Capping off the 4 disc deluxe edition will be 3 books. A 32 page notebook that collects McCartney's handwritten lyrics and notes, plus a catalog of Linda McCartney's "Flowers In The Dirt" photo exhibit, a 64 page book featuring stills from the music video for "The One", and a 112 page book that delves into the making of "Flowers In The Dirt" with interviews from McCartney, Costello and other contributors.




Laura Marling.....

"Semper Femina" is Laura Marling’s 6th album, an intimate, devoted exploration of femininity and female relationships, and among her finest work to date. Written largely on the tour that followed 2015’s "Short Movie" and recorded in Los Angeles with production from Blake Mills, it is at once a distinctive and musically compelling collection of songs, run through with Marling’s fierce intelligence, a keen, beautiful and unparalleled take on womanhood. Also available as a limited deluxe 2LP edition including bonus material, live tracks and a digital download card.






Clapton & Cale.....

Nearly 10 years to the day that Eric Clapton held an all star gig at San Diego's iPayOne Center, a concert that was immortalized as a live album last year, the guitarist will release the DVD and BluRay of the March 15th, 1997 performance this spring. "Live In San Diego With Special Guest JJ Cale" features Clapton performing alongside Cale on 5 tracks, including Clapton's Cale-penned hits "After Midnight" and "Cocaine", and Robert Cray on "Crossroads". Clapton's band at the time also featured guitarists Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall II. Clapton and Cale's San Diego performance came less than a year after the 2 artists collaborated on 2006's "Road To Escondido". "This is the realization of what may have been my last ambition, to work with the man whose music has inspired me for as long as I can remember", Clapton said of Cale at the time. "Live In San Diego With Special Guest JJ Cale" will arrive March 10th, 2017. In addition to the concert, the DVD and BluRay includes bonus footage of Clapton and Cale rehearsing "Anyway The Wind Blows" and "Who Am I Telling You?".




Surrender Hill.....

Surrender Hill is a duo out of Sedona, Arizona. The duo started performing together in 2014 and is made up of South African, Sony recording artist Robin Dean Salmon and singer songwriter, Afton Seekins, who was born in Alaska and raised in Arizona.

Surrender Hill has just completed their 2nd album. The album, “Right Here Right Now”, was recorded at Eastwood Studios in Nashville, TN. The album features a fantastic lineup of musicians including Paul Griffith on drums, Eric Fritsch on bass and Mike Daly on pedal steel.

Surrender Hill's debut was released in April of 2015 and the duo has toured internationally since. The debut album was recorded in Sedona, AZ, with additional recording, mixing and mastering done in Nashville, TN. All of the songs on both albums were penned by Seekins and Salmon.

Surrender Hill's sound is acoustic guitar and vocal driven with lasting hooks and melodies. A comfortable blend of americana, country and roots rock.

Although this will be Surrender Hill's 2nd release, it will be Robin Dean Salmon's 12th album release. Salmon has spent his life working as a performing songwriter, musician and producer. He has 2 album releases with Epic/Sony and 8 albums released on various indie labels. Salmon has been nominated for 2 New York Music Awards and has performed throughout the United States, Europe and South Africa. Robin's touring and recording career has been extensive and he has worked with a very diverse group of artists, such as Rodney Crowell and Cyndi Lauper to Modern English, Al Perkins and Kenny Vaughn.

Afton Seekins is no stranger to the stage. In addition to being a performing singer songwriter, Seekins spent 8 years in New York City working as a professional dancer and choreographer. Her work has been featured on networks such as MTV, VH1 and NBC.




Jethro Tull.....

"The String Quartets" is an album of classic Jethro Tull repertoire, imaginatively arranged for classical string quartet with the flute, guitar and vocals of songwriter and producer Ian Anderson, and John O’Hara. "The String Quartets" is a new album by Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson and the Carducci Quartet, featuring the classic songs of Jethro Tull, arranged and orchestrated by John O’Hara. Ian plays flute on most of the tracks and even sings a few lines here and there to provide his trademark sounds in the context of classical music traditions. "Living In The Past", "Aqualung", "Locomotive Breath" and "Bungle In The Jungle" are amongst the album track listing, but appear, along with their fellow musical travelers, under more cryptic titles to differentiate them from the original recordings and arrangements. Recorded in the crypt of Worcester Cathedral, UK, and in St Kenelm’s Church, Sapperton, Gloucestershire, UK, Ian says that this album is “perfect for lazy, long sunny afternoons, crisp winter nights, weddings and funerals”. He forgot to add, perfect also after a night of wild, abandoned sex or to celebrate the win of your favourite football team. Essentially, anytime music for sophisticated lovers of classic rock too afraid to wear their Jethro Tull t-shirt at the village barbecue.




Guy Clark.....

