Doug Collins & The Receptionists  "Good Sad News"  (Doug Collins Music)

"By no means some retro-rocker or vintage-white-dude-come-lately, Doug Collins is nonetheless a songwriter, rocker, man out of time, his lived in and poetic songs evoke the glory days of am radio country pop rock, and this 10 song long player is his most fully realized collection of songs to date....."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -

"This is a  twin cities combo with their roots firmly planted in Beatles and Buddy Holly pop, this is feelgood bouncy country pop, kicking off with 'Conversation With My Heart' and cheerfully sailing through another 9 numbers that lift the mood, even if they don't linger when the lights go out....."

- Mike Davies / Fatea Magazine -

"When I’m reviewing, I try to picture the demographic that the artist is aiming for, and for once I can honestly say that this is for everyone, hipsters, teenagers, and lovelorn oldies like me, romantics, all, we will all get the same feeling that there is someone else suffering from love in exactly the same way we are, and that man is Doug Collins....."

- Alan Harrison / The Rocking Magpie -

"This is a melodious  voice on a rich collection of easy melodies in a timeless rock and pop style, the steel and the accordion are killers, excellent drive back into the 50's....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -




BR Lively  "Into The Blue"  (BR Lively)

"BR Lively's 'Into The Blue' is a cinematic record rooted in folk music, southern gothic soul, and the therapeutic rush of the open road, at the center of the mix is Lively himself, a self taught singer and multi instrumentalist who isn’t afraid to shine a light on the lessons learned during his physical and spiritual journey....."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -

"The album 'Into The Blue' is the debut record of Bryan Blaylock, recording his music as BR Lively from Dallas, TX, he succeeds in a true magnificent way to convince us of his singing and songwriting talents with these 11 songs about love, heartbreak and gratitude, may the release of his next record not let us wait too long, as his emotional and melancholic songs will help to make living in this violent and turbulent world nicer and easier....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"I love this album, a voice and a soundscape that leads to 'rêverie'....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -




Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few  (Muskogee Music Inc)

"The introduction that Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few have created with the 9 tracks on their self named 1st record shows that these guys enjoy playing americana music, and we are pretty sure that we will be hearing a lot more from this Swedish band in the coming years….."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This is a sweet and melodious voice on sweet sounds, on sweet and engaging melodies, the killing steel really adds to the delicious charm of the soundscape, a music that slowly flows, a real musical identity....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -

"This is the sound of the week!"

- Benny Sörensen / Radio Skagen FM -




Berra Karlsson  "The Good Day"  (Lindell Production/Paraply Records)

"You know what? I simply adore Berra Karlsson's 'The Good Day'! And I love 'Let It Be Me', as well! When will his long awaited physical full length CD be released?"

- Roberto Rossi / Mystery Train PNR FM -

"Beautiful, great playing, great tune!"

- John Lacey -

"Super! Genau mein Geschmack!"

- Steffen Fiedler -

"Flott fremført av en av Skandinavias fremste steelere....."

- Lars Egil Vågseter -




Good Lovelies  "Shapeshifters"  (Good Lovelies Inc)

"Undeniably, the goodwill built up of being a Good Lovelies fan for over a decade played a part in giving 'Shapeshifters' the space to make its presence, on this occasion, time delivered the rewards and this well crafted album settled into its intended spot, oh, and those harmonies never cease to amaze....."

- David / 3 Chords & The Truth -

"'We are the heavy lifters', the Good Lovelies sing in a celebration of women's capacity to take on many different demanding roles, let them lift you too....."