Guy Clark, channeler of the human condition, plainspoken poet, master luthier, seasoned painter and damn fine guitar player, was above all a man. Probably the closest thing to Hemingway, Nashville, or the Lone Star State, would ever see, lean prose, gut strings ringing and a hard won dignity that embraced tenderness as the ultimate manifest of toughness. By the time he arrived at Dualtone, he was already a legend for his exacting song craft that elixired truth tempered with compassion, grounded by vivid detail. "Workbench Songs", "Somedays The Song Writes You", "Songs & Stories" and "My Favorite Picture Of You" measured the life, the heart, the humanity that defined Clark's writing, especially having fully lived well into his 7th decade. We are is pleased to announce the release of "Guy Clark: The Best Of The Dualtone Years", a celebration of Guy's albums recorded under the Dualtone moniker. March 3rd, 2017.




Rhiannon Giddens.....

01. All The Purchaser's Option
02. The Angels Laid Him Away
03. Julie
04. Birmingham Sunday
05. Better Get It Right The First Time
06. We Could Fly
07. Hey Bebe
08. Come Love Come
09. The Love We Almost Had
10. Baby Boy
11. Following The North Star
12. Freedom Highway

"Freedeom Highway", Nonesuch Records, February 24th, 2017.





Michael Lanning.....

Singer songwriter Michael Lanning began performing in theatre at the age of 9. With an extensive background and training in music and theatre, Michael has been a featured performer in many theatre companies including San Bernardino Civic Light Opera and the legendary Summer Stock, Junior University. Michael has recorded and/or toured with such musical greats as Donovan, Fleetwood Mac, Rockpile, Larry Gatlin, Frank Wildhorn, Mike Post and George Harrison. Michael's band, Jiva, was the first American band signed to the Harrison label, Dark Horse Records, with George serving as their executive producer.

Michael's distinctive, yet versatile, style made him a top session vocalist for national television and radio commercials for over a decade. As an actor and a singer, his credits include Steven Bochco's "Coprock", ”Wayne's World”, "ER", "Thunder In Paradise" and "Baywatch".

A songwiter and a music publisher, Lanning's songs have been recorded by producer and guitar legend Dave Edmunds, The Stray Cats, French recording star Slyvie Vartan and many others. As a musician, Michael has mastered guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, drums and percussion, And, is a hunt and peck pianist. Sorry, mom…..

Michael starred in both the Tony nominated Broadway and national tour productions of composer Frank Wildhorn's "The Civil War". He played Dozer in the world premiere musical "Mask" at The Pasadena Playhouse, based on the motion picture, starring Cher. He was featured as ’The Preacher’ in the world premiere musical "Bonnie & Clyde" at The La Jolla Playhouse in the winter of 2009 and at The Asolo Theatre in Sarasota, Florida, in the winter of 2010, and on Broadway at The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in 2011. He was also a featured vocalist for 6 years with The Trans Siberian Orchestra and was introduced as "the most soulful white man on the planet".




Gimme Danger.....

Celebrated filmmaker Jim Jarmusch says "Gimme Danger", his critically acclaimed documentary about The Stooges, is more an essay than a document. “It’s our love letter to possibly the greatest band in rock’n’roll history”. Named an official selection to the New York, Toronto and Cannes film festivals, "Gimme Danger" presents the band’s story and explores its influences and impact, complete with some never Before seen footage and photographs.

Emerging from Ann Arbor, Michigan, amidst a countercultural revolution, The Stooges’ powerful and aggressive style of rock'n'roll blew a crater in the musical landscape of the late 60's. Jarmusch says, “no other band in rock’n’roll history has rivaled The Stooges’ combination of heavy primal throb, spiked psychedelia, blues a billy grind. There is no precedent for The Stooges, while those inspired by them are now legion”.

Rhino Records offers the perfect complement to the film with "Gimme Danger : Music From The Morion Picture". The digital and CD versions include 14 songs that focus on the group’s 1st 3 studio albums, "The Stooges", "Fun House", and "Raw Power", and feature band members Iggy Pop, Ron and Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander, and James Williamson. Slightly truncated, the LP version features Stooges songs and has a selection of tracks previously only available on CD and digital formats, including the vinyl debut of the outtake “Lost In The Future”.

Both Jarmusch and Pop helped select songs for the soundtrack, which mixes indelible studio recordings, "I Wanna Be Your Dog”, “1969” and “Loose”, with rare studio outtakes, “I Got A Right”, “I'm Sick Of You” and “Asthma Attack”. Fellow Detroit natives MC5 make an appearance on the Collection, as well, with “Ramblin’ Rose” from the group’s 1969 debut, "Kick Out The Jams". The oldest songs on the collection pre date The Stooges and spotlight Pop with his previous bands, the Iguanas, “Again And Again” and Prime Movers Blues Band “I’m A Man”.

Rhino Records, February 24th, 2017.




Brandi & Old 97's.....

I’m good with God, I wonder how she feels about me?”. So ends the chorus of the Old 97’s’ “Good With God”, the lead single from the band’s 11th album, "Graveyard Whistling". Due February 24th, 2017, the album offers up another boozy blast of Texas twang, train beat percussion and guitar grit from Rhett Miller and company, who recorded its 11 songs in the same border town studio that spawned the group’s major label debut, "Too Far To Care", 2 decades earlier.

With their original four piece lineup still intact, the Old 97’s’ welcome a new face into the fold with “Good With God,” whose titular omniscient character is played by Brandi Carlile. The 2 trade vocal duties throughout, with Carlile’s voice bathed in plenty of godly reverb.

The result is an ominous, off kilter duet between Miller and his maker, driven forward at highway speed by bandmates Philip Peeples, Murry Hammond and Ken Bethea. Produced by Vance Powell, "Graveyard Whistling" also features help from co-writers like Nicole Atkins and Butch Walker, making it one of the most collaborative albums in the band’s catalog. Some habits never die, though, and the band will be supporting the album’s release, as they’ve supported every record before it, with a lengthy spring tour that stretches from the Florida coastline to Southern California.




Son Of Velvet Rat.....

The upcoming release from Austrian duo, Son Of The Velvet Rat, "Dorado", rides through the dusty California desert with haunting folk noir melodies. The album was produced by Joe Henry and Ryan Freeland, at Stampede Original Studio in Culver City, CA. It is due out on February 17th, 2017, on Fluff & Gravy/Mint 400. Husband and wife duo Georg Altziebler and Heike Binder capture the sweltering heat and arid wind of the sandy landscape they now call home. Adding a layer of backing vocals from Victoria Williams, the album becomes an almost danceable counterpoint to the somber nature of the lyrics. Altziebler’s distinctively deep smoky voice carries the melodies on its journey, as the falling sweat seems to evaporate before ever hitting the cracking dirt.




Miss Tess.....

On her new release “Baby, We All Know”, Miss Tess continues to explore her own personal crossroads of American roots music. This full length release features 11 finely crafted and well sung original songs. Heightened by Tess’ prowess on her Weymann archtop guitar, she is accompanied by her top notch band, The Talkbacks, featuring guitar ace and co-conspirator Thomas Bryan Eaton. The songs were further enlivened with piano, organ, pedal steel and fiddle in the studio.

Tess says “I consider this my best yet collection of original music. In writing these tunes I stepped out of myself and into many different characters, based on real life and my imagination, and pulled sounds and stories from my musical fantasyland. Baby, we all know their secrets and on goings, in a world of mischief and troubled fun”. These songs were penned at Tess’s yearly writing retreat in New Hampshire, and at her home in Nashville. Yet time and place don’t bear much relevance here, the subjects she speaks through live in the streets of New Orleans, in the backwoods hollers of Tennessee, on a train heading to Mexico, and under the sheets.

Tess got her musical start at home in Maryland, her childhood nights ending in music. Her parents would sing her to sleep with the gentle, tender sounds of American folk songs, occasionally interrupted by their 30’s swing band rehearsing in the basement. Tess studied pianomas a child, and continued on as a teenager to take up the guitar and singing, and eventually began her own studies in early jazz and blues. All grown up, Miss Tess & The Talkbacks regularly steal the show at venues with something a little rowdier and more eclectic. Infused with classic country and honky tonk, southern rhythm and blues, New Orleans jazz and swing, and sounds of swamp pop and early rock ‘n’ roll, she is an embodiment of everything that it still homegrown in America.

Miss Tess has been releasing albums and leading a band for over a decade, spanning her career over many different cities, including Baltimore, Boston, New York, and her new home base of Nashville, TN. Straddling her move from New York to Nashville, the new album was recorded in both cities. The recording cast includes her steady band mate and co-producer, Thomas Bryan Eaton, producer Dan Knobler (Rodney Crowell, Tift Merritt), Robin Macmillan, Jake Silver, Roy Williams, Stefan Zeniuk, Eric Frey, Dominic Billet, Kai Welch, John Pahmer, Aaron Shaffer Haiss, Oliver Craven, Maya De Vitry and Caitlin Canty.

A follow up to 2012’s “Sweet Talk” and 2013’s “The Love I Have For You”, both released on Signature Sounds Recordings, “Baby, We All Know” will be released independently. As she expands and grows more into her own sound, Tess is still hard to categorize. She says “Many times after the show, somebody will come up to compliment the band and ask me what kind of music we just played. After mumbling through a few different genres I usually just tell them it’s my music and hope they enjoyed the show”.

Enjoyable is just what “Baby, We All Know” is, propelled by the classic quality of Tess’s vocals, compelling and totally believable. The production throughout is the right balance of punch and rhythm, without getting in the way of the vocals or songwriting, giving this collection of songs a plentiful dose of old school swagger. Time after time, Miss Tess is able to utilize sounds and styles from a past era combined with modern sensibilities to present an authentic and engaging presence.




Ryan Adams.....

Ryan Adams has announced a new album, "Prisoner", out February 17th, 2017, via Pax Am/Blue Note Records. In a recent interview, Adams spoke about the inspiration for the album, "I started writing this record while I was going through a very public divorce, which is a humiliating and just a fucking horrible thing to go through no matter who you are. To be me and to go through that the way that I did was destructive on a level that I can’t explain. So a lot of extra work went into keeping my chin up and remembering what I did and what I loved about who I was". "Prisoner" is the follow-up to "1989", Adams’ song for song remake of Taylor Swift’s album of the same name, and a project that he does not look back fondly upon. It marks Adams’ first full length collection of new music since 2014’s "Ryan Adams".