- MIke Davies / Fatea Magazine -

"You hear it a lot these days, the idea that something is greater than the sum of its parts, and yet there’s really no better way to describe the musical essence of the Good Lovelies,  Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore and Caroline Brooks, immensely talented vocalists and songwriters in their own right, however, it’s their voices interwoven in harmony, powerful and pure, organic and inspiring, that elevates the Good Lovelies from impressive to peerless."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -




Dan Krikorian  "Grandeur"  (Dan Krikorian)

"Dan Krikorian is a very, very talelented musician, his melodious voice on a rich, deep and captivating soundscape gives these songs a very special musiciaship, from folk to pop to rock, his talent really shines in combining poetry with clear melodies....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -

"Dan Krikorian has never let us down with his previous 4 albums and yet we dare say that his 5th one, 'Grandeur', is going to be his very best one until today, 16 intelligently crafted and emotional songs will be played very often in my stereo during the following weeks and months, it certainly looks as if this record will also be appearing in my top 10 favorite albums list of 2019....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"'Grandeur', uniquely divided into 2  'acts', begins with the powerful 'Words', where Dan Krikorian sings, 'And when we talk about it, I wish that you would use your words', setting the stage for what will be the beginning of a deeply personal 'act 1'....."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -





The Feralings  "The Feralings"  (The Feralings)

The debut from folk and americana trio The Feralings is a very pleasant acquaintance, the six self penned songs on their 1st EP are a valuable contribution to the extensive songbook of rootsy folk music, they make us anxiously waiting for more on a future full length CD.....“

- Valere Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This is the debut EP of the Feralings, and if you stick with it, there's a positive future ahead of it, there's a lot of development potential in their great music....."

- Wolfgand Giese / Musik An Sich -

"As the Feralings debut EP having finally emerged into the light of day, here's hoping the road ahead has no more speed bumps to slow down their future progress....."

- Mike Davies / Fatea Magazine -





Billy White Jr  "It's About Time"  (Ayemaydah Records)

"I've got a new favorite guitarist that reminds me a little bit about Dickey Betts and  Alvin Lee, and maybe also Gary Moore, but Billy White Jr plays a lot more varied and nuanced, with great joy and pleasure, without going to excesses....."

- Börje Holmén / Musikbloggen 67 -

"True to form, Billy White Jr's 3rd and latest album, “It’s About Time”, takes a wholly different approach, described as classic rock and blues, with a side of r'n'b, this one features 10 original songs and lots of rockin’ guitar, without a steel or fiddle in sight....."

- Kenneth Bremer / Blue Desert -

"Billy White Jr has been named one of the best guitar players in the contemporary rock music scene, but he is more than a guitarist from Texas, as he also composes and sings his own songs, that's now the case on his 3rd album released under the more than perfectly well fitting title 'It's About Time....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -




John Blakeley & Jeff Larson  "Yesterday's Dream"(NCompass Music)

"They don't often make new records like this anymore, a brilliant throwback to the golden era of singer songwriters, vocalist Jeff Larson evokes the fragile authenticity of the greats and unsung twang scholar John Blakeley of 'Endless Summer' soundtrack fame lights up the spare, supple tracks on this haunting, compelling, altogether intoxicating debut....."

- Joel Selvin -

"Guitarist and string instruments virtuoso John Blakeley and Californian singer songwriter Jeff Larson have created a gorgeous example of the best available singer songwriter stuff with their album ‘Yesterday’s Dream’, for the recording, they got professional assistance from famous musicians like Scott Matthews, Jeff Pevar and Beach Boys members Randell Kirsch and Jeffrey Foskett.....“

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"This is a collection of delicate melodies on a rather unexpected instrumentation, a good surprise that brings more attention, the vocals are sweet moments....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -



Bob Livingston  "Up The Flatland Stairs"  (Howlin' Dog Records)

"On his brand new album, 'Up The Flatland Stairs', Bob Livingston's song instincts remain impeccable no matter the style....."

- Doug Freeman / The Austin Chronicle -

"Each facet of 'Up The Flatland Stairs' glimmers as an authentic dimension of Livingston’s singular aesthetic....."

- Brentney Hamilton / Cowboys & Indians -

"Bob Livingston is a brand new discovery to me and as such, is the driving force behind the website, bringing the best from the shadows into the daylight....."

- Alan Harrison / The Rocking Magpie -



Dave Rosewood  "Gravel And Gold"  (Dave Rosewood)

"Dave Rosewood may well be making a name for himself in Sweden, but could garner a wider audience on the strength of this, bringing together his many years on the road (gravel) and the songs that have come from those experiences (gold)....."

- Stephen Rapid / Lonesome Highway -

"I’m no longer sure what country music actually is these days, as it appears to have splintered off into a thousand sub-genres, but this album is 100% pure damn country in the spirit of Cash, Merle, Waylon and even the Allman Brothers!"

- Alan Harrison / The Rocking Magpie -

"Having grown up in the Ozark Mountains, singer songwriter Dave Rosewood moved to the love of his life in Sweden, there he has been writing songs for almost 2 decades, but it took until now to release his debut album ‘Gravel And Gold’, a collection of 12 mainly country songs that were recorded with solely Swedish musicians."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Dave Rosewood is an excellent discovery that take us back to the 70's country rock, songs full of charm, an authentic country voice, killing harmonies, stunning guitar, a real pleasure for all the nostalgic eardrums of the country rock movement....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -




David Haerle  "Garden Of Edendale"  (Edendale Records)

"David Haerle's 'Garden Of Edendale' is a most engaging album and one to surely seek out if you like guitar oriented commercial rock with a touch of class....."

- Paul McGee / Lonesome Highway -

"Titled for the original name of L.A.'s Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz neighbourhoods, David Haerle's debut album is firmly rooted in the sound of sunny California pop, but also influenced by the country music to which he was exposed as a child, it's pitched at a decided niche audience and probably works better in a live setting, where he and the musicians can cut loose, but there's some solid musicianship and song craft to admire here."

- Mike Davies / Fatea Magazine -

"Los Angeles based singer songwriter David Haerle has really surprised us positively with his debut album ‘Garden Of Edendale’, his excellent self penned songs are perfectly fitting for the fans of artists like Jackson Browne, Peter Case, Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler, but the well deserved merits for this magnificent record are all going to its performer David Haerle.“

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -




Mikael Ramel  "I Huvet På Varann"  (Paraply Records/Hemifrån/Border Music)

"Det nya albumet 'I Huvet På Varann' innehåller starka sånger som rymmer den typiska och bästa Ramel-blandningen, kanske något av det bästa Mikael Ramel gjort.....”

- Bengt Eriksson / HiFi & Musik -

”Klas Qvists låtar badar i ett nostalgiskt skimmer, Mikael Ramels omtolkningar är fria och finurliga, mötet är musikalisk romantik....."

- Fredrik Söderlund / Borås Tidning -

"Hur låter det? Bra. Nästan överlag mycket bra. Och troligen som inget annat svenskt anno 2019. Klas Qvists sinnrika musik med massor av effekter och svängningar hit och dit, här även kryddad av legendariske gitarristen Kenny Håkansson, har i sällskap med Ramels kluriga texter blivit lättare att ta till sig. Fast det gäller att öppna öronen och ge albumet chansen. Då sitter den garanterat fast mellan öronen."

- Hans Bloom / Dalademokraten -

”Musikaliskt samarbete med känsla av 60-talet.....”

- Torbjörn Berlin / Sundsvalls Tidning -

"'I Huvet På Varann' är ett riktigt mästerverk. Mikael Ramels sköna sång och fina texter, till Klas Qvist storslagna musik, som innehåller en hel värld av influenser från 60- och 70-tal. Vi får verkligen hoppas att detta är början på ett fortsatt samarbete mellan herrarna Ramel och Qvist. Så mycket bättre än det här kan det inte bli. Vilken drömstart på musikåret 2019."

- Pär Dahlerus / Uppsala Nyheter -

"Både textmässigt och musikaliskt låter 'I Huvet På Varann' som en fantastisk uppföljare till Mikael Ramels 47 år gamla 'Till Dej', skivan som han och hans band turnerade runt med förra året och i sin helhet framförde på scen. Den gränslösa lekfullheten, de melodiska höjdpunkterna och den välskrivna poesin har de faktiskt gemensamt."