Alison Krauss.....

The new album from Alison Krauss, ”Windy City”, will be released February 17th, 2017. Produced by Buddy Cannon. Mixed by Gary Paczosa. Recorded by Neal Cappellino, Tony Castle, TW Cargile. Orchestra arrangements by Kristin Wilkinson. Featuring Buddy Cannon, Melonie Cannon, Sidney Cox, Suzanne Cox, Teddy Gentry, Jamey Johnson, Dan Tyminski, Hank Williams Jr, Barry Bales, Richard Bennett, Ron Block, Chad Cromwell, Scott Ducai, John Hobbs, Jim Horn, Mike Johnson, Kenny Malone, Brent Mason, Joe Murphy, Matt Rollings, Charles Rose, Jeff Taylor, Bobby Terry and Tommy White.





Lynn Anderson.....

Lynn Anderson is one of the top 10 charting female country singers of all time, the first to win an 'American Music Award', the first to headline and sell out Madison Square Garden, and was a regular on TV, starring on broadcasts ranging from The Lawrence Welk Show to The Tonight Show to Starsky & Hutch.

Now, Real Gone Music is proud to present a collection that finally does justice to the superstar career of Lynn Anderson, 40 tracks, 38 hits, her classic chart and Columbia sides, lovingly remastered by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios and annotated by Joe Marchese.

"The Definitive Collection" starts with her first hit, “Ride, Ride, Ride”, and continues with every other notable song, including “Rose Garden”, “You’re My Man”, “How Can I Unlove You”, “What A Man, My Man Is”, “Keep Me In Mind”, “Mother, May I”, “That’s A No No”, “Cry”, “Listen To A Country Song”, “Fool Me” and many more hits, both major and minor. Great, great 70's country from an often overlooked artist. Real Gone Music, February 3rd, 2017.




Lorin Hart.....

Lorin Hart has been writing songs about basic issues of love and trouble for most of the time since she left the snowy pastures of Northwestern University and dove into the whirlpools of Haight Ashbury, Woodstock, Cambridge, Greenwich Village, Coconut Grove and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

After years of partnering with her guitar slinger husband, and running around briefly with the likes of Tim Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Phil Oaks, Country Joe Macdonald and Lucinda Williams, they split up and she kept half the debt, her guitar and the kids. She recorded her 1st solo CD ”Breathe” with Hal Blaine and Don Randy of the famed Wrecking Crew some years back, which brought her air play around the country, as she continued writing while finishing raising up her spectacular children. She has now released her 2nd album ”Love Come Back”, featuring Jim Keltner, and looking forward to many more years of finding ways to tell her story in song.

The famed Paul Zollo would have her tell you she is also the grandaughter of renown early silver screen stars, John Gilbert and Leatrice Joy.




Lesley Gore.....

Having filled a major gap in the late, great Lesley Gore’s discography with its release of her Motown album "Someplace Else Now", Real Gone Music now turns its attention to the other major missing piece of her catalog, the 1976 album she recorded for A&M Records. "Love Me By Name" not only reunited Lesley with producer Quincy Jones from her hit-making 60's days, but brought her into together with a truly staggering array of talent, including Herbie Hancock, Toots Thielemans, Harvey Mason, Jim Keltner, Dave Grusin and just about every other studio superstar you could name, even the Partridge Family.

"Love Me By Name" features compositions written by Gore and her songwriting partner Ellen Weston, most notably the title track, which was later covered by Dusty Springfield, Patti Austin, and Jennifer Holiday among others. The album also gave a nod to the disco and funk trends that were so prominent in pop music at the time, particularly on the lead-off track, “Sometimes”, which paired her unmistakable pipes with the Brothers Johnson. This reissue marks the worldwide debut of this album on CD, and adds two rare single versions as well as liner notes by Joe Marchese that explore the life and times of this remarkable lady. Real Gone Music, February 3rd, 2017.




Larry Coryell.....

Larry Coryell is one of the greatest guitarists ever to walk the face of the earth, but he remains somewhat underappreciated, witness the fact that this, his 2nd solo album, has never been released on CD until this reissue. 1969’s Coryell offers an intriguing blend of improvised and arranged pieces, with an all star cast that includes Ron Carter, Bernard Purdie, Albert Stinson, “The Jam with Albert” is perhaps the highlight of the entire album, Chuck Rainey, and Free Spirits bandmate Jim Pepper. Jimi Hendrix is definitely an influence on this jazz rock gem, but Coryell takes his axe in directions only known to him, at this time, only John McLaughlin, with whom Coryell would shortly cut the one off "Spaces", could rival him in the fusion field. Bill Kopp’s notes include copious quotes from Larry Coryell himself, and Mike Milchner’s remastering lets this overlooked album shine. Real Gone Music, February 3rd, 2017.




Delaney & Bonnie.....

Though they never achieved the popular success enjoyed by some of their peers, Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett spearheaded the roots rock revolution of the late 60's and early 70's along with The Allman Brothers Band and The Band, turning away from the exoticism of psychedelia towards music rooted in blues, country and soul. Witness the fact that the “& Friends” that played with the pair included Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Leon Russell, Dave Mason and Bobby Whitlock, out of Delaney & Bonnie’s various aggregations arose Derek & The Dominos and Joe Cocker’s band for the legendary "Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour".

For "Motel Shot", the duo’s 4th studio album and their 3rd for Atco, the circle of friends included Cocker, Whitlock, and Mason, plus appearances by Duane Allman, Gram Parsons and John Hartford among others. But for the most part, this is a largely acoustic, charmingly informal affair dipped in gospel and dominated by the Bramletts and Whitlock, the "Motel Shot" title refers to informal, after hours jam sessions on the road. But there’s a whole lot more to the story, and to this release.

The project began not in a hotel room, but in the living room of engineer Bruce Botnick, with November 1970 sessions as a prospective release for Elektra Records. But, after Delaney had a falling out with label head Jac Holzman, the project moved to Atco, who put the band into a proper studio to re-record much of the material. Those later sessions comprise the original album, which has here-to-fore only appeared briefly on CD in Japan, but, after hours of tape research, co-producers Bill Inglot and Pat Thomas uncovered the original living room sessions that yielded the 8 unreleased tracks on this expanded edition CD release.

Remastered by Inglot, with an essay by Thomas that includes exclusive, and extremely candid, quotes from Bonnie Bramlett, Bobby Whitlock, Bruce Botnick and Jac Holzman, "Motel Shot" finally is presented here the way it was originally conceived, and takes its rightful place as one of the great albums of the classic era of the roots rock movement.

Real Gone Music, February 3rd, 2017.




Kurt Deemer Band.....

The debut CD by the Kurt Deemer Band,” Gaslight”, stands apart in both content and execution. Drawing on the angst of americana rock and the melancholy of alternative country, Deemer’s songs feel strangely familiar, yet vital and new.

The swirling dream time arrangements forgo the formulas and emerge lean yet fully embellished. Pedal steel and hammond b3 rise from the mix, catching the ear for a second before fading into the background, subtle enough that you might have just imagined them there. A pop sensibility from long ago prevents anything from getting in the way of a great song.

These are stories of personal disillusionment and partial redemption, about finding one’s place in the world having being eaten alive and swallowed whole, but still emerging alive and kicking. A sense of grace and mellow alienation runs throughout the compositions. Our anger has turned to disappointment coupled with a determination to persevere. We have grown to accept that some true sadness will be woven into the fabric of our lives and we’re okay with that.

The result is not bitter, it’s hauntingly bitter sweet, like a chance meeting with an ex-lover. It is the intimate journey from being authentically broken to cautiously hopeful, in all of its intense and uneasy glory. This is impassioned detachment at its nuanced best.




Tift Merritt.....

"Stitch Of The World", Tift Merritt's 6th studio album, was written on a friend's farm in Marfa, TX, at Merritt's California cabin, and in New York City, in the wake of several major changes in her life. The album was recorded in Los Angeles while Merritt was 6 months pregnant, after which she relocated to her hometown of Raleigh, NC. The time since the release of "Traveling Alone" has also found Merritt recording and touring with Andrew Bird in his Hands of Glory, MC Taylor's Hiss Golden Messenger and classical pianist Simone Dinnerstein. Merritt work shopped the songs on "Stitch Of The World" with longtime friend Sam Beam of Iron & Wine after bumping into him in an airport. The limited edition CD is only available on initial pressing, and the bonus tracks are not available for purchase with the digital album. Yep Roc Records, January 27th, 2017.





The Move.....

Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a new remastered CD and DVD collection by The Move. "Magnetic Waves Of Sound" features a newly remastered 21 track CD featuring all of the Move's UK hit singles, along with key album tracks from their 4 studio albums.

The accompanying hour long DVD in this collection is a true 1st, and features 21 appearances on BBC TV and German television, and a promotional film, all shot between 1967 and 1970. These include a performance of "Fire Brigade" on Top Of The Pops from February 1968 and the band's entire Colour Me Pop performance for BBC 2 from January 1969.

Also featured is a rare promotional film of "I Can Hear The Grass Grow", a trio of songs performed live from the German TV show Beat, Beat, Beat, recorded in June 1967, and a fine selection of Move appearances on the German TV show Beat Club, all gathered together on DVD officially for the 1st time. Of all of the groups to emerge in Britain in the latter half of the 1960s, The Move was arguably one of the finest. A powerful act on stage, the group were blessed with one of the most imaginative songwriters of his generation in Roy Wood. "Magnetic Waves Of Sound" is a fitting celebration of the legacy of The Move. Esoteric Recordings, January 27th, 2017.