- Håkan Pettersson / Håkans Pop -

"Låtarna är helt underbara. Så genomarbetade, så rent arrangerade med stämmor och avväga inpass. Så hjärtevärmande. De lockar fram solen och smälter snön. Tar en i handen, smeker kinden. Lovar med ett, för all dels stundtals melankoliskt, leende att det kommer att bli bättre. Och det kommer det, för ”I Huvet På Varann” lovar ingenting den inte kan hålla. Detta är frisk musik i en mycket sjuk värld. Hur skulle det INTE kunna vara en av årets bästa skivor?"

- Peter Sjöblom / Mono Magasin -

"Vad är det vi har framför oss? Tja, en slags psykedelisk pop med rötter i 60-talet. Härligt melodisk och kryddad med barockpop och softrock och, vilket är lite otippat, lite jingeljanglig indiepop. Det låter Beatles, garnerat med allt möjligt från Beach Boys-körer till en och annan blinkning i riktning Prefab Sprout, och, obviously, Mikael Ramel själv. Inte bara för att det är han som sjunger utan också för att flera av låtarna har likheter med det han ägnade sig åt på de tidlöst ljuvliga 70-talsalbumen ”Till Dej” och ”Extra Vagansa”. Psychiga proggvisor som han sedan några år tillbaka åter baxar land och rike runt inför entusiastiska skaror av unga och gamla medborgare."

- Dan Backman / Musik Konst -

"Ett underligt, annorlunda och minst sagt lustigt upplägg. Men som slutprodukt totalt lyckat, smakfullt och mycket njutbart. För alla med ett stort melodiskt pophjärta är de 11 svenska omgörningarna på ’I Huvet På Varann’ en musikalisk gåva och lika nödvändigt självklar som ’Second Thoughts’.”

- Björn Bostrand / Popgeni -

"Det här låter verkligen som Mikael Ramel till hundra procent och det är bara att konstatera att en av årets bästa skivor på svenska redan har anlänt....."

- Tom Arvidsson / Thirsty Boots -

"Klas snygga melodier och Mikaels träffsäkra översättningar och tolkningar funkar lika väl tillsammans som deras röster harmonierar med varandra, och flertalet av skivans elva låtar bör uppskattas varmt av den som gillar välgjord proggpop med en tydlig ton från guldåren under 60- och 70-talet."

- Roger Bengtsson / Ung Tro -

"Vad vi pratar om här är en sorts progressiv folkpop, inte svår eller ’jobbig’ musik att lyssna på, utan tämligen lättlyssnad, men ändå infallsrik, fantasifull, rolig och varierad. Innehållet är som en bra storm, först smyger den sig på lyssnaren för att med lyssningarna tillta i styrka, och så småningom bli oförglömlig som en orkan. Ett absolut måste för 70-talsfans, de som gillar Dungen, och andra med smak för högkvalitativ progpop.”

- Robert Ryttman / Zero Magazine -




A/B Trio  "Trioliloquy"  (Chronograph Records)

"'Trioliloquy' is one of a recent batch of releases on the excellent Canadian label Chronograph, it's the latest release by one of my favourite live jazz groups, A/B Trio, a consistently entertaining, varied, well played and stimulating album, an excellent follow-up to 2017's album 'Out West', highly recommended....."

- Martin Price / Fatea Magazine -

"With a melodic, yet improvised sound, this new album by the A/B Trio brings original material and a re-interpretation....."

- Patrick van de Wiele / Keys & Chords -

"Sax player Dan Davis, Josh McHan on bass and Thom Bennett on drums are the 3 members of Canadian jazz band A/B Trio, originating from Edmonton, Alberta, their 3rd album 'Trioliloquy' contains 8 fully instrumental tracks and shows guest trumpet player Kevin Turcotte excelling on a few tracks where this instrument is creating added value....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"With cheeky word play, thoughtful melodies and rhythmic playing, 'Trioliloquy' is sure to get your heart racing....."

- Branimir Lokner / TIme Machine Music -




Hat Check Girl  "Cold Smoke"  (Gallway Bay Music)

"I have always found the music of Hat Check Girl both challenging and rewarding in equal measure, not for them the simple love song or whimsical throw away line, rather they build their story songs from historical context or imagined characters, placed in all kinds of straitened circumstances….."