John Mayall.....

Iconic musician and Blues Hall Of Fame member John Mayall will release his latest CD, "Talk About That", on January 27th, 2017, from Forty Below Records. Joining Mayall (vocals, keyboards, harmonica and guitar) and Greg Rzab (bass), Jay Davenport (drums) and Rocky Athas (guitar) as special guest, is legendary guitarist Joe Walsh, who plays on 2 tracks, “The Devil Must Be Laughing” and “Cards On The Table”, both John Mayall compositions. The songs showcase Walsh’s amazing guitar work and are destined to be two of the many highlights on this new disc.

Produced by John Mayall, who also designed the album package, and Forty Below Records president Eric Corne, who also engineered and mixed, "Talk About That" was recorded at House Of Blues Studio in Encino, CA, and contains 11 tracks, 8 originals, plus covers from Memphis soul music songwriter Bettye Crutcher, blues great Jimmy Rogers and singer songwriter Jerry Lynn Williams. The album also showcases a 3 piece horn section that adds extra punch on several tracks, including the infectious New Orleans flavored “Gimme Some Of That Gumbo”.




Runaway Horse.....

Austin, Texas, based ethereal americana band Runaway Horse is set to release their debut album, ”Beautiful Blue”, on January 20th, 2017. Led by singer songwriter Mari Tirsa, the album draws the listener in with the sounds of an American frontier coupled with the far reaching influences of our dream world. It is both grounded and cosmic, grabbing the listener immediately while revealing its many layers with repeat spins. Tirsa blends earthy folk like vocals and plaintive ethereal tones with sparse and drifty guitars, keyboards and percussion to create a hypnotic cosmic americana vibe.

A native of New Mexico, Mari Tirsa writes songs that strive to connect the dust and toil of the landscape to the vast and otherworldly skies above. Together with her carefully curated band of musicians, she bridges grounded Americana folk with the ambient sounds of our dream world. Her music expresses the experience of cosmic consciousness and oneness.

Produced in Austin at Rubicon Studios by Daniel Barrett and featuring Rick Richards on drums , ”Beautiful Blue” is almost hymnal, carrying the listener from dark night of the soul moments to redemption and grace through the raw sensuality of the natural world.




Fresh Cream.....

3CDs + 1 BluRay in a book set. CD1: UK mono album + mono outtakes, mono singles and mono EP's. CD2: UK stereo album + stereo outtakes, stereo remixes including alternate versions. CD3: Early versions and demos + BBC recordings. Blu-ray: 24/96 hi-res of UK + US mono and stereo albums + bonus tracks. Universal Music, January 27th, 2017.




Chicago & Wilson.....

The 2nd album by the Chicago is coming back to CD in a newly remixed edition. On January 27th, 2017, Rhino Records will issue "Chicago II : The Steven Wilson Remix", featuring an all new stereo mix of Chicago's classic 1970 double album from the producer and engineer behind acclaimed remixes for progressive bands such as Yes, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

The creativity and innovation of the band formerly known as Chicago Transit Authority surged more than ever on its 2nd straight double album. "Chicago", now known as "Chicago II", earned the group and producer James William Guercio a string of US pop hits including "Make Me Smile" (# 9), "Colour My World" (# 7) and "25 Or 6 To 4" (# 4), but that didn't mean Chicago was simplifying the expansive approach behind its first jazz rock opus. "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World" were excerpted from the album's centerpiece, composer James Pankow's 7 part, 13 minute song suite "Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon". Terry Kath supplied a 4 part classically inspired suite "Memories Of Love", and Lamm, already the songwriter of the 1st album's hits "Beginnings" and "Does Everybody Really Know What Time It Is", supplied "25 Or 6 To 4", as well as teaming with Kath and Walter Parazaider to write the politically charged "It Better End Soon". The band's breakthrough, "Chicago II" reached # 4 in the US and # 6 across the pond.

Steven Wilson worked from the original 16-track tapes to create his new remix. He's quoted by Rhino in the press release: "Working with high resolution 96K/24 bit digitally transferred files, I had every element from the recording sessions isolated, which meant I was able to rebuild the mix from the drums upwards, recreating as closely as I could the equalization, stereo placement, reverbs, other effects, and volume changes of each individual instrument or vocal, but at the same time looking to gain definition and clarity in the overall sound". He continues, "So rich was their creative seam at the time that, like their debut, and the album that followed this one, it was a 2 record set. In fact, with unprecedented boldness the run of double albums was only broken by their 4th which was a quadruple (live) set! I consider all of these albums to be classics, but perhaps 'Chicago II' is the pre eminent masterpiece. It's got everything, moments of tender beauty to power riffs and scorched earth jazz rock, catchy melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonies. When I first heard it as a teenager I was captivated by the mixture of jazz, blues, pop, classical, progressive and heavy rock styles, including both improvisational elements and intricate arrangements, and by songs written and sung by several different members, all with their own unique personality. How could that possibly hang together? But it does, and brilliantly so".




Carla Olson.....

"After coming off a successful 3 week tour of Scandinavia in the fall of 1986, my band the Textones found that our album 'Midnight Mission' was hard to follow up. Our next effort, 'Cedar Creek', came and went with little of the critical acclaim we were fortunate to have gotten on our debut. George Callins and I were writing a lot of songs we felt deserved to be Heard, but there were no takers. Fans, critics, and the music business had moved on. Then out of the blue our Swedish label, Volume Records, threw us a wild pitch, come to Sweden and record with Swedish rock stars Wilmer X. The result became my first solo album recorded in the country of my father's roots. The Wilmers' had just scored a hit record in their homeland and were gracious to back this Texas by way of Los Angeles rock and roll woman. My co-writers on 'Rubies & Diamonds' include guitarist George Callins and drummer Rick Hemmert of the Textones, Danny Wilde of the Rembrandts, Danny Tate, whose songs have been covered by Tim McGraw, Rick Springfield, Smithereens, and Jeff Healey, and George Green, who co-wrote some of John Mellencamp's best songs." ~ Carla Olson

Extended and remastered version available January 27th, 2017.




The Furious Seasons.....

We’re not done yet, not by a longshot”, sings L.A. veteran David Steinhart on ”Look West’s” opening gem “Longshot”. And though he’s singing of a relationship, it’s utterly true of his muse, too. Having gone canyon rock, country, pop, western on last year’s ”My Love Is Strong”, with pleasing result, he goes one better, decamping with just his and lead guitarist Paul Nelson’s acoustics and harmonies, making western folk that shines the sharpest light on his pure strengths over now 21 LP’s in 32-years, beginning with ”Pop Art” and ”Smart Brown Handbag”, his remarkably seasoned songwriting and storytelling.

Regret, nostalgia, melancholia, distaste, and resigned philosophizing can be cloyingly dull in mediocre hands, Steinhart’s ruminations are warmhearted, tender, considerate, and appreciative, not for so much lost, but what remains. “I would love to see your face before another winter, before what’s coming next”. Let us not take him for granted, especially when he’s on top of his game like this.

“The album’s instrumentation is complex despite only being comprised of the trio, and Paul Nelson’s swift hand on guitar deserves special recognition. From the nostalgic wandering a European city late at night classical riff to introduce “A Thing to Behold”, to the beautiful solo on “Simple & Clean”, his melodies are the pulse of every song.

Even more than the gorgeous guitar, however, it’s the impeccable songwriting and heartfelt lyrics that lift this album up the furthest. Every track on the record is emotionally vulnerable, honest, and accessible. You’ll spend all fall unpacking the layers.

The Furious Seasons’ 5th release, “Look West” is a perfect departure from last years lush and orchestrated “My Love is Strong”. With “Look West” David Steinhart’s penchant for catchy melodies and story line lyrics are still firmly intact, but this time they are tackled by an acoustic trio that highlights the stories and creates a warmth that David and his brother Jeff haven’t achieved since the early days of their mid 80’s band, Pop Art. Jeff Steinhart plays a stand up bass for the first time in his career and guitarist Paul Nelson’s agile solo’s and harmonies helps “Look West” create a sound all it’s own. Not folk in the traditional sense, the folk, pop album soars with deep personal stories and melodies that will stay with you for long stretches.

The album concept was born out of months of 3 piece shows played in Southern California, including shows in support of John Hiatt, David Lindley and AJ Croce. Scott Campbell recorded a few of the tracks live in a home studio in Hollywood set up for Shelby Lynne. Tim Boland at White Light Studios in North Hollywood recorded the lion share of the album.




Planet Drum.....

The 25th anniversary of Mickey Hart’s grammy winning world music album, "Planet Drum" contains 3 new tracks, "Sea Of Showers", "Throat Games" and "The Spot", that were initial sketches from the original album sessions and were revisited and completed by Mickey Hart and the band for this special release. The album is available on remastered CD, and for the first time ever, on vinyl. January 20th, 2017.








Mike Oldfield.....

Mike Oldfield follows up 1975’s "Ommadawn" in the new year, with "Return To Ommadawn", his 26th studio album. As well as vinyl and CD editions, the new album will be available as a CD + DVD deluxe edition, which features a 5.1 surround sound mix on the DVD. "Return To Ommadawn" will be released on January 20th, 2017.








Alejandro Escovedo.....

Produced by Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5) "Burn Something Beautiful" is renowned songwriter and singer Alejandro Escovedo's 12th solo studio album and most definitive album to date. The album was written, arranged and performed as a true collaboration with Peter and Scott in Portland, OR. The band is rounded out with guitarist Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks), Decemberists' drummer John Moen, Los Lobos' saxophonist Steve Berlin and singers Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) and Kelly Hogan (Neko Case). In a trailblazing career that began with The Nuns, San Francisco's famed punk innovators, to the Austin-based-based alt country rock pioneers, Rank & File, to cult Texas band, True Believers, through countless all star collaborations and tribute album appearances, and finally a series of beloved solo albums beginning with 1992's acclaimed "Gravity", Escovedo has earned a surplus of distinctions. Fantasy Records, January 20th, 2017.