- Paul McGee / Lonesome Highway -

"'Count yourself blessed', Hat Check Girl sing, a copy of this album will go a long way to ensuring that....."

- Mike Davies / Fatea Magazine -

"Peter Gallway and Annie Gallup are performing since many years as duo Hat Check Girl, and now they released their 7th album, ‘Cold Smoke’, on which they alternate as lead vocalist in 13 songs, don’t expect anything spectacular or renewing from them anymore, but as in all previous records their quality as singer songwriters is once again strongly proven....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -




Suzie Vinnick  "Shake The Love Around"  (Suzie Vinnick)

"In a blind test I doubt anyone would hear this album and guess Suzie Vinnick is Canada born and bred, but she is, and that possibly even helps her sound as cool and reverential as she does throughout this dozen quite exquisite songs. 'Shake The Love Around?'. It’s a keeper....."

- Alan Harrison / The Rocking Magpie -

"The Canadian blues and roots singer songwriter Suzie Vinnick just released a new album called 'Shake The Love Around’. On this 6th record, she once again demonstrates her variability, diversity and excellent quality as vocalist, guitarist and bass player.....”

- Eric Schuurmans / Rootstime -

"This is a joyous, funky and very good CD, a convincing singer on all styles she explores with talent, or I should say with talents, a singular vocal talent, but also a stunning instrumentalist....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -




Ted Russell Kamp  "Walkin' Shoes"  (P.O.M.O. Records)

"'Walkin' Shoes' has been like a breath of fresh air this week, creating a cracking album that criss crosses all of the strands we can think of in country music with consummate ease and skill, plus these songs are capable of sounding right at home in your local bar or on the stage of some gigantic hall in front of 10’s of thousands....."

- Alan Harrison / The Rocking Magpie -

"The album is a cheerful, insightful and inspiring ride with roots rock'n'roll, California country and the Texas and Tulsa sound that Ted has been known for years, highly recommended album!"

- Philip Verhaege / Keys & Chords -

"The title of his newest album ‘Walkin' Shoes’ can’t be more applicable to the American singer songwriter Ted Russell Kamp. During the whole year, he is traveling from his home place in Los Angeles throughout the globe to sing his songs during live shows for his fanbase. The 13 songs on this new record are vintage Ted Russell Kamp, folk ballads, country tunes and southern rock music of continuous top quality. When will this ultra sympathetic artist get the recognition that he deserves so strongly?”

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -




Surrender Hill  "Tore Down Fences"  (Blue Betty Records)

"Surrender Hill perform over 200 shows a year and it is clear from their sound they must a really good club act, they harmonize well, and overall, it's predictable, but in a really good way....."

- Spencer Leigh / Country Music People -

"In our review of the 3rd album ‘Tore Down Fences’ from American couple Surrender Hill we had to mention the title of every single track, just because it was impossible to find just one less great song, it is absolutely wonderful what Robin Dean Salmon and his lovely wife Afton Seekins have been realizing on this recently releases record....."

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Surrender Hill's country rock offers engaging sounds with guitars, steel guitar and dobro, but the cherry on the cake is the excellent vocals and killing melodies, a real exciting duo....."

- Mike Penard /Radio I.S.A. FM -




Swampcandy  "Mine"  (Swampcandy)

"Swampcandy are the type of band that will play to a crowd of 50 in a tent at Glastonbury when U2 or Coldplay are headlining in front of 250 000 across the field, but 2 years later those 50 people will still be talking about the night that they had their lives changed....."

- Alan Harrison / The Rocking Magpie -

“Swampcandy's 'MIne' is more than a sonic expansion, it’s Ruben Dobbs’ finest work in what is already an impressive catalogue.....“

- Eric Schuurmans / Rootstime -

"If the game consists of categorizing this band, then I failed, this is just an incredible band that without any doubt has to be seen on stage, such an energy, a good vibe that we can feel in these recordings, the soundscape is more than rich, but they add tempo changes that really make their music sound unique, great arrangements, both disturbing and exciting, fasten your seatbelts, this is an area of musical turbulence….."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -



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