Wendy Webb.....

American singer songwriter Wendy Webb releases her 5th studio album ”Step Out Of Line” on Spooky Moon Records. Songs written under a Nashville skyline with an urban attitude attracted legendary musicians Wayne Jackson, David Grissom, Mark T Jordan, Willie Weeks and Dan Dugmore to record with Webb. The record consists of 9 original songs along with a haunting electric piano rendition of Bob Dylan’s ‘Girl From The North Country’, a stunning tribute that pays homage to her Midwestern roots. The recordings took place in a private residence in Nashville where Webb co-wrote and co-produced with engineer Mark Keller.

Webb says, ”Having a house in town made the recording more organic and convenient for studio players to stop by after their day sessions to play on what I thought were some artful demos. Imagine the thrill of hearing Wayne Jackson, founding member of the Memphis Horns, blow that incredible trumpet solo on ‘Step Out Of Line’ in the living room, and know you captured that performance. Jim Horn played sax on ‘Destiny’s Muse’ in the dining room. I sang and played piano on Dylan’s ‘Girl From The North Country’ live in the living room and Dan Dugmore added the gorgeous pedal steel solo. Each musician’s contribution was over the top. It was an extraordinary experience and very exciting”. Originally from Iowa and self taught on guitar and piano, Wendy moved to Los Angeles where she was fortunate to meet Joni Mitchell’s engineer, Henry Lewy, who offered her studio time and mentoring. She recalls, “That’s when I learned about recording and my own performance”.




Lee Hazlewood.....

With its bombastic brass heavy funk, deep blues and soul, paired with Lee Hazlewood’s subterranean baritone, ”13” would be best enjoyed with a tall Chivas in an off strip seedy Vegas lounge. Thing is, ”13” wasn’t initially intended to be a Lee Hazlewood album at all. By 1972 Hazlewood had settled in his new homeland of Sweden. To keep up his prolific output, he began to mine the recently defunct LHI Records' archives for material. One such gem, was an unreleased album by LHI staff producer Larry Marks, who had taken some of Hazlewood’s strongest compositions, arranged them in a soul vibe, and recorded his own vocals for them. Marks completed the album, but since Lee had no distribution in America and no funding at the time, the tapes were taken to Sweden where Lee decided to wipe Larry’s voice from the record entirely and replaced it with his own. And so ”13” was born. This reissue includes a download of the original Larry Marks version. Light In The Attic Records, Friday the 13th of January, 2017.




Gimme Danger.....

Emerging from Ann Arbor Michigan amidst a countercultural revolution, The Stooges powerful and aggressive style of rock n roll blew a crater in the musical landscape of the late 1960's. Assaulting audiences with a blend of rock, blues, r'n'b and free jazz, the band planted the seeds for what would be called punk and alternative rock in the decades that followed. Jim Jarmusch's new film "Gimme Danger" chronicles the story of The Stooges, one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time. January 16th, 2017.









Eno's Reflection.....

“‘Reflection’ is so called because I find it makes me think back. It makes me think things over. It seems to create a psychological space that encourages internal conversation. And externalones actually, people seem to enjoy it as the background to their conversations. When I make apiece like this most of my time is spent listening to it for long periods, sometimes several whole days, observing what it does to different situations, seeing how it makes me feel. I make my observations and then tweak the rules.” ~ Brian Eno







Kelly's Lot.....

Singer songwriter Kelly Zirbes of L.A. based band Kelly’s Lot has returned to her roots and written 14 songs that express a lifetime of feelings. With 14 tracks, the new CD, ”Bittersweet”, contains a variety of roots and folk rock, the genre that Zirbes started in before she began a career in blues rock with 'The Lot'.

Based in Southern California for the last 21 years, the band has released 11 CD’s, toured nationally and internationally and and have recorded numerous songs for film and television. In 2016 Kelly began asking her friends and fans on Facebook for words to inspire these songs.

These compositions became the catalyst for a CD with lots of heart and message-driven lyrics. These words from friends, fans and even strangers conjured up a lifetime of stories and feelings that Kelly had been keeping at an arms length. Genres included on ”Bittersweet” include an Irish ballad, an acapella gospel tune, an old style country track, a blues tune and so much more. They will make you smile or cry, possibly both.

The CD is mixed by Fred Paragano from Paragon Studios in Nashville. 'The Lot' includes Perry Robertson and Rob Zucca on guitars, Sebastian Sheehan Visconti, Scotty Lund, Art Mendoza and Michael Mason on drums and percussion, Bill Johnston on sax and clarinet, Bobby Orgel on piano and b3, Matt McFadden and Chuck Maithonis on bass, Doug Pettibone on pedal steel and dobro, Frank Hinojosa on harmonica and Kelly Zirbes on guitar and vocals.

”Bittersweet” will be available as a limited release today, January 6th, 2017, at www.kellyslot.com and a wide release on January 27th, 2017.





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